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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. Who was the baseball pitcher who threw a no-hitter on this date in 1963? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. What country was admitted as the 59th member of the United Nations on this date in 1949? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to her official website, what was the title of Zilpha Keatley Snyder's first book? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a book by a Juanita Havill book (according to Houghton Mifflin):

1. What is the name of the world chess champion who was defeated by an IBM supercomputer on this date in 1997? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the Gale Group, when did Martha Graham reach the pinnacle of her success? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, to where did William Grant Still's mother move his family after his father died? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a Mari Sandoz book that begins with the letter "O" (according to the Gordon City Library):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to Artfile, in what town was Salvador Dali born?

2. According to his Nobel Foundation biography, from what university did Richard Feynman receive his Ph.D.?

3. According to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, what team did George Halas found in 1920?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a 1959 work by Camilo José Cela (according to the Authors' Calendar):
Martha Graham
Martha Graham
Born on This Date 1894



William Grant Still
William Grant Still
Born on This Date 1895

[Starkville High School]

American Composers

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali
Born on This Date 1904



Richard Feynman
Richard Feynman
Born on This Date 1918

[Stanford University]

Physics 1962 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology

Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Born on This Date 1927

[Official Website]

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Children's Authors & Illustrators
1918 Sheila Burnford (Scottish Children's Author) Scottish Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1927 Zilpha Keatley Snyder (California-born Children's Author) Zilpha Keatley Snyder Young-adult Authors
1935 Francine Jacobs (New York City-born Children's Author) New York City Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Science
1949 Juanita Havill (Indiana-born Children's Author) Juanita Havill Young-adult Authors
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1950 Jane Sutton (New York City-born Children's Author) New York City Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors
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1737 Rudolf Erich Raspe (German Author) Rudolf Erich Raspe
1896 Mari Sandoz (Nebraska-born Author of American Frontier Life) Mari Sandoz Native American Heritage Westward Expansion History Channel
1916 Camilo José Cela (Spanish-born 1989 Nobel Laureate for Literature) Camilo José Cela 1989 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1930 Edward Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados Author) Edward Kamau Brathwaite
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1751 Ralph Earl (Massachusetts-born Artist) Ralph Earl American Artists
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1895 William Grant Still (Mississippi-born African-American Composer and Conductor) William Grant Still Composers African American Composers
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1871 Frank Schlesinger (New York City-born Astronomer) New York City Scientists & Mathematicians Astronomy
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1924 Antony Hewish (English-born 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics) English Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Pulsars 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1946 Robert Jarvik (Michigan-born Inventor of the Jarvik Artificial Heart) Michigan Scientists & Inventors The Artificial Heart Inventors & Inventions
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1910 Jacqueline Cochran (Florida-born Aviator: First Woman to Fly Faster Than the Speed of Sound) Jacqueline Cochran Aviation
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1844 Samuel R. Van Sant (Illinois-born 15th Governor of Minnesota) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders
1852 Charles Warren Fairbanks (Ohio-born Vice President of the United States; Namesake of Fairbanks, Alaska) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Fairbanks, Alaska
1891 Henry, Jr. Morgenthau (New York City-born Secretary of the U.S. Treasury: 1934-45) New York City Political and Social Leaders Secretary of the Treasury President Franklin Roosevelt
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1885 Joe "King" Oliver (Louisiana-born African-American Jazz Cornetist) King Oliver Jazz African-American Performing Artists
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1911 Phil Silvers (New York City-born Comedic Actor) New York City Performing Artists Actors Television Film
1941 Eric Burdon (English Singer, Musician) English Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
1963 Natasha Richardson (English Actress) English  Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
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1686 Otto von Guericke (German Physicist) German Mathematicians and Scientists Physics
1778 William Pitt the Elder (English Statesman) English Political & Social Leaders
1812 Spencer Perceval (Prime Minister of England, Assassination) English Political and Social Leaders Greenwich Guide Chambers' Book of Days
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341 Constantinople Is Dedicated as the New Capital of the Roman Empire Roman Empire Turkey The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople Concordia
973 Edgar the Peaceful Is Crowned at Bath as King of All England English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Historic UK
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1647 Peter Stuyvesant Arrives in New Amsterdam to Become Governor Peter Stuyvesant New Netherlands University of Groningen New York Times
1682 Massachusetts Colony Repeals Its Ban on the Celebration of Christmas Massachusetts Government Massachusetts Colony Law Christmas Concordia
Massachusetts Colony Repeals Sentence of Capital Punishment of Banished Quakers Who Return to the Colony Massachusetts Government Massachusetts Colony Law Quakers Concordia
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1729 James Oglethorpe's Jails Committee Releases Its Final Report on Abuses in London's Prisons London, England Prisons University of Georgia
1776 General Washington Recommends Using German-American Troops to Combat Britain's German Mercenaries German Military Figures George Washington American Revolution History Channel
1792 American Sea Captain Robert Gray Is First Euro-American to Locate the Columbia River Rhode Island Explorers Columbia River Naval History Historic Firsts Garibali Maritime Museum History Link
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1803 Commission Is Appointed to Locate a Site for Georgia's State Capital to be Named Milledgeville Georgia Government Milledgeville, Georgia University of Georgia
Wayne, Wilkinson, and Baldwin Are Created as Georgia's 27th, 28th, and 29th Counties Georgia Government Wayne County, Georgia Wilkinson, Georgia Baldwin, Georgia University of Georgia
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Set out this morning at an early hour, the courant strong; and river very crooked; the banks are falling in very fast; I sometimes wonder that some of
our canoes or Perogues are not swallowed up by means of these immence masses of earth which are eternally precipitating themselves into the river; we have had many hair breadth escapes from them but providence seems so to have ordered it that we have as yet sustained no loss in consequence of them.

The wind blue very hard the forepart of last night but abated toward morning; it again arose in the after part of this day and retarded our progress very much.

saw today some high hills on the Stard. whose summits were covered with pine. Capt Clark went on shore and visited them; he brought with him on his return som of the boughs of this pine it is of the pitch kind but I think the leaves somewhat longer than ours in Virginia.

[Probably northeast of what is now The Pines Recreation Area, in Valley County, Montana, on the edge of Fort Peck Lake. The needles of this pine, Pinus ponderosa Laws., ponderosa pine, are indeed longer than the pitch-pine, P. rigida Mill., with which Lewis was familiar from Virginia.]

Capt C. also in his walk killed 2 Mule deer a beaver and two Buffaloe; these last he killed about 3 miles above where we encamped this evening in the expectation that we would reach that place, but we were unable to do so from
the adverse winds and other occurrences, and he came down and joined us about dark.

my attention was struck by one of the Party runing at a distance towards us and making signs and hollowing as if in distress, I ordered the perogues to put too, and waited untill he arrived; I now found that it was Bratton the man with the soar hand whom I had permitted to walk on shore, he arrived so much out of breath that it was several minutes before he could tell what had happened; at length he informed me that in the woody bottom on the Lard. side about 1½ below us he had shot a brown bear which immediately turned on him and pursued him a considerable distance but he had wounded it so badly that it could not overtake him;

I immediately turned out with seven of the party in quest of this monster, we at length found his trale and persued him about a mile by the blood through very thick brush of rosbushes and the large leafed willow; we finally found him concealed in some very thick brush and shot him through the skull with two balls; we proceeded dress him as soon as possible, we found him in good
order; it was a monstrous beast, not quite so large as that we killed a few days past but in all other rispects much the same the hair is remarkably long fine
and rich tho' he appears parshally to have discharged his winter coat; we now found that Bratton had shot him through the center of the lungs, notwithstanding which he had pursued him near half a mile and had returned more than double that distance and with his tallons had prepared himself a bed in the earth of about 2 feet deep and five long and was perfectly alive when we found him which could not have been less than 2 hours after he received the wound;

these bear being so hard to die reather intimedates us all; I must confess that I do not like the gentlemen and had reather fight two Indians than one bear; there is no other chance to conquer them by a single shot but by shooting them through the brains, and this becomes difficult in consequence of two large muscles which cover the sides of the forehead and the sharp projection of the center of the frontal bone, which is also of a pretty good thickness. the flece
and skin were as much as two men could possibly carry. by the time we
returned the sun had set and I determined to remain here all night, and directed the cooks to render the bear's oil and put it in the kegs which was done. there was about eight gallons of it.—

Lewis & Clark Map: 04/27/05 Garfield County, Montana Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Wind

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: The last evening we were much crouded with the indians in our lodge, the whole floor of which was covered with their sleeping carcases.

we arrose early and took breakfast. at 8 A. M. a cheif of great note among these people arrived from his village or lodge on the S. side of Lewis's River. this is a stout fellow of good countenance about 40 years of age and has lost the left eye. his name is Yoom-park'-kar-tim to this man we gave a medal of the smal kind. those with the likeness of Mr. Jefferson have all been disposed of except one of the largest size which we reserve for some great Cheif on the Yellow rock river.

we now pretty fully informed ourselves that Tunnachemootoolt, Neeshneparkkeeook, Yoom-parkkartim and Hohâstillpilp were the principal Cheif of the Chopunnish nation and ranked in the order here mentioned; as all those cheifs were present in our lodge we thought it a favourable time to repeat what had been said yesterday and to enter more minutely into the views of our government with rispect to the inhabitants of this western part of the continent, their intention of establishing trading houses for their releif, their wish to restore peace and harmony among the natives, the strength power and wealth of our nation &c.

to this end we drew a map of the country with a coal on a mat in their way and by the assistance of the snake boy and our interpretters were enabled to make ourselves understood by them altho' it had to pass through the French, Minnetare, Shoshone and Chopunnish languages. the interpretation being tedious it ocupyed nearly half the day before we had communicated to them what we wished. they appeared highly pleased.

after this council was over we amused ourselves with shewing them the power of magnetism, the spye glass, compass, watch, air-gun and sundry other articles equally novel and incomprehensible to them. they informed us that after we had left the Minnetares last spring that three of their people had visited that nation and that they had informed them of us and had told them that we had such things in our possession but that they could not place confidence in the information untill they had now witnessed it themselves.—

A young man, son of a conspicuous cheif among these people who was killed not long since by the Minnetares of Fort de Prarie, brought and presented us a very fine mare and colt. he said he had opened his ears to our councils and would observe them strictly, and that our words had made his heart glad. he requested that we would accept this mear and colt which he gave in token of his determination to pursue our advise.—

about 3 P. M. Drewyer arrived with 2 deer which he had killed. he informed us that the snow still continued to cover the plain.

many of the natives apply to us for medical aid which we gave them cheerfully so far as our skill and store of medicine would enable us. schrofela, [tuberculosis of the lymph glands] ulsers, rheumatism, soar eyes, and the loss of the uce of their limbs are the most common cases among them.

The Chopunnish notwithstanding they live in the crouded manner before mentioned are much more clenly in their persons and habitations than any nation we have seen since we left the Ottoes on the river Platte.—

The Twisted hair brought us six of our horses

Clark: Some little rain last night. we were Crouded in the Lodge with Indians who continued all night and this morning Great numbers were around us. The One Eyes Chief Yoom-park-kar-tim arived and we gave him a medal of the Small Size and Spoke to the Indians through a Snake boy Shabono and his wife.

In the evening a man was brought in a robe by four Indians and laid down near me. they informed me that this man was a Cheif of Considerable note who has been in the Situation I see him for 5 years. this man is incapable of moveing a single limb but lies like a corps in whatever position he is placed, yet he eats hartily, dejests his food perfectly, enjoys his under standing, his pulse are good, and has retained his flesh almost perfectly; in Short were it not that he appears a little pale from having been So long in the Shade, he might well be taken for a man in good health. I Suspect that their Confinement to a deet of roots may give rise to all the disordes of the Nativs of this quarter except the Rhumitism & Sore eyes, and to the latter of those, the State of debility incident to a vegitable diet may measureably contribute.—.

The Chopunnish not withstanding they live in the Crouded manner before mentioned are much more clenly in their persons and habitations than any nation we have Seen Sence we left the Illinois.

These nativs take their fish in the following manner to wit. a Stand Small Stage or warf consisting of Sticks and projecting about 10 feet into the river and about 3 feet above the water on the extremity of this the fisherman stands with his guig or a Skooping Net which differ but little in their form those Commonly used in our Country it is formed with those nets they take the Suckers and also the Salmon trout and I am told the Salmon also.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 04/01/06 Lewis County, Idaho Nez Percé
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1811 The First Newspaper in Alabama, The Mobile Centinel, Is Published at Fort Stoddert Alabama Media Journalism Historic Firsts Alabama Archives
1812 British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval Is Assassinated by John Bellingham in the House of Commons British Political and Social Leaders Death Greenwich Guide Chambers' Book of Days
1824 The County Seat of Greene County, Indiana Is Laid Out and Named for Bloomfield, New Jersey Bloomfield, Indiana Bloomfield, New Jersey Indiana Historical Society
1835 Delegates Gather in Detroit to Write the Michigan State Constitution Detroit, Michigan Historic U.S. Documents State of Michigan
1841 U.S. Navy Begins the First American Survey of Washington's Puget Sound Washington Naval History History Link
1846 President Polk Formally Declares War Against Mexico in Address to Congress Mexico U.S. Congress President James K. Polk Mexican-American War Yale University
1858 Minnesota Is Admitted as the 32nd State in the Union Minnesota Library of Congress Minnesota Historical Society
1864 Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart Is Mortally Wounded J.E.B. Stuart American Civil War History Channel
1865 Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America, Is Arrested Georgia Political and Social Leaders American Civil War University of Georgia
1867 European Powers Guarantee Independence & Neutrality of Duchy of Luxembourg Luxembourg European History The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
1869 The Lindbergh Colony of Swedish Immigrants Arrives in St. Paul, Minnesota and Will Eventually Settle in Sherburne County Sweden St. Paul, Minnesota Immigration Minnesota Historical Society
1871 Forrest City, Arkansas Is Incorporated Forrest City, Arkansas Forrest City, Arkansas
1880 7 Die When a California Railroad Dispute Ends in Gun Fight Between Settlers and U.S. Marshals California Railroads Death Kings County Library Learn California
1886 African-American Inventor, W. Marshall, Is Issued a Patent for a "Grain Binder" Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Farming & Agriculture African-American Inventors St. Louis Public Library
1887 The First Ten Convicts Arrive at Washington's New Walla Walla Penitentiary Spokane, Washington Prisons Washington State Penitentiary History Link
1892 15-year-old African-American Jockey, Alonzo Clayton, Rides Azra to 1st Place in the Kentucky Derby Horse Racing African-American Sports Figures The Kentucky Derby African American Registry
1893 City of Carrabelle, Florida Is Incorporated Carrabelle, Florida Carrabelle, Florida Florida Historical Society
1894 Nationwide Pullman Railway Strike Begins Railroads 1894 Pullman Strike History Channel
1898 Navy Apprentice Leonard Chadwick of Middletown, Delaware, Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor for Bravery under Fire Near Cienfuegos, Cuba Cuba Middletown, Delawsre Naval Military History Famous American Military Figures Spanish-American War State of Delaware
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1905 Florida Begins Charging a $2.00 Registration Fee for Each Automobile Florida Government Automobiles Taxes Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1907 City of Wildwood, Florida Is Incorporated Wildwood, Florida Wildwood, Florida Florida Historical Society
1910 Glacier National Park in Montana Is Established Montana Glacier National Park New York Times
Iowa's First Recorded Airplane Flight Occurs on the Burlington Golf Course Iowa Aviation Historic Firsts Historical Society of Iowa
1912 The Rex Theater Opens in Spokane, Washington Spokane, Washington Stage and Theater Film History Link
1919 Law Goes into Effect Restricting Child Labor in West Virginia West Virginia Government Law Labor Child Labor West Virginia Archives
Walter Johnson Retires 28 Consecutive Yankees: George Halas Is 0-5 Walter Johnson Baseball Hall of Fame George Halas, Professional Football Hall of Fame ESPN Sports Classic
1923 Hendry County, Florida Is Created as the State's 63rd County Hendry County, Florida Hendry County, Florida Florida Historical Society
1926 The Maxwell House "Good to the Last Drop" Trademark Is Registered Patents and Trademarks Maxwell House USPTO
1927 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Is Founded Film Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
1935 President Roosevelt Signs Executive Order 7037 Creating the Rural Electrification Administration President Franklin Roosevelt Electricity Farming and Agriculture University of Georgia
1942 Go Down, Moses, by William Faulkner, Is Published William Faulkner Literature History Channel
1943 U.S. Forces Attack to Recapture Aleutians' Attu Island from the Japanese Japan Alaska World War II National Park Service
Four Quarters by T.S. Eliot Is Published in New York T.S. Eliot American Authors American Collection
1944 Allied Forces Launch a Major Offensive in Central Italy Italy World War II The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority History Channel
1946 The First CARE Packages for Europe Arrive at Le Havre, France France European History CARE New York Times
1947 The B.F. Goodrich Co. of Akron, Ohio, Announces the Development of a Tubeless Tire Automotives Inventors and Inventions B.F. Goodrich New York Times
1949 Israel Is Admitted As the 59th Member of the United Nations Israel United Nations History Channel
The Country of Siam Changes Its Name to Thailand Thailand New York Times
The First Polaroid Camera Is Sold for $89.95 in New York City New York City Photography Polaroid Princeton University
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1951 Jay Forrester Files for Patent of Computer Core Memory Nebraska Scientists and Mathematicians Patents & Trademarks Computer Technology History IEEE Technology and Society
1953 Tornado Kills 114 People and Damages or Destroys Hundreds of Buildings in Waco, Texas Waco, Texas Tornado Death Waco, Texas Texas State Historical Association
1955 The NBA Approves Transferring the Financially Strapped Milwaukee Hawks to St. Louis Milwaukee, Wisconsin St. Louis, Missouri Basketball National Basketball Association Wisconsin Historical Society
1956 Ghana Is First Black African Nation to be Granted Independence from Britain England Ghana Africa Historic Firsts The BBC
1960 Israeli Agents Capture Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina Argentina Israel Adolf Eichmann The Holocaust PBS
The FDA Makes First Approval of a Contraceptive Drug, Searle's Enovid The Food and Drug Administrations Birth Control/Abortion Drugs and Medicine Historic Firsts PBS
1961 President Kennedy Orders More Troops to South Vietnam President John F. Kennedy Vietnam War History Channel
1962 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Four in South-Central Mexico Mexico Earthquake Death USGS
1963 Moscow Tribunal Sentences British Businessman/Spy to Eight Years Detention Great Britain Soviet Union The Cold War The BBC
Dodgers Pitcher Sandy Koufax No-hits the Giants California Sandy Koufax, Baseball Hall of Fame Baseball Almanac
1964 Construction Begins on the Toledo Bend Reservoir in Texas Texas Landmarks Dams Toledo Bend Reservoir Texas State Historical Association
1967 Britain, Denmark and Ireland Apply to Join European Economic Community England Denmark Ireland European History CNN
1970 A Peaceful Demonstration in Augusta, Georgia Turns into a Violent Race Riot with at Least 6 Deaths Augusta, Georgia Racism African-American Heritage Death University of Georgia
1971 The Daily Sketch, Britain's Oldest Tabloid, Is Published for the Last Time England Journalism The BBC
1972 San Francico Giants Trade Willie Mays to the New York Mets for a Minor League Pitcher and Cash California New York City Willie Mays, Baseball Hall of Fame Baseball Library
1973 Judge Dismisses Charges Against Daniel Ellsberg for Role in Pentagon Papers The Pentagon Papers Law & Legal Resources New York Times
1977 Tennessee Williams' Play Vieux Carré Opens at St. James Theatre, New York Tennessee Williams American Authors Internet Broadway Database Mississippi Writers
1978 European Space Agency Launches OTS 2, an Experimental Telecommunications Satellite Space Exploration Technology History European Space Agency NASA
Michigan's Margaret Ann Brewer Becomes the First Female Brigadier General in the U.S. Marine Corps Michigan Military Figures American Women in the Military Historic Firsts U.S. Marine Corps Historical Society of  Michigan (pdf)
1981 Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS Premieres at the New London Theatre, London London, England Stage & Theater American Musicals Theater History American Public Media
1985 52 Soccer Fans Die When Fire Sweeps England's Bradford Stadium England Soccer Fire Safety Death The BBC History Channel
1987 Klaus Barbie, Trial Begins in France for 177 Crimes from World War II France Klaus Barbie World War II War Crimes History Channel
1994 Nelson Mandela Names Zulu Leader & Winnie Mandela to Government Posts South Africa Nelson Mandela African National Congress
1996 Atlanta-bound ValuJet Crashes into Everglades after Miami Takeoff: 110 Die Florida Air Disasters Death CNN
1997 IBM Deep Blue Supercomputer Defeats World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Garry Kasparov Chess IBM CNN
1998 India Sets Off Three Underground Atomic Blasts: First in 24 Years India Nuclear Weapons CNN The BBC
French Mint Produces the First Euros France The Euro Historic Firsts CNN
Historic Events that have occured from 2000 to present
2003 91% of Lithuanians Vote to Join the European Union Lithuania Economics European Union National Conference on Soviet Jewry
2008 Tornadoes Kill 22 Persons in Georgia, Missouri and Oklahoma Georgia Missouri Oklahoma Tornadoes Death National Public Radio CNN