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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. What did the U.S. Congress declare on this date in 1818? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. Who was the children's author born on this date in 1942? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the University of Calgary, who appears as the king in Phoebe Gilman's book The Balloon Tree? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a children's author born on this date:

1. Who was the English mathematician who died on this date in 1923? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the History Channel, what was the aim of NATO when it was established on this date in 1949? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, how old was Dorothea Dix when she opened her first school for children? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an actress born on this date: MAKEN CONCYN
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to, where was Muddy Waters raised?

2. According to the Indiana Historical Society, how did William Henry Harrison become famous?

3. According to the New York Times, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, what percentage of the city's 550,000 inhabitants was African-American?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by Maya Angelou:

Dorothea Dix
Born on This Date 1802

[Texas Council
for the Humanities]

Mental Health Advocate

Linus Yale
Born on This Date 1821


Inventors and Inventions

Muddy Waters
Born on This Date 1915


Jazz Musician

Maya Angelou
Born on This Date 1928

[Official Website]


Phoebe Gilman
Born on This Date 1946

[Gale Group]

Children's Author

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Angola: Peace and National Reconciliation Day
(Commemorates the signing of the cease-fire agreement between the Angolan army and the military wing of UNITA: 04/04/2002)
Angola U.S. Expedia Southern African Development Community
Senegal: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from France gained from a 04/04/1960 transfer of power agreement)
Republic of Senegal France U.S. Department of State
Taiwan: Children's Day
(Observed annually on this date)
Taiwan Child Advocacy U.S. Expedia Government of Taiwan
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1906 Glen Rounds (South Dakota Children's Author, Illustrator of the American West) South Dakota Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors Westward Expansion
1932 Johanna Reiss (Dutch Children's Author of the Holocaust) Dutch Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors Nazi Germany World War II
1942 Elizabeth Levy (New York-born Children's Author) Elizabeth Levy Young-adult Authors
1946 Phoebe Gilman (New York City-born Children's Author) Phoebe Gilman Young-adult Authors
1953 Joan Leslie Woodruff (New Mexico-born Native-American Children's Author) New Mexico Authors and Illustrators Native-American Studies Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1828 Margaret Oliphant (English Novelist) English Writers
1833 Archibald Campbell (West Virginia Journalist) West Virginia Authors & Illustrators Journalism West Virginia Archives
1858 Rémy de Gourmont (French Essayist, Novelist, Poet, Playwright) French Authors
1873 Marvel Katherine Jackson Cooke (Minnesota-born African-American Journalist and Social Activist) Minnesota Authors and Illustrators Journalism American Civil Rights Movement African-American Authors and Illustrators African American Registry
1896 Robert Sherwood (New York-born Playwright) Robert Sherwood Plays
1914 Marguerite Duras (French Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright and Director) Marguerite Duras Plays Film
1928 Maya Angelou (Missouri-born African-American Poet, Authors, Actress) Maya Angelou Poetry African American Authors & Illustrators
1938 Vertamae Grosvenor (South Carolina-born African-American Cook, Author) South Carolina Authors Foods and Nutrition African American Authors & Illustrators Writer's Almanac
Songwriters, Classical Composers, Conductors and Performing Artists
1875 Pierre Monteux (French Classical Conductor) French Classical Composers and Musicians Classical Music
Artists, Designers and Architects
1648 Grinling Gibbons (Dutch-English Wood Carver, St. Paul's Cathedral) Dutch Artists English Artists Architecture
1780 Edward Hicks (Pennsylvania-born Primitive Painter) Pennsylvania Artists American Artists
1843 William Jackson (New York-born Western Photographer) William Jackson Photographer Yellowstone National Park
1874 Isaac Hathaway (Kentucky-born African-American Sculptor) Kentucky Artists African-American Artists African American Registry
Business Leaders
1821 Linus Yale (New York-born Inventor) Linus Yale Inventors & Inventions
1823 Carl Wilhelm (William) Siemens (German-English Electrical Engineer and Inventor ) German Scientists and Inventors Inventors & Inventions Electricity Telegraph Technology and Society
Military Leaders
1884 Yamamoto Isoroku (Mastermind of Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor) Japanese Military Leaders Attack on Pearl Harbor History Channel
Political and Social Leaders
1748 William White (Pennsylvania-born First Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Religion Episcopal Church
1792 Thaddeus Stevens (Vermont-born Anti-Slavery Congressman from Pennsylvania) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Slavery African American Registry
1802 Dorothea Dix (Maine-born Advocate for the Mentally Ill) Dorothea Dix Mental Health
1810 James Freeman Clarke (New Hampshire-born Theologian) New Hampshire Political and Social Leaders Religion
1834 Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas (Georgia-born Women's Rights Activist) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Women University of Georgia
1844 John Riley Tanner (Indiana-born Governor of Illinois: 1897-1901) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Illinois Political and Social Leaders Illinois Historical Society
1904 Walter Kohler, Jr. (Governor of Wisconsin: 1951-1957) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1921 John Reynolds (Governor of Wisconsin) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
Performing Artists
1895 Arthur Murray (New York City-born Dance Instructor, Entrepreneur) New York Performing Artists Dance Business Internet Movie Database
1906 John Cameron Swayze (Kansas-born Broadcast Journalist) Kansas Journalism
1908 Antony Tudor (English-American Dancer, Choreographer) English Performing Artists Dance Internet Movie Database
1913 Francis Langford (Florida-born Popular Singer) Florida Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database Florida Historical Society
1915 Muddy Waters (Mississippi-born African-American Blues Singer, Musician) Muddy Waters Jazz and Blues African American Performing Artists
1932 Anthony Perkins (New York-born Actor) New York Performing Artists Actors Film
Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian Film & Theater Director, Screenwriter) Russian Performing Artists Filmmakers Authors Internet Movie Database
1944 Craig T. Nelson (Washington-born Actor) Washington Performing Artists Actors Film Television Internet Movie Database
1950 Christine Lahti (Michigan-born Actress) Michigan Performing Artists Actors Film Television Internet Movie Database
1963 David Gavurin (English Guitarist) English Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1965 Robert Downey, Jr. (New York City-born Actor) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Television
Nancy McKeon (New York-born Actress) New York Performing Artists Actors Television Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1888 Tris Speaker (Texas-born Member of the Professional Baseball Hall of Fame) Texas Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame
1938 A. Bartlett Giamatti (Massachusetts-born Commissioner of Major League Baseball) Massachusetts Baseball
1939 Joanne Carner (Washington-born Member of the Golf Hall of Fame) Washington Sports Figures Golf Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
397 St. Ambrose (Italian-born Catholic Saint) Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Saints Chambers' Book of Days
1617 John Napier (Scottish Inventor of Logarithms) John Napier Mathematics
1774 Oliver Goldsmith (English Author, Poet) English Authors Authors Poetry Chambers' Book of Days
1841 William Henry Harrison (Virginia-born 9th President of the United States) William Henry Harrison The American Presidency History Channel
1888 Abram Elfelt (Minnesota's First Jewish Settler) Minnesota Judaism
1901 George Thomas "Tige" Anderson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Leaders Mexican-American War American Civil War University of Georgia
1914 Frederick E. Weyerhaeuser (German-born Pioneer of the American Timber Industry; Founder of Weyerhaeuser Company) German Business Leaders Trees Business Weyerhaeuser
1923 John Venn (English Mathematician: Namesake of Venn Diagrams) John Venn Mathematics
1929 Karl Freidrich Benz (German Automobile Engineer: Mercedes Benz) Germany Mercedes Benz
1931 Andre Michelin (French Tire Manufacturer) Andre Michelin Michelin
1939 Ghazi I (King of Iraq - Swiss Car Crash) Iraq Switzerland Automobiles Death Nationmaster
1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Georgia-born African-American Civil Rights Leader: Assassination) Assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Civil Rights Movement
1979 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Ousted Pakistan Prime Minister, Hanged by Military) Pakistan Political and Social Leaders Capital Punishment BBC Asian History
1983 Gloria Swanson (Chicago-born Actress) Chicago Performing Artists Actors Film Television
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1581 Frances Drake Is Knighted on Board the Golden Hinde by Queen Elizabeth I Frances Drake Queen Elizabeth I Explorers Naval History Greenwich Guide
Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1687 James II Issues a "Declaration of Indulgence" Allowing Full Liberty of Worship in England English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Religion Civil Rights/Human Rights Concordia
1689 Spanish Explorer, Alonso De León, Names the Texas' Río de las Nueces for the Pecan Trees Along Its Banks Spanish Explorers Texas Explorers of North America Rivers Trees Texas State Historical Association
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: a blustering windey Day the Clerks of the N W. Co. leave us we are arrangeing all things to Set out &c.

Ordway: clear and pleasant. the Indian Goods and bags of corn all put out to
air. the articles for St. Louis carred on board the barge ready to Set out but the wind blew high from the N. W. so we did not load the perogues.

Gass: A fine clear day. We packed the boxes full of skins, buffaloe robes, and horns of the Mountain ram, of a great size for the president; and began to load the boat.

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Fort Mandan Map Native American Tribes


The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning early we sent Sergt. Ordway in Surch of Sergt. Gass and party below the entrance of the Quicksand river from whom we have yet had no report. in the course of a few hours both parties returned.

Sergt. Gass and party brought the flesh of a bear and some venison. they informed us that they had killed an Elk
and six deer tho' the flesh of the greater part of those animals was so meagre that it was unfit for uce and they had therefore left in the woods.

Collins who had killed the bear, found the bed of another in which there were three young ones; and requested to be permitted to return in order to waylay the bed and kill the female bear; we permitted him to do so; Sergt. Gass and Windsor returned with him.

Several parties of the natives visit us today as usual both from above and below; those who came from above were moving with their families, and those from below appeared to be empeled mearly by curiossity to see us.

About noon we dispatched Gibson Shannon Howard and Wiser in one of the light canoes, with orders to proceed up the Columbia to a large bottom on the South side about six miles above us and to hunt untill our arrival.

late in the evening Joseph Fields and Drewyer returned. they had killed two deer yesterday, and informed us that the meat would be dryed by midday tomorrow. we directed Drewyer and the two Feildses to ascend the river tomorrow to join Gibson and party, and hunt untill our arrival.

this evening being fair I observed time and distance of 's Eastern Limb from regulus with Sextant. West.


I and 2 men went over the River to see what success the hunters had met the hunters & returned with 5 of them they had killd. one Elk Six Deer and a handsome black bear & 2 Geese the hunters

Soon went out again 4 was Sent on with a Small Canoe a head 5 or 6 miles to a bottom on S. Side to hunt untill we come up. the after part of the day pleasant. one of the men killd. 2 deer. in the evening 2 of our hunters came in had killd. 2 deer and caught a beaver

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Clark County, Washington Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1812 President James Madison Places a Ninety-Day Embargo on Trade with England English Business President James Madison International Trade History Channel
1818 Congress Declares the U.S. Flag to Be 13 Red and White Stripes and 20 Stars U.S. Congress The American Flag Historic Firsts U.S. Flag and Flagpole Supply New York Times
1825 John R. Williams Is Elected Detroit's First Mayor Detroit Government Historic Firsts Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1836 Beaver, the First Pacific Ocean Steamship, Arrives at Oregon's Fort George after a 163-Day Around the Horn from England England Oregon Steamship
1841 President William Henry Harrison Dies in After Only One Month in Office William Henry Harrison The American Presidency Death History Channel
1850 The City of Los Angeles, California Is Incorporated Los Angeles LA County Online New York Times Learn Califronia
1853 Thomas (Tad), Fourth Child of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, Is Born in Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
1854 William H. Herndon, Law Partner of Abraham Lincoln, Is Elected Mayor of Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Elections Springfield, Illinois Lincoln Papers
1861 President Lincoln Telegraphs the Commander at Fort Sumter to Hold Out if Possible Until Relieved South Carolina Abraham Lincoln Fort Sumter, South Carolina Forts Lincoln Papers
1862 Confederate Sloop LaFayette Is Captured in Florida by the U.S.S. Pursuit Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Sends Congratulations to Isabel II, Queen of Spain, on the Birth of Daughter Spanish Political and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Passes to the Senate a Treaty with the Nez Percé Indians of the Washington Territory Washington U.S. Senate Abraham Lincoln Nez Percé Indians Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Expresses His Thoughts on Slavery in a Letter to Albert Hodges of Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Papers
1865 President Abraham Lincoln Arrives in Richmond, Virginia with His Son Tad to Tour the Union-Occupied Confederate Capital Richmond, Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Eyewitness to History History Channel Lincoln Papers Virginia Historical Society
1867 African American, Jonathan C. Gibbs, Is Elected to the Executive Board of Florida's Union Republican Party Florida Political and Social Leaders Politics African-American Political and Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
1873 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies Suffragist Carrie Burnham's Right to Vote Pennsyvlania Women Suffrage Library of Congress
1879 Japan Incorporates the Ryukyu Islands as Okinawa Prefecture Okinawa Asian History
The First Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Locomotive Steams into Las Vegas, New Mexico Las Vegas, New Mexico Railroad Historic Firsts New Mexico Magazine
1881 Jewish Morris A. Dzialinski, Is Elected Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida Florida Political and Social Leaders Politics Judaism Florida Historical Society
1884 Seattle's Ladies Relief Society Is Formed to Care for the City's Needy Women and Children Seattle, Washington Women Child Advocacy Community Service History Link
1887 Argonia, Kansas Elects Susanna Medora Salter the First Female U.S. Mayor Kansas Women Elections Historic Firsts Kansas State Historical Society New York Times
1891 Seattle Pacific University Opens as Seattle Seminary Seattle, Washington Education Seattle Pacific University History Link
1893 The Minnesota State Flag Is Adopted Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1902 English Financier Cecil Rhodes Wills $10M for Scholarships for Foreign Students at Oxford University English Business Leaders Education Philanthropy The Rhodes Trust New York Times
1905 8.6 Magnitude Earthquake Killing 19,000+ in the Kangra District Is Deadliest in India's Recorded History India Earthquakes Death Geological Survey of India (pdf) U.S. Geological Survey
1911 Fire Destroys a Block of Businesses in Iditarod, Alaska Iditarod, Alaska Fire Business Alaska Historical Society
1914 The Times-Democrat and New Orleans Picayune Merge to Form New Orleans Times Picayune New Orleans Media Journalism Louisiana Secretary of State
1918 In Muncie, Indiana, the Ball Brothers Gift Buildings and Grounds for a New State Teachers College (Ball State University) Muncie, Indiana Education Philanthropy Ball Corporation Ball State University Indiana Historical Society
1919 In Tampa, Florida, Babe Ruth Hits the Longest Recorded Home Run of His Career (587') Tampa, Florida Babe Ruth Baseball Florida Historical Society
1923 Wooden Sailing Vessel Fresno Burns and Is Scuttled in Lake Washington Washington Naval History History Link
1925 The Columbia Theater Opens in Longview, Washington Longview, Washington Stage and Theater Columbia Theater History Link
1932 Vitamin C Is First Isolated by C.C. King, University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Biochemistry Vitamins & Supplements National Dairy Council
1933 U.S. Dirigible Akron Crashes in a Violent Storm Off New Jersey Coast: 73 Die New Jersey Aviation Death U.S. Navy
1939 Iraq's King Ghazi I Dies in a Swiss Car Crash Iraq Switzerland Automobiles Death Nationmaster
Three-year-old Faisal II Becomes King of Iraq Iraq Nationmaster
Glenn Miller Orchestra Records "Moonlight Serenade" Glenn Miller Popular Music Tuxedo Junction
1945 Soviets Drive the Last German Troops Out of Hungary Hungary Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II Country Studies
U.S. Forces Liberate the Nazi Death Camp Ohrdruf in Germany Nazi Germany The Holocaust World War II New York Times
1949 Twelve Nations Sign NATO Mutual Defense Pact NATO World Government The Cold War History Channel
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1950 New York Drama Critics Circle Names Carson McCuller's Member of the Wedding as Best Play New York City Carson McCuller Plays Internet Broadway Database National Council of Teachers of English
1954 Toscanini Conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra for Last Time with an All-Wagner Program Italian Performing Artists Classical Music Classical Notes Amazon American Public Media
1960 Senegal Signs Transfer of Power Agreement with France Senegal France University of Iowa
Elvis Presley Records "Are You Lonesome Tonight" in Nashville Elvis Presley Popular Music Elvis Gold
1963 Movie Musical Bye Bye Birdie Opens at Radio City Music Hall New York City Film Internet Movie Database
The Beatles Fill the Top Five Slots on America's Top 40 The Beatles Popular Music Historic UK
1964 Stephen Sondheim's Anyone Can Whistle Opens at the Majestic Theatre, New York New York City Plays American Composers Internet Broadway Database
1967 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaks Out Against the Vietnam War Dr. Martin Luther King Vietnam War History Channel
1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is Assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee Tennessee James Earl Ray Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King U.S. Civil Rights Movement Death
NASA Launches Unmanned Apollo 6 Rocket Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1969 Dr. Denton Cooley Implants First Temporary Artificial Heart The Heart Medical Research Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
CBS Refuses to Air the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Television Museum of Broadcast Communication History Channel
1971 Gordie Howe Plays His Last Game for the Detroit Red Wings Canadian Sports Figures Detroit Sports Figures Hockey Hall of Fame NHL State of Michigan
Stephen Sondheim's Follies Opens at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York New York City Plays American Composers Internet Broadway Database
1974 Hank Aaron Hits Home Run #714 to Tie Babe Ruth Hank Aaron Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame Baseball Almanac New York Times University of Georgia
Two-Day Outbreak of 148 Tornadoes Across 13 States and Canada Kill 148, Injure 6,142, Causing $600 Million in Property Damage Canada Alabama Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Ohio Tornadoes Deaths Weather Channel
Tornadoes Kill 16 and Injure 109 in Northwest Georgia Georgia Tornadoes Deaths University of Georgia
Tornadoes Kill 86 and Injure 949 in Alabama Alabama Tornadoes Deaths Alabama State Archive
1975 U.S. Plane Carrying 155 Vietnamese Orphans to America Crashes on Take Off from Saigon Vietnam Child Advocacy Air Disasters Death Asian History
1978 Florida State Government Formally Occupies Its New Capitol Building in Tallahassee Florida Government Florida State Capitol Florida Historical Society
1979 Ousted Pakistan Prime Minister Bhutto Is Hanged by Military Pakistan Political and Social Leaders Capital Punishment BBC Asian History
1981 San Antonio's Henry Cisneros Is First Mexican-American Elected Mayor of a Major U.S. City Henry Cisneros Politics Historic Firsts Hispanic Political and Social Leaders New York Times
1983 Challenger First Launched on the 6th Space Shuttle Mission Space Shuttle NASA
1988 Georgia Designates the Tiger Swallowtail as the State's Official Butterfly State of Georgia Tiger Swallowtail University of Georgia
1991 Senator John Heinz and Six Others Die In a Plane Collision with a Helicopter over Merion, Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Pennsylvania Air Disasters Death New York Times
1997 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Challenger (STS-39A) with Microgravity Lab Space Shuttle Gravity NASA
Historic Events occurring 2000-2009 on this date
2000 Severe Weather Creates Chaos in Great Britain Great Britain Snow BBC
2010 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 2 in Mexico, Shakes Buildings in Southwest U.S. on Easter Sunday Mexico Arizona California Earthquakes Easter Death USGS