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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. Who was the jockey who won his first horse race on this date in 1949? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what year did the Boston Red Sox play their first game in Fenway Park on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the BBC, in what year did Mary Hoffman begin writing her first book? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a book by Mary Hoffman (according to Embracing the Child):

1. In what year on this date did the U.S. Supreme Court rule that students may be bused to racially balance schools? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to PBS, who first encouraged Daniel Chester French's vocation as a sculptor? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the National Park Service, how much older is Hot Springs National Park than Yellowstone National Park? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a scientist, mathematician or inventor born on this date:
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the New York Times, how many nations did Hitler subdue while in power?

2. According to Sweet Briar College, what was the title of the article in which Gerald Hawkins first published his findings about Stonehenge?

3. According to the African American Registry, for which entertainer was Luther Vandross featured as an opening act?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a Joan Miró work held by the Minneapolis Institute of Art (according to Artcyclopedia):
Daniel Chester French
Daniel Chester French
Born on This Date 1840


Sculptor of the Lincoln Memoria

Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler
Born on This Date 1889

Nazi Germany

Gerald Hawkins
Gerald Hawkins
Born on This Date 1928

[Today in Science]


Mary Hoffman
Mary Hoffman
Born on This Date 1945

[Official Website]

Young-adult Authors

Luther Vandross
Luther Vandross
Born on This Date 1951


Popular Musicians

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Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1826 Dinah Maria Craik (English Children's Author, Poet) English Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Poetry
1945 Mary Hoffman (English Children's Author) Mary Hoffman Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1943 Ian Watson (English Science Fiction Writer) English Authors Official Website Writer's Almanac
Artists, Architects and Designers
1840 Odilon Redon (French Painter, Lithographer and Etcher) French Artists
Daniel Chester French (New Hampshire-born Sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial) Daniel Chester French The Lincoln Memorial
1893 Joan Miró (Spanish Abstract and Surrealist Artist) Joan Miró
Military Leaders
1892 Howard Vickery (Ohio-born Vice Admiral of the U.S. Navy: 1944-46) Ohio Military Leaders Naval History
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1745 Philippe Pinel (French Pioneer in the Field of Psychiatry) French Scientists & Mathematicians Psychology Writer's Almanac
1786 Marc Seguin, the Elder (French Inventor of the Wire-Cable Suspension Bridge) French Scientists & Mathematicians Bridges Inventors & Inventions
1860 Charles Curtis (Massachusetts-born Inventor Who Devised a Steam Turbine) Massachusetts Scientists & Mathematicians Turbine Power Inventors & Inventions
1918 Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn (Swedish-born 1981 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Swedish Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Spectroscopy 1981 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1927 K. Alexander Müller (Swiss-born 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Temperature 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1928 Gerald Stanley Hawkins (English Astronomer Who Solved the Mystery of Stonehenge) Gerald Stanley Hawkins Space & Astronomy Stonehenge
Political and Social Leaders
1494 Johann Agricola (German Lutheran Reformer Who Helped Introduce Lutheranism to Frankfurt) German Political & Social Leaders Luthernism
1807 John Milton (The Fifth Governor of Florida: 1861-1865) Florida Political and Social Leaders Politics Florida Historical Society
1808 Napoleon III (Emperor of France) French Political and Social Leaders
1889 Adolph Hitler (Austrian-born German Dictator) Adolph Hitler Nazi Germany
1909 E. Frederic Morrow (New Jersey-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government President Dwight Eisenhower African American Performing Artists African-American Registry
1920 John Paul Stevens (Chicago-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) John Paul Stevens U.S. Supreme Court Law and Legal Resources
1959 Cheryl Carolus (South African Rights Activist, Stateswoman) South African Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights South African History
Performing Artists
1893 Harold Lloyd (Nebraska-born Actor) Harold Lloyd Actors Film
1907 William Dollar (Missouri-born Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet Master) Missouri Performing Artists Ballet
1923 Tito Puente (New York City-born Latin-American Musician, Five-Time Grammy Winner) Tito Puente Popular Musicians Hispanic Performing Artists Awarded Grammys in 1978, 83, 85, 90 & 99
1939 Johnny Tillotson (Florida-born Popular Singer) Florida Performing Artists Popular Musicians Florida Historical Society
1941 Ryan O'Neal (Los Angeles-born Actor) Los Angeles Performing Artists Actors Internet Movie Database Biography
1949 Jessica Lange (Minnesota-born Actress) Minnesota Performing Artists Actors Internet Movie Database Biography
1951 Luther Vandross (New York City-born African-American Musician) Luther Vandross Popular Musicians Winner of Multiple Grammys African American Performing Artists
1972 Carmen Electra (Ohio-born Performing Artist) Ohio Performing Artists Popular Musicians Actors Internet Movie Database Biography
Sports Figures
1891 Dave Bancroft (Iowa-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Iowa Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame
1927 Phil Hill (Florida-born World Driving Champion) Florida Sports Figures Auto Racing Florida Historical Society
1945 Steve Spurrier (Florida-born Heisman Trophy Winner) Florida Sports Figures College Football Hall of Fame 1966 Heisman Trophy Winner Florida Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1769 Pontiac (Chief of the Ottawa Indians) Pontiac
1812 George Clinton (New York-born Vice President of the United States - Died in Office) New York Political Leaders U.S. Government James Madison
1858 Giuseppi Peano (Italian Mathematician) Giuseppi Peano Mathematics
1912 Bram Stoker (Irish Author of Dracula) Bram Stoker Authors
1928 Felix Huston Robertson (Texas-born Military Leader; The Last Surviving Confederate General) Texas Military Figures American Civil War American Military Figures State Historical Association
1947 King Christian X of Denmark Denmark
1982 Archibald MacLeish (Illinois-born 3-time Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet, Playwright) Archibald MacLeish Poetry Plays Pulitzer Prize
2010 Dorothy Height (Virginia-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Dorothy Height U.S. Civil Rights Movement African American Political and Social Leaders
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events that Occurred on this Date from 1000-1199
1139 Pope Innocent II Opens the Second Lateran Council in Rome Rome, Italy Catholicism Concordia
Historic Events of the 1400s that Occurred on this Date
1441 At the Council of Florence, Pope Eugenius IV Issues Bull Declaring the Pope Superior to Church councils. Italy Catholicism Concordia
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1534 Jacques Cartier Sets Sail from St. Malo to Explore North America Jacques Cartier Canada North American Explorers Naval History Catholic Enyclopedia
Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1653 Oliver Cromwell Forcibly Dissolves the British Parliament British Political and Social Leaders Parliament Chambers' Book of Days
1657 English Navy Destroys Spain's Bullion Fleet in Santa Cruz Harbor Great Britain Spain Naval History British Royal Navy
1689 The Siege of Londonderry Begins (Lasting through July 30) Great Britain Northern Ireland The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland History Channel
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1759 Gregor Frederick Handel Is Buried in Westminster Abbey, London England Gregor Handel Westminster Abbey, London Composers American Public Media
1769 Ottawa Indian Chief Pontiac Is Murdered by an Illinois Indian Pontiac
1777 New York Adopts Its First State Constitution New York State Government Historic U.S. Documents History Channel
1792 France Declares War on Austria, Marking Start of French Revolutionary Wars France Austria French Revolution European History Mt. Holyoke College
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: The wind continued to blow tolerably hard this morning but by no means as violently as it did yesterday; we determined to set out and accordingly departed a little before seven. I walked on shore on the N. side of the river, and Capt Clark proceeded with the party. the river bottoms through which I passed about seven miles were fertil and well covered with Cottonwood some Box alder, ash and red Elm. the under brush, willow, rose bushes Honeysuccle, red willow, goosbury, currant and servicebury & in the open grounds along the foot of the river hills immence quantities of the hisop.

in the course of my walk I killed two deer, wounded an Elk and a deer;

saw the remains of some Indian hunting camps, near which stood a small scaffold of about 7 feet high on which were deposited two doog slays with their harnis. underneath this scaffold a human body was lying, well rolled in several dressed buffaloe skins and near it a bag of the same materials containg sundry articles belonging to the disceased; consisting of a pare of mockersons, some red and blue earth, beaver's nails, instruments for dressing the Buffalo
skin, some dryed roots, several platts of the sweet grass, and a small quantity of Mandan tobacco.— I presume that the body, as well as the bag containing these articles, had formerly been placed on the scaffold as is the custom of these people, but had fallen down by accedent. near the scaffold I saw the carcase of a large dog not yet decayed, which I supposed had been killed at the time the human body was left on the scaffold; this was no doubt the reward, which the poor doog had met with for transporting her corps to the place of deposit. it is customary with the Assinniboins, Mandans, Minetares &c who scaffold their dead, to sacrefice the favorite horses and doggs of their disceased relations, with a view of their being servicable to them in the land of sperits. I have never heard of any instances of human sacrefices on those occasions among them.—

The wind blew so hard that I concluded it was impossible fror the perogues and canoes to proceed and therefore returned and joined them about three in the evening. Capt Clark informed me that soon after seting out, a part of the bank of the river fell in near one of the canoes and had very nearly filled her with water. that the wind became so hard and the waves so high that it was with infinite risk he had been able to get as far as his present station. the white perrogue and several of the canoes had shiped water several times but happily our stores were but little injured; those which were wet we put out to dry and determined to remain untill the next morning.

we sent out four hunters who soon added 3 Elk 4 Gees and 2 deer to our stock of provisions. the party caught six beaver today which were large and in fine order. the Buffaloe, Elk and deer are poor at this season, and of cours are
not very palitable, however our good health and apetites make up every necessary deficiency, and we eat very heartily
of them.— encamped on Stard side; under a high well timbered bank.

Ordway: cloudy. the wind is not So high as it was yesterday this morning. we Set off about 7 oClock. we found it Cold polling. the air chilley.

Saw a buffaloe Swim the river close before us but would not Shoot him for he was not fat.

the wind rose & blew Same as yesterday So that we could hardly make any head way. halted took breakfast about 10 O.C. 2 of the hunters Shot four beaver directly in the edge of the river. delayed Som time the wind abated a little. we proceded on the wind Shortly rose again and blew so hard that the canoes were near filling they took in considerable of water. the Sand blew off the Sand bars & beaches So that we could hardly See, it was like a thick fogg. it took us about two hours to come about 2˝ miles.

we went up the bottom about 3 miles where we found a good harbour for the perogues to lay out of the wind we halted and dryed the things which was Wet & Camped for the night.

we Saw gangs of Elk running along near our Camp we did not want any more meat or we might have killed a pleanty. high Squawls of wind & flights of round Snow this day. we took in Some water in the Canoe I was in. the water came up to my Box So that a part of my paper Got wet.

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04 Williams County, North Dakota
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Wind Native American Tribes

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: some frost this morning.

The Enesher an Skillutes are much better clad than they were last fall, there men have generally legings mockersons and large robes; many of them wear shirts of the same form with those of the Shoshone Chopunnish &c highly ornamented with porcupine quills. the dress of their women differs very little from those of the great rapids and above. their children frequently wear robes of the large grey squirrel skins, those of the men and women are principally deer skins, some wolf, elk, bighorn and buffaloe; the latter they procure from the nations who sometimes visit the Missouri. indeed a considerable proportion of their wearing apparel is purchased from their neighbours to the N. W. in exchange for pounded fish copper and beads.

at present the principal village of the Eneshur is below the falls on the N. side of the river. one other village is above
the falls on the S. side and another a few miles above on the N. side. the first consists of 19, the 2cd of 11, and the 3rd of 5 lodges. their houses like those of the Skillutes have their floors on the surface of the ground, but are formed
of sticks and covered with mats and straw. they are large and contain usually several families each for fuel they use straw, small willows and the southern wood. they use the silk grass in manufacturing their fishing nets and bags, the bear grass and cedar bark are employed in forming a variety of articles. they are poor, dirty, proud, haughty, inhospitable, parsimonious and faithless in every rispect, nothing but our numbers I beleive prevents their attempting
to murder us at this moment.—

This morning I was informed that the natives had pilfered six tomahawks and a knife from the party in the course of the last night. I spoke to the cheif on this subject. he appeared angry with his people and addressed them but the property was not restored. one horse which I had purchased and paid for yesterday and which could not be found when I ordered the horses into close confinement yesterday I was now informed had been gambled away by the rascal who had sold it to me and had been taken away by a man of another nation. I therefore took the goods back from this fellow.

I purchased a gun from the cheif for which I gave him 2 Elkskins. in the course of the day I obtained two other indifferent horses for which I gave an extravigant price. I found that I should get no more horses and therefore resolved to proceed tomorrow morning with those which I had and to convey the baggage in two small canoes that the horses could not carry.

for his purpose I had a load made up for seven horses, the eighth Bratton was compelled to ride as he was yet unable to walk. I barted my Elksins old irons and 2 canoes for beads. one of the canoes for which they would give us but little I had cut up for fuel.

These people have yet a large quantity of dryed fish on hand yet they will not let us have any but for an exorbitant price. we purchased two dogs and some shappellel from them.

I had the horses graized untill evening and then picquited and hubbled within the limited of our camp. I ordered the indians from our camp this evening and informed them that if I caught them attempting to perloin any article from us I would beat them severely. they went off in reather a bad humour and I directed the party to examine their arms and be on their guard. they stole two spoons from us in the course of the day. The Scaddals, Squan-nan-os, Shan-wah-pums and Shallattas reside to the N. W. of these people, depend on hunting deer and Elk and trade with these people for their pounded fish

Clark: a very cold morning the western mountains Covered with Snow

I Shewed the Eneshers the articles I had to give for their horses. they without hezitation informed me that they would not Sell me any for the articles I had, if I would give them Kittles they would let me have horses, and not without.

that their horses were at a long ways off in the planes and they would not Send for them &c. my offered was a blue robe, a Calleco Shirt, a Silk handkerchief, 5 parcels of paint, a knife, a Wampom moon, 8 yards of ribon, Several pieces of Brass, a mockerson awl and 6 braces of yellow beeds; and to that amount for each horse which is more than double what we gave either the Sohsohne or first flat heads we met with on Clarks river I also offered my large blue blanket, my Coat Sword & plume none of which Seamed to entice those people to Sell their horses. not with standing every exertion not a Single horse Could be precured of those people in the Course of the day.

I precured a Sketch of the Columbia and its branches of those people in which they made the river which falls into the Columbia imediately above the falls on the South Side to branch out into 3 branches one of which they make head in Mt. Jefferson, one in mount Hood and the other in the S W. range of Mountains and does not water that extensive Country we have heretofore Calculated on. a great portion of that extensive tract of Country to the S. and S. W. of the Columbia and Lewis's river and between the Same and the waters of Callifornia must be watered by the Multnomah river.—

Those people are great jokies and deciptfull in trade.

at Sunset finding that Capt Lewis would not arrive this evening as I expected, I packed up all the articles which I had exposed, at a Situation I had pitched on to Encamp, and at which place we had bought as maney fishing poles as made a fire to Cook a dog which I had purchased for the men to eate, and returned to the lodge which I had Slept in last night.

great number gathered around me to Smoke, I gave them two pipes, and then lay my self down with the men to Sleep, haveing our merchendize under our heads and guns &c in our arms, as we always have in Similar Situations

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Klickitat County, Washington Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1818 Congress Approves President Monroe's Call for Protectionist Tariff Legislation U.S. Congress President James Monroe Economics History Channel
1832 President Andrew Jackson Signs the Congressional Bill Establishing Hot Springs, Arkansas as a National Reservation Arkansas U.S. Congress President Andrew Jackson National Park Service Arkansas History Commission
1836 An Act of Congress Creates the Wisconsin Territory Extending Westward to the Missouri River Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota U.S. Congress Westward Expansion Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society Minnesota Historical Society Wisconsin Historical Society
An Act of Congress Creates the Wisconsin State Library Wisconsin Libraries U.S. Congress Libraries Historic Firsts Wisconsin State law Library Wisconsin Historical Society
1839 The Wabash and Erie Canal Is Completed from the Ohio-Indiana State Line to Logansport, Indiana Logansport, Indiana Canals Indiana Historical Society
1841 Edgar Allen Poe Publishes the First Detective Story, "Murders in the Rue Morgue" Edgar Allen Poe Literature Historic Firsts History Channel
1842 The Adelsverein Is Established in Germany for the Purpose of Establishing a New Germany in Texas Germany Texas Immigration Texas State Historical Association
1848 In Ohio, the Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper Begins Publishing a Sunday Edition Cincinnati, Ohio Journalism Cincinnati Enquirer Ohio Historical Society
1853 Santa Ana Resumes Role as President of Mexico Antonio López de Santa Anna University of Texas
Harriet Tubman Begins Her Work as a Conductor with the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad African-American Heritage African American Registry
1861 President Lincoln Holds Meetings About the Mob Attack on Union Troops in Baltimore Maryland American Civil War President Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
Robert E. Lee Resigns from the U.S. Army Robert E. Lee American Civil War History Channel
1863 President Lincoln Issues Proclamation Admitting West Virginia into the Union West Virginia President Abraham Lincoln Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Papers
Federal Ships Capture a British Blockade Runner and a Quantity of Cotton at Apalachicola, Florida Apalachicola, Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
Discovery of Gold on Santa Catalina Island Sets Off a New Gold Rush in California Santa Catalina Island, California California Gold Rush Learn California
1865 Macon, Georgia Is Surrendered Over to Federal Forces Macon, Georgia American Civil War Macon, Georgia University of Georgia
1871 Third Enforcement Act Strengthens President's Powers to Combat Ku Klux Klan U.S. Congress The American Presidency Reconstruction University of South Carolina Sumter History Channel
1876 The American Chemical Society is Organized in New York City Chemistry The American Chemical Society IntelliHealth
1884 Trains Begin Crossing the First Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge over the Snake River Washington Railroad Bridges Historic Firsts History Link
1888 The Metlakahtla Post Office Is Established on Alaska's Annette Island Metlakatla, Alaska U.S. Postal Service Alaska Historical Society
1891 In Minnesota, Itasca State Park Is Established as a 32,000 Acre Preserve of More Than 300 Lakes and the Headwaters of the Mississippi River Minnesota Parks and Landmarks Historic Firsts  Itasca State Park Minnesota Historical Society
1896 First Projected Movie Is Shown as a Commercial Attraction in New York City New York City Film Historic Firsts History Channel
1898 President William McKinley Asks Congress to Declare War on Spain Spain U.S. Congress President William McKinley Spanish-American War History Channel
1899 Minnesota Passes the Nation's First Direct Primary Election Law for Candidates in Counties with a Population of 200,000 Minnesota Government Elections Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1902 Marie and Pierre Curie Successfully Isolate Radioactive Radium Salts from the Mineral Pitchblende Marie and Pierre Curie Chemistry Radium Radiation History Channel
1906 San Francisco Firefighters Finally Halt a Fire Caused by the Earthquake Two Days Earlier San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 Earthquakes Fire Safety History Channel
1909 The Nation's First Mile of Concrete Road Is Laid in Wayne County, Michigan Michigan Automotives Historic Firsts State of Michigan
Mary Pickford Begins Her Movie Career Mary Pickford Film History Channel
1912 Boston Red Sox Play Their First Game in Fenway Park Boston Boston Red Sox Ballpark New York Times
1914 Colorado Militia Massacre Striking Coal Miners and Their Families Colorado Labor Death History Channel
1916 Chicago Cubs Defeat the Cincinnati Reds 7-6 in Their First Game at Wrigley Field Chicago Boston Red Sox Baseball Ballpark New York Times
1917 Allied Offensive Against German Troops Fails in Central France France Germany History Channel
1919 Striking Massachusetts Telephone Operators Win the Right to Negotiate Wages and Conditions Massachusetts The Telephone Labor Strikes Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1924 African-American Texas Baritone, Julius Lorenzo Cobb Bledsoe, Makes His Professional Debut Texas Performing Artists Classical Musicians African-American Performing Artists State Historical Association
1926 Western Electric & Warner Bros. Announce Vitaphone Movie Sound Process Film Sound Historic Firsts History Channel
1927 General Tanaka Giichi of the Seiyukai Party Takes Over as Japan's Prime Minister Japanese Political and Social Leaders Asian History
1933 A Green Bough , a Book of Poetry by William Faulkner, Is Published William Faulkner American Authors Poetry Mississippi Writers
1935 Your Hit Parade Debuts on Radio Radio Popular Music Radio Hall of Fame National Public Radio
1937 In St. Louis, Washington University Places Senior Student Tennessee Williams on Academic Probation St. Louis, Missouri Tennessee Williams American Authors Education Mississippi Writers
1940 RCA Publicly Demonstrates Its New Electron Microscope RCA Microscopy History of Technology New York Times
1945 Allied Forces Take Control of The German Cities of Nuremberg and Stuttgart Nazi Germany World War II Churchill Society New York Times
1949 Chinese Communist Forces Fire on the British Frigate H.M.S. Amethyst, Killing Many Aboard China Great Britain Naval Military History Death Asian History
17-year-old Jockey, Bill Shoemaker, Records the First of His 8,833 Wins Willie Shoemaker Horse Racing New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1951 U.S. Creates a Military Assistance Advisory Group for Chinese Nationalist Regime on Taiwan China Nationalist China Asian History
1953 Prisoner Exchange Begins in Korea United Nations Korean War Prisoners of War BBC
1963 West Virginia's Legislature Celebrates the State's Centennial West Virginia State Legislature West Virginia Archives
1967 NASA's Unmanned Surveyor 3 Lands on the Moon Space Exploration The Moon NASA Center of Technology and Society
NASA Launches ESSA-5 Weather Satellite Space Exploration Weather NASA
Florida Designates Orange Juice as the Official State Beverage Florida Symbols Foods and Nutrition Florida Historical Society
1968 Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson Resigns, Succeeded by Pierre Trudeau  Pierre Trudeau  Canada Info New York Times
1970 President Nixon Promises to Withdraw 150,000 Troops from Vietnam President Richard Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1971 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Busing May Be Used to Racially Balance Schools Education Civil Rights/Human Rights African American History Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. of Ed
1972 The Manned Lunar Module from Apollo 16 Lands on the Moon NASA Manned Space Exploration Lunar Exploration  Smithsonian BBC
1974 Violence in Northern Ireland Claims Its 1,000th Victim Northern Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
1977 NASA ESA-GEOS 1 Is First Satellite Placed in the Equatorial Geostationary Orbit Space Exploration NASA
1978 A Korean Air Lines Jet Is Forced Down over the Soviet Union The Soviet Union Korea Aviation History The Cold War History Channel
1979 The Federation of South African Trade Unions (FOSATU) is Founded South Africa Labor South African History
1980 First Cubans Reach Florida as Part of the Massive Mariel Boatlift Cuba Florida Immigration Hispanic Heritage New York Times
1981 Raymond Carver's Book, What We Talk about When We Talk about Love, is Published by Knopf Raymond Carver American Authors Education American Collection
1984 Britain Announces Its Administration of Hong Kong Will Cease in 1997 Great Britain Hong Kong World History CNN
1992 Georgia Designates Pogo as the State's Official 'Possum Georgia State Symbols Walt Kelly University of Georgia
1999 Two Teenage Gunmen Kill 13 People at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO Columbine Massacre Education Gun Control Death
Historic Events that occur from 2000-2009 on this date
2003 NASA and Stanford Launch Gravity Probe B To Test Aspects of Einstein's Theory of Relativity Space Exploration Albert Einstein Gravity  Satnford NASA
2010 11 Die in Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Explosion Crerating Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History Alabama Louisiana Mississippi 2010 Oil Spill Death CNN