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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
Good Luck!
5-Minute Quests

1. What college was founded on this date in 1867? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what state was football player Steve McNair born? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the University of California at Berkeley, what was Frederick Douglass' given name at birth? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an artist or photographer born on this date:

1. In what year was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) organized in New Orleans on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the University of Georgia, who served as the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Elijah McCoy lived and studied in three countries. What were those countries? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an African country in which Moneta Sleet covered the period of African national independence in the 1950's (according to the State of Kentucky):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. 2. According to African American Registry, for which photograph was Moneta Sleet awarded the 1969 Pulitzer Prize for Photography?

2. According to the History Channel, how old was Duke Ellington's when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

3. According to The New York Times, how many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the 1936 Summer Olympics?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by Duke Ellington:
Black History Month
Separation Bar
Moneta Sleet
Moneta Sleet
Born on This Date 1926

[State of Kentucky]
Photography 1969 Pulitzer Prize for Photography
Elijah McCoy
Elijah McCoy

Canadian-born Inventor
Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass

Advocate for Human Rights and Civil Rights
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens

Track and Field Champion at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
Ferris Wheel Day
(Commemorates birth date of Ferris Wheel inventor George Washington Gale Ferris: 02/14/1859)
George Washington Gale Ferris Inventors & Inventions MathNews
Bulgaria: Trifon Zarezan/Vinegrowers' Day
(Observed annually on February 14)
Bulgaria Balkan Info
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1952 George Shannon (Kansas-born Professional Storyteller, Children's Author) Kansas Authors and Illustrators Storytelling Official Web Site
1953 Paul O. Zelinsky (Chicago-born Children's Author, Illustrator Awarded the 1998 Caldecott Medal for Rapunzel) Paul O. Zelinsky American Artists 1998 Caldecott Medal for <I>Rapunzel</i> Official Web Site
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1856 Frank Harris (Irish-American Author, Editor) Irish Authors
1864 Israel Zangwill (English Playwright and Novelist) English Authors Plays
1882 George Jean Nathan (Indiana-born Playwright, Journalist) Indiana Authors and Illustrators Plays Journalism
1909 A. Moses Klein (Russian-Canadian Poet) Russian Authors Canadian Authors Poetry Writer's Almanac
1944 Carl Bernstein (Washington, D.C.-born Journalist Who Helped Expose the Watergate Affair) Carl Bernstein President Richard Nixon The American Presidency Watergate Affair Journalism
1959 Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwean Film Director, Novelist) Zimbabwean Authors Filmmakers
1912 Oliver Harrington (New York-born African-American Cartoonist) Oliver Harrington Cartoons and Comics Famous African Americans
1926 Moneta Sleet, Jr. (Kentucky-born African-American Photographer Awarded the 1969 Pulitzer Prize for Photography) Moneta Sleet, Jr. Photography African American Artists, Designers and Architects 1969 Pulitzer Prize for Photography
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1819 Christopher Sholes (Pennsylvania-born Inventor of the Typewriter) Christopher Sholes Wisconsin Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions
1838 Margaret E. Knight (Maine-born Inventor of the Flat-bottomed Grocery Bag) Maine Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Foods and Nutrition Technology and Society
1859 George Washington Gale Ferris (Illinois-born Inventor of the Ferris Wheel) George Washington Gale Ferris Inventors & Inventions
1869 Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (Scottish-born 1927 Nobel Laureate in Physics) Scottish Scientists & Mathematicians Physics 1927 Nobel Laureate in Physics
1917 Herbert A. Hauptman (New York-born 1985 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) New York Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry Crystallography 1985 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Explorers and Aviators
1928 Frank Borman (Indiana-born Astronaut) Frank Borman Astronaut
Military Leaders
1763 General Jean-Victor Marie Moreau (French General) France
1829 Alfred Iverson Jr. (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures Mexican American War American Civil War University of Georgia
Philosopher, Educators, Religious Leaders
1760 Richard Allen (Pennsylvania-born First African-American Methodist Bishop) Richard Allen Religious Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Concordia African-American Registry
1833 William Watts Folwell (New York-born Educator, Historian; First President of the University of Minnesota) New York Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Educators of Notes American History University of Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
Political and Social Leaders
1817 Frederick Douglass (Maryland-born African-American Escaped Slave, Human Rights Advocate, Journalist) Frederick Douglass Civil Rights/Human Rights Journalism African-American Political and Social Leaders
1847 Anna Howard Shaw (English Women's Suffragist) English Political and Social Leaders Women Women's Suffrage Civil Rights/Human Rights New York Times
1848 Harriet Laura Cramer (Wisconsin-born Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Philanthropy Wisconsin Historical Society
1874 Charlotta Amanda Bass (South Carolina-born African-American Newspaper Publisher, Civil Rights Activist) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Journalism Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders African-American Registry
1913 Jimmy Hoffa (Indiana-born Labor Leader) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Labor
Performing Artists
1894 Jack Benny (Illinois-born Comedian) Jack Benny Television
1905 Thelma Ritter (New York City-born Actress) New York City Performing Artists Actors Television Film Internet Movie Database
1929 Vic Morrow (New York City-born Actor) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1934 Florence Henderson (Indiana-born Actress) Indiana Performing Artists Actors Television
1942 Alan Parker (English Film Director) English Performing Artists Filmmakers Internet Movie Database
1943 Maceo Parker (North Carolina-born African-American Jazz Saxophonist) North Carolina Performing Artists Popular Musicians Jazz African American Performing Aritsts Internet Movie Database
1946 Gregory Hines (New York City-born African-American Actor) Gregory Hines Actors Television Film African American Performing Aritsts
1948 Raymond Joseph Teller (Pennsylvania-born Magician: The Quiet Half of Penn and Teller) Pennsylvania Performing Artists American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1960 Meg Tilly (Canadian Actress) Canadian Performing Artists Actors Television Film Internet Movie Database
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1913 Woody Hayes (Ohio-born Coach: Member of the College Football Hall of Fame) Ohio Sports Figures Football Hall of Fame
Mel Allen (Alabama Sports Broadcaster: Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Alabama Sports Figures Journalism Baseball Hall of Fame
1935 Mickey Wright (California-born Member of the Golf Hall of Fame) California Sports Figures Golf Hall of Fame
1960 Jim Kelly (Pennsylvania-born Member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame) Pennsylvania Sports Figures Football Hall of Fame
1972 Drew Bledsoe (Washington-born Professional Football Player) Washington Sports Figures Football
1973 Steve McNair (Mississippi-born African-American Professional Football Player) Mississippi Sports Figures Football Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1400 Richard II, King of England (Murdered) English History British Royalty
1742 Edmond Halley (English Astronomer: Namesake of Halley's Comet) Edmond Halley Astronomy Comets
1779 Captain James Cook (English Explorer Murdered by Hawaiian Natives) Captain James Cook Hawaii Explorers The History Channel
1808 John Dickinson (Maryland-born Lawyer, Pamphleteer, Politician) Maryland Political and Social Leaders Law American Authors Colonial America American Revolution
1884 Mittie Roosevelt (Mother of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt) Theordore Roosevelt The History Channel
Alice Lee Roosevelt (Wife of Theodore Roosevelt) Theordore Roosevelt The History Channel
1891 William Tecumseh Sherman (Ohio-born Union General) William Tecumseh Sherman American Military Leaders American Civil War
1898 C.L. Dodgson (English Author, Lewis Carroll) Lewis Carroll Young-adult Authors
1943 David Hilbert (German Mathematician) David Hilbert Mathematics
1962 Herman Guy Kump (Former Governor of West Virginia) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders West Virginia Archives
1975 P. G. Wodehouse (English Author) P.G. Wodehouse Authors
1979 Adolph Dubs (U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Killed in a Shootout After Abduction by Islamic Extremists) Afghanistan U.S. Government Islam Terrorism
2005 Rafik Hariri (Former Prime Minister of Lebanon - Assassination) Lebanon Terrorism
2011 George Shearing (British-American Jazz Pianist) George Shearing Jazz
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1300s that Occurred on this Date
1349 The Jews of Strasbourg, France Are Blamed for Causing the Plague: 2,000 Are Burned at the Stake Judaism Strasbourg, France World History Death Fordham University
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1556 Thomas Cranmer Is Deposed as the Archbishop of Canterbury by Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots British Monarchy Religion Archbishop of Canterbury Concordia
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1729 Marqués de Aguayo Proposes Spain Relocate Families from the Canary Islands to Texas Spain Texas Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1779 340 Patriots Defeat a Militia of 700 Loyalists at Kettle Creek, Georgia Georgia American Revolution The History Channel University of Georgia
Private George Laha of Is Discharged from the Delaware Regiment and Resumes His Life as a Slave Delaware Military Figures Slavery American Revolution State of Delaware
Hawaiian Natives Murder English Explorer, Captain James Cook, on His Third Visit to the Islands Captain James Cook Hawaii Explorers Death The History Channel
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: The Snow fell 3 inches Deep last night, a fine morning, Dispatched George Drewyer & 3 men [Drouillard, Frazer, Goodrich, and Newman] with two Slays drawn by 3 horses for the meat left below—

Whitehouse: This morning we had clear weather but pleasant.—

The officers sent 4 Men [Drouillard, Frazer, Goodrich, and Newman] with 3 Horses and two Sleds (the horses being procur'd from the North West company's Traders) to bring the Meat, left by Captain Clark, and his party to the Fort;

They set out on the Ice and proceeded on about 25 Miles, when they halted to water their horses, at a place in the River, that was open near a piece of Timber'd Land, where there was a Warr path, part of the Souix Nation being hidden in that place, waiting to plunder & murder any that might pass by them, that were not of their own nation,

The Savages rushed out of this piece of Woods, and Ran towards our four Men Whooping and Shouting as they
came, (the Men not having finish'd watering their horses) there being near 120 of those Savages, they then surrounded our Men, and took away the three horses, but offered no Violence then to them, One of these Savages returned back to one of our Men one of the horses, The Man to whom the Indian returned the horse gave that Indian some Corn bread, and divided another loaf of Corn bread, among them, giving their Chief that was with them a large Share.—

These Savages took the two other horses, and two knives from them, they then formed a half-Circle round them and held a consultation, the result of which, was that they should be murder'd by their party; which would certainly have been the case; had not two of their Warriors opposed them, and would not agree to its being done,

the Savages then set the four Men at liberty, to go to the fort, These Savages proceeded down the River, to the Rick
a Ree
[Recorees - Arikara Indians] nation, and told them what they had done, they likewise informed the Pawne [Recorees - Arikara Indians] Indians of the same,

This was told to Captain Lewis (by a frenchman who lived among the pawne Indians and was there, when this set of Indians, arrived at that Village,) .— .— The party that was robbed by the Indians returned to the Fort, at 12 o'Clock
the same night, they were very much fataigued. They immediately on their arrival, gave information to our Officers.
The Officers immediately called on the party for 20 Volunteers, to off early in the Morning, in pursuit of those Robbers.— Twenty immediately of them volunteered their Service, and prepar'd themselves to be in readiness by day light.—

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Fort Mandan Map Snow

Native American Tribes Crime Horses

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: We are very uneasy with respect to our Sick men at the Salt works. Serjt. Pryor and party haveing not yet returneded, nor can we conceive what can be the Cause of their delay.

Drewyer visited his traps & to day and Cought a fine fat beaver on which we feasted this evening and thought it a great delecessey.—.

I compleated a map of the Countrey through which we have been passing from the Mississippi at the Mouth of
Missouri to this place.

In the Map the Missouri Jefferson's river the S. E. branch of the Columbia or Lewis's river, Koos-koos-ke and Columbia from the enterance of the S. E fork to the pacific Ocian, as well as a part of Clark's river and our track across the Rocky Mountains are laid down by celestial observations and Survey. the rivers are also conected at their Sources with other rivers agreeably to the information of the nativs and the most probable conjecture arrising from their capacities and the relative positions of their respective enterances which last have with but fiew exceptions been established by celestial observations.

We now discover that we have found the most practicable and navigable passage across the Continent of North America; it is that which we have traveled with the exception of that part of our rout from the foot of the Falls of the Missouri, or in neighbourhood of the enterance of the Rocky Mountains untill we arive on Clarks river at the enterence of Travelers-rest Creek; the distance between those two points would be traveled more advantagiously by land as the navigation of the Missouri above the Falls is crooked laborious and 521 miles distant by which no advantage is gained as the rout which we are compelled to travel by land from the Source of Jeffersons River to the enterance of Travellers rest Creek is 220 miles being further by abt. 600 miles than that from the Falls of the Missourie to the last mentioned point (Travellers rest Creek) and a much worse rout if indian information is to be relied on which is from the So so nee or Snake Indians, and the Flatheads of the Columbia west of the rocky mountains.

from the Same information the Columbia from the enterance of the S. E. branch to the enterance of Clark's river is obstructed with a great number of dificuelt and dangerous rapids (and the place Clark's river comes out of the Rocky mountains is a tremendious falls &c which there is no possibillity of passing the mountains either by land or water.) Considering therefore the dangers and deficuelties attending the navigation of the Columbia in this part, as well as the circuitous and distant rout formed by itself and that of Clark's River we Conceive that even admitting that Clarks river contrary to information to be as navagable as the Columbia below it's enterance, that the tract by land over the Rocky Mountains usially traveled by the nativs from the enterance of Travellers rest Creek to the Forks of the Kooskooske
is preferable; the Same being a distance of 184 miles.

The inferrence therefore deduced from these premises are, that the best and most practicable rout across the Continent is by way of the Missouri to the Great Falls; thence to Clarks river at the enterance of Travellers rest Creek, from thence up travillers rest Creek to the forks, from whence you prosue a range of mountains which divides the waters of the two forks of this Creek, and which still Continues it's westwardly Course on the mountains which divides the waters of the two forks of the Kooskooske river to their junction; from thence to decend this river to the S. E. branch of the Columbia, thence down that river to the Columbia, and down the Latter to the Pacific Ocian—.

There is a large river which falls into the Columbia on its South Side at what point we could not lern;

[Here Lewis and Clark apparently combined Indian information about the Willamette and the Snake with deductions of their own. When they discovered the Willamette on their return journey, they assumed that the "Multnomah," as they called it, was the great river coming from the southeast. They believed that this river began near the headwaters of the Missouri and the Yellowstone, which is in fact the case with the Snake. Their notion that the Rio Grande (North River, or Rio del Norte) and the "waters of California" (the Colorado River?) also rose in this same general area (which is true of the Green River, the principal tributary of the Colorado) meant that they still clung to the conception of a height of land which gave rise to all the great rivers of the West. They still did not fully appreciate the extent of territory involved, nor could they know of the existence of the Great Basin]

which passes thro those extencive Columbian Plains from the South East, and as the Indians inform us head in the mountains South of the head of Jeffersons River and at no great distance from the Spanish Settlements, and that that fork which heads with the River Rajhone and waters of the Missouri passes through those extensive plains in which there is no wood, and the river Crowded with rapids & falls many of which are impassable. the other or westerly fork passes near a range of mountains and is the fork which great numbers of Indian Bands of the So sone or Snake Indians, this fork most probably heads with North River or the waters of Callifornia.

This River may afford a practicable land Communication with New Mexico by means of its western fork. This river cannot be navagable as an unpracticable rapid is within one mile of its enterance into the Columbia, and we are fully purswaded that a rout by this river if practicable at all, would lengthen the distance greatly and incounter the Same dificuelties in passing the Rocky Mountains with the rout by way of Travellers rest Creek & Clarks river.

Whitehouse: This morning was warm, & we had showers of rain during the whole of this day.— The Men at the fort were employed in repairing the Carpenters Tools, making Moccasins & dressing Elk & Deer Skins.—

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clatsop County, Oregon Fort Clatsop Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1812 The Ohio Legislature Names Columbus as the State Capital Columbus, Ohio Ohio Historical Society
1826 17-year-old Edgar Allan Poe Enters the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Edgar Allan Poe American Authors Education University of Virginia American Collection
1840 White South African Pioneers (Voortrekkers) Defeat the Zulus and Establish Their Own Republic South Africa South African History
1842 New York's Aristocracy Holds the "Boz Ball" to Honor Charles Dickens Charles Dickens New York City Authors The History Channel
1843 Lincoln Makes Known His Wishes to Run for Congress U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
1849 James K. Polk Is First President Photographed in Office James K. Polk The American Presidency Photography Historic Firsts
The First American-made Valentines Are Sold in Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts Valentines Day Historic Firsts Worcester, Massachusetts Massachsuetts Foundation for the Humanities
The Last Troops March Out of Iowa's Fort Atkinson Iowa Forts Fort Atkinson State Preserve
1850 Clinch County Is Created as Georgia's 95th County Clinch County, Georgia Clinch County, Georgia University of Georgia
United States Mail Steamer Carolina Arrives in Portland, Oregon After a 6-day Journey From San Francisco Portland, Oregon San Francisco Steamboats U.S. Mail
In Minnesota, the Fort Snelling Post Band Travels to Stillwater to Play for a Valentine's Day Dance Stillwater, Minnesota Fort Snelling Popular Music Valentines Day Minnesota Historical Society
Florida's Fort Harvie Is re-Named in Honor of Lieutenant Colonel Abraham C. Myers Ft. Myers, Florida Forts Ft. Myers, Florida Florida Historical Society
1852 Mankato, Minnesota Is Founded and Named Using a Variation of Mahkato, the Dakota Word for the Blue Earth River Mankato, Minnesota Dakota Minnesota Historical Society
1859 Oregon Is Admitted as 33rd State of the Union Oregon The United States New York Times
1861 President Lincoln's Train Is Greeted by Large Crowds in Heavy Rain from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh Ohio Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Railroad Lincoln Papers
1862 Wisconsin's Fifteenth Regiment Infantry Is Organized at Camp Randall in Madison and Mustered into Service Madison, Wisconsin Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
1864 Sherman's Union Forces Enter Meridian, Mississippi Meridian, Mississippi General Sherman Civil War The History Channel
1867 William J. White Founds Morehouse College with 37 Students Georgia Education African-American History Morehouse College (pdf) University of Georgia
1876 Alexander Graham Bell Applies for a Patent for the Telephone Alexander Graham Bell Telephone Inventors and Inventions Patents and Trademarks Library of Congress
1880 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Is Incorporated Eureka Springs, Arkanasas Arkansas History Commission
1882 Valentine, Texas Is Founded and Named by the Southern Pacific Railroad Valentine, Texas Railroad Texas State Historical Association
1884 Theodore Roosevelt's Wife and Mother Die Only Hours Apart Theordore Roosevelt Death The History Channel
1886 The First Trainload of Oranges Leaves Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Foods & Nutrition Economics & Business Railroads Historic Firsts The History Channel
1888 The Hotel Del Coronado Opens in San Diego San Diego, California Economics & Business Hotel Del Coronado Learn California
1892 Snow in Florida: Pensacola 3", Tallahassee 2", Lake City 1" Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1895 Oscar Wilde's Final Play, The Importance of Being Earnest, Opens in London London Oscar Wilde Plays Writer's Almanac
1899 President McKinley Signs Legislation Authorizing States to Use Voting Machines for Federal Elections. President McKinley Voting Law * Legal Resources New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1903 U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor Established U.S. Government Agencies President Theodore Roosevelt Economics and Business EconEdLink The History Channel
1905 7.3 Earthquake Is Centered on Alaska's Andreanof Islands Alaska Earthquake USGS
1912 Arizona Is Admitted as 48th State of the Union Arizona The United States New York Times
1919 President Woodrow Wilson Presents a Draft Covenant for the League of Nations President Woodrow Wilson Treaty of Versailles League of Nations The History Channel
1920 The League of Women Voters Is Founded in Chicago Chicago Women Elections League of Women Voters New York Times
1921 The Little Review Literary Journal Faces Obscenity Charges for Excerpting Ulysses James Joyce Journalism Law and Legal Resources Writer's Almanac
1924 Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. Changes Name to IBM Businesses & Corporations
1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Al Capone's Gang Murders 7 Rivals Chicago Al Capone Crime Death The History Channel New York Times
1931 In Juneau, Alaska, the Federal and Territorial Building (Now the State Capitol) Is Formally Dedicated Juneau, Alaska Buildings and Architecture Alaska Historical Society
1932 Michigan's Governor Declares a Holiday to Protects the State's Banks from Insolvency Michigan The Great Depression Economics State of Michigan
1938 Hedda Hopper's First Gossip Column Is Published Pennsylvania Authors & Illustrators Journalism Film Internet Movie Database
1940 First Birth of a Porpoise in Captivity Occurs in Florida's Marineland, South of St. Augustine St. Augustine, Florida Fish and Marine Wildlife Historic Firsts Marineland, Florida Florida Historical Society
1943 Rommel's Afrika Korps Defeat U.S. Troops at Kasserine Pass Africa Irwin Rommel World War II The History Channel
1944 Seattle's Mayor Appoints a "Civic Unity Committee" to Address Racial Tensions in the City Seattle, Washington Racism History Link
1945 Perú, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador join the United Nations Peru Paraguay Chile Ecuador The United Nations New York Times
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Survives the Two-day Allied Firebombing of Dresden, Germany which Killed 135,000 Kurt Vonnegut American Authors World War II American Collection BBC
1946 6.3 Earthquake Causes Damage in Washington's Puget Sound Area Washington Earthquake History Link
1948 NASCAR Is Incorporated NASCAR Historic Firsts Decades of Racing
1949 Chaim Weizmann Is Elected as the First President of Modern Israel Israeli Political and Social Leaders Chaim Weizmann Historic Firsts Jersusalem Center for Public Affairs Concordia
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1954 Television Station WTOC Goes on the Air as Savannah's CBS Affiliate Savannah, Georgia Television Historic Firsts WTOC University of Georgia
1957 Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Organizes in New Orleans New Orleans U.S. Civil Rights African-American History SCLC University of Georgia
1958 Jordan & Iraq Form the Arab Federation Jordan Iraq Jewish Virtual Library
Georgia General Assembly Censures President Eisenhower for Using National Guard in Little Rock, AR Desegregation/Little Rock Central High School Georgia U.S. Civil Rights African-American History University of Georgia
1960 Referendum Confirms Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan As President of Pakistan Pakistan Story of Pakistan
Democratic Presidential Candidate, John F. Kennedy, Campaigns in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin John F. Kennedy American Presidency Wisconsin Historical Society
1961 Element 103, Lawrencium, Is Produced in Berkeley, California Berkeley, California Lawrencium Lemoyne University
1962 President John Kennedy Authorizes U.S. Advisors to Fire in Self-defense John F. Kennedy Vietnam War The History Channel
Jackie Kennedy Gives First Televised Tour of the White House White House Jackie Kennedy New York Times
Former Governor Millard Fillmore Caldwell Appointed as a Justice, Florida Supreme Court Florida Florida Supreme Court Florida Historical Society
1963 US Launches Communications Satellite Syncom 1, but Fails to Maintain Communications Space Exploration Technology History NASA
1972 Grease Opens on Broadway New York City Musical Theater Internet Braodway Database
1974 Soviets Charge Expelled Author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, with Treason Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Authors 1970 Nobel Laureate for Literature The Cold War BBC
1975 Statue of U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell Is Unveiled on the Grounds of the Georgia State Capitol U.S. Senate Georgia Georgia State Capitol University of Georgia
1976 U.S. Conducts 200 - 500 kt Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1979 Islamic Extremists Abduct the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Who Is Then Killed in a Shootout Afghanistan Islam Terrorism Death New York Times
1980 US Launches Solar Maximum Mission Satellite to Study Solar Flares The Sun NASA
1984 The Black South African Community of Mogopa Is Bulldozed & Residents Forcibly Displaced South Africa Racism South African History
English Figure Skating Pair of Torvill and Dean, Wins Olympic Gold in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia English Sports Figures Figure Skating Hall of Fame 1984 Winter Olympic Games BBC
1989 Nicaraguan Sandinistas Agree to Free Elections Nicaragua Ronald Reagan Elections and Voting The History Channel
Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini Calls for Murder of Authors Salman Rushdie for Blaspheming Islam Ayatollah Khomeini Authors Islam Terrorism BBC
Union Carbide Agrees to Pay $470M to Government of India for 1984 Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster India Business Death Union Carbide New York Times
1990 NASA's Voyager 1 Takes First Photograph of Entire Solar System NASA The Solar System Photography Historic Firsts NASA
1995 South Africa's New Constitutional Court Officially Opens South Africa Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts South African History
Historic Events that have occurred from 2000 to present
2000 NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Spacecraft Goes Into Orbit Around Asteroid Eros NASA Space Exploration Asteroids Official Webiste Technology and Society
2005 Lebanon's Former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, Killed in Beirut Terrorist Attack Lebanon Terrorism Death CNN