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Teaching - there can be no finer calling requiring the clearest demonstration of moral and ethical behavior.
Ira Shull, For the Love of Teaching
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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. In what year was David A. Payne born on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. What was the name of the President of Ghana who was overthrown on this date in 1966? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the Black Collegian, in what year did Sojourner Truth address an audience at the White House? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the first name of one of the Marsalis brothers:

1. Which civil war battle began on this date in 1864? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to African American Registry, how did the Tuskegee Airmen get their name? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to Gale Group, who was the trainer who taught Muhammad Ali the science of boxing? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of an August Wilson play (according to his Dartmouth College biography):

(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the African American Registry, why was Lillie Brown sentenced to six weeks in solitary confinement at the Jacksonville State Penitentiary?

2. According to Lincoln Center, for what work did Wynton Marsalis receive the Pulitzer Prize for music?

3. According to his Dartmouth College biography, what knowledge did August Wilson feel his parents withheld from him?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a boxer to whom Muhammad Ali lost a professional fight (according to the International Boxing Hall of Fame):
Black History Month
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Picture of this person
August Wilson

1987 Pulitzer Prize for Fences 1990 Pulitzer Prize for The Piano Lesson 1987 Tony Award for Fences

Picture of this person
Tuskegee Airmen


Picture of this person
The Marsalis Family


Picture of this person
Sojourner Truth

Human Rights/Civil Rights

Picture of this person
Muhammad Ali

International Boxing Hall of Fame

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Estonia: Independence Day
(Celebration of 02/24/1918 declaration of independence & 02/24/1989 independence from USSR)
`Estonia `U.S. Department of State Estonia Embassy, Washington, D.C.
México: Flag Day
(Celebration of the Plan of Iguala declaring Mexico's independence from Spain: 02/24/1821)
`México `Spain `Hispanic Heritage University of Birmingham
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1726 Wilhelm Karl Grimm (German Children's Author) Wilhelm Karl Grimm Primary Authors
1887 Mary Ellen Chase (Maine-born Children's Author) Mary Ellen Chase Primary Authors Young-Adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1806 Samuel Jones Cassels (Georgia-born Poet) Georgia Authors and Illustrators Poetry Religion University of Georgia
1852 George Augustus Moore (Irish Author) George Augustus Moore
1905 Alice Walworth Graham (Mississippi-born Author) Mississippi Authors & Illustrators
1909 August Derleth (Wisconsin-born Author) August Derleth Poetry
1914 Weldon Kees (Nebraska-born Poet, Short Story Writer) Nebraska Authors & Illustrators Poetry Writer's Almanac
1952 Maxine Chernoff (Chicago-born Poet, Novelist, Short Story Writer) Chicaco Authors & Illustrators Poetry Writer's Almanac
Artists and Photographers
1836 Winslow Homer (Massachusetts-born Artist) Winslow Homer American Artists
1967 Buyisile Patient (Billy) Mandindi (South African Artist) South African Artists Artists South African History
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1849 John Henry Comstock (Wisconsin-born Entomologist) John Henry Comstock Insects Non-fiction Titles
1955 Steve Jobs (California-born co-Founder of Apple Computers) Steve Jobs Computer Technology Apple Computers
Military Leaders
1824 John Crawford Vaughn (Tennessee-born Confederate General) Tennessee Military Leaders Mexican-American War American Civil War University of Georgia
1885 Chester W. Nimitz (Texas-born U.S. Naval Admiral) Chester w. Nimitz Naval History World War II
1925 Charles E. Day (Iowa-born Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor) Iowa Military Figures American Military Figures Vietnam War
Political and Social Leaders
1500 Charles V (Belgian-born Holy Roman Emperor) Belgian Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholicism Concordia
1772 William Crawford (Virginia-born Statesman, U.S. Ambassador; U.S. Senator from Georgia) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government U.S. Congress University of Georgia
1811 David A. Payne (South Carolina-born African-American Historian, Educator, Religious Leader) David A. Payne Religion Educators of Note Famous African-Americans
1879 Charles August Sulzer (New Jersey-born Member of Alaska's Territorial Senate; Alaska Delegate in the U.S. Congress) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders Alaska Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1931 Lillie Brown (Alabama-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Lillie Brown U.S. Civil Rights Movement Famous African-Americans
1932 Zell Miller (Georgia Governor) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Politics University of Georgia
1942 Joseph I. Lieberman (Connecticut-born U.S. Senator) Connecticut Political and  Social Leaders U.S. Senate Biography
Performing Artists
1947 Edward James Olmos (Los Angeles-born Latin-American Author) Edward James Olmos Actors Film Latin-American Studies Internet Movie Database
1956 Paula Zahn (Illinois-born Broadcast Journalist) Paula Zahn Journalism Television CNN
1962 Michelle Shocked (Texas-born Popular Musician) Texas Performing Artists Popular Music Internet Movie Database
1966 Billy Zane (Chicago-born Actor) Chicago Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1874 Honus Wagner (Pennsylvania-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Honus Wagner Baseball Hall of Fame
1906 Bennie Oosterbaan (Michigan-born Member of the College Football Hall of Fame) Michigan Sports Figures University of Michigan Football College Football  Hall of Fame
1955 Alain Prost (French Race Driver) Alain Prost Auto Racing
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1810 Henry Cavendish (English Physicist) Henry Cavendish Physics
1815 Robert Fulton (Pennsylvania-born Inventor, Engineer Who Established the First Commercially Successful Steamboat Operation) Robert Fulton Steam Boats
1972 Otto Hauser (German-American Socialist Leader) German Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1983 Tennessee Williams (Mississippi-born Author, Playwright) Tennessee Williams American Authors Plays Mississippi Writers
1990 Malcolm Forbes (New York-born Publisher of Forbes Magazine) Malcolm Forbes American Business Leaders Forbes
1998 Henny Youngman (English-American Comedian) English Performing Artists Stage & Theater Internet Movie Database
2006 Don Knotts (West Virginia-born Comedic Actor; Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show) West Virginia Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television Film Internet Movie Database
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1582 Pope Gregory XIII's Papal Bull Replaces Julian Calendar with Gregorian Calendar Pope Gregory XIII Gregorian Calendar World History Swinburne University of Technology
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1727 Georg Frederick Handel Applies for British Citizenship Georg Friedrich Handel British Composers Composers American Public Media
1779 George Rogers Clark Sets Terms for British Surrender of Ft. Sackville George Rogers Clark Vincennes, IN `American Revolution Library of Congress
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1803 In Marbury v Madison, Supreme Court Rules Congress Cannot Act in Conflict with the Constitution U.S. Congress U.S. Constitution `Marbury v Madison
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: The Day fine, we Commenced very early to day the Cutting loose the boat which was more difficuelt than the perogus with great exertions and with the assistance of Great prises we lousened her and turned the Second perogue upon the ice, ready to Draw out, in Lousening the boat from the ice Some of the Corking drew out which Caused her to Leake for a few minits untill we Discovered the Leake & Stoped it— Jessomme our interpeter & familey returned from the Villages Several Indians visit us to day

Ordway: a beautiful morning. all hands employed cutting away the Ice from round the Barge. found that the Ice was verry thick clear under hir. we worked hard the water came up in places untill it Got all round hir. towards evening we Got large prizes and put under hir and with much adieu we Got hir started loose and hoisted hir Stern up on the Ice found She had a Small leak where the corking worked out as She came loose. bailed the water out of hir. Got out
the perogue also.

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Fort Mandan Map


The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Kentucky University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: Our Sick are Still on the recovery. Shannon and Labiche returned in the forenoon, they had killed no Elk, and reported that they believe the Elk have returned from their former haunts and gorn further back in the mountains to a considerable distance from this place. this is very unwelcom information, for poore and inferior as the flesh of this animale is, it is our principal dependance for Subsistance.

This evening we were visited by Comowooll the Clatsop Chief and 14 men women and Children of his nation. Drewyer came a pasinger in their Canoe, and brought with him two dogs.

the Chief and his party had brought for Sale a Sea otter Skin, Some hats, Sturgeon and a Species of fish which now begins to run and are taken in Great quantities in the Columbia River about 40 miles above us by means of Skiming or scooping nets. Capt Lewis gave an old Coat and vest for a Sea otter Skin, we purchased Several hads of the Indian manufactry and distributed them among the party. we also purchased a fiew of the Small fish which we found deliciously fine.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clatsop County, Oregon Fort Clatsop Native Americans Health Care
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1809 London's Drury Lane Theatre Burns to the Ground London, England Stage and Theater Fire
1821 The Plan of Iguala Declares México's Independence from Spain `México `Spain `Hispanic Heritage Texas A&M University
1836 Santa Anna's Siege of the Alamo Begins Santa Anna Texas The Alamo History Channel Texas State Historical Associaiton
1838 Abraham Lincoln Announces His Candidacy for the Illinois State Legislature Illinois Political and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln `Politics Lincoln Papers
1840 Former President John Quincy Adams Begins Arguments in the Amistad Case `U.S. Supreme Court `John Quincy Adams `The Amistad Case `African-American Heritage `History Channel
1844 State's Legislature Charters the University of Mississippi Mississippi Education University of Mississippi Mississippi Writers
1848 Lincoln Is Appointed to House of Representatives Funeral Committee for John Quincy Adams U.S. House of Representatives John Quincy Adams Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
1858 A Political Cartoon Portraying Minnesota Political Corruption with Railroads Coins the Term "Gopher State" Minnesota Railroads Political Cartoons Minnesota Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Buries His Son Willie Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
U.S.S. Harriet Lane Captures the Confederate Schooner Joanna Ward off the Florida Coast Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1863 Arizona Is Organized As a Territory Separate from New Mexico Arizona New Mexico Library of Congress New Mexico Magazine
U.S.S. Tahoma Captures the Confederate Schooner Stonewall Near Key West, Florida Key West, Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
Michigan Gives Its Full Endorsement of the Emancipation Proclamation Michigan Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation State of Michigan
West Virginia Delegation Asks President Lincoln for Great Protection from Confederate Guerrilla Warfare West Virginia President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1864 Two-day Battle of Dalton, Georgia Begins Georgia Battle of Dalton, GA History Channel
Crew Sets Fire to the Confederate Steamer Nan-Nan Rather Than Allow Its Cargo of Cotton be Captured Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
Rebecca Lee Is the First African-American Woman to Earn a Medical Degree Virginia Scientists & Mathematicians Medicine African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Historic Firsts NIH USDA
1865 West Virginia's John Yates Beall Is Executed as a Confederate Spy, at Governor's Island, New York Notorious West Virginians New York American Civil War Capital Punishment West Virginia Archive
1868 U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Impeach President Andrew Johnson U.S. House of Representatives The Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson History Channel New York Times
1869 Congress Passes the Morrill Tariff Act U.S. Congress International Business and Trade U.S. History History Channel
1871 Charles Darwin's Descent of Man Is Published in London Charles Darwin Evolution Adult Non-fiction Shrewsbury Museum
1874 Georgia Designates April 26 as Memorial Day, a State Holiday Georgia Memorial Day Holidays and Observances University of Georgia
1875 Georgia Law Makes It Unlawful to Sell "Spirituous Liquors" to Minors Georgia Drug and Substance Abuse Law and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1892 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in California's Imperial Valley California Earthquakes USGS
1894 In Wisconsin, the Cornerstone of Milwaukee's City Hall Is Laid Milwaukee, Wisconsin Architecture City of Milwaukee Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1903 The United States Signs Agreement Acquiring a Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba `Cuba `Iraq War New York Times
1905 Last Wall Opened in the Simplon Tunnel Connecting Italy and Switzerland Italy Switzerland Mountains European History British Natural History Museum
1909 The Hudson Motor Car Company Is Incorporated Automobiles Businesses and Corporations History Channel
1917 British Troops Recapture Kut in Mesopotamia Iraq Great Britain World War I History Channel
British Share with U.S. the Intercepted "Zimmermann Note" Sent from Germany to Mexico Germany Mexico Great Britain World War I Texas Arizona New Mexico History Channel
1918 Salvation Committee Declares the Independence of the Republic of Estonia `Estonia Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affiars
1919 Revenue Act Codifies Existing U.S. Tax Laws `U.S. Congress Laws and Legal Resources Taxes U.S. Treasury
1920 The Nazi Party Holds Its First Meeting of Importance in Munich, Germany `Munich, Germany Nazi Germany Historic Firsts New York Times
1927 Fox Demonstrates Its Movietone Sound System for the Media `Film `Sound History of Technology Fox History Channel
1930 Charles Evans Hughes Is Sworn in as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court New York Political and Social Leaders President Herbert Hoover U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1938 DuPont Begins Production of First Nylon Toothbrush Bristles Business Teeth Polymers
Variety Reports Judy Garland Cast as Dorothy for Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz Variety MGM's Official Website
1942 Voice of America Goes on the Air for the First Time Voice of America The Cold War Propaganda Historic Firsts New York Times
1943 The Human Comedy by William Saroyan is Published William Saroyan American Authors 1940 Pulitzer Prize for Drama American Collection
1944 U.S. Forces Begin Long-range Penetration Mission in Japanese-occupied Burma Burma World War II History Channel
1945 U.S. Soldiers Liberate the Philippine Capital of Manila from Japanese Control Manila, Philippines World War II New York Times
1946 Juan Peron Is Elected President of Argentina Juan Peron Elections History Channel
1949 U.S. Army V-2 Rocket Launched from White Sands, New Mexico Attains Record Altitude of 244 Miles New Mexico Space Historic Firsts NASA
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1950 Labour's Clement Attlee Returns as Britain's Prime Minister, but with Narrow Majority Clement Attlee Elections BBC
1955 Deep Snow and Freezing Temperatures Paralyze Great Britain Great Britain Snow Temperature BBC
1964 U.S. $10 Federal Reserve Notes Are First Printed Bearing the Motto "In God We Trust" `Currency Religion Separation of Church and State Historic Firsts U.S. Treasury
1966 General Joseph Ankrah Leads Military Coup That Topples Ghana's President Kwame Nkrumah Ghana South African History
1968 Nature Publishes Announcement of First Discovery of a Pulsar Pulsars Nature
South Vietnamese Recapture Hue, Ending Tet Offensive Vietnam War History Channel BBC
1969 NASA Launches Mariner 6 for Mars Fly-by Space Exploration Mars NASA
Wiley College Students Protest Faculty Hirings, Living Conditions, Cutbacks in Athletics Marshall, Texas Education African American Heritage Wiley College Texas State Historical Associaiton
1973 Virginia's Senate Declares Each March 15th to be Peter Francisco Day Virginia Military Figures American Revolution Virginia Historical Society
1977 President Carter Cuts Foreign Aid to Uruguay Due to Human Rights Violations There Uruguay President Jimmy Carter Human Rights International Trade and Business Vanderbilt
1978 Electric Light Company Workers Discover the Great Temple of the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan México Aztecs Minnesota State University
1980 U.S. Hockey Team Defeats Finland 4-2 to Win Olympic Gold at Lake Placid, NY Finland Lake Placid, New York 1980 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey New York Times Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1981 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 16 in the Athens-Corinth Area of Greece Greece Earthquakes Death USGS
Buckingham Palace Announces the Engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer Great Britain Prince Charles BBC
1982 President Reagan Announces Aid Program to Stabilize Caribbean Governments President Ronald Reagan Central America & the Caribbean International Business and Trade Cold War History Channel
France Conducts Underground Nuclear Test on Muruora Atoll France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Austtralia
1983 U.S. Congressional Commission Condemns World War II Internment of Japanese Americans U.S. Congress World War II Japanese American Internment New York Times
1985 Andrew Lloyd-Webber's "Requiem," Premieres in the U.S. at New York City's at St. Thomas Episcopal Church Andrew Lloyd-Webber New York City Religious Music Composers St. Thomas Episcopal Church American Public Media
1986 King County, Washington Redesignates County Name in Memory of Martin Luther King Jr. King County, Washington Martin Luther King, Jr. African-American Heritage King County, Washington History Link
1987 Supernova 1987A in LMC, Brightest of the Twentieth Century, Is First Seen Space and Astronomy Historic Firsts University of Oregon
1988 Anti-Apartheid Groups Are Effectively Banned by the Government of South Africa Apartheid Human Rights Watch
1989 Estonia Declares Its Independence from the Soviet Union `Estonia `The Soviet Union Estonia Ministry of  Foreign Affiars
1991 Allied Forces Launch Ground Assault Against Iraqi Forces Occupying Kuwait Iraq Kuwait The Gulf War History Channel
1992 Eric Clapton Sweeps Grammys for Unplugged and "Tears in Heaven" Eric Clapton Popular Musicians Winner of 11 Grammy Awards
1997 U.S. FDA Names Six Brands of ''Morning-After'' Pills Safe and Effective Birth Control Food and Drug Administration Women Birth Control/Abortion New York Times
1999 Report Labels London Police as Institutionally Racist London, England racism Law Enforcement BBC