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The Cold War

War Propaganda: K-12 TLC Guide
World History: The Nuclear Age: K-12 TLC Guide

The American Presidency: K-12 TLC Guide
The CIA: K-12 TLC Guide
United States History: The Nuclear Age: K-12 TLC Guide

China: K-12 TLC Guide
Cuba: K-12 TLC Guide
Korea: K-12 TLC Guide
The Soviet Union: K-12 TLC Guide

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                  1946 Churchill's Sinews of Peace "Iron Curtain" Speech
1948 Death of Jan Masaryk
1948-49 Berlin Airlift
1949 Creation of the People's Republic of China
1956 Hungarian Revolution
1957 Launch of Sputnik
1958 Nation Defense Education Act
1959 Antarctica Treaty
1960 U-2 Spy Plane Incident
1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1971 U.N. Expels Taiwan, Seats Communist China
1972 Richard Nixon's Trip to China
1973 Yom Kippur War
1978 Camp David Accord
1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
1980 Boycott of Moscow Olympics
1980 U.S. Hockey Team Miracle on Ice
1983 Soviet Fighter Jet Shoots Down Korean Commercial 747
1990 German Reunification
1991 Soviet Coup Attempt
2010 Russia-U.S. Spy Exchange
The Berlin Wall
Ethel & Julius Rosenberg Espionage Case
The Fall of the Soviet Union
Historic Documents of the Nuclear Age
Iran-Contra Scandal
McCarthyism/Red Scare
U.S.-Soviet Relations
The Voice of America

Civil Rights/Human Rights
World War II
Korean War
War in Vietnam

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The K-12 TLC Guide to
Cold War

General Resources Section
The K-12 TLC Guide to
Cold War

National Education Defense Act
The K-12 TLC Guide to
Cold War

U-2 Spy Plane Incident
The K-12 TLC Guide to
Cold War

Chronologies and Timelines
Aug 20 Soviet Union Publicly Acknowledges Testing a Hydrogen Bomb Nuclear Weapons The Cold War
Aug 19 Moscow Tribunal Convicts Gary Powers of Espionage Francis Gary Powers Russia U.S. History - The Nuclear Age The U-2 Spy Plane Incident
Aug 20 Soviet Troops Crush Czechoslovakian Protests Russia Czech Republic Slovakia European History
Aug 19 Communist Coup Temporarily Removes Mikhail Gorbachev from Power Mikhail Gorbachev

The K-12 TLC Guide to
Cold War

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