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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
Good Luck!
5-Minute Quests

1. Who patented an ice-cream scooper on this date in 1897? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In whose honor did the U.S. Postal Service Issue a 22-cent stamp on this date in 1988? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the University at Albany, Simmie Knox was commissioned to paint the official portrait for which U.S. President? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an African-American author, illustrator or writer born on this date:

1. What announcement did President Truman make on this date in 1948? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to Soulwalking, for whose band did Sonny Stitt record in the 1940s? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to, with whom did Ralph Abernathy work to organize the 1955-56 boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a city where Jackie Joyner Kersee won an Olympic gold medal in the Heptathlon (according to the Sacramento Bee):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to Black Inventors, from which university did David Crosthwaith receive his Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees?

2. According to Court TV, what was the most important ruling made by John Jay as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court?

3. According to the African-American Registry, who was the sculptor with whom William Ellisworth Artis studied at Syracuse University?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a patron of Simmie Knox (according to the University of Delaware):
Separation Bar
Simmie Knox
Simmie Knox


David Crosthwait
David Crosthwait

Inventors & Inventions

Simon Estes
Born on This Date 1938

Ralph Abernathy
Ralph Abernathy

American Civil Rights Movement

Jackie Joyner Kersee
Jackie Joyner Kersee

Track & Field

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Christianity: Candlemas
(Christian festival commemorating the ritual purification of Mary 40 days after the birth of her son)
Religion Cathlic Encyclopedia
United States: Groundhog Day
(Observed annually on February 2)
Punxsutaewney, PA Groundhog Day
United States: Job Shadow Day
(Program to get students into the workplace: coinciding with Groundhog Day)
Career Planning Official Website
California: California Kiwi Fruit Day
(Observed annually on February 2)
California California Kiwi Fruit Commission
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1899 Rebecca Caudill (Kentucky-born Children's Authors) Kentucky Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book
1931 Judith Viorst (New Jersey-born Poet, Children's Authors) Judith Viorst Poetry Primary Children's Authors
1945 Janice Harrell (Virginia-born Children's Authors) Virginia Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1951 Eve Rice (New York City-born Children's Authors) New York City Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors
1957 Mary Casanova (Minnesota-born Children's Authors) Minnesota Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Official Website
Authors and Poets
1861 Joseph Seamon Cotter (Kentucky-born African-American Poet, Educator) Kentucky Authors & Illustrators Poetry Educators of Note African-American Authors & Illustrators African American Registry
1882 James Joyce (Irish Poet) James Joyce Poetry
1886 William Rose Benét (New York City-born Poet) New York City Authors & Illustrators Poetry Writer's Almanac
1905 Ayn Rand (Russian-American Novelist) Ayn Rand
1910 Romeo Benjamin Garrett (Mississippi-born Sociologist) Mississippi Authors & Illustrator Educators of Note African-American Authors & Illustrator Mississipi Writers
1923 James Dickey (Georgia-born Poet) James Dickey Poetry
1948 Charles Reagan Wilson (Tennessee-born Historian) Tennessee Authors & Illustrator Mississipi Writers
1914 William Ellisworth Artis (North Carolina-born African-American Sculptor, Ceramist, Educator) William Ellisworth Artis Notable African Americans
1950 Richard Mzamane Mabaso (South African Artist) South African Artists South African History
Classical Composers and Performing Artists
1875 Fritz Kreisler (Austrian Composer) Austrian Composers Classical Musicians National Public Radio
1901 Jascha Heifetz (Russian Classical Violinist) Russian Peforming Artists Classical Musicians National Public Radio
1911 Jussi Bjorling (Swedish Operatic Tenor) Swedish Performing Artists Opera
1938 Simon Estes (Iowa-born African-American Operatic Bass-Baritone) Simon Estes Opera African American Performing Artists
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1522 Lodovico Ferrari (Italian Mathematician) Lodovico Ferrari Mathematics
Military Leaders
1803 Albert Sidney Johnston (Kentucky-born Confederate General) Albert Sidney Johnston American Civil War History Channel
Political and Social Leaders
1754 Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand (French Statesman) French Political and Social Leaders
1842 Knute Nelson (Norwegian-American Governor of Minnesota; U.S. Senator from Minnesota) Norwegian Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Minnesota Historical Society
Performing Artists
1650 Nell Gwynn (English Actress) English Performing Artists Actors
1902 Blanche Calloway (Maryland-born African-American Jazz Singer, Bandleader) Maryland Performing Artists Jazz African American Performing Artists African American Registry
1924 Sonny Stitt (Massachusetts-born African-American Jazz Musician) Sonny Stitt Jazz African American Performing Artists
1927 Stan Getz (Pennsylvania-born Popular Musician) Pennsylvania Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
1939 Tom Smothers (New York-born Comedian) New York City Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television Internet Movie Database
1942 Graham Nash (English Popular Musician) English Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
1947 Farrah Fawcett (Texas-born Actress) Texas Performing Artists Actors Television Internet Movie Database
1954 Christie Brinkley (Michigan-born Model, Actress) Detroit Performing Artists American Performing Artists Film Internet Movie Database
1977 Shakira (Colombian Popular Musician) Colombia Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Sports Figures
1895 George Halas (Illinois-born Football Coach, Member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame) Chicago Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame
1923 Red Schoendienst (Illinois-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Illinois Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1804 George Walton (Virginia-born Signer of the Declaration of Independence for Colonial Georgia) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Colonial Georgia Declaration of Indpendence University of Georgia
1806 Daniel Rogers (Acting Governor of Delaware: 1797-99) Delaware Political and Social Leaders State of Delaware
1907 Dmitri Mendeleev (Russian Pioneer of the Modern Periodic Table of Chemical Elements) Dmitri Mendeleev Gallium The Periodic Table of Elements
1918 John L. Sullivan (Massachusetts-born Member of the Boxing Hall of Fame) Massachusetts Sports Figures Boxing Hall of Fame
1970 Bertrand Russell (Welsh Mathematician, Philosopher) Bertrand Russell Mathematics Philosophy Authors
1979 Sid Vicious (English Rock Musician: Drug Overdose) British Performing Artists Popular Musicians Illegal Drugs History Channel BBC
1992 Con Sellers (Mississippi-born Author) Mississippi Authors & Illustrators American Authors Mississipi Writers
1996 Gene Kelly (Pennsylvania-born Dancer, Actor) Gene Kelly Dance Film
Ray McIntire (Kansas-born Inventor of Styrofoam) Kansas Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions Organic Chemistry Dow Chemical Technology and Society
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1536 The Argentine City of Buenos Aires Is Founded by Pedro de Mendoza of Spain Argentina Spain New York Times
Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1620 María Coronel Takes Her Religious Vows and Becomes María de Jesús the Mystic "Woman in Blue" Spanish Political and Social Leaders New Mexico Texas Native American Heritage Catholicism Texas State Historical Society
1653 New Amsterdam (now New York City) Is Incorporated New York City New York Times
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1709 Alexander Selkirk (Subject of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe) Is Rescued Daniel Defoe Literature Greenwich Guide
1733 James Oglethorpe Presents Gifts to Yamacraw Indians for Allowing Colonists to Settle on Georgia's Yamacraw Bluff State of Georgia Colonial Georgia Yamacraw Indians University of Georgia
1790 In New York City, U.S. Supreme Court Meets for the First Time: Chief Justice John Jay Presiding New York City U.S. Supreme Court Historic Firsts Oyez (pdf)
William Cushing (MA) Sworn in as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Massachusetts President George Washington U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
John Blair (VA) Sworn in as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Virginia President George Washington U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1804 Residents of Athens County, Ohio Establish the Coonskin Library Athens County, Ohio Libraries University of Ohio Ohio Historical Society
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: a find Day one Deer Killed

our interpeter Still unwell, one of the wives of the Big belley [Hidatsa or Gross Ventre Indians] interptr taken Sick—

Mr. Larocke [Larocque with the Northwest Trading Company] leave us to day (this man is a Clerk to the N W Company, & verry anxious to accompany us)

Ordway: a clear morning. my hat got burnt exedantly this morning. the river raiseing one of the hunters went out a Short distance from the Fort and killed a Deer & packed it in.—

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Fort Mandan Map Health Care Deer

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Not any occurrence today worthy of notice; but all are pleased, that one month of the time which binds us to Fort Clatsop and which seperates us from our friends has now elapsed.

one of the games of amusement and wrisk of the Indians of this neighbourhood like that of the Sosones consits in hiding in the hand some small article about the size of a bean; this they throw from one hand to the other with great dexterity accompanying their opperations with a particular song which seems to have been addapted to the game; when the individual who holds the peice has amused himself sufficiently by exchanging it from one hand to the other, he hold out his hands for his compettitors to guess which hand contains the peice; if they hit on the hand which contains the peice they win the wager otherwise loose. the individual who holds the peice is a kind of banker and plays for the time being against all the others in the room; when he has lost all the property which he has to venture, or thinks proper at any time, he transfers the peice to some other who then also becoms banker.

The Sosone and Minnetares &c have a game of a singular kind but those divide themselves in two parties and play for a common wager to which each individual contributes to form the stock of his party. one of them holdes the peice and some one of the opposite party gesses which hand contains if he hits on the hand which contains it the peice is tranferred to the opposite party and the victor counts one, if he misses the party still retain the peice and score one but the individual transfers the peice to some other of his own party; the game is set to any number they think proper, and like the naives of this quarter they always accompany their opperations with a particular song.

the natives here have also another game which consists in bowling some small round peices about the size of Bacgammon men, between two small upright sticks placed a few inches asunder, but the principals of the game I have not learn not understanding their language sufficiently to obtain an explanation.

their boys amuse themselves with their bows and arrows as those do of every Indian nation with which I am acquainted.

these people are excessively fond of their games of risk and bet freely every species of property of which they are possessed.

They have a smal dog which they make usefull only in hunting the Elk.

Gass: The morning was pleasant and the weather more moderate. About the middle of the day it began to thaw and in the evening to rain. Some of our men were engaged to day bringing in more meat.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clatsop County, Oregon Fort Clatsop Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1812 Russians Establish Fort Ross North of San Francisco Russia California Forts History Channel
1817 State of Delaware Allots $1,000 per County per Year for Instruction of Poor White Children Whose Parents Cannot Afford Private Tutoring Delaware Education Education Economics Racism State of Delaware
1819 Supreme Court Rules NH Cannot Take Control of Dartmouth College New Hampshire U.S. Supreme Court Education Oyez
1830 Two Entrepreneurs Bring the First Cotton Seeds to the Texas Rio Grande Valley Texas Farming and Agriculture Business Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Society
1831 The Bank of St. Augustine, Florida Is Chartered St. Augustine, Florida Banking Florida Historical Society
1832 The Delaware General Assembly Authorizes a Drawbridge to be Constructed over the Nanticoke River at Seaford Seaford, Delaware Bridges State of Delaware
1833 Trustees in St. Joseph County, Indiana Incorporate an Orphans' Home and School on the Site of the Future University of Notre Dame St. Joseph County, Indiana University of Notre Dame Indiana Historical Society
1841 Lincoln Votes to Reduce the Size of Future Illinois Counties from 400 to 325 Square Miles Illinois Counties Abraham Lincoln Law and Legal Resources Lincoln Logs
Madison, Florida Is Incorporated as Madison Court House Madison, Florida Madison, Florida Florida Historical Society
1846 Stillwater Replaces Dahkotah as the County Seat of St. Croix County in the Wisconsin Territory Wisconsin Stillwater, Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
Beloit College Is Chartered by the Territorial Legislature of Wisconsin Wisconsin Education Education Beloit College Wisconsin Historical Society
1848 Treaty of Hidalgo Ends Mexican-American War: Mexico Cedes Territory for $15M Mexico Arizona California Colorado Nevada New Mexico Texas Utah Mexican-American War Treaty of Hidalgo New Mexico Magazine
The Atlanta, Georgia City Council Meets for the First Time Atlanta, Georgia Law and Legal Resources Atlanta City Council Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1850 Abraham Lincoln Buries His Three-Year-Old Son, Eddie Abraham Lincoln Death Lincoln Logs
1859 27-year-old Miguel Miramón Sworn in as Mexico's Youngest President Ever Mexico Mexico Connect
1861 Mexican Government Passes "Printing Law" Ensuring Freedom of the Press Mexico Journalism Mexico Connect
Florida's Governor Asks Legislature to Strengthen State's Militia for Protection Against Union Attack Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Discusses Issues of Slavery with Poet/Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
Confederate War Department Requisitions Two-and-one-half Regiments from the State of Florida Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1863 Samuel Clemens First Publishes as "Mark Twain" in the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise Mark Twain American Authors Journalism Historic Firsts American Collection
Federal Reconnaissance Officer Locates and Destroys 41 Sacks of Salt Near Florida's Jupiter Inlet Jupiter Inlet, Florida American Civil War Jupiter Inlet, Florida Florida Historical Society
1864 Confederate Raid Captures Union General and the Steamer B. C. Levi American Civil War West Virginia Archives
President Lincoln Sends Condolences to Hawaiian King Kamehameha V, on Death of His Brother Hawaii Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Approves Removal of Trade Restrictions with West Virginia within Union Lines West Virginia Abraham Lincoln Economics Lincoln Logs
1865 President Lincoln Discusses Conditions for Peace with Representatives of the Confederacy Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
Confederate Major General Sam Jones Assumes Command of the District of Florida Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
U.S.S. Pinola Captures British Blockade Runner, Ben Willis, Off Florida's Gulf Coast Great Britain Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1870 Mark Twain Marries Olivia Langdon in Elmira, New York New York Mark Twain American Authors American Collection
Georgia General Assembly Ratifies the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Georgia 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Voting Rights Human Rights/Civil Rights University of Georgia
1874 Ursuline Academy Is Founded in Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas Education Women Catholicism Ursuline Academy Texas State Historical Society
1876 Baseball's National League Is Formed in New York City New York City Baseball Major League Baseball New York Times
1880 First Shipment of Frozen Meat Arrives in London from Australia Aboard the Strathleven Great Britain Australia Foods & Nutrition Historic Firsts Univerity of Melbourne
1883 Jonesboro, Arkansas Is Incorporated Jonesboro, Arkansas Arkansas History Commission
1884 The Typographical Union Begins a Strike and Boycott of the Evening Wisconsin Wisconsin Business Journalism Labor Strikes Wisconsin Historical Society
1892 Baltimore's William Painter Is Issued Patent #468,258 for the Cork-sealed Bottle Cap Maryland Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Inventors and Invention Historic Firsts American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1897 Fire Destroys the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg Pennsylvania Fire Safety New York Times
Pittsburgh's Alfred L. Cralle Is Issued Patent 576,395 for an Ice-cream Scooper Pennsylvania Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition Noted African Americans What's Cooking America African American Registry
1899 Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie Donates $100,000 to Give Atlanta, Georgia a Public Library Andrew Carnegie Atlanta, Georgia Philanthropy Atlanta Public Library University of Georgia
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1901 Fort Pierce, Florida, Named for General Benjamin K. Pierce, Brother of President Franklin Pierce, Is Incorporated Fort Pierce, Florida Fort Pierce, Florida Florida Historical Society
1905 The Wisconsin State League Is Formed, Bringing Professional Baseball to Five Wisconsin Cities Wisconsin Sports Figures Baseball Business Wisconsin Historical Society
1910 The Daughters of the American Revolution Buy the Henry H. Sibley House in Mendota, Minnesota and Will Preserve It as a Museum Mendota, Minnesota Museums Economics Daughters of the American Revolution Minnesota Historical Society
1912 World's First Movie Stuntman Jumps Off the Statue of Liberty for a Newsreel Statue of Liberty Film Historic Firsts History Channel
1913 New York City's Grand Central Terminal Opens New York City Railroads Grand Central Terminal
1914 The NAACP Awards Its First Spingarn Medal to Genetic Biologist Ernest Just South Carolina Scientists & Mathematicians Genetics African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Historic Firsts NAACP African American Registry
1916 Heavy Snows Close Railroad and Collapses the Dome of St. James Cathedral in Seattle Seattle, Washington Snow Railroad St. James Cathedral History Link
1920 Eugene O'Neill's Beyond the Horizon Premieres in a Special Matinee Performance at the Morosco Theater, New York City Eugene O'Neill Plays Internet Broadway Database
1923 First Leaded Gasoline Goes on Sale at Dayton, OH Service Station Ohio Automobiles Lead Historic Firsts Cincinnati Enquirer History Channel
1926 F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Is Produced in New York City F. Scott Fitzgerald Plays Internet Broadway Database American Collection
1931 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 256 in New Zealand's Hawke's Bay Area New Zealand Earthqaukes Death USGS
The Alaska State Flag Is Raised for the First Time over the New Capitol Building at Juneau Juneau, Alaska Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1932 The U.S. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) Opens Franklin Roosevelt The New Deal History Channel
1933 Busby Berkeley's 42nd Street Premieres Busby Berkeley Film Internet Movie Database
MGM Studios Fires Actor Buster Keaton for Excessive Drinking Buster Keaton Film History Channel
1934 Work Begins on the Zebulon Pike Lock and Dam in Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Canals State Historical Society of Iowa
The U.S. Export-Import Bank Is Authorized U.S. Government International Trade U.S. Treasury
1935 Wisconsin Detective Leonard Keeler Makes First Use of His Polygraph for a Court Conviction Wisconsin Scientists & Inventors Crime Inventors and Invention Historic Firsts Wired
1936 Ty Cobb Leads the First Class Selected for the Baseball Hall of Fame Ty Cobb Baseball Hall of Fame New York Times State of Michigan
Ellen Glasgow's article "George Santayana Writes a Novel," Appears in the New York Herald Tribune Virginia Authors & Illustrators American Authors Journalism American Collection
1942 Vidkun Quisling Is Installed as Prime Minister of Nazi-occupied Norway Norwegian Political and Social Leaders Nazi Germany Jewish Virtual Library History Channel
1943 Battle of Stalingrad Ends, Soviet Troops Take 90,000 Nazis Prisoner Nazi Germany The Soviet Union Battle of Stalingrad History Channel New York Times BBC
1948 President Truman Announces Steps Taken to Immediately Eliminate Discrimination in the Military U.S. Congress Ten Points Civil Rights Message Human Rights/Civil Rights African American History Truman Library
1949 U.S. Rejects Stalin Proposal for Summit in Russia Josef Stalin President Harry Truman Cold War History Channel
Golfing Great Ben Hogan Is Severely Injured in Near-fatal Automobile Accident Texas Sports Figures Golf Hall of Fame Automobiles New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1951 Snow Falls in North & Central Florida with Crescent City and St. Augustine Receiving Heaviest Amounts Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1953 President Eisenhower Announces the Withdrawal of the U.S. 7th Fleet from the Taiwan Strait China Taiwan President Eisenhower Naval History Cold War Asian History
1959 Court-Ordered Desegregation of Virginia Schools Begins in Arlington and Norfolk Virginia Education Education Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights Law and Legal Resources African-American Heritage Virginia Historical Society
1962 First U.S. Air Force Plane Crashes in South Vietnam Vietnam War Aviation History Historic Firsts History Channel
1965 Alfonso Alvarez Receives a Patent for "Dual-vent Windows" Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Hispanic Scientists and Inventors USPTO
1967 NASA Launches KH 7-36 Air Force Photo Surveillance Satellite Space Exploration Photography Cold War NASA
1970 Antiwar Protestors Sue Dow Chemical Over Napalm Production Vietnam War Dow Chemical Law & Legal Resources History Channel
1971 Idi Amin Assumes Power in Uganda Following Ouster President Milton Obote Uganda History Channel
1972 Irish Protestors Burn Down the British Embassy in Dublin Ireland Great Britain BBC
The Winter Olympics Open in Sapporo, Japan Sapporo, Japan 1972 Winter Olympics Asian History
1976 U.S. Senate Hearings Reveal That U.S. Business Have Bribed Japan's Former Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei Japan Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Business Crime Asian History
1980 Reports Surface of "Abscam", an FBI Sting Operation Targeting Congress U.S. Congress The FBI Crime History Channel
1984 A 3-day Snowstorm with 80-mph Winds Begins in Southern, Minnesota, Killing 16 People Minnesota Snow Wind Death Minnesota Historical Society
1987 Islamic Terrorists Kidnap Church of England Envoy, Terry Waite, in Beirut, Lebanon British Political and Social Leaders Lebanon Islam Terrorism BBC
1988 U.S. Postal Service Releases 22-cent Stamp Honoring James Weldon Johnson James Weldon Johnson United States Postal Service Noted African Americans University of Georgia
Georgia General Assembly Ratifies the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Georgia 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution University of Georgia
1989 Apartheid Advocate, P. W. Botha, Resigns as President of South Africa's National Party P. W. Botha Apartheid South African History
1990 South African President F.W. de Klerk Dismantles Apartheid F.W. de Klerk Apartheid South African History BBC
1994 President F.W. de Klerk Announces Dates for South Africa's First Non-Racial Elections F.W. de Klerk Elections South African History
1996 -60° F at Tower, Minnesota Is the Lowest Temperature in the State's Recorded History Tower, Minnesota Temperature Minnesota Historical Society
1997 U.S. Government Statistics Indicate Dramatic Decrease in AIDS-related Deaths U.S. Government AIDS Medical Research Death New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 2000-2010 on this date
2002 Home Depot co-Founder Arthur Blank Purchases the Atlanta Falcons Georgia Business Atlanta Flacons Home Depot University of Georgia
2007 20 Die in Central Florida Tornado with 160mph Winds Florida Tornado Death CNN