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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. Which university awarded George Washington an honorary degree on this date in 1776? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. What is the name of the author/illustrator who was born on this date in 1953? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to Lambiek Comiclopedia., what was Bud Fisher's real name? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a children's author born on this date:

1. Who was appointed surveyor of the Port of Salem Massachusetts on this date in 1846? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the Indiana Historical Society, Gus Grissom was the first person to do what? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to, what journal did Carter Woodson found in 1916? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a performing artist born on this date:
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. In which city and state is the headquarters for the Jane Goodall Institute located?

2. According to the Washington Post, what is the title of the first movie in which Eddie Murphy appeared?

3. According to the Library of Congress, what war did Jesse James fight in?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by Washington Irving (according to the Author's Calendar):

Washington Irving
Born on This Date 1934

[California State
University Stanislaus]


Bud Fisher
Born on This Date 1885

[Boston University]


Virgil "Gus" Grissom
Born on This Date 1926

[Indiana Historical Society]


Jane Goodall
Born on This Date 1934

[University of Buffalo]

Animal Scientists

Eddie Murphy
Born on This Date 1961



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Republic of Guinea: Declaration of Second Republic
(Commemoration of the formation of a multiparty republic beginning April 3,1984)
Republic of Guinea U.S. Department of State
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1783 Washington Irving (New York City-born Short Story Writer, Essayist) Washington Irving Young-adult Authors
1927 Larry Callen (New Orleans-born Children's Author) New Orleans Authors Young-adult Authors
1937 Virginia Silverstein (Pennsylvania-born Children's Science Author) Pennsylvania Authors Science Young-adult Authors
1953 Sandra Boynton (New Jersey-born Children's Author, Illustrator) New Jersey Authors Primary Authors American Artists
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1593 George Herbert (Welsh Religious Poet) Authors of Wales Poetry Concordia Theological Seminary Writer's Alamanc
1710 Johnathon Carver (New York-born Author Whose "Travels Through the Interior Parts of America" First Introduced Oregon to the General Public) New York Authors & Illustrators Oregon
1822 Edward Everett Hale (Massachusetts-born Minister and Author) Massachusetts Authors & Illustrators Religious leaders and Theologians
1837 John Burroughs (New York-born Writer, Naturalist) John Burroughs
1898 Henry Luce (American Publisher: Time, Life, Fortune, Sports Illustrated) Henry Robinson Luce Journalism Business
1916 Herb Caen (California-born Journalist) California Authors Journalism
1944 Frank White (Mississippi-born Science Writer) Mississippi Authors Space and Astronomy
Artists, Designers and Architects
1885 Bud Fisher (Chicago-born Cartoonist: Mutt and Jeff) Bud Fisher Cartoons and Comics
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1896 Ralph Bagnold (English Geologist) English Scientists Geology The Learning Site Writer's Almanac
1934 Jane Goodall (English Scientist) Jane Goodall Africa Primates
Explorers, Pioneers and Astronauts
1817 William Alexander Anderson "Big Foot" Wallace (Virginia-born Texas Ranger, Frontiersman) Virginia Explorers and Pioneers Texas Explorers and Pioneers Westward Expansion History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1885 H. St. John Philby (English Explorer of the Arabian Peninsula) English Explorers and Pioneers Saudi Arabia
1926 Virgil "Gus" Grissom (Indiana-born Astronaut) Gus Grissom Astronauts
Business Leaders
1746 Julien Poydras (French-born New Orleans Planter, Merchant and Philanthropist) French Business Leaders New Orleans Business Leaders
Political and Social Leaders
1245 Philip III, King of France French Political and Social Leaders
1367 Henry IV, King of England English Political and Social Leaders King Henry IV
1715 John Hanson (Maryland-born Statesman: First President of the U.S. Congress under the Articles of Confederation) John Hanson Articles of Confederation U.S. Congress
1817 Mathilde Anneke (German-American Women's Rights Advocate in Wisconsin) German Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Women Rights Wisconsin Historical Society
1818 John Gill Shorter (Governor of Georgia: 1861-63) Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1823 William Marcy "Boss" Tweed (New York City-born Politician) Boss Tweed Politics
1866 James Barry Munnik Hertzog (Prime Minister of South Africa) South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1881 Alcide De Gasperi (Italian Prime Minister: 1945-53) Italian Political and Social Leaders
1930 Helmut Kohl (Chancellor of Germany) Germany
Performing Artists
1893 Leslie Howard (English Actor; Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind) English Performing Artists Actors Gone with the Wind Internet Movie Database History Channel
1898 George Jessel (New York City-born Actor, Comedian) New York City Performing Artists Actors Internet Movie Database
1924 Doris Day (Ohio-born Singer, Actress) Ohio Performing Artists Actors Film Television Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
Marlon Brando (Nebraska-born Actor) Marlon Brando Actors Film
1942 Marsha Mason (Missouri-born Actress) Missouri Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
Wayne Newton (Virginia-born Singer, Musician) Virginia Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Billy Joe Royal (Georgia-born Singer) Georgia Performing Artists Popular Musicians University of Georgia
1944 Tony Orlando (New York City-born Latin-American Singer) New York City Performing Artists Popular Musicians Latin-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1958 Alec Baldwin (New York-born Actor) New York Performing Artists Actors Film
1959 David Hyde Pierce (New York-born Actor) New York Performing Artists Actors Television Film Internet Movie Database
1961 Eddie Murphy (New York City-born African-American Comedian, Actor) Eddie Murphy Actors Famous African Americans
1972 Jennie Garth (Illinois-born Actress) Illinois Performing Artists Actors Television Film Internet Movie Database
1986 Amanda Bynes (California-born Actress) California Performing Artists Actors Television Film Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1911 Stella Walsh (Stanislawa Walasiewicz) (Polish 100m Gold Medalist, 1932 Olympic Games) Polish  Sports Figures Track and Field 1932  Summer Olympics
1934 Jim Parker (Georgia-born African-American member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame) Georgia  Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1882 Jesse James (Missouri-born Outlaw Murdered in His Home) Jesse James Notorious Americans History Channel
1862 James Clark Ross (English Admiral and Polar Explorer) English Explorers and Pioneers English Military Leaders The Arctic The Antarctic
1897 Johannes Brahms (German Composer) Johannes Brahms Composers Concordia Theological Seminary
1936 Bruno Hauptmann (German Kidnapper Executed for the Murder of the Lindbergh Baby) Notorious Germans The Lindbergh Kidnapping Crime Capital Punishment Notorious Americans History Channel
1946 General Masaharu Homma (Executed as the Japanese Commander of the Bataan Death March) Japanese Military Leaders World War II War Crimes Capital Punishment New York Times
1950 Carter Woodson (Virginia-born African-American Historian: Founder of Black History Month) Carter Woodson African-American History
Kurt Weill (German-American Operatic Composer of "Mack the Knife") Kurt Weill Composers Opera Popular Music
1988 Milton Caniff (Ohio-born Comic Strip Artist: Steve Canyon) Ohio Cartoons & Comics
1990 Sarah Vaughan (New Jersey-born African-American Singer) Sarah Vaughan Popular Musicians Famous African Americans History Channel
1991 Graham Greene (English Author) Graham Greene
1996 Ron Brown (Washington, D.C.-born African-American U.S. Secretary of Commerce: Plane Crash in Croatia) Washington, D.C. Political and Social Leaders Croatia Bill Clinton Air Disasters African American Political and Social Leaders History Channel
Carl Stokes (African-American Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio) Ohio Politics African American Political and Social Leaders
2007 Eddie Robinson (Louisiana-born African-American Football Coach; Member of the College Football Hall of Fame) Eddie Robinson Famous African Americans Football
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1507 21-year-old Martin Luther Ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest Martin Luther Catholicism Concordia Theological Seminary
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1702 Dutch Merchant Ship, Merenstejin, Sinks Off the Coast of South Africa: 101 Die The Netherlands South Africa Naval History Deaths South African History
1721 Robert Walpole Becomes the First Prime Minister of Britain Robert Walpole Historic UK
1776 George Washington Is Awarded Honorary Degree by Harvard University George Washington Education Harvard University
1783 In Paris, Benjamin Franklin Signs a Treaty of Amity & Commerce with Sweden Sweden Paris Benjamin Franklin Historic U.S. Documents Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Early this morning Joseph Fields came over and informed me that Reubin Feilds Drewyer and himself had
killed four Elk. as the party with me were now but weak and the Indians constantly crouding about our camp, I thought it best to send a few men to dry the meat on the other side of the river;

accordingly Sergt Pryor and two men returned with Jos. Fields for that purpose. the hunters were ordered to continue the chase; while the others were employed in drying the meat. I have had no account as yet from the party below the entrance of Quicksand river.

The Indians continued to visit us today in considerable numbers most of them were decending the river with their families. these poor people appeared to be almost starved, they picked up the bones and little peices of refuse meat which had been thrown away by the party. they confirm the report of the scarcity of provision among the natives above.

I observe some of the men among them frequently wear a cap formed of the skin of the deer's head with the ears left on it, they have some collars of leather wrought with porcupine quills after the method of the Shoshonees.

From this place Mount Hood bears S. 85° E. distant 40 miles.

This evening we completed drying the flesh of the Elk which had been brought to camp.

at 6 P. M. Capt. Clark returned, having completely succeeded in his expedition. he found the entrance of the large
river of which the Indians had informed us, just at the upper part of wappetoe Island.


[References to the Multnomah River are to the river known today as the Willamette River.]

The water had fallen in the course of last night five inches.

I Set out and proceeded up a Short distance and attempted a Second time to fathom the river with my cord of 5
fathom but could find no bottom. the mist was So thick that I could See but a Short distance up this river. where I left it, it was binding to the East of S. E.

being perfectly Satisfyed of the Size and magnitude of this great river which must Water that vast tract of Country betwen the Western range of mountains and those on the Sea coast and as far S. as the Waters of Callifornia about Latd. 37° North I deturmined to return.

at 7 oClock A. M. Set out on my return. the men exirted themselves and we arived at the Ne er cho ki oo house in which the nativs were So illy disposed yesterday

at 11 A. M. I entered the house with a view to Smoke with those people who Consisted of about 8 families, finding my presence alarmed them So much that the children hid themselves, womin got behind their men, and the men hung their heads, I detained but a fiew minits and returnd on board the canoe. My pilot who Continued in the Canoe
informed me on my return that those people as well as their relations were very illy disposed and bad people.

I proceeded on along the South Side met five canoes of the Shah-ha-la Nation from the Great rapids with their wives and Children decending the Columbia into this fertile Vally in pursute of provisions. my Pilot informed me in a low
voice that those people were not good, and I did not Suffer them to come along Side of my Canoe which they
appeared anxious to do. their numbers in those canoes who appeard anxious to come along Side was 21 men and 3 boys.

at 3 P M. we arived at the residence of our Pilot which consists of one long house with Seven appartments or rooms in Square form about 30 feet each room opening into a passage which is quit through the house those passages are about 4 feet in width and formed of Wide boads Set on end in the ground and reaching to the Ruff which Serves also as divisions to the rooms. this house is built of bark of the White Cedar Supported on long Stiff poles resting on the ends of broad boads which form the rooms &c.

back of this house I observe the wreck of 5 houses remaining of a very large Village, the houses of which had been built in the form of those we first Saw at the long narrows of the E-lute Nation with whome those people are connected. indeavored to obtain from those people of the Situation of their nation, if scattered or what had become of the nativs who must have peopled this great town. an old man who appeared of Some note among them and father to my guide brought foward a woman who was badly marked with the Small Pox and made Signs that they all died with the disorder which marked her face, and which She was verry near dieing with when a Girl.

from the age of this woman this Distructive disorder I judge must have been about 28 or 30 years past, and about the time the Clatsops inform us that this disorder raged in their towns and distroyed their nation.

Those people Speak a different language from those below tho' in their dress habits and manners &c. they differ but little from the Quathlahpohtles. those people have Some words the Same with those below but the air of their language is entirely different, their men are Stouter and much better made, and their womin ware larger & longer robes than those do below; those are most commonly made of Deer Skins dressed with the hair of them.

they pay great attention to their aged Severall men and women whom I observed in this village had arived at a great age, and appeared to be helthy tho' blind.

I provailed on an old man to draw me a Sketch of the Multnomar River ang give me the names of the nations resideing on it which he readily done, and gave me the names of 4 nations who reside on this river two of them very noumerous.

The first is Clark a-mus nation reside on a Small river which takes its rise in Mount Jefferson and falls into the Moltnomar about 40 miles up. this nation is noumerous and inhabit 11 Towns.

the 2d is the Cush-hooks who reside on the N E. Side below the falls, the 3rd is the Char-cowan who reside above the Falls on the S W. Side neether of those two are noumerous. The fourth Nation is the Cal-lar-po-e-wah which is very noumerous & inhabit the Country on each Side of the Multnomar from its falls as far up as the knowledge of those people extend. they inform me also that a high mountain passes the Multnomar at the falls, and above the Country is an open plain of great extent.

I purchased 5 dogs of those people for the use of their Oil in the Plains, and at 4 P M left the Village and proceeded
on to Camp where I joind Capt. Lewis

The enterance of Multnomah river is 142 miles up the Columbia river from its enterance into the Pacific Ocean—.

in my absence and Soon after I left camp Several Canoes of men women and Children came to the camp. and at one time there was about 37 of those people in Camp Capt Lewis fired his Air gun which astonished them in Such a manner that they were orderly and kept at a proper distance dureing the time they Continued with him—

as maney as 10 Canoes arrived at Camp in the Course of this day. they all Seem to give the Same account of the Scercity of Provisions above. one family Continued all night and behaved themselves in a very orderly manner.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clark County, Washington Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1825 The Marquis de Lafayette Visits Montgomery, Alabama Marquis de Lafayette Montgomery, Alabama American Revolution Alabama Archives
1837 Carpenters Are First Workers to Strike in Michigan's History: Seeking 10-hour Work Day Michigan Labor Strike Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1838 Michigan Begins Construction on the Largest Walled Prison in the World Jackson, Michigan Prisons Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1846 Nathaniel Hawthorne Is Appointed Surveyor of Port of Salem, Massachusetts Nathaniel Hawthorne U.S. Treasury
1848 In California, San Francisco's First American Public School Is Opened San Francisco Education Education Historic Firsts Learn California
1852 Saint Joseph's Mission at Ahtanum Creek is Founded in Washington's Yakima Valley Washington State Religion St. Joseph Mission at the Ahtanum History Link
1853 Michigan's Daily Free Democrat, Predecessor of the Detroit Free Press, Is Published Michigan Media Journalism Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1855 Boston Minister Theodore Parker Is Tried for Inciting an Abolitionist Riot Boston, Massachusetts Abolition Law Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1856 State of Florida Creates Bounties from $100-$500 for the Capture of Seminole Indians Florida Seminole Indians Economics Florida Historical Society
1860 The Pony Express Begins Mail Service Between St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California Missouri California The Pony Express History Channel
1862 Union Troops Occupy Apalachicola, Florida, Capturing Two Schooners, Two Pilot Boats and a Sloop Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
U.S.S. Isaac Smith Captures British Blockade Runner British Empire Near St. Augustine, Florida St. Augustine, Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1863 Confederate Forces Repel Federal at Attack Bay Port, Florida Bay Port, Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1865 Union Troops Capture Richmond Virginia Capture of Richmond History Channel
President Lincoln Meets with General Grant for 1.5 Hours in Petersburg, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia President Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant Capture of Petersburg Lincoln Papers
1866 African Americans Vote for the First Time in Wisconsin Wisconsin Voting Rights Historic Firsts African-American Heritage Wisconsin Historical Society
1868 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Is the Largest in Hawaii's Recorded History Hawaii Earthquakes USGS
1869 Michigan Begins Program to Recruit German Immigrants to the State Germany Michigan Government Immigration Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
Michigan Establishes Tax-Supported Tuition-Free Schools Michigan Education Education Taxes Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1871 Nannette Gardner Is the First Woman to Vote in a Detroit Election Detroit Government Voting Rights Women Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
The American Premiere of Richard Wagner's Opera "Lohengrin" Is Performed at the Stadt Theater in New York City Richard Wagner New York City Composers Historic Firsts American Public Media
1882 Samuel Blatchford Is Sworn in as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court New York City Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
Jesse James Is Murdered In His Home Jesse James Notorious Americans Crime Death History Channel
1884 Originating in New Mexico, a Dust Storm Sweeps Over Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, Killing Several People New Mexico Colorado Oklahoma Texas Kansas The Dust Bowl Death New Mexico Magazine
1887 St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Is Dedicated in Milwaukee as the First African-American Church in Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Religion Historic Firsts African-American Heritage St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Wisconsin Historical Society
1888 Body of Emma Elizabeth Smith, Possibly Jack the Ripper's 1st Victim, Found in London Jack the Ripper Crime Death Metropolitan Police
1898 President McKinley Calls for 3000 Georgia Soldiers to Fight the Spanish-American War Georgia Military Leaders President McKinley Spanish-American War University of Georgia
In Alaska, a Snowslide at Sheep Camp on the Chilkoot Trail Kills 43 Men Alaska Snow Death Alaska Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1920 F. Scott Fitzgerald Marries Zelda Sayre F. Scott Fitzgerald American Authors American Collection
St. Paul, Minnesota's Union Station Opens St. Paul, Minnesota Railroad Minnesota Historical Society
1930 Georgia's Wolf Island Wildlife Preserve Is Created Georgia Parks and Landmarks Animals Earth and Environmental Science Wolf Island Wildlife Preserve University of Georgia
Ras Tafari Becomes Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia Haile Selassie League of Nations Archive
1932 The Harlem Rens Defeat the Cleveland Rosenblooms to Win the World Basketball Championship Basketball African-American Sports Figures UCLA
1933 The Airship USS Akron Crashes into the Ocean Off the New Jersey Coast: 76 Die New Jersey Dirigibles Death Technology and Society
Michigan Is the First State to Approve the 21st Amendment Ending Prohibition Michigan Government 21st Amendment Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1936 Bruno Hauptmann Is Executed for the Murder of the Lindbergh Baby Notorious Germans The Lindbergh Kidnapping Crime Capital Punishment Death History Channel
1942 Japanese Launch Major Offensive Against the Philippines' Bataan Peninsula Japan The Philippines Fall of Bataan History Channel
1944 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Political Parties May Not Restrict Primary Voting to "Whites Only" U.S. Supreme Court 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Voting Rights African-American Heritage Texas State Historical Association Oyez
1946 Japanese Commander of the Bataan Death March Is Executed Japanese Military Leaders Bataan World War II War Crimes Capital Punishment
1948 President Truman Signs the Marshall Plan Harry Truman Marshall Plan World War II History Channel New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1953 "TV Guide" Is First Published Television Journalism TV Forecast
1954 Oxford Wins 100th the Annual Varsity Boat Race Against Cambridge English Sports Figures Rowing Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Boat Race BBC
1955 ACLU Defends Ginsberg's Howl Against Obscenity Charges New Jersey Authors and Illustrators Literature Law and Legal Resources U.S. Constitution History Channel
1956 25% of America Watches Elvis Presley on Milton Berle Show Elvis Presley Popular Musicians Television
1958 Long Hot Summer Premieres in New York City New York City Film Internet Movie Database
1962 Victor Schiro Is Elected Mayor of New Orleans New Orleans Political and Social Leaders Elections Louisiana Secretary of State
1967 The Last Track Is Recorded for the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Great Britain The Beatles Popular Music
1968 Dr. King Delivers His "Mountaintop'' Speech to Striking Sanitation Workers in Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Civil Rights Movement Labor Strike African Amrican Registry
North Vietnam Agrees to Meet U.S. Representatives to Set Up Preliminary Peace Talks. Vietnam War New York Times
1974 Two-Day Outbreak of 148 Tornadoes Across 13 States and Canada Kill 148, Injure 6,142, Causing $600 Million in Property Damage Canada Alabama Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Ohio Tornadoes Deaths Weather Channel
An F5 Tornado Strikes Xenia, Ohio, Killing 33 People Xenia, Ohio Tornadoes Deaths Ohio Historical Society
Tornadoes Kill 16 and Injure 109 in Northwest Georgia Georgia Tornadoes Deaths University of Georgia
Tornadoes Kill 86 and Injure 949 in Alabama Alabama Tornadoes Deaths Alabama State Archive
IRS Questions Richard Nixon's Past Tax Returns IRS Richard Nixon Taxes History Channel
1975 Bobby Fischer Loses World Chess Title for Refusing to Defend Against Russian Challenger Anatoly Karpov Bobby Fischer Chess TV News Archive
1977 Anwar Sadat & Jimmy Carter Meet for the First Time Anwar Sadat Jimmy Carter PBS
1979 Jane M Byrne (D) Is Elected the First Woman Mayor of Chicago Chicago Women Politics Chicago Public Library
1982 UN Demands Argentina's Withdraw from Falkland Islands Argentina Great Britain UN
1983 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Responsible for 6 Deaths in Costa Rica Costa Rica Earthquakes Deaths USGS
April 4, 1983 Is Declared Swedish-American Friendship Day to Commemorate Treaty Signed April 3, 1783 Sweden President Ronald Reagan Historic U.S. Documents Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
1984 Guinea's Military, Led by Lansana Conte, Takes Control of the Country and Suspends 1982 Constitution Guinea Government University of Maryland
Soyuz T-11 Carries 3 Cosmonauts to Salyut 7 (Rakesh Sharma First Indian in Space) Soviet Space Program Indian Explorers and Astronauts Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1987 The Jewelry of the Late Duchess of Windsor Is Auctioned for £31M ($50M) British Political and Social Leaders Edward VIII Economics BBC
1992 U.S. Postal Service Releases a 29-cent Stamp Commemorating Baseball as an Olympic Event USPS Baseball 1992 Summer Olympics University of Georgia
1996 Commerce Secretary Ron Brown Dies in Croatia Plane Crash Washington, D.C. Political and Social Leaders Croatia Bill Clinton Air Disasters African American Political and Social Leaders History Channel African Amrican Registry
Unabomber Suspect Theodore Kaczynski Is Arrested Theodore Kaczynski Notorious Americans Terrorism History Channel BBC
New York Museum of Modern Art Exhibits a Jaguar E-Type New York City Automobiles Museums History Channel
1997 FCC Approves Plan to Speed Adoption of Digital Television U.S. Gov't Agencies Television History of Technology PBS
1998 The Dow Jones Industrial Average Climbs Above 9,000 for the First Time Markets and Investments Historic Firsts New York Stock Exchange New York Times
Historic Events that have occurred on this date from 2000-present
2000 Federal Judge Rules Microsoft Is in Violation of Antitrust Laws Microsoft Antitrust law PBS
NASDAQ Market Falls 349.15 Points to 4,233.68 Markets and Investments NASDAQ Marketplace