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World Intellectual Property Day
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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
Good Luck!
5-Minute Quests

1. Tanzania was created from a union of what two countries on this date in 1964? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what year did South Africa hold its first multi-racial elections on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the National Audubon Society, how many life-size prints are included in John J. Audubon's Birds of America? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an artist, architect or designer born on this date: SIDETRACKED WELL FORM

1. What was the name of the person who patented an ironing board on this date in 1892? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, what was the title of the book Charles Richter published in 1958? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Museum of Nebraska Art, why did John James Audubon travel to America when he was 18? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a book published by Patricia Reilly Giff in 1980 (according to the Educational Paperback Association): LEAD TOY RIB DRAWAY SEAT
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, at what age did Ma Rainey begin performing?

2. According to the California Institute of Technology, in what field did Charles Richter receive his original training?

3. According to PBS, Guernica is the cultural center of what people?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a building designed by IM Pei (according to Great Buildings Online):

John James Audubon
Born on This Date 1785

[University of Houston]


Gertrude "Ma" Rainey
Born on This Date 1886

[University of Virginia]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Charles Richter
Born on This Date 1900

[Inventors Online Museum]


I.M. Pei
Born on This Date 1917



Patricia Reilly Giff
Born on This Date 1935


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World Intellectual Property Rights Day
(Observed annually on this date since 2000)
Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights Human/Civil Rights World Intellectual Property organization
The Bahá'í Faith: Festival of Ridván
(sunset 4/21 - sunset 5/2: commemorates Baha'u'llah's 1863 stay in "Garden of Ridvan" as God's messenger.)
The Bahá'í Faith Bahá'í Academics Resource Library
Tanzania: Union Day
(Commemorates unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form United Republic of Tanzania: 04/26/1964)
Tanzania University of Iowa
Florida & Georgia: Confederate Memorial Day
(Commemorates the end of the Civil War for Georgia on this day in 1865)
Florida Georgia University of Georgia
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1935 Patricia Reilly Giff (New York City-born Children's Author) Patricia Reilly Giff Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1834 Artemus Ward (Maine-born Humorist) Maine Authors & Illustrators Writer's Almanac
1893 Anita Loos (California-born Novelist, Screenwriter) California Authors & Illustrators Film The History Channel Writer's Almanac
1897 Cass Canfield (New York City-born Publisher and Editor) New York City Authors & Illustrators Journalsim
1898 Vicente Aleixandre (Spanish Poet) Spanish Authors & Illustrators Poetry
1903 Anne Fried (Austrian Writer) Austrian Authors & Illustrators
1914 Bernard Malamud (New York City-born Author: Awarded 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) Bernard Malamud 1967 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: The Fixer
1916 Morris West (Australian Novelist) Australian Authors & Illustrators
1930 Bruce Jay Friedman (New York-born Novelist) New York Authors & Illustrators
Songwriters, Classical Composers, Conductors and Performing Artists
1812 Friedrich Flotow (German-born French Composer) German Composers French Composers Composers
Artists, Architects and Designers
1798 Eugene Delacroix (French Painter) French Artists Artists
1785 John James Audubon (Haitian-born Artist and Naturalist) John J. Audubon Birds
1822 Frederick Law Olmsted (Connecticut-born Landscape Architect; Designed Central Park in New York City) Frederick Law Olmsted Architecture
1917 I.M. Pei (Chinese-American Architect) I.M. Pei Asian-American Artists, Designers, Architects The Louvre
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1900 Charles Richter (Ohio-born Seismologist: Founder of the Richter Scale) Charles Richter Earthquakes
Business Leaders
1812 Alfred Krupp (German Industrialist; Developed and Sold Armaments) German Business Leaders War
1868 Harold Rothermere (English Publishing/Media Mogul) English Business Leaders Journalism
Military Leaders
1826 Ambrose Ransom "Ranse" Wright (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
Political and Social Leaders
1711 David Hume (English Philosopher, Historian) English Political & Social Leaders Philosophy Chambers' Book of Days The History Channel
1886 William Dawson (Georgia-born Illinois Congressman: First African American to Chair a U.S. Congressional Committee) Illinois Political & Social Leaders Georgia Political & Social Leaders University of Georgia African American Registry U.S. Congress
1889 Ludwig Wittgenstein (Austrian-born British Philosopher) Austrian Political & Social Leaders British Political & Social Leaders Philosophy
1896 Edward J. Thye (South Dakota-born 26th Governor of Minnesota) South Dakota Political & Social Leaders Minnesota Political & Social Leaders
1952 Popo Simon Molefe (Premier of South Africa's North West Province: 1994-2004) South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
The Notorious
1894 Rudolph Hess (German Nazi Deputy to Adolph Hitler) Rudolph Hess World War II The History Channel
Performing Artists
1886 Gertrude "Ma" Rainey (Georgia-born African-American Blues Singer) Ma Rainey Blues & Jazz Rock and Roll Hall of Fame African-American Performing Artists
1915 Johnny Shines (Tennessee-born African-American Blues Guitarist) Tennessee Performing Artists Blues & Jazz African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1926 Irving Davies (Welsh-born British Dancer, Choreographer) Welsh Performing Artists Dance The Internet Movie Database Wales History
1933 Carol Burnett (Texas-born Comedian, Actress) Carol Burnett Actors Television Film
1938 Duane Eddy (New York-born Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) New York Performing Artists Popular Musicians Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The Internet Movie Database
1942 Bobby Rydell (Pennsylvania-born Popular Singer) Pennsylvania Performing Artists Popular Musicians The Internet Movie Database
1948 Stevie Nicks (Arizona-born Member of Fleetwood Mac) Arizona Performing Artists Popular Musicians The Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1917 Sal "The Barber" Maglie (New York-born Major League Baseball Pitcher) New York Sports Figures Baseball
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1865 John Wilkes Booth (Maryland-born Actor, Assassin of President Abraham Lincoln) John Wilkes Booth Actors Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Notorious Americans The History Channel
1901 Tom "Blackjack" Ketchum (Hanged in Clayton, New Mexico for Committing a Train Robbery) Clayton, New Mexico Railroad Notorious Americans Capital Punishment New Mexico Magazine
1968 PFC Milton Lee (Texas-born Soldier Who Earned the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam) Texas Military Figures Medal of Honor Vietnam War Texas State Historical Association
1973 Irene Ryan (Texas-born Actress: Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies) Texas Performing Artists Actors Television
1984 Count Basie (New Jersey-born African-American Orchestra Leader and Composer) Count Basie American Composers African-American Performing Artists
1989 Lucille Ball (New York-born Comedian, Actress: Star of I Love Lucy) Lucille Ball Actors Television Film
1998 Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera (Guatemalan Human Rights Activist, Beaten to Death) Guatamalan Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Human Rights/Civil Rights New York Times
2000 David Merrick (Missouri-born Broadway Producer, Director) David Merrick American Musicals Internet Broadway Database
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1564 William Shakespeare Is Baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon, England English Authors & Illustrators William Shakespeare Religion Library of Congress
Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1607 104 English Colonists Land at Cape Henry, Virginia Jamestown, Virginia Colonial Virginia National Park Service Virginia Historical Society
1679 Construction Is Completed on South Africa's Castle of Good Hope South Africa Castles Castle of Good Hope South African History
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1778 British-Mandated Census Indicates Detroit's Population Is 2,144 People Detroit, Michigan Population and Demography State of Michigan
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning I dispatched Joseph Fields up the yellowstone river with orders to examine it as far as he could conveniently and return the same evening; two others were directed to bring in the meat we had killed last evening,
while I proceeded down the river with one man
[probably Drouillard] in order to take a view of the confluence of this
great river with the Missouri, which we found to be two miles distant on a direct line N. W. from our encampment.

the bottom land on the lower side of the yellowstone river near it's mouth for about one mile in width appears to be subject to inundation; while that on the opposite side of the Missouri and the point formed by the junction of these
rivers is of the common elivation, say from twelve to 18 feet above the level of the water, and of course not liable to be overflown except in extreem high water, which dose not appear to be very frequent there is more timber in the neighbourhood of the junction of these rivers, and on the Missouri as far below as the White earth river, than there is
on any part of the Missouri above the entrance of the Chyenne river to this place.

the timber consists principally of Cottonwood, with some small elm, ash and boxalder. the under growth on the sandbars and verge of the river is the small leafed willow; the low bottoms, rose bushes which rise to three or four feet high, the redburry, servicebury, and the redwood; the high bottoms are of two discriptions either timbered or open; the first lies next to the river and it's under brush is the same with that of the low timbered bottoms with the addition of the broaf leafed willow,

Goosbury, choke cherry, purple currant; and honeysuckle bushis; the open bottoms border on the hills, and are covered in many parts by the wild hyssop which rises to the hight of two feet. I observe that the Antelope, Buffaloe Elk and deer feed on this herb; the willow of the sandbars also furnish a favorite winter food to these anamals as well as
the growse, the Porcupine, hare, and rabbit

about 12 Olock I heard the discharge of several guns at the junction of the rivers, which announced to me the arrival of the paty with Capt Clark; I afterwards learnt that they had fired on some buffaloe which they met with at that place, and of which they killed a cow and several Calves; the latter are now fine veal.

I dispatched one of the men to Capt Clark requesting him to send up a canoe to take down the meat we had killed and our baggage to his encampmt, which was accordingly complyed with. after I had completed my observations in the evening I walked down and joined the party at their encampment on the point of land fromed by the junction of the rivers; found them all in good health, and much pleased at having arrived at this long wished for spot, and in order to add in some measure to the general pleasure which seemed to pervade our little community, we ordered a dram to be issued to each person; this soon produced the fiddle, and they spent the evening with much hilarity, singing & dancing, and seemed as perfectly to forget their past toils, as they appeared regardless of those to come.

in the evening, the man I had sent up the river this morning returned, and reported that he had ascended it about eight miles on a streight line; that he found it crooked, meandering from side to side of the valley formed by it; which is from four to five miles wide. the corrent of the river gentle, and it's bed much interrupted and broken by sandbars; at the distance of five miles he passed a large Island well covered with timber, and three miles higher a large creek falls in on the S. E. side above a high bluff in which there are several stratas of coal. the country bordering on this river as far as he could percieve, like that of the Missouri, consisted of open plains. he saw several of the bighorned animals in the couse of his walk; but there were so shy that he could not get a shoot at them; he found a large horn of one of these anamals which he brought with him.

the bed of the yellowstone river is entirely composed of sand and mud, not a stone of any kind to be seen in it near it's entrance. Capt Clark measured these rivers just above their confluence; found the bed of the Missouri 520 yards wide, the water occupying 330. it's channel deep. the yellowstone river including it's sandbar, 858 yds, of which, the water occupyed 297 yards; the depest part 12 feet; it was falling at this time & appeard to be nearly at it's summer tide.—

the Indians inform that the yellowstone river is navigable for perogues than half a day's march of a navigable part of the Missouri. it's extreem sources are adjacent to those of the Missouri, river platte, and I think probably with some of the South branch of the Columbia river

[Most of this would be from Indian information. The Yellowstone, the Gallatin and Madison forks of the Missouri, and the Snake, the greatest tributary of the Columbia, do all rise on the Yellowstone Plateau of northwest Wyoming, the closest actual approximation to the pyramidal height of land of pre-Lewis and Clark conjectural geography. The sources of the North and South Platte are in the Colorado Rockies.]

Lewis & Clark Map: 10/14/04 McKenzie County, North Dakota
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Trees

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning early we set forward and at the distance of three miles entered a low level plain country of great extent. here the river hills are low and receede a great distance from the river this low country commence on the S. side of the river

about 10 miles below our encampment of last evening. these plains are covered with a variety of herbatious plants, grass, and three speceis of shrubs specimines of which I have preserved

at the distance of twelve miles we halted near a few willows which afforded us a sufficient quantity of fuel to cook our dinner which consisted of the ballance of the dogs we had purchased yesterday evening and some jirked Elk.

we were overtaken today by several families of the natives who were traveling up the river with a number of horses; they continued with us much to our annoyance as the day was worm the roads dusty and we could not prevent their horses from crouding in and breaking our order of mach without using some acts of severity which we did not wish to commit.

after dinner we continued our march through the level plain near the river 16 Ms. and encamped about a mile below three lodges of the Wollah wollah nation, and about 7 Ms. above our encampment of the 19 of October last.

after we encamped a little Indian boy caught several chubbs with a bone which he substituted for a hook. these fish were of about 9 inches long small head large abdomen, small where the tail joined the body, the tail wide long is proportion and forked. the back and ventral fins were equadistant from the head and had each 10 bony rays, the fns next the gills nine each and that near the tail 12. the upper exceeded the under jaw, the latter is truncate at the extremity and the tonge and pallet are smooth. the colour is white on the sides and belley and a blewish brown on the back. the iris of the eye is of a silvery colour and puple black.—

we covered ourselves partially this evening from the rain by means of an old tent.


Saw a Goat and a Small wolf at a distance to day. made 28 miles

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 11/07/05 Benton County, Washington Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1818 In Florida, Andrew Jackson Sentences Two British Subjects to Death for Inciting Creek Indian Uprisings Great Britain Florida Andrew Jackson Creek Indians Law Florida Historical Society
1826 The Former Jackson County Courthouse Is Dedicated as the First House of Worship in Brownstown, Indiana Jackson County, Indiana Religion Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1840 Father Lucien Galtier Arrives in St. Peter's (Mendota), Minnesota to Organize a Catholic Church At a Location That Will Be Known As St. Paul St. Paul, Minnesota Religion Catholic Church Minnesota Historical Society
1841 Henry Thoreau Moves in with Ralph Waldo Emerson for Two Years as a Handyman Massachusetts Authors and Illustrators American Authors American Collection
1854 U.S. War Department Orders Surveys to Locate Land for Indian Reservations in Unsettled Territory U.S. Government Native American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1856 Settlers of Northern California and Nevada Form the New Territory of Natagua California Nevada Learn California
1861 Maryland Assembly Declares It Has No Constitutional Authority for Secession Maryland American Civil War State of Maryland
1863 U.S.S. Sagamore Captures the Schooner, New York, Off the Florida Tortugas Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1864 U.S.S. Union Captures the Schooner O.K. Attempting to Run a Blockade of Florida's Tampa Bay Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1865 John Wilkes Booth Is Shot and Dies in a Burning Barn John Wilkes Booth Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Notorious Americans Death The History Channel
Joe Johnston Surrenders the Army of Tennessee at Durham, North Carolina North Carolina American Civil War State of North Carolina University of Georgia
1866 The Atlanta Ladies' Memorial Association Holds Its First Confederate Memorial Observance Georgia American Civil War Memorial Day Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1869 Oregon's First Public High School Opens at Portland Portland, Oregon Education Historic Firsts
1874 The First Letter from "Pidge" Is Published in the Austin Statesman and State Gazette Austin, Texas Journalism Texas State Historical Association
1876 Colo, Iowa Is Incorporated Colo, Iowa Colo, Iowa Historical Society of Iowa
1877 Minnesota's Governor Declares This a Day of Prayer for Deliverance from Grasshopper Plague Minnesota Religion Grasshoppers Minnesota Historical Society
1881 Frederick Allen Patent's a Life Raft Patents & Trademarks Naval History U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1891 Tchaikovsky Arrives in New York City to Participate in the Opening of Carnegie Hall Tchaikovsky Carnegie Hall Classical Musicians American Public Media
1892 African-American Inventor, Sarah Boone (Connecticut), Patents an Ironing Board Connecticut Scientists and Mathematicians Patents & Trademarks Patent #473,653 African-American Scientists and Mathematicians African American Registry
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1901 Outlaw Tom "Blackjack" Ketchum Is Hanged in Clayton, New Mexico for Committing a Train Robbery Clayton, New Mexico Railroad Notorious Americans Capital Punishment Death New Mexico Magazine
1907 Methane Gas Explosion Kills Seven Coal Miners in Washington Washington Labor Death History Link
1915 Italy Signs the Treaty of London, Committing to Enter World War I on the Side of the Allies Italy European History World War I The History Channel
Boston's African-American Community Protests the Showing of Birth of a Nation Boston, Massachusetts Birth of a Nation African-American Heritage Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1923 Britain's Duke of York Marries Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) British Political and Social Leaders King George VI Historic UK
1925 Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg Is Elected President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg Jewish Virtual Library
William Faulkner Publishes "The Kingdom of God" in the New Orleans Times-Picayune William Faulkner American Authors Mississippi Writers
1927 The State Legislature Incorporates Beckley, West Virginia Beckley, West Virginia Beckley, West Virginia West Virginia Archives
1929 First Non-stop Flight from Britain Lands in India (4,130 mi. in 50 hr 48 min) India Great Britain Aviation History Aviation America (pdf)
1937 3-hour German Bombing Raid Destroys Spain's Town of Guernica Spain Nazi Germany Aviation History
1941 Chicago Cubs Are the First to Use an Organ At a Baseball Game Chicago Cubs Organs Historic Firsts Baseball Library
1942 Mine Explosion Kills 1,549 in Honkeiko Manchuria Chinese History Labor Death Pennsylvania Bureau of Mine Safety
1944 Federal Government Seizes Montgomery Ward to Support Union Contract U.S. Government Labor Business & Economics National Archives and Records Administration
1945 Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, Head of France's Vichy World War II Government, Is Arrested France World War II New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1954 World Leaders Meet in Geneva to Discuss Problems in Asia World Government Vietnam The History Channel
Nationwide Testing of Salk Polio Vaccine Begins Jonas Salk Polio March of Dimes
1957 Work Is Completed on the Jim Woodruff Dam Lake Seminole Project Near Chattahoochee, Florida Florida Dams Lake Seminole Florida Historical Society
1962 U.S. Ranger 4 Aircraft Impacts on the Far Side of the Moon Space Exploration The Moon NASA BBC
NASA Launches the Ariel 1 Satellite for International Study of the Ionosphere Space Exploration Earth Science NASA
1964 Tanganyika & Zanzibar Unite to Form Tanzania Tanzania University of Iowa
1968 PFC Milton Lee of San Antonio, Texas Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam Texas Military Figures Medal of Honor Vietnam War Death Texas State Historical Association
Members of Ohio State's Black Student Union Seize the Campus Administration Building Education African American Heritage Ohio State University (pdf)
U.S. Conducts 1 Megaton Underground Nuclear Test Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1971 U.S. Troop Strength in Vietnam Reduced to 281,400 Vietnam War The History Channel
1972 President Richard Nixon Announces the U.S. Is Reducing Vietnam Troop Strength to 49,000 Richard Nixon Vietnam War The History Channel
In Minnesota, anti-War Demonstrators Protest Honeywell's Production of Fragmentation Bombs Minnesota Propaganda Vietnam War Honeywell, Inc. Minnesota Historical Society
1984 President Reagan Arrives in China China Ronald Reagan Reagan Library The History Channel BBC
1986 An Explosion Occurs at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine Ukraine  Chernobyl
5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 6 in the Kashmir-India Border Region India Earthquake Death USGS
1990 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 126 in China's Qinghai Province China Earthquake Death USGS
1992 Worshipers Celebrate the First Russian Orthodox Easter in Moscow in 74 Years Russia Easter Concordia
Jelly's Last Jam Opens on Broadway New York City Stage & Theater Internet Broadway Database
1993 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-55) for German Spacelab Mission German Scientists and Mathematicians Space Shuttle Science NASA
1994 First Multi-Racial Elections Are Held in South Africa (Apr 26-29) South Africa Elections Historic Firsts The History Channel African American Registry
1998 Guatemalan Human Rights Activist, Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera, Is Beaten to Death Guatamalan Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Human Rights/Civil Rights Death New York Times
Historic Events that occurring 2000-2009 on this date
2000 Vermont Is the First State to Allow Same-Sex Couples to Form Civil Unions Vermont Government Civil Rights/Human Rights Historic Firsts State of Vermont
2001 Junichiro Koizumi Is Elected Prime Minister by the Lower House of Japan's Parliament Japanese Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN
2005 Syria Pulls Its Troops Out of Lebanon After 29 Years Lebanon Syria BBC
The Green Treefrog Is Officially Adopted As Georgia's State Amphibian Georgia Green Treefrog University of Georgia