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Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery

Journals: February, 1804

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Meriwether Lewis, William Clark
Members of the Expedition
Camp DuBois, Fort Clatsop National Memorial, The Lewis and Clark Trail
Keelboats, Maps, Scientific Discoveries
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

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Feb 5
Clark: I am still sick. A french man's wife came to visit . Samuel Hanley sent some butter and milk. The river is rising and covered with small ice. Ct. Lewis sent out Shields to get walnut bark for pills. Fowl pass.
Illinois Missouri Health Care Foods and Nutrition Camp DuBois
Feb 20
Detachment Orders from Clark: While the commanding office and Captain Clark are absent from camp, the party will be commanded by Serg. Ordway. The sawyers are still working to cut enough planks. The blacksmiths are still working also. The four men are still working to make sugar and will do so until told otherwise. The practicing party will continue to discharge only one round each per day, which will be done under the direction of Serg. Ordway. All practices will be at the same target, and at the same distance of fifty years off hand. During each practice, the person who makes the best shot receives a gill of extra whiskey. Floyd will take charge of our quarters and store and be exempt from guard duty until our return.
Illinois Missouri Camp DuBois
Feb 29
Clark: The weather had been clear since Captain Lewis left camp, until now.
Illinois Missouri Weather Camp DuBois
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