Lewis and Clark Expedition

Phase 2 / Date 1: September 25-September 30, 1804

From the Teton [Bad] River to the Cheyenne River (tension with Sioux)

September 25-30, 1804  Teton to Cheyenne

September 25, 1804
We gave the first and second chief some food and whisky and the chiefs 
gave us some meat (some of which was spoiled).  The Indian chiefs really 
liked the whisky and became drunk.  A fight almost broke out because the 
second chief said that we had not given them enough presents and captain 
Clark disagreed with them and became a little hostile.  The Indians 
treatment to Captain Clark was very rough even though he eventually 
tried to make peace with them.   Later that day we went to an island to 
camp for the night; we named it Bad Humored Island because of our bad 

Sept. 26-27, 1804
The Mahar Indians fed us and did ceremonial dances for us; some even 
slept on our boat. They acted as if they wanted to be friends with us.  On 
the second night there, one of the men who steered, passed the bow of the 
boat and the peroge hit the cable broad side  and broke it.  Captain Clark 
then had to order everyone to get up and get to their oars.  This scared the 
Mahar chiefs, so they yelled to their village that our crew was attacking 
them.  One of the Mahar Indian's prisoners, who spoke Mahar, told captain 
Lewis and Clark that the Indians intended to stop our journey and rob us.

Sept. 30, 1804
Due to a very strong wind the stern of our boat got caught on a log and 
the boat overturned.  The chief on board was so frightened by this that he 
ran and hid.  When we were finally able to land the boat, he got his gun 
and told us that he wished to return to his village.

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