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Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery

Journals: March, 1804

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Meriwether Lewis, William Clark
Members of the Expedition
Camp DuBois, Fort Clatsop National Memorial, The Lewis and Clark Trail
Keelboats, Maps, Scientific Discoveries
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

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Mar 20
Clark: I have just returned from St. Charles after having arrested the progress of a Kickapoo war party.
Illinois Missouri Native Americans Camp DuBois
Mar 26
Clark: A very smokey day. I had corn parched to make parched meal. All the workmen are still preparing the boat. I visited the Indian camps. In one camp, I found 3 sqaws, and 3 young ones, another one girl, and a boy in a third camp. I saw Simon Gertey [Girty] and two other families. Gertey has the Rhumertism very bad.
Illinois Missouri Health Care Food and Nutrition Native Americans Boats and Boating Camp DuBois
Mar 28
Clark: It is a very cloudy morning. All people are working to prepare for the voyage up the Missouri. Captain Louis arrived at 4 o'clock from St. Louis.
Illinois Missouri Camp DuBois
Mar 29
Clark: I set out at 7 o'clock in a canoe with Captain Lewis, my servant York, and one man. At 10:30 we arrived at St. Louis. We dressed up and dined with Captain [Amos] Stoddard and about 50 gentlemen. There was a ball afterward that lasted until 9:00 on Sunday. No business today.
Missouri Camp DuBois
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