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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. In what city and state was the first Lincoln-Douglas debate held? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. Christopher Robin is the son of what children's author? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the Biography section of her official web site, what is the title of the book that Sharon Mills Draper published in 1994? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a children's author born on this date: HURRY SINK TARO

1. What famous work of art was stolen from the Louvre on this date in 1911? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to the Library of Congress, Herman Badillo is the first U.S. Congressman to born where? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to University of Strathclyde, William Murdoch first discovered gas lighting by observing gas produced from what material? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell a work by Robert Stone (according to Writer's Almanac):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to PBS, who first taught Count Basie how to play the piano?

2. According to the Hemmings Motor News, what model car was Barney Oldfield driving when he broke five world speed records on this date in 1909?

3. According to the history section of the official website of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the tribe can be traced back at least how many years?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of an author born on this date:

William Murdoch
Born on This Date 1784

[Murdoch House]


Count Basie
Born on This Date 1904

[Gallery 41]

Orchestra Leader & Pianist

Christopher Robin Milne
Born on This Date 1920

[Pooh Corner]

Christopher Robin of Winnie the Pooh

Herman Badillo
Born on This Date in 1929

[Library of Congress]

U.S. Congressman

Sharon Mills Draper
Born on This Date 1948

[Official Web Site]

Young-adult Author

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Morocco: Youth Day
(Commemoration of the birthday of Morocco's King Mohammed VI: 08/21/1963)
Morocco DateDex
Hawaii: Admission Day
(Celebrates the 08/21/1959 admission of Hawaii as the 50th state: Observed Annually the third Friday of August)
Hawaii Source The History Channel
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1920 Christopher Robin (English Son of A.A. Milne) A.A. Milne Primary Children's Authors
1929 X. J. Kennedy (New Jersey-born Poet, Children's Author) X. J. Kennedy Primary Children's Authors Poetry
1948 Sharon Mills Draper (Ohio-born African-American Children's Author) Sharon Mills Draper Children's Literature Famous African Americans
1953 Arthur Yorinks (New York City-born Children's Author) Arthur Yorinks Children's Literature
1954 Claudia Mills (New York-born Children's Author) Claudia Mills Young-adult Authors
1850 Morris Ross (Indiana-born Journalist) Indiana Authors & Illustrators Journalism
1854 Frank Munsey (Maine-born Newspaper and Magazine Publisher) Maine Authors & Illustrators Journalism
1896 Roark Bradford (Tennessee-born Novelist and Short-Story Writer) Roark Bradford
1935 Mart Crowley (Mississippi-born Playwright and Screenwriter) Mississippi Authors Plays Film The Internet Movie Database
1937 Robert Stone (New York City-born Novelist) Robert Stone
1951 Harry Smith (Illinois-born Broadcast Journalist) Harry Smith Broadcast Journalism
1725 Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French Painter) French Artists Artists, Architects & Designers
1822 William Quesenberry (Arkansas-born Artist, Cartoonist, Editor, Soldier) Arkansas Artists American Artists Arkansas History Commission
1872 Aubrey Beardsley (English Illustrator) Aubrey Beardsley Artists, Architects & Designers
1906 Fritz Freleng (Missouri-born Film Animator) Missouri Artists American Artists, Architects & Designers Film Internet Movie Database
Songwriters, Classical Composers, Conductors and Performing Artists
1805 August Bournonville (Danish Director of the Danish Royal Ballet) Danish Performing Artists Ballet
1754 William Murdoch (English Inventor) William Murdoch Inventors & Inventions
1756 John Loudon McAdam (Scottish Inventor of the Tarmac Paving Material and Technique) Scottish Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Technology & Society
1789 Augustin Louis Cauchy (French Mathematician) Augustin Louis Cauchy Calculus
1811 William Kelly (Pennsylvania-born Iron Manufacturer and Inventor) William Kelly Iron Inventors & Inventions
1877 Harvey Crowley Couch (Arkansas Pioneer in the Development of Electrical Power; Founder of the Arkansas Power Company) Arkansas Business Leaders Electricity Arkansas History Commission
1958 Steve Case (Hawaii-born Founder of America Online) Steve Case Business & Economics History of Technology Inventors & Inventions
Military Leaders
1896 Albert Ball (English World War I Flying Ace) English Military Leaders World War I Aviation Encyclopedia Britannica
1165 St. Francis De Sales (French Roman Catholic Bishop of Geneva) French Political and Social Leaders Catholic Saints Religion
1165 Philip II (French Capetian King) French Political and Social Leaders
1765 King William IV of England and Ireland English Political and Social Leaders Ireland Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Historic UK
1789 Thomas Garrett (Pennsylvania-born Abolitionist; Engineer of the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Wilmington, Delaware The Underground Railroad African American Heritage
1832 Ormsby Brunson Thomas (Vermont-born Wisconsin U.S. Congressman) Vermont Political & Social Leaders Wisconsin Political & Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1872 George White (New York-born 52nd Governor of Ohio: 1931 - 1935) New York Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders Ohio Historical Society
1902 Robert Kennon (Governor of Louisiana: 1952-1956) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Politics State of Louisiana
1907 X.O. Pindall (Acting Governor of Arkansas: 1907) Arkansas Political and Social Leaders Arkansas History Commission
1929 Herman Badillo (Puerto Rican Member of the U.S. Congress from New York) Herman Badillo New York City Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Latin-American Studies
1930 Princess Margaret of England, Countess of Snowdon British Political and Social Leaders Princess Margaret
1955 Ngoako Ramathlodi (South African Political Leader) South African Political & Social Leaders South African History
1963 HM King Mohammed VI of Morocco Morocco The Royal Government of Morocco
The Notorious
1754 Banastre Tarleton (English Slave Trader) Notorious English Slavery American Revolution National Park Service
1904 Count Basie (New Jersey-born African-American Jazz Pianist, Composer, Bandleader) Count Basie Jazz African American Performing Artists
1928 Art Farmer (Iowa-born African-American Jazz Trumpeter) Iowa Performing Artists Jazz African American Performing Artists African American Heritage
1932 Melvin Van Peebles (Chicago-born African-American Actor) Melvin Van Peebles Famous African Americans Actors Film
1938 Kenny Rogers (Texas-born Country & Western Musician) Kenny Rogers Country Musicians
1949 Loretta Devine (Texas-born African-American Actress) Texas Performing Artists American Performing Artists African American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African American Heritage
1956 Kim Cattrall (English Actress) Kim Cattrall Actors Television Film
1967 Carrie-Anne Moss (Canadian Actress) Carrie-Anne Moss Actors Film
1936 Wilt Chamberlain (Pennsylvania-born African-American Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Wilt Chamberlain Basketball African Americans Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1798 James Wilson (Scottish-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) James Wilson U.S. Supreme Court
1910 Sara Estela Ramírez (Texas-born Poet and Political Leader) Sara Estela Ramírez Poetry Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1928 Pauline Wells (Texas-born Anti-suffragist) Pauline Wells Female Political and Social Leaders Women's Suffrage Texas State Historical Society
1943 Leon Trotsky (Communist Leader of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution: Assassinated) Leon Trotsky
1978 Rhys Davies (Welsh Author) Welsh Authors Authors
1983 Benigno S. Aquino, Jr (Filipino Opposition Leader: Assassinated at Manila Airport) Filipino Political and Social Leaders
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
1680 Pueblo Indians Drive Out Spanish & Take Possession of Santa Fe, New Mexico Spain Santa Fe, New Mexico Pueblo Indians New Mexico Magazine
1739 James Oglethorpe and Creek Chiefs Sign the Treaty of Coweta Town at Coweta on the Chattahoochee River Georgia Creek Indians Historic American Documents University of Georgia
1800 The U.S. Marine Band Presents Its First Public Concert in Washington, DC Near the Future Site of the Lincoln Memorial Washington, D.C. Music U.S. Marine Band Historical Firsts American Public Media
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis Is in Pittsburgh Awaiting Completion of His Keelboat for an Aug 31 Launch
Pennsylvania Lewis & Clark Map: 07/15/03 Lewis & Clark Expedition
Keelboats National Park Service
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: Musquetors very troublesom in the early part of last night and again this morning

I directed Sergt. Ordway to proceed on to where there was Some ash and get enough for two ores which were wanting. Men all put their arms in perfect order and we Set out at 5 a. m. over took Sergt. ordway with wood for oars &c.

at 8 A. M. Met three french men Comeing up, they proved to be three men from the Ricaras two of them Reevea & Greinyea wintered with us at the mandans in 1804 we Came too, those men informed us that they were on their way to the Mandans, and intended to go down to the Illinois this fall. one of them quit a young lad requested a passage down to the Illinois, we concented and he got into a Canoe to an Ore.

Those men informed us that 700 Seeoux had passed the Ricaras on their way to war with the Mandans & Menitarras and that their encampment where the Squaws and Children wer, was Some place near the Big Bend of this river below. no ricaras had accompanied them but were all at home, they also informed us that no trader had arived at the Ricaras this Season, and that they were informed that the Pania or Ricara Chief who went to the United States last Spring was a year, died on his return at Smoe place near the Sieoux river &c.

those men had nether nor lead we gave them a horn of powder and Some balls and after a delay of an hour we parted from the 2 men Reevey & Grienway and proceeded on.

the wind rose and bley from the N. W. at half past 11 a. m. we arived in view of the upper Ricara villages, a Great number of womin Collecting wood on the banks, we Saluted the village with four guns and they returned the Salute by fireing Several guns in the village, I observed Several very white Lodges on the hill above the Town which the ricaras from the Shore informed me were Chyennes who had just arived—.

we landed opposit to the 2d Village and were met by the most of the men women and children of each village as also the Chyennes they all appeared anxious to take us by the hand and much rejoiced to See us return. I Steped on Shore and was Saluted by the two great Chiefs, whome we had made or given Medals to as we assend this river in 1804, and also Saluted by a great number both of Ricaras & Chyennes, as they appeared anxious to here what we had done &c. as well as to here Something about the Mandans & Minetarras.

I Set my self down on the Side of the Bank and the Chiefs & brave men of the Ricaras & Chyennes formed a Cercle around me. after takeing a Smoke of Mandan tobacco which the Big white Chief who was Seated on my left hand furnished, I informed them as I had before informed the Mandans & Menitarras, where we had been what we had done and Said to the different nations in there favour and envited Some of their Chiefs to accompany us down and See their great father and receve from his own mouth his good Councils and from his own hands his bountifull gifts &c. telling pretty much the Same which I had told the mandans and menitarras. told them not to be afraid of any nation below that none would hurt them &c.

a man of about 32 years of age was intreduced to me as 1st Chief of the nation this man they Call the grey eyes he was absent from the Nation at the time we passed up, the man whome we had acknowledged as the principal chief informed me that the Grey eyes was a greater Chief than himself and that he had given up all his pretentions with the Flag and Medal to the Grey eyes—

The principal chief of the Chyenne's was then introduced he is a Stout jolley fellow of about 35 years of age whome the Ricaras Call the Grey Eyes I also told the ricaras that I was very Sorrey to here that they were not on friendly terms with their neighbours the Mandans & Menetarras, and had not listened to what we had Said to them but had Suffered their young men to join the Sieoux who had killed 8 Mandans &c. that their young men had Stolen the horses of the Minetarras, in retaliation for those enjories the Mandans & Menetarras had Sent out a war party and killed 2 ricaras. how could they expect other nations would be at peace with them when they themselves would not listen to what their great father had told them.

I further informed them that the Mandans & Menetaras had opened their ears to what we had Said to them but had Staid at home untill they were Struk that they were Still disposed to be friendly and on good terms with the ricaras, they then Saw the great Chief of the Mandans by my Side who was on his way to see his great father, and was derected by his nation & the Menetaras & Maharhas, to Smoke in the pipe of peace with you and to tell you not to be afraid to go to their towns, or take the Birds in the plains that their ears were open to our Councils and no harm Should be done to a Ricara. The Chief will Speak presently—.

The Grey eyes Chief of the ricaras made a very animated Speach in which he mentioned his williness of following the councels which we had given them that they had Some bad young men who would not listen to the Councels but would join the Seioux, those men they had discarded and drove out of their villages, that the Seioux were the Cause of their Misunderstanding &c. that they were a bad peoples. that they had killed Several of the Ricaras Since I Saw them.

That Several of the chiefs wished to accompany us down to See their great father, but wished to see the Chief who went down last Sumer return first, he expressed Some apprehention as to the Safty of that Chiefs in passing the Sieoux.

that the Ricaras had every wish to be friendly with the Mandans&c. that every mandans &c. who chose to visit the ricares should be Safe that he Should Continue with his nation and See that they followed the Council which we had given them &c.—

The Sun being very hot the Chyenne Chief envited us to his Lodge which was pitched in the plain at no great distance from the River. I accepted the invitation and accompanied him to his lodge which was new and much larger than any which I have Seen it was made of 20 dressed Buffalow Skins in the Same form of the Sceoux and lodges of other nations of this quarter. about this lodges was 20 others Several of them of nearly the Same Size. I enquired for the ballance of the nation and was informed that they were near at hand and would arive on tomorrow and when all together amounted to 120 Lodges—.

after Smokeing I gave a medal of the Small size to the Chyenne Chief &c. which appeared to alarm him, he had a robe and a fleece of fat Buffalow meat brought and gave me with the meadel back and informed me that he knew that the white people were all medecine and that he was afraid of the midal or any thing that white people gave to them. I had previously explained the cause of my gveing him the medal & flag, and again told him the use of the medal and the caus of my giveing it to him, and again put it about his neck delivering him up his preasent of a roab & meat, informing him that this was the medecene which his Great father directed me to deliver to all the great Chiefs who listened to his word and followed his councils, that he had done So and I should leave the medal with him as a token of his cincerity &c. he doubled the quantity of meat, and received the medal

The Big White chief of the Mandans Spoke at some length explainin the Cause of the misunderstanding between his nation and the ricaras, informing them of his wish to be on the most freindly termes &c. the Chyennes accused both nations of being in folt. I told to them all that if they eve wished to be hapy that they must Shake off all intimecy with the Seioux and unite themselves in a Strong allience and attend to what we had told them &c. which they promesed all to do and we Smoked and parted on the best terms, the Mandan Chief was Saluted by Several Chiefs and brave men on his way with me to the river—

I had requested the ricaras & Chyennes to inform me as Soon as possible of their intentions of going down with us to See their great father or not. in the evening the Great Chief requested that I would walk to his house which I did, he gave me about 2 carrots of Tobacco, 2 beaver Skins and a trencher of boiled Corn & beans to eat (as it is the Custom of all the Nations on the Missouri to give Something to every white man who enters their lodge Something to eat)

this Chief informed me that none of his Chiefs wished to go down with us they all wished to See the cheif who went down return first, that the Chyennes were a wild people and were afraid to go. that they Should all listen to what I had Said. I gave him Some ribon to Suspend his Medal to and a Shell which the Snake indians gave me for which he was very much pleased.

The interpreter informed me that the Cheifs of those villages had no intention of going down. one the Cheifs of the Village on the island talkd. of going down. I returned to the boat where I found the principal Chief of the lower vilege who had Cut part of his hair and disfigured himself in Such a manner that I did not know him, he informed me the Sieux had killed his nephew and that Was in tears for him &c.

we deturmind to proceed down to the Island and accordingly took the chief on board and proceeded on down to the 1sd village at which place we arived a little before dark and were met as before by nearly every individual of the Village, we Saluted them and landed imediately opposit the town.

The one arm 2d Cheif of this village whome we had expected to accompany us down Spoke to the mandan Cheif in a loud and thretening tone which Caused me to be Some what alarmed for the Safty of that Cheif, I inform the Ricaras of this village that the Mandans had opened their ears to and fold. our Councils, that this Cheif was on his way to see their Great Father the P. of U S. and was under our protection that if any enjorey was done to him by any nation that we Should all die to a man.

I told the Ricaras that they had told us lies, they promised to be at peace with the mandans & Menetarras. that our back was Scrcely turned before they went to war & Killd. them and Stole their horses &c—

The Cheif then envited me & the Mandan Chief to his house to talk there. I accompanied him, after takeing a very Serimonious Smoke the 2d Cheif informd. me that he had opened his ears to what we had Said to him at the time we gave him the medal that he had not been to war against any Natn. Since, that once been to See the mandans and they were going to kill him, they had not killed the Mandans, it was the Seioux who killed them and not the ricaras, he Said that the Mandan Cheif was as Safe as if he was in his own Vilg that he had opened his ears and Could here as well as the mandans.

I then informd them what I had told the upper villages and we all become perfectly reconsiled all to each other and Smoked in the most perfect harmony we had invatations to go into their lodges and eate. I at length went to the grand Chiefs Lodge by his particelar invitation, the Mandan Chief Stuck close to me the Chief had prepd. a Supper of boiled young Corn, beens & quashes of which he gave me in Wooden bowls. he also gave me near 2 quarts of the Tobacco Seed, & informed me he had always had his ears open to what we had Said, that he was well convinced that the Seioux was the caus of all the trouble between the Mandans & them the Ricaras had Stolen horses from the Mandan which had been returned all except one which could not be got, this mischief was done by Some young men who was bad.

along Converseation of explanations took place between the Ricara & mandan Chiefs which appeared to be Satisfactory on both Sides. the Chief gave a pipe with great form and every thing appeared to be made up.

I returned to the river & went to bead. the Indians contd on board. made 22 miles to day only.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Campbell County, South Dakota Native Americans

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

1831 Nat Turner Leads Three-Day Slave Rebellion in Southampton, Virginia Nat Turner Slavery African-American History The History Channel African American Heritage Virginia Historical Society
1851 The Execution of John McCaffrey Is the Last to be Carried Out under Wisconsin Law Wisconsin Government Capital Punishment Law and Legal Resources Death Wisconsin Historical Society
1858 In Ottawa, Illinois, 10,000 Hear First of Seven Lincoln and Douglas Debates for the U.S. Senate Ottawa, Illinois Stephen A. Douglas Lincoln-Douglas Debates U.S. Senate The History Channel Lincoln Archive
1860 Abolitionists in Minneapolis Persuade a Local Judge to Grant Freedom to the Slave of a Visiting Southern Family Minneapolis, Minnesota Abolition Law & Legal Resources African-American Heritage MInnesota Historical Society
1861 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Is Evacuated Ahead of Advancing Federal Troops Baton Rouge, Louisiana U.S. Civil War State of Louisiana
1862 Off the Coast of Florida's Amelia Island, the U.S.S. Keystone State Captures the British Schooner, Fanny, Carrying a Cargo of Salt Amelia Island, Florida Naval Military History U.S. Civil War Florida Historical Society
1863 Southern Partisans Kill 150 Abolitionists in Lawrence, Kansas Kansas Abolition U.S. Civil War The History Channel
1864 Sergeant John Felton of the 3rd Delaware Infantry Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor at Weldon Railroad in Virginia Delaware Weldon Railroad Congressional Medal of Honor State of Delaware
1869 "A Day at Niagara" by Mark Twain Appears in the Buffalo Express New York Mark Twain Journalism American Collection
1878 American Bar Association Is Founded in Saratoga, New York Saratoga New York Law & Legal Resources American Bar Association Court TV
1883 In Minnesota, a Tornado Sweeps through Dodge County and Rochester, Killing 36. An Emergency Hospital Is Set Up That Will Become the Mayo Clinic Rochester, MInnesota Tornado Death Mayo Clinic Minnesota Historical Society
Trial of Frank James Begins in Gallatin, Missouri Frank James Law & Legal Resources History Channel
1888 William Burroughs Patents First Practical Adding & Listing Machine New York Scientists and Mathematicians Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Historic Firsts Technology & Society
1893 A Tornado Strikes Rochester, Minnesota and Olmstead County, Killing 38 People in 15 Minutes Rochester, MInnesota Tornado Death Minnesota Historical Society
1903 First Transcontinental U.S. Auto Race Completed in San Francisco California Auto Racing Historic Firsts History Channel
1907 Georgia Law Makes It Illegal to Fish in the State on Sunday Georgia Government Law and Legal Resources Calendar Religion Hunting & Fishing University of Georgia
1909 Barney Oldfield Breaks Five World Records at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Barney Oldfield Auto Racing Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hemmings
Construction of the Pilgrim Monument Is Completed in Provincetown, Massachusetts Masachusetts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1911 The Mona Lisa Is Stolen from the Louvre Mona Lisa The Louvre History Channel
Georgia Law Reduces Textile Mill Labor Week from 66 to 60 Hours Georgia Business Law and Legal Resources Labor and Labor Day University of Georgia
1912 Arthur R. Eldred of Oceanside, New York Is the First Person to Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout New York> Boy Scouts of America Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1914 Battles of the Frontiers Are Fought Near Ardennes and Charleroi in Northern France France World War I The History Channel
22-year-old Golfer, Walter Hagen, Wins the U.S. Open New York City Sports Figures Golf Hall of Fame New York Times
1918 A Storm Takes 36 Lives and Destroys the Tyler, Minnesota Business District Tyler, MInnesota Storms Death Minnesota Historical Society
1922 A Haines, Alaska Fire Destroys the Post Office and Other Buildings Haines, Alaska Fire Safety Alaska Historical Society
1935 Benny Goodman's Los Angeles Concert Kicks Off Music's Swing Era Los Angeles Benny Goodman Jazz Popular Musicians History Channel
Two-Month Dance Marathon Ends in Fife, Washington Fife, Washington Dance HistoryLink
1944 U.S., British, Soviets & Chinese Meet to Form Founding Principles for the United Nations United States Great Britain Russia China United Nations History Channel
1945 President Harry Truman Ends Lend-Lease Aid Program World War II Allies President Truman World War II International Trade New York Times
1948 The Last Streetcar Makes Its Final Run in the Bronx, New York New York City Transportation New York Historical Society
1950 Swede Ralston Flies through a Dirigible Hanger at the Tillamook, Oregon Naval Air Station at an Altitude of 50' and a Speed of 250 mph Tillamook, Oregon Aviation History Blimps
1957 The Seminole Tribe of Florida Adopts a Constitution and Bylaws Florida Seminole Indians Seminole Tribe of Florida National Tribal Justice Resource Center
1959 Hawaii Is Admitted as the 50th U.S. State Hawaii U.S. History The History Channel
U.S. "Little Joe Series" Mercury-Atlas Test Rocket Fires 30 Minutes Prematurely & Attains Altitude of 2,000' Space Exploration NASA
1961 British Release Jomo Kenyatta, After Nearly Nine Years of Imprisonment and Detention Jomo Kenyatta Great Britain The History Channel South African History
1964 The Beatles Play at the Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, Washington The Beatles HistoryLink
1965 NASA Launches Gemini 5 to Assess Effects of 8 Days of Weightlessness Space Exploration NASA
The Beatles Perform at Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota The Beatles Minnesota Historical Society
1968 Dozens Are Killed in Massive Soviet Military Clampdown in Czechoslovakia Czech Republic Soviet Union Cold War Death BBC
Texas Soldier Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor Giving His Life in Vietnam Texas Military Figures Vietnam War American Military Figures Death Texas State Historical Society
1969 President Nixon and South Korean President Park Chung Hee Begin 2-Day Meeting in San Francisco Korean Political and Social Leaders San Francisco Richard Nixon The American Presidency TV News Archive
1971 Antiwar Protesters Raid Buffalo, NY & Camden, NJ Draft Board Offices Camden, New Jersey Buffalo, New York Vietnam War The Buffalonian
1972 NASA Launches Orbiting Observatory to Observe the Celestial Sphere Above Earth's Atmosphere Space Exploration Earth Science NASA
1979 Sue Wegner Becomes Florida's First Female Police Chief, When She Is Sworn into Office by Mayor Lucie Black of Minneola MInneola, Florida Law Enforcement Female Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1983 Filipino Opposition, Leader Benigno S. Aquino, Jr., Assassinated at Manila Airport Benigno S. Aquino Death BBC
1984 The Ferry, Chief Wawatam, Makes Its Last Trip Across the Straits of Mackinac Michigan Naval History State of Michigan
1985 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Destroys 60 Homes and Injures 100 People Along Peru's North Coast Peru Earthquake USGS
1986 Volcanic Carbon Dioxide Eruption Wipes Out Four Cameroon Villages Killing Nearly 2,000 Cameroon Volcanoes Carbon Dioxide Death History Channel BBC
1988 Hurricane Chris Batters Florida's East Coast from Miami to Jacksonville Florida Hurricanes Florida Historical Society
1991 Coup Against Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Collapses After Three Days Mikhail Gorbachev 1991 Coup Attempt The History Channel
The New Russia State Federation Red, White and Blue Flag Is Adopted Russia
1993 The First Masonic Heritage Day Celebration Is Held in Charleston, West Virginia Charleston, West Virginia The Masons West Virginia State Archives
1995 Federal Judge and Microsoft Agree to Anti-trust Settlement Anti-trust Law Bill Gates & Microsoft University of Pennsylvania
Robert Blaeser Is Sworn In as the First Judge of American Indian Descent in the Minnesota Twin Cities Minnesota Native-American Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1998 Former South African President P.W. Botha Refuses to Appear Before Truth and Reconciliation Commission P.W. Botha South African History