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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. On this date in 1999, three planets were found in orbit around which star? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what city was the first American School for the Deaf founded on this date in 1817? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the McDonald's Corporation, on this date in 1955, the first franchised McDonald's was opened in what city and state? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a children's author born on this date:

1. In what year was April 15 first used as the U.S. deadline for filing taxes? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the BBC, which two daVinci paintings are among the most celebrated works in art history? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to, which black revue did Bessie Smith run away to join as a teenager? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a 1928 work by Thomas Hart Benton:
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the History Channel, what was the title of the first book published by Henry James?

2. According to the National Gallery of Art, with which newspaper did Thomas Hart Benton get his first job as an artist?

3. According to Random House, what year did Ralph Ellison move to New York City?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a play by Jean-Paul Sartre (according to the History Channel):

Leonardo daVinci
Born on This Date 1452

[University of Washington]

Thomas Hart Benton
Born on This Date 1889

[Kansas City Public Library]

Bessie Smith
Since This Date 1898

[Red Hot Jazz]

Jazz and Blues Vocalist

Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Born on This Date 1945

[Official Website]
Primary Children's Author

Since This Date 1955

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Cambodia: Bonn Chaul Chhnam
(New Year's Celebration from April 13-15)
Cambodia U.S. Department of State
Laos: Boun Pimai/Boun Hothnam
(Traditional Laotian New Year celebrated April 13-15)
Laos U.S. Department of State
Palau: Youth Day
(Observed annually on this date)
Palau Child Advocacy World Travel Guide
Thailand: Songkran Festival (Water Festival)
(Songkran Day is April 13; however Songkran Festival lasts several days varying from location to location)
Songkran Festival U.S. Department of State
United States: Tax Day
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1865 Walter Wingate (Scottish Poet, Children's Author) Scottish Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Poetry BBC
1928 Christine Price (English Children's Author, Illustrator) English Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Artists
1942 Eleanor Schick (New York City-born Children's Author, Illustrator) New York City Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Young-adult Authors Native-American Studies Art
1945 Jacqueline B. Martin (Maine-born Children's Author) Jacqueline Briggs Martin Primary Children's Authors Official Web Site
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1843 Henry James (New York-born Novelist of Daisy Miller, Turn of the Screw, The American) Henry James
1861 Bliss Carman (Canadian Poet) Canadian Authors Poetry
1892 Corrie ten Boom (Dutch Author) Dutch Authors & Illustrators The Holocaust World War II
1919 Lofton Mitchell (North Carolina-born African-American Author, Playwright) North Carolina Authors American Authors Plays African American Authors African American Registry
1940 Jeffrey Archer (English Author, Politician) English Authors English Government History Channel
1951 Kiah Michelle Cruse (Texas-born Columnist of "Hint's from Heloise") Texas Authors Journalism Official Web Site Writer's Almanac
Artists, Architects and Designers
1452 Leonardo daVinci (Italian Artist, Inventor, Scientist) Leonardo daVinci Italian Artists Inventors and Inventions
1741 Charles Willson Peale (Pennsylvania-born Portrait Painter of Leading American Revolution Figures) Charles Willson Peale American Artists American Revolution
1889 Thomas Hart Benton (Missouri-born Artist) Thomas Hart Benton American Artists
1915 Arshile Gorky (Turkish-American Postsurrealist Abstract Painter) Turkish Artists Artists
1928 Norma Merrick Sklarek (New York City-born African-American Architect) New York City Aritsts Architecture African American Artists African American Registry
Explorers, Pioneers, Aviators and Astronauts
1800 James Clark Ross (Scottish Explorer; Discoverer of the North Magnetic Pole) Scottish Explorers Earth Science The Arctic Greenwich Guide
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1707 Leonhard Euler (Swiss Mathematician, Physicist) Leonhard Euler Mathematics
1786 Walter Channing (Rhode Island-born Physician; Pioneer in the Use of Anesthetics) Rhode Island Scientists and Mathematicians Health Care
1874 Johannes Stark (German-born 1919 Nobel Laureate for Physicist) German Scientists & Mathematicians Physics 1919 Nobel  Laureate for Physicist
1880 Max Wertheimer (Czech-American Psychologist; Founder of Gestalt Psychology) Czech Scientists & Mathematicians Psychology
1896 May Edward Chinn (Massachusetts-born African-American, Native-American Physician in New York City) Massachusetts Scientists and Mathematicians New York Scientists and Mathematicians Medical Professionals African American Scientists and Mathematicians Native American Scientists and Mathematicians African American Registry
1907 Nikolaas Tinbergen (Dutch-English Zoologist and Ethologist; 1973 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Dutch Scientists & Mathematicians 1973 Nobel  Laureate for Physicist
Philosopher, Educators, Religious Leaders
1817 Benjamin Jowett (English Educator and Greek Scholar) English Political & Social Leaders Educators of Note
1858 Emile Durkheim (French Philosopher) France Philosophy
1877 David Ross (Scottish Philosopher) Scottish Authors and Illustrators Philosophy BBC
Political and Social Leaders
1684 Catherine I (Empress of Russia) Russian Political & Social Leaders
1859 Luren D. Dickinson (New York-born Governor of Michigan) New York Political and Social Leaders Michigan  Political and Social Leaders State of Michigan
1883 Stanley Bruce (Australian Prime Minister: 1923-29) Australian Political and Social Leaders
1883 Stanley Bruce (Australian Prime Minister: 1923-29) Australian Political and Social Leaders
1889 A. Philip Randolph (Florida-born African-American Labor Activist; Founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters) Florida Political and Social Leaders Railroad Labor African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry New York Times
1915 Walter Washington (Georgia-born First African-American Mayor of Washington, D.C.) Georgia. Political and Social Leaders Washington, D.C. Political and Social Leaders Politics African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1922 Harold Washington (First African-American Mayor of Chicago) Chicago Political & Social Leaders Politics African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Performing Artists
1898 Bessie Smith (Tennessee-born African-American Blues Singer) Bessie Smith Jazz and Blues Vocalist African American Performing Artists
1917 Hans Conried (Maryland-born Actor) Maryland Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1920 Hilda Simms (Minnesota-born African-American Actress) Minnesota Performing Artists American Performing Artists Film African American Performing Artists African American Registry Internet Movie Database
1933 Roy Clark (Virginia-born Country Singer, Musician) Virginia Performng Artists  Country & Western Musicians Internet Movie Database
Elizabeth Montgomery (California-born Actress; Star of the Television Series Bewitched) California Performing Artists Actors Television
1938 Claudia Cardinale (Italian Actress) Italian Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1959 Emma Thompson (English Actress) English Performing Artists Actors Film
1990 Emma Watson (English Actress) Emily Watson Harry Potter Actors Film Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1957 Evelyn Ashford (Louisiana-born African-American Member of the International; Track and Field Hall of Fame) Louisiana Sports Figures Track & Field Hall of Fame Olympics Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1865 Abraham Lincoln (Kentucky-born President of the United States: Assassination) Washington, D.C. Kentucky Political and Social Leaders. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Lincoln Log History Channel History Link
1872 Peter Godwin Van Winkle (New York City-born United States Senator From West Virginia) New York City Political and Social Leaders. West Virginia Political and Social Leaders. U.S. Congress West Virginia State Archive
1925 John Singer Sargent (Italian Portrait Artist) John Singer Sargent Artists
1980 Jean-Paul Sartre (French Philosopher, Author) Jean-Paul Sartre Philosophy Authors
1990 Greta Garbo (Swedish Actress) Greta Garbo Actors Film
Ava Gardner (North Carolina-born Actress) Ava Gardner Actors Film
1994 Ralph Ellison (Oklahoma-born African-American Author) Ralph Ellison American Authors African American Authors
1998 Pol Pot (Cambodian Dictator; Founder of the Khmer Rouge) Pol Pot
2000 Edward Gorey (Chicago-born Author, Artist) Edward Gorey American Authors Cartoons and Comics
2010 Benjamin Hooks (Tennessee-born African-American Civil Rights Leader) Benjamin Hooks American Civil Rights Movement African American Political & Social Leaders
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1741 In London, the Georgia Trustees Divide the Colony into Two Counties -- Savannah and Frederica England Georgia Cities and Counties Colonial Georgia University of Georgia
1775 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language Is First Published Samuel Johnson Dictionaries Writer's Almanac
1776 Georgia's Provincial Congress Issues Its Rules and Regulations as a Provisional Constitution Until Adoption of the State Constitution of 1777 Georgia Colonial Georgia Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1783 The Continental Congress Ratifies Preliminary Articles of Peace Ending the Revolutionary War with Great Britain Great Britain Continental Congress Historic U.S. Documents American Revolution History Channel " target=_blank>History Channel Library of Congress
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1800 The U.S. Congress Approves the Harrison Land Act Providing Settlers the Right to Purchase Land in the Northwest Territory Ohio U.S. Congress Westward Expansion Law Ohio Historical Society
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Set out at an early hour this morning. I walked on shore, and Capt. Clark continued with the party it being an invariable rule with us not to be both absent from our vessels at the same time. I passed through the bottoms of the river on the Stard. side. they were partially covered with timber & were extensive, level and beatifull. in my walk which was about 6 miles I passed a small rivulet of clear water making down from the hills, which on tasting, I discovered to be in a small degree brackish. it possessed less of the glauber salt, or alumn, than those little streams from the hills usually do. in a little pond of water fromed
by this rivulet where it entered the bottom,

I heard the frogs crying for the first time this season; their note was the same with that of the small frogs which are common to the lagoons and swam[p]s of the U States. I saw great quantities of gees feeding in the bottoms, of which I shot one. saw some deer and Elk, but they were remarkably shy. I also met with great numbers of Grouse or prairie hens as they are called by the English traders of the N. W. these birds appeared to be mating;

after breakfast Capt. Clark walked on the Std. shore, and on his return in the evening gave me the following account of his ramble. I assended to the high country, about 9 miles distant from the Missouri. the country consists of beatifull, level and fertile plains, destitute of timber I saw many little dranes, which took their rise in the river hills, from whence as far as I could see they run to the N. E. I saw the remains of several camps of the Assinniboins; near one
of which, in a small ravene, there was a park which they had formed of timber and brush, for the purpose of taking the Cabrie or Antelope. it was constructed in the following manner. a strong pound was first made of timbers, on one side
of which there was a small apparture, sufficiently large to admit an Antelope; from each side of this apparture, a curtain was extended to a considerable distance, widening as they receded from the pound.

we passed a rock this evening standing in the middle of the river, and the bed
of the river was formed principally of gravel. we encamped this evening on a
sand point on Lard. side.

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04 McKenzie County, North Dakota
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Native American Tribes

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: We delayed this morning untill after breakfast in order to purchase some horses of the Indians; accordingly we exposed some articles in exchange for horses the natives were unwilling to barter, we therefore put up our merchandize and at 8 A. M. we set out.

we halted a few minutes at the sepulchre rock, and examined the deposits of the ded at that place. these were constructed in the same manner of those already discribed below the rapids. some of them were more than half filled with dead bodies. there were thirteen sepulchres on this rock which stands near the center of the river and has a surface of about 2 acres above high-water mark.

from hence we returned to the nothern shore and continued up it about four miles to another village of the same nation with whom we remained last night. here we halted and informed the natives of our wish to purchase horses; the produced us several for sale but would not take the articles which we had in exchange for them. they wanted an instrument which the Northwest traders call an eye-dag [a sort of war hatchet] which we had not. we procured two dogs of them and departed.

a little below the entrance of Cataract river we halted at another village of the same people, at which we were equally unsuccessfull in the purchase of horses. we also halted at the two villages of the Chilluckkittequaws a few miles above with no better success.

at three in the evening we arrived at the entrance of Quinnette creek which we ascended a short distance and encamped at the place we have called rockfort camp. here we were visited by some of the people from the villages at the great narrows and falls. we informed them of our wish to purchase horses, & agreed to meet them on the opposite or North side of the river tomorrow for the purpose of bartering with them. most of them returned to their villages this evening three only remained with us all night.

these people are much better clad than any of the nations below; their men have generally leging mockersons and large robes, many of them wear shirts of the same form those of the Chopunnish and Shoshonees highly ornamented with the quills of the porcupine as are also their mockersons and legings. the dress of their women differs very little from those about the rapids.

both men and women cut their hair in the forehead which comes down as low as the eyebrows, they have long earlocks cut square at the end. the other part of their hair is dressed in the same manner as those of the rapids. after we landed and formed our camp this evening Drewyer and some others took a hunt and killed a deer of the longtailed kind. it was a buck and the young horns had shot fourth about 2 inches.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Klickitat County, Washington Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1813 U.S. Forces Seize Control of Alabama's Ft. Charlotte and Mobile from Spain Spain Alabama Hispanic Heritage Alabama Archives
1815 Indonesia's Tambora Volcano Erupts for the Second Time in Five Days Indonesia Volcanoes History Channel
1817 First American School for the Deaf Founded in Hartford, Connecticut Connecticut Deafness Education Historic Firsts Gallaudet University Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
1825 The Government of Mexico Issues Contracts to Encourage the Settlement of Texas Mexico Texas Business Texas State Historical Association
1829 Edgar Allan Poe Is Released From the Army and Applies for an Appointment to West Point Edgar Allan Poe American Authors U.S. Army Education West Point American Collection
1837 Abraham Lincoln Moves to Springfield, Illinois and Opens a Law Practice Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Log
1841 In Texas, the Austin Lyceum, a Society for Debates and Lectures, Is Dissolved Austin, Texas Propaganda Texas State Historical Association
1850 The City of San Francisco Is Incorporated San Francisco Museum of the City of San Francisco New York Times
1854 The Washington Territorial Legislature Creates Sawamish (Mason) County Mason County, Washington History Link
1861 Abraham Lincoln Issues Proclamation Calling for 75,000 Militia and Convening Congress Abraham Lincoln U.S. Congress American Civil War New York Times Lincoln Log
Wisconsin Governor Alexander W. Randall Receives a Telegram from Washington, D.C. Requesting One Regiment of 780 Men to Serve for 3 Months Wisconsin The Telegraph American Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
In Wabash, Indiana, the Society of Friends Opens White's Manual Labor Institute for the Education of Boys and Girls Wabash, Indiana Education Quakers Indiana Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Sends to Senate Treaty with "Sac and Fox, of the Missouri, and the Iowa Tribes, of Indians" Iowa Missouri Abraham Lincoln U.S. Congress Native American Heritage Lincoln Log
The 6th Florida Infantry Regiment Is Mustered into Confederate Service At Chattahoochee Chattahoochee, Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
The Indecisive Battle of Peralta Is the Last Civil War Conflict Fought in New Mexico Peralta, New Mexico American Civil War New Mexico Magazine
1863 The U.S.S. William G. Anderson Captures the Confederate Schooner, Royal Yacht, Carrying Cotton Off of Florida's Gulf Coast Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Sends to the Senate a Supplemental Treaty with the Chippewa Indians Abraham Lincoln U.S. Congress Chippewa Indians Lincoln Log
1865 President Lincoln Is Pronounced Dead at 7:22 a.m. Washington, D.C. Kentucky Political and Social Leaders. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Death Lincoln Log History Channel History Link
Andrew Johnson Becomes the 17th President of the United States After the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Tennessee Political and Social Leaders Andrew Johnson The American Presidency New York Times
1866 The Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association Is Formed to Help Honor Living and Deceased Confederate Veterans Atlanta, Georgia Women American Civil War University of Georgia
1869 The Supreme Court Rules That Texas Has the Right to Sue in U.S. Federal Courts Despite Having Seceded From the Union Texas U.S. Supreme Court Law Texas State Historical Association
1876 The First Telegraph Line in Northern Wisconsin Is Completed Near Ashland Ashland, Wisconsin The Telegraph Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1880 General Ulysses S. Grant Visits Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Ulysses S. Grant Arkansas History Commission
1888 Spokane, Washington's First Streetcar Takes Its Inaugural Trip Spokane, Washington Transportation Historic Firsts History Link
1892 A Pistol Shot Begins a Stampede of Settlers onto Minnesota's 600,000 Acre Lake Traverse Reservation Minnesota Westward Expansion Minnesota Historical Society
1896 Henry Flagler's First Train Arrives in Miami, Florida Carrying Building Materials Miami, Florida Henry Flagler Railroad Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1900 Paris International Exposition Opens Paris Canadian Government
1912 The Titanic Sinks in North Atlantic off Coast of Newfoundland The Titanic Naval History Death History Link History Channel New York Times Center for the Study of Technology and Society University of Georgia Wisconsin Historical Society
South Africa's First National Weather Forecast Is Issued South Africa Meteorology Historic Firsts South African History
The Schoolchildren of St. Paul, Minnesota Select the Sweet Pea as the City's Official Flower in an Election Sponsored by the City's Women's Clubs St. Paul, Minnesota Education Botany Elections Minnesota Historical Society
1916 Minnesota's First Regulated Trout Season Opens Minnesota Fishing & Hunting Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1918 British Evacuate Passchendaele Ridge Great Britain World War I History Channel
The First Marine Aviation Squadron Is Created at Miami, Florida's Naval Air Station Miami, Florida Aviation Military History World War I Historic Firsts U.S. Marine Corps Florida Historical Society
1924 Rand McNally Releases Its First Comprehensive Road Atlas Maps Transportation Historic Firsts Rand McNally History Channel
1927 In Los Angeles, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford Are Two of the First Celebrities to Leave Their Footprints in Cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater Grauman's Chinese Theater American Performing Artists Historic Firsts Grauman's Chinese Theater History Channel
1929 Anscel Eckmann Arrives at Juneau in a Lockheed Vega Plane, Completing the First Non-Stop Flight from Seattle to Alaska Seattle, Washington Juneau, Alaska Aviation History Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1932 17-year-old Walter Dubuc Is Hanged as the Youngest Person Ever Executed in Washington Washington Crime Capital Punishment History Link
1943 In Marietta, Georgia, Robert & Company Construction Turns Its Facilities Over to the Army Air Force Marietta, Georgia Business Aviation Military History World War II University of Georgia
1944 Soviets Capture Tarnopol in Poland The Soviet Union Poland World War II History Channel
Minnesota's Farm-Labor Party and the State Democratic Party Agree to Merge Minnesota Farming & Agriculture Labor Politics Minnesota Democratic-Farm Labor Party Minnesota Historical Society
1945 Franklin Roosevelt Is Buried at Hyde Park Franklin Roosevelt Death FDR Library
British and Canadian Troops Liberate the Nazi Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen Canada Great Britain Nazi Germany The Holocaust World War II BBC
1946 Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty Is Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company in New York New York City Eudora Welty American Authors American Collection
1947 Jackie Robinson Is the First African-American to Play in Major League Baseball Jackie Robinson Baseball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures PBS Library of Congress History Channel African American Registry University of Georgia
1948 TV Talent Show Hollywood Screen Test Debuts Television American Performing Artists Historic Firsts History Channel
1949 In Berkeley, California, KPFA Begins Broadcasting as the First Listener-Supported Radio Station in the United States Berkeley, California Radio Historic Firsts Learn California
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1952 The YB-52 Prototype for the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Takes Its First Flight Seattle, Washington Aviation Military History Historic Firsts History Link
1954 In Johannesburg, South Africa, African National Congress Member Walter Sisulu Protests the Forced Removal of Blacks From Places Marked "For Whites Only" Walter Sisulu Apartheid Propaganda South African History
For the First Year, April 15 Is the Deadline for Tax Filing in the United States Taxes United States Government Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1955 Ray Kroc Opens the First Franchised McDonald's Ray Kroc Business Historic Firsts McDonalds Corporation
1956 An F4 Tornado Travels 20 Miles Through Jefferson County, Alabama, Killing 25 People, Injuring 200 and Destroying or Damaging More Than 350 Homes Jefferson County, Alabama Tornado Death Alabama State Archive
1959 Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Visits the United States Fidel Castro The Cold War History Channel
1964 Ground-Breaking Ceremonies Are Held for the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Home for the New Atlanta Braves Franchise Atlanta, Georgia Baseball Major League Baseball University of Georgia
1965 In Virginia, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Opens Virginia Bridges Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel History Channel Virginia Historical Society
James Baldwin's The Amen Corner Is Produced as a Play on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre James Baldwin Plays African American Authors Internet Broadway Database American Collection
1967 Massive Anti-war Rallies Are Held in San Francisco & New York City San Francisco New York City Vietnam War History Channel
1970 U.S. Withdraws the 1st Infantry from Vietnam Vietnam War History Channel
1972 Elvis Presley Appears in His First Georgia Concert, Performing in the Macon Coliseum Macon, Georgia Elvis Presley Popular Musicians Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1973 South Africa's National Record for the 5,000m Is Broken by Black Runner Matthews Motshwarateu South African Sports Figures Track & Field South African History
1974 Canada Announces Its First National Lottery Winners Canada Economics Historic Firsts CBC
1975 First Whale-Watching Excursion on the Eastern Seaboard Departs from Massachusetts's Provincetown Harbor Provincetown, Massachusetts Whales Historic Firsts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1979 In Yugoslavia, a 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills At Least 121 People, Injuring More Than 1,000 and Leaving 100,000 Homeless Yugoslavia Earthquake Death USGS
1986 A United States Air Raid Kills 37 People in Libya, Most of Them Civilians Libya Aviation Military History War Death BBC
1987 The Milwaukee Brewers' Juan Nieves Is the First Puerto Rican Pitcher to Throw a No-Hitter in Major League Baseball Puerto Rican Sports Figures Milwaukee, Wisconsin Baseball Major League Baseball Latin-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1988 The Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act Is Enacted Wisconsin Government Health Care Family Law Wisconsin Historical Society
1989 93 English Soccer Fans Are Crushed at a Match Between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. England Soccer Death BBC
1992 The United Nation Sanctions Libya for Harboring Suspects of the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing United Nations Libya Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Terrorism South African History
Billionaire Leona Helmsley Sent to Jail for Tax Evasion Taxes Crime History Channel
1996 South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Begins Formal Hearings in East London South Africa Apartheid South African History
1999 Three Planets Are Found Orbiting the Star Upsilon Andromedae Cosmology The Solar System NASA
Historic Events that occurred on this date from 2000 to present
2000 White farmer, Davis Stevens, Is Shot Dead in Zimbabwe by Squatters Occupying His Land Zimbabwe Racism Farming and Agriculture Death South African History BBC
Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles Becomes the 24th Major League Player to Reach 3,000 Hits Cal Ripken Major League Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame New York Times
2002 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Returns to Office Two Days after Being Ousted and Arrested Venezuela Political and Social Leaders PBS
Byron White Retires as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Colorado Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court New York Times
2003 Looters and Arsonists Ransack and Gut Iraq's National Library, as Well as Iraq's Principal Islamic Library Iraq Library Islam Crime New York Times