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5-Minute Quests

1. What organization was established on this date in 1920? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what year was the first photograph taken from an airplane on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to HarperChildrens, how is Remy Charlip able to continue to understand the sensibilities of children? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a 1999 work by Remy Charlip (according to Loganberry Books):

1. On this date in 1968, the U.S. landed a spacecraft on the moon near which lunar crater? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to Long Island University, what was the title of the comic strip that helped Eldzier Cortor escalate his talent at creating his own comic characters? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Cyber Boxing Zone, who did George Foreman defeat to win the Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medal? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a 1977 work by Robinson Jeffers (according to the Authors' Calendar)
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to Science World, what did Robert Wilson discover with his partner Arno Penzias?

2. According to the New York Times, in what year did Galina Ulanova make her debut in Leningrad's Maryinsky Ballet?

3. According to Author's Calendar, what was Leon Trotsky's real name?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by Philip Levine (according to Modern American Poetry):
Galina Sergeyevna Ulanova
Born on This Date 1910

[The Ballerina Gallery]


Eldzier Cortor
Eldzier Cortor
Born on This Date 1916

[Brandies University]

American Artists

Remy Charlip
Born on This Date 1929

[Official Website]

Young-adult Authors

Robert Wilson
Born on This Date 1936


 Cosmology Icon for 1978 Nobel Laureate for Physics

George Foreman
Born on This Date 1949


International Boxing Hall of Fame

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Benin: Traditional Religions (Voodoo) Day
(Constitutionally observed holiday)
Benin Religion U.S. Department of State
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1929 Remy Charlip (New York City-born Artist, Children's Author, Illustrator) Remy Charlip Primary Authors American Artists Actors Dance
1942 Mary Peace Finley (Colorado-born Children's Author) Mary Peace Finley Young-adult Authors
1943 Christopher G. Knight (Ohio-born Photographer, Children's Author) Christopher G. Knight Young-adult Non-fiction Photography
1947 Lloyd Bloom (New York City-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Lloyd Bloom Primary Children's Authors American Authors & Illustrators
Authors Born on this Date
1883 Aleksei Tolstoi (Russian Author) Aleksei Tolstoi
1887 Robinson Jeffers (Pennsylvania-born Poet) Robinson Jeffers Poetry
1892 Dumas Malone (Mississippi-born Historian) Dumas Malone Thomas Jefferson
1928 Philip Levine (Detroit-born Poet) Philip Levine Poetry
1936 Stephen Ambrose (Illinois-born Historian) Stephen Ambrose History Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery
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1850 John Wellborn Root (Georgia-born Architect) John Wellborn Root Architecture
1916 Eldzier Cortor (Virginia-born African-American Artist) Eldzier Cortor American Artists African American Artists
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1910 Galina Sergeyevna Ulanova (Russian Ballerina) Galina Ulanova Ballet
1915 Dean Dixon (New York City-born African-American Orchestral Conductor) Dean Dixon Classical Music African-American Performing Artists
1916 Milton Babbitt (Philadelphia-born Composer) Pennsylvania Composers American Composers
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1936 Robert Wilson (Texas-born 1978 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Robert Wilson Astronomy 1978 Nobel Laureate for Physics
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1762 Julien Dubuque (Canadian-born First Euro-American Settler in Iowa) Julien Dubuque Iowa
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1894 Charles A. Dudley (Texas-born African-American Civil Rights Advocate) Charles A. Dudley Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders
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1843 Frank James (Missouri-born Outlaw) Frank James Notorious Americans
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1904 Ray Bolger (Massachusetts-born Actor: "Scarecrow" in the Wizard of Oz) Ray Bolger Actors The Wizard of Oz
1927 Johnnie Ray (Oregon-born Popular Singer) Johnnie Ray Popular Musicians
1939 Sal Mineo (New York City-born Actor) Sal Mineo Actors Film
1943 Jim Croce (Pennsylvania-born Popular Singer) Jim Croce Popular Musicians
1944 Frank Sinatra, Jr, (New Jersey-born Singer, Actor) Frank Sinatra, Jr. Popular Musicians Actors Film
1945 Rod Stewart (English Popular Singer) Rod Stewart Popular Musicians
1948 Teresa Graves (Texas-born African-American Actress) Teresa Graves Actors African American Performing Artists
Donald Fagen (New Jersey-born Popular Musician) Donald Fagen Popular Musicians
1953 Pat Benatar (New York City-born Popular Musician) Pat Benatar Popular Musicians
1956 Shawn Colvin (South Dakota-born Popular Musician) Shawn Colvin Popular Musicians
1962 Julie Moran (Georgia-born Actress) Julie Moran Actors Television
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1939 Bill Toomey (Pennsylvania-born Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Bill Toomey Track and Field Hall of Fame The Olympic Games
1949 George Foreman (Texas-born African-American Member of the Boxing Hall of Fame) George Foreman Boxing Hall of Fame Famous African Americans
1953 Bobby Rahal (Ohio-born Race Car Driver) Bobby Rahal Auto Racing
1959 Chandra Cheeseborough (Florida-born African-American Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Chandra Cheeseborough Track and Field Hall of Fame Olympic Games African American Sports Figures
1973 Glen Robinson (Indiana-born African-American Professional Basketball Player) Glen Robinson Basketball African American Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
681 Pope Agatho (Sicilian-born Catholic Pope) Pope Agatho Catholic Popes Religion
1645 William Laud (Archbishop of Canterbury - Beheaded by Puritan Revolutionaries) William Laud Religions
1778 Carolus Linnaeus (Swedish Botanist) Carolus Linnaeus Botany
1917 William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (Iowa-born Western Pioneer, Showman) Buffalo Bill Cody Westward Expansion
1951 Sinclair Lewis (Minnesota-born 1930 Nobel Laureate for Literature) Sinclair Lewis American Authors 1930 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1951 Edgar Tobin (Texas-born World War I Pilot, Businessman, and Philanthropist) Edgar Tobin World War I American Business Leaders
Thomas Elmer Braniff (Kansas-born Founder of Braniff Airlines) Thomas Elmer Braniff Avaition
1980 George Meany (New York City-born Labor Leader, President of the AFL-CIO: 1955 to 1979) George Meany Labor AFL-CIO
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Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1645 William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Is Beheaded by Puritan Revolutionaries British Political and Social Leaders Archbishop of Canterbury Death Concordia
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1769 Mail Boats Begin Leaving the Suffolk, Virginia Area on Regular Monthly Trips North and South Along the Atlantic Coast Suffolk, Virginia Virginia Colonial History Naval History Postal Service Virginia Historical Society
1776 Thomas Paine Publishes the First Edition of Common Sense Thomas Paine The American Revolution National Council of Teachers of English Writer's Almanac
North Carolina's Exiled Royal Governor Calls for Loyalists to Combat the Revolutionaries North Carolina The American Revolution History Channel
Historic Events of the 1800s that occurred on this date
1800 5" Snowfall Near Point Peter Is Most in Florida's Recorded History Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: last night was excessively Cold the murkery this morning Stood at 40° below 0 which is 72° below the freesing point,

we had one man out last night, who returned about 8 oClock this morning The Indians of the lower Villages turned out to hunt for a man & a boy who had not returnd from the hunt of yesterday, and borrowd a Slay to bring them in
expecting to find them frosed to death about 10 oclock the boy about 13 years of age Came to the fort with his feet frosed and had layen out last night without fire with only a Buffalow Robe to Cover him, the Dress which he wore was a pr of Cabra [Antelope] Legins, which is verry thin and mockersons— we had his feet put in Cold water and they are Comeing too— Soon after the arrival of the Boy, a man Came in who had also Stayed out without fire, and verry thinly Clothed, this man was not the least injured—

Customs & the habits of those people has ancered to bare more Cold than I thought it possible for man to indure—

Send out 3 men to hunt Elk below about 7 miles—

Ordway: a clear cold morning. five men got ready to go to hunt for the man who Stayed out all night, but before they Started he came in & Sd. he had a fire & was tollarable comfortable. directly after a young Indian came in to the fort with his feet froze verry bad. it is the Same Boy that the Indians had left last night & expected that he was froze to death in the praries. we kept him in the fort and our officers took the Greatest care of him possable. three men went
a hunting to Stay out Several days

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04 North Dakota Map: 10/26/04
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Fort Mandan Map Native American Tribes
Temperature Elk

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: About 10 A. M. I was visited by Tia Shâh-hâr-wâr-cap and eleven of his nation in one large canoe; these are
the Cuth'-lah-mah' nation who reside first above us on the South Side of the Columbia river; this is the first time that I have seen the Chief, he was hunting when we past his vilage on our way to this place. I gave him a medal of the smallest size; he presented me with some indian tobacco and a bacquit of wappetoe, in return for which I gave him some thread for making a skiming net and a small piece of tobacco.

these people speak the same language with the Chinnooks and Catsops whom they also resemble in their dress customs manners &c. they brought some dryed salmon, wappetoe, dogs, and mats made of rushes and flags, to barter; their dogs and a part of their wappetoe they disposed off, an remained all night near the fort.

This morning Drewyer and Collins returned having killed two Elk only, and one of those had died in their view over a small lake which they had not the means of passing it being late in the evening and has of course spoiled, as it laid with the entrals in it all night; as the tide was going out we could not send for the elk today, therefore ordered a party
to go for it early in the morning and George and Collins to continue their hunt; meat has now become scarce with us.—

Capt Clark returned at 10 P. M. this evening with the majority of the party who accompanyed him; having left some men to assist the saltmakers to bring in the meat of two Elk which they had killed, and sent 2 others through by land to hunt.

Capt. Clark found the whale on the Coast about 45 Miles S. E. of Point Adams, and about 35 Miles from Fort Clatsop by the rout he took; The whale was already pillaged of every valuable part by the Killamucks, in the vicinity of one of whose villages it lay on the strand where the waves and tide had driven up and left it. this skelleton measured one hundred and five feet.

Capt C. found the naives busily engaged in boiling the blubber, which they performed in a large wooden trought by means of hot stones; the oil when extracted was secured in bladders and the guts of the whale; the blubber, from which the oil was only partially extracted by this process, was laid by in their lodges in large fliches for uce; this they usually expose to the fire on a wooden spit untill it is pretty well warmed through and then eat it either alone or with the roots of the rush, squawmash, fern wappetoe &c.

The natives although they possessed large quantities of this blubber and oil were so penurious that they disposed of
it with great reluctance and in small quantities only; insomuch that the utmost exertions of Capt C. and the whole
party aided by the little stock of merchandize he had taken with him and some small articles which the men had, were not able to procure more blubber than about 300 lb. and a few gallons of the oil; this they have brought with them,
and small as the store is, we prize it highly, and thank providence for directing the whale to us, and think him much more kind to us than he was jonah, having sent this monster to be swallowed by us in stead of swallowing of us as jona's did.

Capt C. found the road along the coast extreemly difficult of axcess, lying over some high rough and stoney hills, one of which he discribes as being much higher than the others, having it's base washed by the Ocean over which it rares it's towering summit perpendicularly to the hight of 1500 feet; from this summit Capt C. informed me that there was a delightfull and most extensive view of the Ocean, the coast and adjacent country; this Mout. I have taken the liberty
of naming Clark's Mountain

in the face of this tremendious precepice there is a stra of white earth which the neighbouring Indians use to paint themselves, and which appears to me to resemble the earth of which the French Porcelain is made; I am confident this earth contains Argill, but wether it also contains Silex or magnesia, or either of those earths in a proper proportion I am unable to determine.—

Shannon and Gass were found with the Salt makers and ordered to return

McNeal was near being assassinated by a Killamuck Indian, but fortunately escaped in consequence of a Chinnook woman giving information to Capt C., the party and Indians with them before the villain had prepaired himself to execute his purposes.

The party returned excessively fortiegued and tired of their jaunt. Killamucks river is 85 yards wide, rappid and 3 feet deep in the shallowest part.

The Killamucks in their habits customs manners dress and language differ but little from the Clatsops & Chinnooks. they place their dead in canoes resting on the ground uncovered, having previously secured the dead bodies in an oblong box of plank.

The coast in the neighbourhood of Clarks Mountain is sliping off & falling into the Ocean in immence masses; fifty or a hundred Acres at a time give way and a great proportion in an instant precipitated into the Ocean. these hills and mountains are principally composed of a yellow clay; there sliping off or spliting assunder at this time is no doubt caused by the incessant rains which have fallen within the last two months.

the country in general as about Fort Clatsop is covered with a very heavy growth of severalspecies of pine & furr, also the arbor vita or white cedar and a small proportion of the black Alder which last sometimes grows to the hight of sixty or seventy feet, and from two to four feet in diameter. some species of the pine rise to the immence hight of 210 feet and are from 7 to 12 feet in diameter, and are perfectly sound and solid.—

Clark: I derected Serjt. Gass to Continue with the Salt makers untill Shannon return from hunting, and then himself and Shannon to return to the Fort,

I Set out at Sunrise with the party waded the Clat Sop river which I found to be 85 Steps across and 3 feet deep, on the opposite Side a Kil a mox Indian Came to and offered to Sell Some roots of which I did not want, he had a robe made of 2 large Sea otter Skins which I offered to purchase, but he would not part with them,

we returned by nearly the Same rout which I had Come out, at four miles, I met Gibson & Shannon each with a load
of meat, they informed me that they had killed Elk about 2 miles off, I directed 3 men to go with the hunters and help them pack the meat to the place they were makeing Salt, and return to the fort with Serjt. Gass, the balance of the party took the load of the 3 men,

after crossing the 2d Creek frasure informed me that he had lost his big knife, here we Dined, I put frasurs load on
my guide who is yet with me, and Sent him back in Serch of his knife with directions to join the other men who were out packing meat & return to the fort all together.

I arrived at the Canoes about Sunset, the tides was Comeing in I thought it a favourable time to go on to the fort at which place we arrived at 10 oClock P M,

found Several inidians of the Cath'-lâh-mâh nation the great Chief Shâh-hâr-wâh cop who reside not far above us on the South Side of the Columbia river, this is the first time I have Seen the Chief, he was hunting when we passed his village on our way to this place, we gave him a medal of the Smallest Size, he presented me with a basquet of Wappato, in return for which I gave him a fish hook of a large Size and Some wire, those people Speak the Same language with the ChinnookS and Clatsops, whome they all resemble in Dress, Custom, manners &c. they brought Some Dried Salmon, Wappato, Dogs, and mats made of rushes & flags to barter; their Dogs and part of their
wappato they disposed of, and remained in their Camp near the fort all night.

In my absence the hunters from the fort killed only two Elk which is yet out in the woods.

Capt. Lewis examined our Small Stock of merchendize found Some of it wet and Dried it by the fire. Our merchindize is reduced to a mear handfull, and our Comfort, dureing our return next year, much depends on it, it is therefore
almost unnecessary to add that it is much reduced

The nativs in this neighbourhood are excessively fond of Smokeing tobacco. in the act of Smokeing they appear to Swallow it as they draw it from the pipe, and for maney draughts together you will not perceive the Smoke they take from the pipe, in the Same manner they inhale it in their longs untill they become Surcharged with the vapour when they puff it out to a great distance through their norstils and mouth; I have no doubt that tobacco Smoked in this manner becomes much more intoxicating, and that they do possess themselves of all its virtues to the fullest extent;

they frequently give us Sounding proofs of its createing a dismorallity of order in the abdomen, nor are those light matters thought indelicate in either Sex, but all take the liberty of obeying the dicktates of nature without reserve. Those people do not appear to know the use of Speritious licquors, they never haveing once asked us for it; I prosume therefore that the traders who visit them have never indulged them with the use of it; of whatever Cause this may proceed, it is a verry fortunate occurrence, as well for the nativs themselves, as for the quiet and Safty of those whites who visit them.

George Drewyer visited this traps in my absence and caught a Beaver & a otter; the beaver was large and fat, and Capt. L. has feested Sumptiously on it yesterday; this we Consider as a great prize, it being a full grown beaver was well Supplyed with the materials for makeing bate with which to Catch others. this bate when properly prepared will entice the beaver to visit it as far as he can Smell it, and this I think may be Safely Stated at ½ a mile, their Sence
of Smelling being verry acute.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clatsop County, Oregon Fort Clatsop Clatsop Indians
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1825 The Indiana State Legislature Is Convened in Indianapolis for the First Time Indiana Historic Firsts Indiana State Legislature (pdf) Indiana Historical Society
1831 The Indiana Historical Society Is Chartered by the State Legislature Indiana Indiana History Indiana Historical Society Indiana Historical Society
1839 The First Florida Constitution Is Adopted Florida Historic U.S. Documents Florida Historical Society
1840 Britain Begins the First System of Pre-paid Postage British History Stamps Greenwich Guide
1842 Peter V. Daniel Is Sworn In As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Virginia Political and Social Leaders President Martin van Buren U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1849 Lincoln Proposes Amendment to Bill to Abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia District of Columbia U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
Sauk County, Wisconsin Is Divided into Six Townships Sauk County, Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Society
1853 The Memphis & Little Rock Railroad Is Chartered Little Rock, Arkansas Memphis, Tennessee Railroad Business Arkansas History Commission
1859 President James Buchanan Appoints West Virginia Democrat Charles Faulkner Minister to France France West Virginia Political and Social Leaders President James Buchanan West Virginia Archives
1861 President Lincoln Names William Seward Secretary of State William Seward Abraham Lincoln History Channel
Florida Secedes from the Union Florida The American Civil War Library of Congress Florida Historical Society
1863 World's First Subway Line Opens in London London London Historic Firsts New York Times
1864 U.S.S. Roebuck Captures Confederate Blockade-runner Maria Louise Near Jupiter, Florida Florida The American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
Vigilantes Capture the Sheriff of Bannack, Montana As Suspect Gold Robber Montana Gold Crime Law & Legal Resources State of Montana
1866 African-American Delegates Meeting in Augusta Form the Georgia Equal Rights Association Georgia Civil Rights African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1870 John D. Rockefeller Incorporates Standard Oil John D. Rockefeller Businesses and Corporations New York Times
Georgia General Assembly Convenes, Including African-American Legislators Expelled in 1868 Georgia Civil Rights African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1878 An Amendment to Extend Voting Rights to Women Is First Introduced in U.S. Congress U.S. Congress Women Women's Suffrage U.S. Constitution Historic Firsts Virginia State Board of Elections
1880 Billy the Kid Kills Joe Grant in a Fort Sumner, New Mexico Saloon Fort Sumner, New Mexico Billy the Kid Gun Control Crime Death Notorious Americans New Mexico Magazine
1882 The Name of the First Post Office on Alaska's Gastineau Channel Is Changed from Harrisburgh to Juneau Juneau, Alaska USPS Alaska Historical Society
1885 Voters in Plant City, Florida Approve the City's Incorporation Plant City Florida Florida Historical Society
1887 Middle Georgia College Opens as the New Ebenezer Association Georgia Education Middle Georgia College University of Georgia
1888 A.B. Blackburn Receives U.S. Patent #375,362 for a Railway Signal Patents and Trademarks Railroad Inventors and Inventions African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors Assistance League African American Registry
The Ponce de Leon Hotel Opens in St. Augustine, Florida Florida Hotel Ponce de León Business & Economics Florida Historical Society
1895 Washington State's Mount Baldy Erupts Washington Volcancoes Washington
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1900 Lord Roberts Replaces Sir Redvers Buller as Commander of British Forces in South Africa South Africa Great Britain South African History
1901 Spindletop, Texas' First Oil Well, Is a Gusher Texas Oil Business Historic Firsts History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1910 Thousands Attend the First Los Angeles International Air Meet Los Angeles, California Aviation Historic Firsts Learn California
Oil Is Discovered at El Dorado, Arkansas El Dorado, Arkansas Business Arkansas History Commission
1911 The First Photograph Is Taken from an Airplane Aviation History Photography Historic Firsts NASA
1920 The League of Nations Is Established as per the Treaty of Versailles League of Nations The Treaty of Versailles Northwestern University History Channel
1922 Arthur Griffith Elected President of New Irish Free State Ireland Elections History Channel
1923 President Warren G. Harding Orders Return of U.S. Troops Occupying Germany Germany Warren G. Harding World War I History Channel
1928 Soviet Union Orders Leon Trotsky into Exile Leon Trotsky New York Times
1939 In Delaware, the 395-ton Freighter SS Waukegan Rams and Destroys the St. Georges Bridge on the C&D Canal Delaware Naval History Bridges Canals State of Delaware
1941 FDR Proposes Lend-Lease Program to Congress Franklin Roosevelt World War II History Channel
1946 U.N. General Assembly Holds First Meeting in London London The United Nations Historic Firsts History Channel New York Times
The First Radar Signal Is Bounced Off the Moon The Moon History of Technology Historic Firsts NASA
1947 Finian's Rainbow Opens on Broadway New York City Musical Theater Internet Broadway Database
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1951 Edward G. Robinson Cleared of Communist Ties Edward G. Robinson Actors McCarthyism/Red Scare History Channel
1954 Two Aviation Pioneers Die in Louisiana Plane Crash Louisiana Aviation Disasters Death Texas State Historical Association
1956 Georgia's Governor Tells the General Assembly to Uphold Segregation in Schools Georgia Education Racism Brown v. Board of Education University of Georgia
Elvis Records "Heartbreak Hotel" At His First Studio Session with RCA Elvis Presley RCA Popular Music Official Website
First U.S.-built Liquid-rocket Engine Is Fired at Santa Susana, California California Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1957 Harold Macmillan Becomes Prime Minister of England Harold Macmillan BBC
President Eisenhower Declares U.S. Interest in Agreements for Missile & Satellite Development President Eisenhower Space Exploration Nuclear Weapons Cold War NASA
Six Pre-dawn Bombings Damage African-American Churches and Homes in Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Racism Terrorism Alabama Archives
1958 Bobby Fischer Wins His First U.S. Chess Championship Bobby Fischer Chess
1959 Federal Judge Orders Georgia State College to Stop Refusing to Admit African-American Students Georgia Education Racism Georgia State University University of Georgia
To Avoid Integration Georgia's Colleges Are Advised to Quit Accepting New Student Applications Georgia Education Racism University of Georgia
1961 The First Two African-American Students Enroll at the University of Georgia Georgia Education Racism University of Georgia University of Georgia
U.S. Conducts Successful Test of Its Polaris Missile System Nuclear Weapons Cold War NASA
1964 William Clay Ford (Grandson of Henry Ford) Purchases the Detroit Lions for $6 Million Detroit National Football League Business & Economics State of Michigan
Ground Is Broken for the Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in Houston, TX Texas Fine Arts Official Website Texas State Historical Association
1966 Georgia House of Representatives Votes Not to Seat Julian Bond Georgia Julian Bond Racism African-American Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1967 Lyndon Johnson Asks for Vietnam War Tax Surcharge in State of the Union Address to Congress President Lyndon Johnson United States Congress Vietnam War Taxes Johnson Presidential Library
Lyndon Johnson Asks for Development of Education Television in State of the Union Address Television Education Historic Firsts C-SPAN
Edward Brooke (MA) Seated as First African-American Elected to U.S. Senate by Popular Vote Edward Brooke U.S. Senate Elections African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts New York Times
1968 U.S. Surveyor 7 Lands Near Lunar Crater Tycho Lunar Exploration NASA
Saturday Evening Post Ceases Publication after 141 Years Journalism Florida Historical Society
1971 Masterpiece Theater Debuts on PBS Television PBS New York Times
1975 A 3-day Blizzard Begins in Minnesota That Will Close Most Roads, Killing 35 People and 15,000 Cattle Minnesota Snow Wind Transportation Death Minnesota Historical Society
1976 A Heavy Snowstorm Causes a 325-car Pileup on a Minneapolis Freeway Minnesota Snow Transportation Minnesota Historical Society
1977 President Gerald Ford Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Norman Rockwell Norman Rockwell President Gerald Ford American Artists Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1984 U.S. & Vatican Re-establish Relations after 116 Years Catholicism New York Times
Wendy's First "Where's the Beef?" Commercial Airs Advertising and Propaganda Foods and Nutrition Businesses & Corporations Television Historic Firsts Food Reference
1989 Cuban Troops Begin Withdrawal from Angola Angola Cuba The Cold War History Channel
1990 Time Inc. Merges with Warner Communications to Form Time Warner Businesses and Corporations Time-Warner
1996 King Hussein of Jordan Makes First Public Visit to Israel King Hussein Israel BBC
1998 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves 70 Dead, 44,000 Families Homeless in China China Earthquakes Death USGS
6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Injures 16 in Guatemala Guatemala Earthquakes USGS
Historic Events that occurred 2000 to Present on this date
2000 AOL & Time Warner Announce Plans to Merge The Internet Businesses and Corporations Time-Warner AOL
2001 American Airlines Announces Plans to Buy TWA Aviation Businesses and Corporations American Airlines PBS