21 August 1998

Guilty verdict against PW Botha


Former President P.W. Botha was found guilty of contempt by a court in George, in South Cape for his refusal to appear before the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the body responsible for investigating human rights abuse committed during the apartheid era. Botha was fined ten thousand rands and given a one-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, which could be brought into effect if he defied another TRC subpoena. The TRC wanted to question Botha about human rights abuses perpetrated by the security forces during the apartheid era. Botha had already been named in amnesty applications by former law and order Minister Adriaan Vlok, and former Vlaakplaas commander Eugene de Kock as having directly ordered murders, bombings and torture of anti-apartheid activists. Despite the fact that the TRC had concluded its information gathering phase in July; another subpoena for Botha was to follow from the amnesty committee.

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