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Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors
1843 Laura Ross Wolcott (Maine-born Physician; First Female Physician in Wisconsin) Maine Mathematicians and Scientists Wisconsin Mathematicians and Scientists American Female Mathematicians and Scientists Health Care Wisconsin Historical Society
Philosopher, Educators, Religious Leaders
1900 Harper Councill Trenholm (Alabama-born African-American President of Alabama State College: 1925-1962) Alabama Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders Alabama State College Alabama State Archive
Political and Social Leaders
1808 Daniel Wells (Maine-born U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin) Maine Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1837 Thomas Boles (Member of the U.S. Congress from Arkansas) Arkansas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Arkansas History Commission
1930 Michael Bilirakis (U.S. Congressman from Florida) Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
Performing Artists
1907 Barbara Stanwyck (New York City-born Actress) Barbara Stanwyck American Performing Artists Film Television Internet Movie Database
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1905 Bryan Morel Thomas (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War Georgia Historical Society
2004 George Busbee (Governor of Georgia) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Georgia Historical Society
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Historic Events of the 1600s that Occurred on this Date
1622 Mohammad Flees Mecca, Marking the Beginning of the Islamic Era Islam Asian History
Historic Events of the 1700s that Occurred on this Date
1769 Father Junipero Serra Founds Mission San Diego de Acalá, the First in California  Junipero Serra San Diego, California California Missions Religion Hispanic Heritage Historic Firsts Learn California
1779 On Orders of General Washington, Troops of Brigadier General Anthony Wayne Attack British Fortifications at Stony Point, New York Great Britain Stony Point, New York Anthony Wayne George Washington American Revolution History Channel
1787 On a Vote of 5-4, Delegates of the Constitutional Convention Reach a Compromise on States Representation in the Federal Government Constitutional Convention Vote Congress Georgia Historical Society
1790 The U.S. Congress Declares Washington, D.C. the Nation's New Capital Washington, D.C. U.S. Congress Library of Congress History Channel Georgia Historical Society
1792 Detroit, Michigan Voters Go to the Polls for the First Time to Elect Representatives to the Upper Canada Provincial Assembly. Canada Detroit, Michigan Voting Historic Firsts State of Michigan
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1817 Army Major Stephen H. Long Discovers Fountain Cave in St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Caves Mississippi River National Park Service Minnesota  Historical Society
1821 This Final Day of Spanish Control of La Florida Ends Spanish Control of Territory on the North American Continent Spain Florida Colonial Florida Latin-American Heritage Florida Historical Society
1838 The First Steam Ferry in Arkansas Is Put into Service at Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas Steamboats Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1849 The First Session of the Legislature of the Newly Organized Territory of Oregon Is Held Oregon Government Historic Firsts
1858 Minnesota's State Seal Is Adopted Minnesota Government Minnesota  Historical Society
1862 David G. Farragut Is Promoted as the First Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy David Farragut Naval Military History U.S. Navy American Civil War Historic Firsts New York Times
Bishop Henry B. Whipple Lays the Cornerstone for the Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior in Faribault, Minnesota Faribault, Minnesota Religion Architecture & Design Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior Minnesota  Historical Society
1863 New York City Draft Protests and Riots Continue for a Fourth Day New York City American Civil War History Channel
1877 B&O Railroad Workers Begin a Labor Strike in Martinsburg, West Virginia Martinsburg, West Virginia Labor Strikes 1877 Railroad Strike West Virginia State Archives
Historic Events that occurred 1900-1949 on this date
1900 Alvin Kraenzlein Wins His 4th Track & Field Gold Medal at the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France Paris, France Wisconsin Sports Figures Track & Field 1900 Paris Olympics Wisconsin Historical Society
1913 Boxing Is Legalized in Wisconsin Wisconsin Sports Figures Boxing Law Wisconsin Historical Society
1918 Russian Czar Nicholas II and His Family Are Executed by the Bolsheviks, Ending the Romanov Dynasty Czar Nicholas II World War I History Channel New York Times
1926 The First Undersea Color Photographs Are Taken Off the Coast of Florida Florida Photography Oceans and Oceanography Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1931 Oklahoma's Governor Declares Martial Law to Open a Disputed Bridge Across the Red River Oklahoma Texas Rivers Red River Bridges Texas State Historical Association
1940 World War I Hero, Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain, Becomes Prime Minister of the Vichy Government of France French Political and Social Leaders World War II History Channel
1941 Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Is Established in Wisconsin Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Animals Wisconsin Historical Society
1945 The U.S. Conducts the First Test of the Atomic Bomb At Its Research Facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico Los Alamos National Laboratory Atomic Bomb World War II Historic Firsts History Channel New Mexico Magazine
Historic Events that occurred 1950-1999 on this date
1969 Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Ed Aldrin and Michael Collins Are Launched Aboard Apollo 11 for the First Manned Moon Landing Apollo 11 Lunar Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1973 The U.S. Senate Begins a Probe into Secret B-52 Raids into Cambodia Cambodia U.S. Senate Aviation Military History Vietnam War History Channel
1979 Saddam Hussein Becomes President of Iraq Saddam Hussein New York Times
1980 Ronald Reagan Wins the Republican Presidential Nomination at the Party's Convention in Detroit Detroit, Michigan President Ronald Reagan American Presidency Republican National Party New York Times
1988 The Temperature Reaches 108°F Near Dover, Delaware Dover, Delaware Temperature State of Delaware
1992 William K. Finney Is Sworn in as St. Paul, Minnesota's First African-American Chief of Police St. Paul, Minnesota Law Enforcement African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Events that occurred 2000-2009 on this date
2001 Chinese and Russian Presidents Jiang Zemin and Vladimir Putin Sign an Agreement of Friendship and Peace Russia China International Trade Asian History