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Adolph Hitler

Hitler Historical Museum

b. April 20, 1889: Braunau, Austria
d. April 30, 1945: Berlin, Germany

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The K-12 TLC Guide to
Adolph Hitler

General Resources Section
The K-12 TLC Guide to
Adolph Hitler

The K-12 TLC Guide to
Adolph Hitler

Chronologies and Timelines
Sep 12 Hitler Joins the German Worker's Party
Nov 12 Hitler Arrested for Failed Coup German History
Aug 19 Plebiscite Approves Adolf Hitler's Sole Executive Power as Fuhrer Germany History
Sep 25 Hitler Meets Mussolini in Munich Benito Mussolini World War II
Nov 5 Hitler Lays Out His War Plans World War II
Oct 9 Kristallnacht The Holocaust
Nov 8 Hitler Avoids Assassination German History

The K-12 TLC Guide to
Adolph Hitler

Related Literature Section
The K-12 TLC Guide to
Adolph Hitler

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