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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. What was the first year that Peace Officer Memorial Day was celebrated in the United States? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. The cornerstone for the Cologne Cathedral was laid on this date in 1248. In which country is the Cologne Cathedral located? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the Library of Congress, in what year was the Wizard of Oz first performed on stage? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name a children's author born on this date:

1. In what year was the establishment of the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved by President Lincoln on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the Museum of Modern Art, what was the name of the gallery that hosted Jasper John's first solo exhibition in January 1958? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Texas State Historical Association, what was Katherine Anne Porter's given name at birth? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a book by Paul Zindel (according to his Scholastic booklist):

(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to his Nobel Foundation biography, in what year did Pierre Curie obtain his Doctor of Science degree?

2. According to the office of the U.S. Secretary of State, on what date was Madeline Albright sworn in as the 64th U.S. Secretary of State?

3. According to Author's Calendar, Katherine Anne Porter is a descendant of what legendary pioneer and explorer?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by Jasper Johns (according to Artcyclopedia):

L. Frank Baum
Born on This Date 1856

[Library of Congress]

Author of the Wizard of Oz

Pierre Curie
Born on This Date 1859

[Musee Curie]

Co-discover of CuriumCo-discover of Polonium1903 Nobel Laureate for Physics

Katherine Anne Porter
Born on This Date 1890

[California State Stanislaus]


Jasper Johns
Born on This Date 1930


American Artist

Alvin F. Poussaint
Born on This Date 1934

[Harvard University]

Social Psychologist

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United Nations: International Day of Families
(Observed since May 15, 1994 by General Assembly proclamation)
The United Nations The United Nations Family Unit
Japan: Festival of Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Festival)
Japan Botany Ajinomoto
Mexico: Teachers' Day
(Observed on this Date since 1918)
Mexico Mexico Connect
Mexico, Spain, Peru: San Isidro Day
(St. Isidro the Plowman)
Mexico Spain Peru Catholicism U.S. Department of State
Paraguay: Independence Day
(Commemorates the overthrow of Spanish governor: 05/15/1811)
Paraguay Spain U.S. Embassy Paraguay
United States: Peace Officer Memorial Day
(Observed since 1962)
United States Law Enforcement Official Website U.S. Presidential Proclamations
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1856 L. Frank Baum (New York-born Author of "The Wizard of Oz") L. Frank Baum Author of the Wizard of Oz
1891 Florence Crannell Means (New York-born Children's Author) New York Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1893 Constance Buel Burnett (New York City-born Children's Author) New York City Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1906 Ellen MacGregor (Maryland-born Children's Author) Maryland Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1931 Norma Fox Mazer (New York-born Children's Author) New York Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1935 Richard Lewis (New York City-born Poet and Children's Author) New York City Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors Poetry
1936 Paul Zindel (New York City-born Playwright and Children's Author) Paul Zindel Young-adult Authors Plays
1938 Nancy Garden (Massachusetts-born Children's Author) Massachusetts Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1950 G. Clifton Wisler (Oklahoma-born Children's Author) Oklahoma Authors and Illustrators Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1803 Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (English Novelist) English Authors
1862 Arthur Schnitzler (Austrian Playwright and Novelist) Austria Plays
1887 Edwin Muir (Scottish Poet, Literary Critic and Translator) Scottish Writers Poetry
1890 Katherine Anne Porter (Texas-born Short Story Writer and Novelist) Katherine Anne Porter
1904 Clifton Fadiman (New York City-born Author and Editor) New York City Authors
1911 Max Frisch (Swiss Author) Swiss Authors
1926 Anthony & Peter Shaffer (English Playwrights) British Authors Plays
1930 María Irene Fornés (Cuban-American Playwright) María Irene Fornés Plays Latin-American Authors
1947 Wyatt Prunty (Tennessee-born Poet) Tennessee Authors Poetry
Artists, Designers and Architects
1923 Richard Avedon (New York-born Photographer) New York Artists and Photographers Photography
1930 Jasper Johns (South Carolina-born Artist) Jasper Johns American Artists
Songwriters, Classical Composers, Conductors and Performing Artists
1941 Richard Wilson (Ohio-born Pianist, Composer) Ohio Composers Classical Musicians American Composers
Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1821 Johann Josef Loschmidt (German Organic Chemist) German Scientists and Mathematicians Organic Chemistry
1845 Elie Metchnikoff (Russian Zoologist, Microbiologist; 1908 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Russian Scientists Biology 1908 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
1859 Pierre Curie (French Chemist; Husband of Marie Curie; 1903 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Pierre Curie Polonium Curium 1903 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1899 William Hume-Rothery (English-born Founder of Metallurgy) English Scientists Metals
1915 Paul Samuelson (Indiana-born 1970 Nobel Laureate for Economics) Paul Samuelson Economists 1970 Nobel Laureate for Economics
1934 Alvin Francis Poussaint (New York City-born African-American Psychiatrist, Educator, Author) Alvin Francis Poussaint Bill Cosby Mental Health Psychology Child Advocacy African-American Studies
Political and Social Leaders
1773 Clemens Von Metternich (Austrian Statesman; Minister of Foreign Affairs) Austria
1817 Debendranath Tagore (Indian Hindu Philosopher, Religious Reformer) India Hinduism Philosophy
1841 James Berry (Alabama-born Governor of Arkansas) Alabama Political and Social Leaders Arkansas Political and Social Leaders Arkansas History Commission
1860 Ellen Louise Axson (Georgia-born Wife of President Woodrow Wilson) Georgia Political and Social Leaders President Woodrow Wilson The White House University of Georgia
1898 Richard Leche (Governor of Louisiana: 1936-1939) New Orleans Political and Social Leaders Politics Louisiana Secretary of State
1902 Richard Daley (Mayor of Chicago) Chicago Political and Social Leaders Politics New York Times
1916 Catherine East (West Virginia-born Women's Rights Advocate) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Women Human Rights/Civil Rights
1919 Mary Eugenia Charles (Prime Minister of Dominica: 1980-1995) Dominican Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1920 Lynn Ellsworth Stalbaum (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1925 Carl Sanders (Governor of Georgia) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Politics University of Georgia
1937 Madeleine Albright (Czech-American Stateswoman; First Female U.S. Secretary of State) Madeleine Albright President Bill Clinton U.S. Secretary of State
1938 William A. Steiger (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
Performing Artists
1905 Joseph Cotten (Virginia-born Actor) Virginia Performing Artists Actors Film
1909 James Mason (English Actor) English Performing Artists Actors Film
1910 Constance Cummings (Washington-born Actress) Washington Performing Artists Actors
1918 Eddy Arnold (Tennessee-born Country Singer) Tennessee Performing Artists Country Musicians
1936 Anna Maria Alberghetti (Italian Actress) Italian Performing Artists Actors Film
1937 Trini López (Texas-born Singer) Texas Performing Artists Popular Musicians Latin-American Studies
1940 Laini Kazan (New York-born Singer, Actress) New York Performing Artists Actors Film
1948 Brian Eno (English Musician, Songwriter) English Performing Artists
1955 Lee Horsley (Texas-born Actor) Texas Performing Artists Actors Film
1972 David Faranck Charvet (French Actor) French Performing Artists Actors
1981 Leigh Ann Orsi (California-born Actress) California Performing Artists Actors
Sports Figures
1914 Tenzing Norgay (Nepalese Sherpa Mountaineer Who Ascended Mt. Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953) Nepal Climbing Mount Everest
1935 Ted Dexter (English Cricket Legend) English Sports Figures Cricket Cricinfo
1953 George Brett (West Virginia-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) West Virginia Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame
1967 John Smoltz (Michigan-born Major League Baseball Player) Michigan Sports Baseball University of Georgia
1969 Emmitt Smith (Florida-born African American Professional Football Player) Florida Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures
1978 Amy Chow (California-born Asian-American Gymnast) California Sports Figures Gymnastics Asian American Studies
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1886 Emily Dickinson (Massachusetts-born Poet) Emily Dickinson Poetry
1926 Albert Waller Gilchrist (20th Governor of Florida: 1909-1913) Florida Political and Social Leaders Politics Florida Historical Society
1948 Father Edward Flanagan, (Irish Immigrant Who Founded Girls and Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska) Irish Political and Social Leaders Omaha, Nebraska Catholicism Girls and Boys Town Concordia
1967 Edward Hopper (New York-born Artist) Edward Hopper American Artists
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historic Events of the 1200s that Occurred on this Date
1248 The Cornerstone for Cologne Cathedral Is Laid Germany Cathedrals Cologne Cathedral Concordia
Historic Events of the 1500s that Occurred on this Date
1567 Mary Queen of Scots Marries Bothwell in Edinburgh Scottish Political and Social Leaders Mary Queen of Scots Historic UK
Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1602 England's Bartholomew Gosnold Names Cape Cod English Explorers Massachusetts North American Explorers Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1618 Johannes Kepler Proves His Third Law Relating the Periods of Planetary Orbits to Their Radii Johannes Kepler The Solar System Physics University of St. Andrews
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1702 War of Spanish Succession Begins with England Declaring War on France England France War University of Wisconsin
1755 The Family of Tomás Sánchez de la Barrera y Garza Founds Laredo, Texas Laredo, Texas Hispanic Heritage Laredo, Texas Texas State Historical Society
1781 Patriots Capture Fort Granby, South Carolina From British Loyalist Forces South Carolina American Revolution History Channel
1791 President George Washington Leaves Savannah, Georgia to Visit Augusta Georgia President George Washington University of Georgia
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1800 President John Adams Orders the Federal Government to Make the Move to Washington, D.C U.S. Government Washington, D.C. Philadelphia President John Adams History Channel
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning early Reubin Fields in surching for his horse saw a large bear at no great distance from camp; several men went in pursuit of the bear, they followed his trail a considerable distance but could not come up with

Labuish and Shannon set out with a view to establish a hunting camp and continuing several days, two others accompanyed them in order to bring in the three bear which Labuish had killed. Drewyer and Cruzatte were sent up
the river;

Sheilds R. Feilds and Willard hunted in the hills near the camp they returned in the evening with a few pheasants only and reported that there was much late appearance of bear, but beleived that they had gone off to a greater distance.

at 11 A. M. the men returned with the bear which Labuich had killed. These bear gave me a stronger evidence of the various coloured bear of this country being one speceis only, than any I have heretofore had. The female was black with a considerable proportion of white hairs intermixed and a white spot on the breast, one of the young bear was jut black and the other of a light redish brown or bey colour. the poil of these bear were infinitely longer finer and thicker than the black bear their tallons also longer and more blont as if woarn by diging roots. the white and redish brown or bey coloured bear I saw together on the Missouri; the bey and grizly have been seen and killed together here for
these were the colours of those which Collins killed yesterday.

in short it is not common to find two bear here of this speceis precisely of the same colour, and if we were to attempt to distinguish them by their collours and to denominate each colour a distinct speceis we should find at least twenty. some bear nearly white have also been seen by our hunters at this place. the most striking differences between this speceis of bear and the common block bear are that the former are larger, have longer tallons and tusks, prey more on other animals, do not lie so long nor so closely in winter quarters, and will not climb a tree tho' eversoheardly pressed.

the variagated bear I beleive to be the same here with those on the missouri but these are not as ferocious as those perhaps from the circumstance of their being compelled from the scarcity of game in this quarter to live more on
roots and of course not so much in the habit of seizing and devouring living animals. the bear here are far from being as passive as the common black bear they have attacked and faught our hunters already but not so fiercely as those of the Missouri. there are also some of the common black bear in this neighbourhood.

Frazier, J. Fields and Wiser complain of violent pains in their heads, and Howard and York are afflicted with the cholic. I attribute these complaints to their diet of roots which they have not been accustomed.

Tunnachemootoolt and 12 of his young men left us this morning on their return to their village. Hohâstillpilp and three old men remained untill 5 in the evening when they also departed.

at 1 P. M. a party of 14 natives on horseback passed our camp on a hunting excurtion; they were armed with bows
and arrows and had decoys for the deer these are the skins of the heads and upper portions of the necks of the deer extended in their natural shape by means of a fraim of little sticks placed within. the hunter when he sees a deer conceals himself and with his hand gives to the decoy the action of a deer at feed; and thus induces the deer within arrowshot; in this mode the indians hunt on foot in the woodlands where they cannot pursue the deer with horses
which is their favorite method when the ground will permit.—

we had all of our horses driven together today near our camp, which we have directed shall be done each day in order to familiarize them to each other. several of the horses which were gelded yesterday are much swolen particularly those cut by Drewyer, the others bled most but appear much better today than the others.

we had our baggage better secured under a good shelter formed of grass; we also strengthened our little fortification with pine poles and brush, and the party formed themselves very comfortable tents with willow poles and grass in the form of the orning of a waggon, these were made perfectly secure as well from the heat of the sun as from rain. we
had a bower constructed for ourselves under which we set by day and sleep under the part of an old sail now our only tent as the leather lodge has become rotten and unfit for use.

about noon the sun shines with intense heat in the bottoms of the river. the air on the tom of the river hills or high plain forms a distinct climate, the air is much colder, and vegitation is not as forward by at least 15 or perhaps 20 days. the rains which fall in the river bottoms are snows on the plain. at the distance of fifteen miles from the river
and on the Eastern border of this plain the Rocky Mountains commence and present us with winter it it's utmost extreem. the snow is yet many feet deep even near the base of these mountains; here we have summer spring and winter within the short space of 15 or 20 miles.—

Hohâstillpilp and the three old men being unable to pass the river as the canoe had been taken away, returned to our camp late in the evening and remained with us all night.—

Ordway: a fair morning.

one of our hunters Saw a white bear followed it with horses but did not kill it. a number of the party went out to make
a camp hunt.

we made a Shelter to put our baggage in down in a large celler where had formerly been a wintering house & has
been a large village at this place. we formed our Camp around this celler So as in case of an alarm we can jump in
the celler and defend our Selves.

built a bowery for our officers to write in.

we tryed out 5 gallons of bears oil and put it in a keg for the mountains &C.

Gass: This was a fine morning, and some hunters went out early.

The rest of the party were engaged in making places of shelter, to defend them from the stormy weather. Some had small sails to cover their little hovels, and others had to make frames and cover them with grass.

Around our camp the plains have the appearance of a meadow before it is mowed, and affords abundance of food for our horses. Here we expect to remain a month before we can cross the mountains.

The natives staid all day at our camp; and one of them had round his neck a scalp of an Indian, with six thumbs and four fingers of other Indians he had killed in battle, of the Sho-sho-ne, or Snake nation. The nation here, the Cho-co-nish, is very numerous, as well as the other. These nations have been long at war and destroyed a great many of
each other in a few years past.

From the Mandan nation to the Pacific Ocean, the arms of the Indians are generally bows and arrows, and the war-mallet. The war-mallet is a club, with a large head of wood or stone; those of stone are generally covered with leather, and fastened to the end of the club with thongs, or straps of leather, and the sinews of animals.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 04/01/06 Lewis County, Idaho Bears Nez Percé
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1818 Boonville Is Laid Out as the County Seat of Warrick County, Indiana and Named for the Boon Family Warrick County, Indiana Indiana Historical Society
1821 Five Georgia Counties Are Created From Land Ceded by the Creek Indians Georgia Cities and Counties Creek Indians University of Georgia
1839 In Wisconsin, Dane County's First Elected County Commissioners Meet to Select Their Officers Dane County, Wiscosnin Elections Wisconsin Historical Society
1848 St. John's Infirmary Is Founded as the First Public Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Health Care Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1851 Nathaniel Hawthorne's Short Story "Ethan Brand: A Chapter from an Abortive Romance," Is Published Nathaniel Hawthorne American Authors Journalism American Collection
1854 First Asylum for Treatment of Alcoholism as a Medical Condition Opens in Binghampton, New York. Binghampton, New York Health Care Drug and Substance Abuse Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1856 Second San Francisco Committee of Vigilance Is Organized San Francisco Law and Legal Resources Crime Library of Congress History Channel
1861 President Lincoln Reviews 6,000 Troops from New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1862 President Lincoln Approves Establishment of Department of Agriculture Without Cabinet Status U.S. Department of Agriculture President Abraham Lincoln Farming & Agriculture Lincoln Papers
1863 The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Is Founded in Detroit Detroit, Michigan Railroads Labor Unions Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1864 VMI Cadets Help Repel Union Advance at New Market, Virginia Virginia Battle of New Market VMI History Channel
Sherman's Army Crosses Georgia's Oostanaula River Forcing Confederates to Retreat Georgia William Tecumseh Sherman University of Georgia
1874 President Grant Recognizes Elisha Baxter as the Lawful Governor of Arkansas over Joseph Brooks Arkansas Political and Social Leaders President Ulysses S. Grant Arkansas History Commission
1879 Atlanta's First Telephone Exchange Opens with Ten Telephones Connected to the Kimball House Hotel Switchboard Atlanta, Georgia Telephone Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1880 West Virginia's First Telephone Exchange Opens in Wheeling Wheeling, West Virginia Telephone Historic Firsts West Virginia
1891 Delaware General Assembly Establishes Delaware State University Delaware Education Education Delaware State University African American Registry
1896 Tornado Kills 78 in Sherman, Texas Sherman, Texas Tornados Death Sherman, Texas History Channel
The Miami Metropolis, the Forerunner of the Miami News, Is Founded Florida Media Journalism The Miami News Florida Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1902 Peace Conference Begins to End South Africa's Second Anglo-Boer War South Africa Boer War South African History
1908 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in the Gulf of Alaska Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1911 U.S. Supreme Court Orders Dissolution of Standard Oil Company Supreme Court Antitrust Law Standard Oil Oyez New York Times
Seattle, Washington's Orpheum Theatre Opens Seattle, Washington Stage & Theater Film History Link
1912 Detroit Tiger, Ty Cobb, Is Suspended for Beating Up a New York Fan Who Heckled Him Ty Cobb Baseball Hall of Fame Michigan
The New Mexico Supreme Court Rules in "New Mexico vs. Davenport" That Playing Baseball on Sunday Is Not a Crime New Mexico Baseball Religion Law New Mexico Magazine
1916 The Austrian Army Attacks the Italians on the Trentino Front in Northern Italy Austria Italy World War I History Channel
White Vigilantes in Waco, Texas Torture, Burn and Mutilate a 17-year-old African-American Farmhand Waco, Texas Racism Death African-American Heritage Waco, Texas African American Registry Texas State Historical Society
1918 Two African-Americans Awarded France's Croix de Guerre France WWI African-American History
Experimental U.S. Airmail Service Begins between Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City Washington, D.C. Philadelphia New York City U.S. Postal Service Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times New York Historical Society
Nantucket Island Lifts Twelve-year Ban on Automobiles Massachusetts Automobiles Hemmings
1922 WDAE Radio in Tampa Is Licensed As Florida's First Commercial Radio Station Florida Media Radio WDAE Florida Historical Society
Tusco the Elephant Escapes From His Circus Keepers, Creating Mayhem in Sedro-Woolley, Washington Seattle, Washington Elephants Circus History Link
1923 Trademark Is Registered for Listerine Patents & Trademarks Business and Economics USPTO
Chip Woman's Fortune Is the First Dramatic Play by an African-American Author to be Performed on Broadway New York City Stage & Theater African American History Historic First Internet Broadway Database
Carroll John Daly Introduces the Hard-boiled Detective Genre in Black Mask Magazine New York Authors American Authors Journalism Historic Firsts American Collection
1926 The Dirgible Norge with Roald Amundsen on Board Arrives at Teller, Alaska, After Flying over the North Pole From Norway Arctic Roald Amundsen Teller, Alaska Dirgible Alaska Historical Society
1929 Elba and Other Alabama Towns Under as Much as 15 Feet of Flood Water Elba, Alabama Floods Elba, Alabama Alabama Archives
1930 Ellen Church Is the First Flight Attendant/Nurse Aviation History Medical Professionals Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1940 Du Pont Launches the First Sale of of Nylon Stockings in the U.S. and Sells Nearly 4M Pairs in 4 Days Du Pont Polymers Women Consumer Economics New York Times State of Delaware
1941 The First Allied Jet Is Successfully Tested Over England Great Britain World War II Aviation Military History Historic Firsts History Channel
Joe DiMaggio Goes 1-4 with a Single to Begin His Record 56-game Hitting Streak Joe DiMaggio Baseball Hall of Fame New York Times
1942 Congress Establishes Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) U.S. Congress Women Law World War II History Channel
Gasoline Rationing Goes in Effect in 17 States (3 gallons/week) Automobiles World War II New York Times
1947 Florida State College for Women Returns to Coeducational Status and Is Renamed Florida State University Florida Education Education Florida State University Florida Historical Society
1948 Hours after Being Created 5 Neighbor Nations Attack Israel Israel Egypt Iraq Lebanon New York Times
Eddie Arcaro Wins the Preakness Aboard Citation, on Their Way to the Triple Crown Horse Racing The Preakness New York Times
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1954 Queen Elizabeth II Returns to London After 6-month Tour of the Commonwealth The British Commonwealth British Political and Social Leaders Queen Elizabeth II Naval History BBC
1957 Great Britain Tests Its First Hydrogen Bomb over Christmas Island Great Britain Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts BBC
1958 Gigi Opens at New York's Royale Theater New York City Film Internet Movie Database
1963 NASA Launches Astronaut Gordon Cooper Aboard Last Project Mercury Flight Gordon Cooper Space Exploration NASA
1964 Smothers Brothers Debut at Carnegie Hall New York City Performing Artists Popular Musicians History Channel
1966 NASA Launches Nimbus 2 Meteorological Research-and-Development Satellite Space Exploration Meteorology NASA
1968 Tornado Strikes Jonesboro Arkansas: 34 Die Arkansas Tornados Death NOAA
1969 Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas Resigns Amid Controversy U.S. Supreme Court New York Times
The Nuclear Submarine Guitarro Sinks While Docked at the San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard San Francisco Submarines Nuclear Weapons U.S. Navy
Synnes Township in Stevens County, Minnesota Receives 8" of Rain in 3 Hours Stevens County, Minnesota Storms Minnesota Historical Society
1970 Police Kill Two African-American Students During Protests at Jackson State University Mississippi Education Education African-American Heritage Jackson State University New York Times African American Registry
International Olympic Committee Renews its Ban of South Africa from the Games South Africa The Olympic Games South African History
The Carpenters Release "Close to You" Popular Musicians Carpenters Web Site
1972 Presidential Candidate George Wallace Is Shot and Paralyzed George Wallace Politics and Elections Crime Special Education Court TV
U. S. Supreme Court Rules the Amish Cannot Be Forced to Attend Public Schools Against Their Convictions U.S. Supreme Court Education The Amish Oyez Concordia
1974 Palestinian Terrorists Invade an Israeli School, Taking Student Hostage: 16 Students Die Israel Education Terrorism Death BBC
1987 San Francisco Mint Is Opened to the Public for First Time San Francisco Currency U.S. Treasury
1988 Soviet Union Begins Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan Afghanistan Soviet Union Cold War History Channel
1989 Mikhail Gorbachev Arrives in Beijing for Sino-Soviet Summit Mikhail Gorbachev China World History TV News Archive
1991 Winnie Mandela Is Sentenced to Six Years for Complicity in Kidnapping and Beating Four Youths South African Political and Social Leaders Nelson Mandela Crime Law South African History
1992 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 3 and Destroys 5,500 Homes in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Earthquakes Death USGS
1995 Dow Corning Corp. Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Businesses & Corporations New York Times
1997 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-84) to Dock with Soviet Space Station MIR Space Shuttle Soviet Space Program NASA
1999 Crew Stadium Opens in Columbus, Ohio as the First U.S. Stadium Built Just for Soccer Columbia, Ohio Soccer Historic Firsts Crew Stadium Ohio Historical Society
Historic Events that occur from 2000-2009 on this date
2001 Runaway 3,000 Hp Locomotive with 47 Cars Travels 66 Miles through Ohio Before Being Stopped Ohio Railroads Technology and Society