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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

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5-Minute Quests

1. Before this date in 1978 hurricanes were named for which people only? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. Who became the first African-American to pitch a major-league no-hitter on this date in 1955? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to Embracing the Child, who was responsible for Betsy Lewin's love of children's books? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a book illustrated by Betsy Lewin (according to the Children's Book Council):

1. In 2002, who became the first U.S. President to visit Cuba since its 1959 revolution? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to Agnes Scott College, for what two achievements is Florence Nightingale most remembered? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the New York Times, when the Axis troops surrendered in Africa on this date in 1943, how many of the prisoners taken were believed to be German? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a Katharine Hepburn film (according to Fact Monster):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the WebMuseum, Dante Gabriel Rossetti was the co-founder of what group of British painters and poets?

2. According to PBS, whose book motivated Dorothy Hodgkin to use x-rays to analyze crystals?

3. According to the United States Congress, from what institution did Mervyn Dymally receive his Ph.D.?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a Dante Gabriel Rossetti sonnet from The House of Life (according to Sonnet Central):

Florence Nightingale
Born on This Date 1820

[Nightingale Museum]


Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Born on This Date 1828

[Sonnet Central]

Artist Poet

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Born on This Date 1910

[Nobel Foundation]

Crystallography 1964 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

Mervyn Dymally
Born on This Date 1926

[California State Assembly]


Betsy Lewin
Born on This Date 1937

[Official Website]

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Finland: Snellman's Day
(Commemorates the birth date of J.V. Snellman: 05/12/1806)
J.V. Snellman Finnguide
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1812 Edward Lear (English Children's Author, Poet and Illustrator) Edward Lear Primary Children's Authors Young-adult Authors Poetry Artists
1935 Caroline Feller Bauer (Washington, D.C.-born Children's Author) Washington, D.C. Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors
1937 Betsy Lewin (Pennsylvania-born Children's Author and Illustrator) Betsy Lewin Primary Children's Authors Artists
1961 Jennifer Armstrong (Massachusetts-born Poet and Children's Author) Jennifer Armstrong Young-adult Authors Poetry
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1907 Leslie Charteris (English Novelist) English Authors
1921 Farley Mowat (Canadian Author) Farley Mowat
1936 Frank Stella (Massachusetts-born Author) Frank Stella Birds
1939 Rosellen Brown (Pennsylvania-born Novelist and Poet) Rosellen Brown
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1828 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (English Artist and Poet) Dante Gabriel Rossetti Artists Poetry
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1842 Jules Massenet (French Composer Best Known for His Operas) Jules Massenet Composers Opera
1845 Gabriel Fauré (French Composer, Organist) Gabriel Fauré Composers Organ
1883 Hazel Harrison (Indiana-born Classical Pianist) Indiana Performing Artists Classical Musicians African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1941 Anthony Newman (Los Angeles-born Composer, Harpsichordist, Organist) Los Angeles Composers American Composers Organs
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1874 Baron Clemens von Pirquet (Austrian Physician; Devised a Skin Test for Tuberculosis) Austrian Scientists and Mathematicians Tuberculosis
1906 William Maurice Ewing (Texas-born Geophysicist and Oceanographer) Texas Scientists and Mathematicians Oceanography Geology Earthquakes
1910 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (English-born 1964 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Crystallography 1964 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
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1880 Lincoln Ellsworth (Chicago-born Antarctic Explorer, Engineer and Scientist) Antarctica Chicago
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1830 Orrin Henry Ingram (Massachusetts-born Wisconsin Lumberman) Massachusetts Business Leaders Wisconsin Business Leaders Trees Business Wisconsin Historical Society
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1804 Robert Baldwin (Canadian Statesman) Canadian Political and Social Leaders
1806 J.V. Snellman (Finnish Journalist, Statesman, Nationalist) J.V. Snellman
James Shields (Irish-American U.S. Senator for 3 Different States: Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri) Irish Political and Social Leaders Illinois Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Missouri Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1820 Florence Nightingale (English Humanitarian, Medical Pioneer and Statistician) Florence Nightingale Medicine Statistics Crimean War
1850 Henry Cabot Lodge ( Massachusetts-born Statesman, Historian) Henry Cabot Lodge U.S. Congress Treaty of Versailles Library of Congress
1926 Mervyn M. Dymally (Trinidad-born African-American Congressman) Mervyn M. Dymally California Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress African American Political and Social Leaders
1952 Shepherd Mdladlana (South African Minister of Labour and a Member of the Communist Party) South African Political and Social Leaders Labor South African History
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1918 Julius Rosenberg (New York City-born Engineer Convicted and Executed with His Wife as a Spy) Julius Rosenberg Notorious Americans The Cold War
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1909 Katharine Hepburn (Connecticut-born Academy-Award-Winning Actress) Katharine Hepburn Actors Film Academy Award
1929 Burt Bacharach (Missouri-born Popular Songwriter) Burt Bacharach American Composers Popular Music
1936 Tom Snyder (Wisconsin-born Television Talk Show Host) Wisconsin Performing Artists Television Wisconsin Historical Society
1937 George Carlin (New York City-born Comedian, Actor) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Television
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1925 Yogi Berra (Missouri-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Yogi Berra Baseball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1003 Pope Sylvester II (French-born Pope of the Catholic Church) French Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Concordia
1012 Pope Sergius IV (Catholic Pope) Catholic Popes Concordia
1871 Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber (French Composer Operas) French Composers Composers Opera
1884 Bedrich Smetana (Czech Composer Operas) Bedrich Smetana Composers Opera
1908 Melosio Morales (Mexican Composer) Mexican Composers Composers
1935 Józef Pilsudski (Polish Social and Military Leader) Poland Józef Pilsudski Institute of America
1967 John Masefield (English Poet Laureate) English Authors Poetry
1981 Benjamin Sheares (President of Singapore) Singapore
Francis Hughes (Member of the Irish Republican Army, Died on a Hunger Strike in Prison) British Political and Social Leaders Northern Ireland Prison BBC
1994 John Smith (Leader of Britain's Labour Party) British Political and Social Leaders BBC
2003 Walter Sisulu (South African Anti-Apartheid Leader) Walter Sisulu Human Rights BBC
2008 Robert Rauschenberg (Texas-born Artist) Robert Rauschenberg American Artists
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1300s that Occurred on this Date
1310 In Paris Fifty-four Knights Templar Are Burned Alive Paris, France Knights Templar Capital Punishment Death Concordia
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1521 England's King Henry VIII Burns the Writings of Martin Luther in Front of London's St. Paul's Cathedral London, England King Henry VIII Martin Luther Religion Concordia
1531 Switzerland's Protestant Cantons Blockade the Country's Five Romanist Cantons Switzerland Religion Concordia
1552 The Dominicans in Peru Create the University of Lima by Royal Decree Peru Education Education Concordia
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1740 James Oglethorpe's Invasion Force of Spanish Florida Attacked Fort Diego and the Garrison's 48 Defenders Surrender James Oglethorpe Spain Georgia Florida Colonial America Forts University of Georgia Georgia Historical Society
1780 Charleston, South Carolina Falls to the British after a 6-week Siege Great Britain Charleston, South Carolina The American Revolution History Channel
1781 The Chippewa Sell Mackinac Island to the British Great Britain Mackinac Island Chippewa Mackinac Island State of Michigan
1790 James Iredell Is Sworn in as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court English Political and Social Leaders President George Washington U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1791 President George Washington Arrives in Georgia for a 4-day Visit Georgia President George Washington American Presidency University of Georgia Georgia Historical Society
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Set out at an early hour, the weather clear and Calm; I walked on shore this morning for the benifit of exersize which I much wanted, and also to examine the country and it's productions, in these excurtions I most generally went alone armed with my rifle and espontoon; thus equiped I feel myself more than an equal match for a brown bear provided I get him in open woods or near the water, but feel myself a little diffident with respect to an attack in the open plains, I have therefore come to a resolution to act on the defencive only, should I meet these gentlemen in the open country.

[A spontoon, or espontoon, was a spear, six feet or more in length, with a wooden shaft and metal blade, still in use in the late eighteenth century as a symbol of authority for infantry officers. Lewis must have considered it a useful implement to have carried it with him on the expedition. At various times it was used as weapon, walking staff, and rifle support.]

I ascended the hills and had a view of a rough and broken country on both sides of the river; in the little ravines. the choke cherry grows here in the hollows and at the heads of the gullies; the choke Cherry has been in blume since the ninth inst. this growth has freequently made it's appearance on the Missouri it bears a fruit which much resembles the wild cherry in form and colour tho' larger and better flavoured; it's fruit ripens about the begining of July and continues on the trees untill the latter end of September— The Indians of the Missouri make great uce of this cherry which they prepare for food in various ways, sometimes eating when first plucked from the trees or in that state pounding them and mashing the seed boiling them with roots or meat the bear and many birds also feed on these burries.

about 12 OClock the wind veered about to the N. W. and blew so hard that we were obliged to Ly by the ballance of the day. we saw great quantities of game as usual. the bottom lands still becomeing narrower.

Lewis & Clark Map: 04/27/05 Garfield County, Montana Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Wind

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning a great number of indians collected about us as usual. we took an early breakfast and Capt. C began to administer eyewater to a croud of at least 50 applicants.

The Indians held a council among themselves this morning with rispect to the subjects on which we had spoken to them yesterday. the result as we learnt was favourable. they placed confidence in the information they had received and resolved to pusue our advise. after this council was over the principal Cheif or the broken Arm, took the flour of the roots of cows and thickened the soope in the kettles and baskets of all his people, this being ended he made a harangue the purport of which was making known the deliberations of their council and impressing the necessity of unanimity among them and a strict attention to the resolutions which had been agreed on in councill; he concluded by inviting all such men as had resolved to abide by the decrees of the council to come and eat and requested such as would not be so bound to shew themselves by not partaking of the feast. I was told by one of our men who was present, that there was not a dissenting voice on this great national question, but all swallowed their objections if any they had, very cheerfully with their mush. during the time of this loud and animated harangue of the Cheif

the women cryed wrung their hands, toar their hair and appeared to be in the utmost distress.

after this cerimony was over the Cheifs and considerate men came in a body to where we were seated at a little distance from our tent, and two young men at the instance of the nation, presented us each with a fine horse. we caused the cheifs to be seated and gave them each a flag a pound of powder and fifty balls. we also gave powder and ball to the two young men who had presented the horses. Neeshneeparkkeeook gave Drewyer a good horse.

The band of Ten-nach-e-moo-toolt have six guns which they acquired from the Minnetaries and appear anxious to obtain arms and amunition. after they had received those presents

the Cheifs requested we would retire to the tent whither they accompanied us, they now informed us that they wished to give an answer to what we had said to them the preceeding day, but also informed us that there were many of their people waiting in great pain at that moment for the aid of our medecine. it was agreed between Capt. C and myself that he should attend the sick as he was their favorite phisician while I would here and answer the Cheifs.

The father of Hohâstillpilp was the orrator on this occasion. he observed that they had listened with attention to our advise and that the whole nation was resolved to follow it, that they had only one heart and one tongue on this subject. he said they were fully sensible of the advantages of peace and that the ardent desire which they had to cultivate peace with their neighbours had induced his nation early last summer to send a pipe by 3 of their brave men to the Shoshonees on the S. side of Lewis's river in the Plains of Columbia, that these people had murdered these men, which had given rise to the war expedition against that nation last fall; that their warriors had fallen in with the shoshonees at that time and had killed 42 of them with the loss of 3 only on their part; that this had satisfyed the blood of their disceased friends and that they would never again make war against the Shoshonees, but were willing to receive them as friends. that they valued the lives of their young men too much to wish them to be engaged in war.

That as we had not yet seen the black foot Indians and the Minnetares of Fort de Prarie they did not think it safe to venture over to the Plains of the Missouri, where they would fondly go provided those nations would not kill them. that when we had established our forts on the Missouri as we had promised, they would come over and trade for arms Amunition &c. and live about us. that it would give them much pleasure to be at peace with these nations altho' they had shed much of their blood.

he said that the whitemen might be assured of their warmest attatchment and that they would alwas give them every assistance in their power; that they were poor but their hearts were good. he said that some of their young men would go over with us to the Missouri and bring them the news as we wished, and that if we could make a peace between themselves and their enimies on the other side of the mountain their nation would go over to the Missouri in the latter end of the summer.

on the subject of one of their cheifs accompanying us to the Land of the whitemen they could not yet determine, but that they would let us know before we left them. that the snow was yet so deep in the mountain if we attempted to pass we would certainly perish, and advised us to remain untill after the next full moon when the said the snow would disappear and we could find grass for our horses.—

when the oald man had concluded I again spoke to them at some length with which they appeared highly gratifyed. after smoking the pipe which was about 2 P. M. they gave us another fat horse to kill which was thankfully received by the party.

Capt. C now joined us having just made an end of his medical distrabution. we gave a phiol of eyewater to the Broken Arm, and requested that he would wash the eyes of such as might apply for that purpose, and that when it was exhausted we would replenish the phiol. he was much pleased with this present.

we now gave the Twisted hair one gun and a hundred balls and 2 lbs. of powder in part for his attention to our horses and promised the other gun and a similar quantity of powder and lead when we received the ballance of our horses. this gun we had purchased of the indians below for 2 Elkskins.

this evening three other of our original stock of horses were produced, they were in fine order as well as those received yesterday. we have now six horses out only, as our old guide Toby and his son each took a horse of ours when they returned last fall. these horses are said to be on the opposite side of the river at no great distance from this place. we gave the young men who had delivered us the two horses this morning some ribbon, blue wampum and vermillion, one of them gave me a hansome pare of legings and the Broken Arm gave Capt. C his shirt, in return for which we gave him a linin shirt.—

we informed the indians of our wish to pass the river and form a camp at some proper place to fish, hunt, and graize our horses untill the snows of the mountains would permit us to pass. they recommended a position a few miles distant from hence on the opposite side of the river, but informed us that there was no canoe at this place by means of which we could pass our baggage over the river, but promised to send a man early in the morning for one which they said would meet us at the river by noon the next day.

The indians formed themselves this evening into two large parties and began to gamble for their beads and other ornaments. the game at which they played was that of hiding a stick in their hands which they frequently changed acompanying their opperations with a song. this game seems common to all the nations in this country, and dose not differ from that before discribed of the Shoshonees on the S. E. branch of Lewis's river.

we are anxious to procure some guides to accompany us on the different routs we mean to take from Travellers rest; for this purpose we have turned our attention to the Twisted hair who has several sons grown who are well acquainted as well as himself with the various roads in those mountains. we invited the old fellow to remove his family and live near us while we remained; he appeared gratifyed with this expression of our confidence and promissed to do so.— shot at a mark with the indians, struck the mark with 2 balls. distn. 220 yds.

Clark: a fine Morning great number of Indians flock about us as usial.

after brackfast I began to administer eye water and in a fiew minits had near 40 applicants with Sore eyes, and many others with other Complaints most Common Rhumatic disorders & weaknesses in the back and loins perticularly the womin.

the Indians had a grand council this morning after which we were presented each with a horse by two young men at the instance of the nation. we caused the chiefs to be Seated and gave then each a flag a pint of Powder and 50 balls to the two young men who had presented the horses we also gave powder and ball. The broken arm or Tun na che mootoolt pulled off his leather Shirt and gave me. I in return gave him a Shirt.

we retired into the Lodge and the natives Spoke to the following purpote, i e they had listened to our advice and that the whole nation were deturmined to follow it, that they had only one heart and one tongue on this Subject. explained the Cause of the War with the Shoshonees. they wished to be a peace with all nations & Some of their Men would accompany us to the Missouri &c. &c. as a great number of men women & Children were wateing and requesting medical assistance maney of them with the most Simple Complaints which Could be easily releived, independent of maney with disorders intirely out of the power of Medison all requesting Some thing, we agreed that I Should administer and Capt L—to here and answer the Indians.

I was closely employed until 12 P. M. administering eye water to about 40 grown persons. Some Simple Cooling Medicenes to the disabled Chief, to Several women with rhumatic effections & a man who had a Swelled hip &c. &c—.

The Cut nose made a present of a horse to Drewyer at the Same time the two horses were offered to Capt. Lewis & my self. The horses of those people are large well formed and active. Generally in fine order. Sore backs Caused by rideing them either with out Saddles, or with pads which does not prevent the wate of the rider pressing imedeately on the back bone, and weathers of the horse.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 04/01/06 Lewis County, Idaho Nez Percé
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1809 British Out Maneuver French at Oporto, Forcing Their Retreat from Portugal Great Britain France Portugal The Peninsular War
1836 Philip P. Barbour Is Sworn in as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Virginia Political and Social Leaders President Andrew jackson U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1843 In Wisconsin, the First Recorded Session of the Crawford County Court Is Held in Prairie du Chien Crawford County, Wisconsin Law Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1848 In San Francisco, Owner of the General Store at Sutter's Mill Announces the Finding of Gold at the Mill San Francicso, California Gold California Gold Rush Learn California
1855 Seattle's Methodist Episcopal Congregation Dedicates the City's First Church and Cemetery Seattle, Washington Religion Historic Firsts History Link
1861 President Lincoln Orders the Blockade of Ports at Beaufort, N.C., Port Royal, S.C., and New Orleans North Carolina South Carolina New Orleans President Abraham Lincoln The American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Julia Ward Howe's "Battle Hymn of the Republic," Is First Performed at Fort Warren, Massachusetts Massachusetts The American Civil War Julia Ward Howe Historic Firsts Concordia
1862 Slave Crew Steals Confederate Warship Planter and Surrender It to the Union The American Civil War African-American History George Mason University African American Registry
1863 President Lincoln Receives Confirmation of the Death of Stonewall Jackson Stonewall Jackson President Abraham Lincoln Civil War Lincoln Papers
1864 Union Forces Attack the Center of Confederate Lines at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia Virginia Spotsylvania The History Channel University of Georgia Georgia Historical Society
In Georgia, Sherman's Troops March Southward to Resaca Georgia Sherman's March University of Georgia Georgia Historical Society
U.S.S. Beauregard Captures the British Sloop Resolute Anchored off Cape Canaveral, Florida Cape Canaveral, Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Cape Canaveral, Florida Florida Historical Society
1865 Confederate Gunboat Spray Is Surrendered to Federal Authorities at Florida's Fort Ward Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1870 Manitoba Act Receives Royal Assent Establishing Canada's 5th Province Canada Canadian Encyclopedia New York Times
1887 Osceola Is Created as Florida's 40th County Osceola County, Florida Osceola County, Florida Florida Historical Society
1888 Yale's Charles Sherrill Is First to Use the Crouching Start in Track and Field Track and Field Historic Firsts Yale University City of New Haven
1889 A Seattle Mother of Two Is the City's First Streetcar Fatality Seattle, Washington Transportation Death Historic Firsts History Link
1892 The New Mexico Territorial Capitol Building in Santa Fe Is Destroyed by Fire Santa Fe, New Mexico Fire New Mexico Magazine
1898 Dr. Charles C. Georgeson Arrives in Sitka to Begin the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Experiment Station Program in Alaska Sitka, Alaska Farming & Agriculture USDA Alaska Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1902 Union Chief, John Mitchell, Calls for a Strike of the United Mine Workers Labor Strikes Business United Mine Workers The History Channel
1903 President Theodore Roosevelt Pays Official Visit to the City of San Francisco San Francisco Theodore Roosevelt Library of Congress The History Channel
University of Texas Anthem, "Eyes of Texas," Is First Sung Texas Popular Music Historic Firsts University of Texas Texas State Historical Association
1911 The Wolverine Transcontinental Autocar Completes a 6-day Trip From San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon San Francisco, California Portland, Oregon Automotives
1912 The United States Battleship, Florida, Is Launched Florida Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1913 Martin Block Coal Co. of Numa, Iowa Produces a 2,445 Pound Block of Coal Numa, Iowa Business State Historical Society of Iowa
1914 West Virginia Supreme Court Rules Marriage Is Not Grounds for Removing a Female Teacher from Her Position. West Virginia Education Education Women Law West Virginia Archives
1918 Germany and Austria-Hungary Sign Pact to Exploit Ukraine Ukraine Germany Austria Hungary European History The History Channel
1926 Roald Amundsen, Umberto Nobile, Lincoln Ellsworth Cross North Pole in Airship Roald Amundsen The Arctic Aviation History Century of  Flight
Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Leads Successful Coup Against Polish Government Poland Józef Pilsudski Institute of America
Britain's Trades Union Congress Ends Its 9-day General Strike That Brought the Nation to a Standstill Great Britain Labor Strikes Historic UK
1930 Chicago's Adler Planetarium Opens as First Planetarium in Western Hemisphere Chicago Astronomy Historic Firsts Adler Planetarium
Georgia-born Poet and Writer Conrad Aiken Is Chosen for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Georgia Authors Poetry 1930 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
1932 Body of Kidnapped Lindbergh Baby Found in Wooded Area of Hopewell, N.J Charles and Anne Lindbergh Crime The FBI New York Times Court TV
1937 George VI Is Crowned King of England in London's Westminster Abbey England George VI Museum of London New York Times
1941 Hitler Provides Bombers to Support Iraq's Revolt Against the British Iraq Great Britain Nazi Germany Aviation Military  History World History The History Channel
1942 Construction Begins on a German Prisoner of War Camp In Northeastern Walker County, Texas Nazi Germany Walker County, Texas World War II Prisoners of War Texas State Historical Association
1943 German General von Arnim, Surrenders All Axis Troops in North Africa Africa Nazi Germany World War II New York Times
1949 The Soviet Union Announces an End to Its 11-month Berlin Blockade Germany Soviet Union The Cold War The History Channel
Middletown, Delaware Residents Vote 337-114 to Allow Sunday Movies Middletown, Delaware Religion Film Law State of Delaware
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1955 Cubs' Sam Jones Is First African American to Throw a Major League No-hitter Baseball African-American History Historic Firsts African American Registry
New York City's Last Elevated Subway Train Is Shut Down New York City Transportation New York State Historical Society
1958 USSR Launches Sputnik III Soviet Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1959 75-mph Winds Block Out the Sun by Blowing Thick Clouds of Dust Across Northern Minnesota Minnesota Wind Minnesota Historical Society
1961 Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Meets with South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in Saigon Ngo Dinh Diem Lyndon Johnson John F. Kennedy Vietnam War The History Channel
1962 France and West African States Establish the West African Monetary Union Africa France Economics Central Bank of the West African States
1964 Barbra Streisand Receives Grammy for Best Female Vocalist Barbra Streisand Popular Musicians The Grammys The History Channel
1965 West Germany and Israel Exchange Letters Establishing Diplomatic Relations Germany Israel The Holocaust World History Jewish Virtual Library New York Times
1967 Stansted to Become London's Third Airport London, England Aviation History Stansted Airport BBC
1970 Senate Unanimously Confirms Harry A. Blackmun as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun United States Supreme Court The Supreme Court Historical Society New York Times
In Augusta, Georgia, National Guard Units Are Mobilized to End a Race Riot That Had Broken Out the Night Before Augusta, Georgia Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Heritage Georgia National Guard Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
Ernie Banks Hits Career Homerun 500 Texas Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures New York Times
1971 Mick Jagger Marries Bianca Perez Morena de Macias in St Tropez The Rolling Stones Popular Music BBC
6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Occurs 220 Miles Southwest of Ankara, Turkey Ankara, Turkey Earthquakes Death USGS
1975 U.S. Coral Sea Enters Gulf of Thailand after Cambodia Seizes U.S. Ship Thailand Cambodia President Gerald Ford Naval Military History The History Channel
1976 In Cobb and Dekalb Counties Georgia, United States Secret Service Agents Seize Approximately $1M in Counterfeit Currency and the Plates Georgia U.S. Secret Service Currency Crime Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
1978 U.S. Will No Longer Name Hurricanes Just for Women U.S. Government Hurricanes Women Writer's Almanac
1980 The First Successful Transcontinental Balloon Crossing Is Completed in Quebec The United States Canada Aviation History Historic Firsts TV News Archive
1981 IRA Member, Francis Hughes, Dies While on a Hunger Strike in Maze Prison British Political and Social Leaders Northern Ireland Prison Death BBC
1982 In Fatima, Portugal, Security Guards Overpower a Spanish Priest Planning to Stab Pope John Paul II Fatima, Portugal Pope John Paul II Religion New York Times
1985 30-year-old Amy Eilberg Is Ordained as the First Jewish Conservative Female Rabbi in America Pennyslvania Political and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders Judaism Historic Firsts Concordia
1991 Moderate Nepali Congress Wins Nepal's First Multiparty Elections in 32 Years Nepal Elections and Voting Nepali Congress Party
1996 Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa Confirms His Resignation as African National Congress Secretary-General South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1997 India & Pakistan Agree to Work to Resolve All Outstanding Issues India Pakistan Pakistan Alert Network
Russia and Chechnya Agree to End 400-year Conflict Russia CNN
Historic Events that occurred on this date from 2000 - present
2000 Ford Confirms It Is Moving Its British Production Works to Spain and Germany British Business Spain Germany Ford BBC
2002 Jimmy Carter Is First Sitting or Former President to Visit Cuba Since 1959 Revolution Cuba Jimmy Carter CBS News
2008 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 60,000+ in Eastern Sichuan China, Leaving 5M Homeless China Earthquakes Death USGS CNN