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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. Why did AIDS patient Ryan White begin taking classes by telephone on this date in 1985? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what state was children's author Patricia Beatty born? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the International Olympic Committee, what event was Steve Ovett favored to win in the 1980 Summer Olympics? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a scientist, mathematician or inventor born on this date: BB BASIN REAL TRUCE

1. Why was August 26th selected as Women's Equality Day in the United States? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation file for John Wilkes Booth includes correspondence regarding what theory about Booth? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Library of Congress American Memory, with whom did John Fitch have a patent dispute over the invention of the steamboat? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a 1960s work of Julio Cortázar (according to Authors' Calendar):
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to PBS, what are the names of Branford Marsalis' two brothers?

2. According to The New York Times, on this date in 1920, who made the announcement that the 19th Amendment was a part of the U.S. Constitution?

3. According to the History Channel, for what achievement was George E. Day awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a mural painted by Hale Woodruff (according to Atlanta University):

Antoine Lavoisier
Born on This Date 1743

[Florida International University]

John Wilkes Booth
Born on This Date 1838

[Chicago Historical Society]
Notorious American

Hale Woodruff
Born on This Date 1900

[University of Missouri
Kansas City

American Artists

Patricia Beatty
Born on This Date in 1922

[California Library Association]
Young-adult Authors

Branford Marsalis
Born on This Date 1960

[University of Florida]
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Namibia: Heroes' Day
(Observed annually on this date in remembrance of distinguished Namibians)
Namibia U.S. Department of State
United States: Women's Equality Day
(Observed since 1971: Commemoration of the enactment of 19th Amendment 08/26/1920)
19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Women's Suffrage Voting
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1922 Patricia Beatty (Oregon-born Children's Author) Patricia Beatty Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets, Playwrights and Journalists
1874 Zona Gale (Wisconsin-born Author Awarded the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for Drama) Wisconsin Authors 1921 Pulitzer Prize for Drama University of Wisconsin Writers Almanac Wisconsin Historical Society
1875 John Buchan (Scottish Author) John Buchan
1885 Jules Romains (French Novelist, Dramatist, Poet) French Authors Poetry Plays
1903 Caroline Miller (Georgia-born Novelist; Received the 1934 Pulitzer Prize for Literature) Georgia Authors & Illustrators 1934  Pulitzer Prize for Literature University of Georgia
1904 Christopher (William) Isherwood (English Novelist, Playwright) Chistopher (William) Isherwood Plays
1914 Julio Cortázar (Argentine Novelist) Julio Cortázar
1921 Ben Bradlee (Massachusetts-born Editor of the Washington Post) Ben Bradlee Journalism Watergate Investigation
1949 Thomas Cockrell (Mississippi-born Historian) Mississippi Authors U.S. History
Artists, Architects and Designers
1899 Rufino Tamayo (Mexican Artist) Mexican Artists Artists Latin-American Artists Mexico Connect
1900 Hale Woodruff (Illinois-born African-American Artist) Hale Woodruff AmericanArtists African-American Artists
Scientists, Mathematicians & Inventors
1728 Johann Heinrich Lambert (Swiss-born German Mathematician, Scientist, Philosopher) Johann Heinrich Lambert German Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Trigonometry Light
1740 Joseph Michel Montgolfier (French co-Inventor with His Brother of the Hot-Air Balloon) Joseph Michel Montgolfier Hot Air Balloons Inventors & Inventions
1743 Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (French Scientist) Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier Chemistry
1863 Lee De Forest (Iowa-born Inventor of the Audion Vacuum Tube) Lee De Forest Radio Inventors & Inventions
1886 Jerome Hunsaker (Iowa-born Aeronautical Engineer) Iowa Scientists & Mathematcians Aviation
1906 Albert Bruce Sabin (Polish-American Doctor Who Developed the Polio Vaccine) Albert Bruce Sabin Polio
1918 Katherine G. Johnson (West Virginia-born African-American Mathematician) West Virginia Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics NASA African-American Scientists & Mathematicians African American Registry
1951 Edward Witten (Maryland-born Mathematician, Theoretical Physicist) Edward Witten Calculus Quantum Theory
Explorers, Pioneers & Astronauts
1942 John Blaha (Texas-born Astronaut) John Blaha Astronauts
Military Leaders
1901 Maxwell Taylor (Missouri-born General in the U.S. Army) Missouri Military Figures World War II
Philsopher, Educators, Religious Leaders
1867 Robert Russa Moton (Virginia-born African-American Educator, Attorney, President of Tuskegee Institute) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Political & Social Leaders
1676 Robert Walpole (The First Prime Minister of England) Robert Walpole
1813 Harrison Reed (Massachusetts-born 9th Governor of Florida) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders Florida State Historical Society
1819 Prince Albert (German-born Consort of Queen Victoria of England) Prince Albert British Political and Social Leaders Queen Victoria
1872 Joe T. Robinson (Arkansas-born Member of the U.S. Senate) Arkansas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Arkansas History Commission
1895 Earl Long (Governor of Louisiana: 1939-1940, 1948-52, 1956-1960) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Louisiana Secretary of  State
1898 Peggy Guggenheim (New York City-born Art Collector, Philanthropist) Peggy Guggenheim Museums Art Guggenheim Museum NY
1935 Geraldine Ferraro (New York-born Democratic Candidate for Vice=President of the United States) Geraldine Ferraro 1984 Presidential Election American Women in Politics
The Notorious
1838 John Wilkes Booth (Maryland-born Actor, Assassin of President Abraham Lincoln) John Wilkes Booth Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Notorious Americans
Performing Artists
1903 Jimmy Rushing (Oklahoma-born African-American Singer, Pianist) Oklahoma Performing Artists Jazz African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1946 Valerie Simpson (New York-born Singer) Valerie Simpson Popular Musicians
1960 Branford Marsalis (New Orleans-born African-American Musician) Branford Marsalis Jazz Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
1980 Macauley Culkin (New York City-born Actor) Macauley Culkin Actors Film
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1635 Lope do Vega (Spanish Poet, Dramatist) Spanish Authors Poetry Plays Chambers Book of Days
1723 Antony van Leeuwenhoek (Dutch Pioneer in Microscopy) Antony van Leeuwenhoek Microscopy
1902 George Hoadly (Connecticut-born 36th Governor of Ohio) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders Ohio Historical Society
1910 William James (New York City-born Philosopher) William James Philosophy
1912 José Maria Velasco (Mexican Artist) Mexican Artists Artists Latin-American Artists Mexico Connect
1916 Michael J. Cantwell (Irish-American Printer; Founder of Madison, Wisconsin's Cantwell Publishing Company) Irish Business Leaders Madison, Wisconsin Literature Business & Economics Wisconsin Historical Society
1930 Lon Chaney (Colorado-born Actor) Colorado Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1935 John Willys (New York-born Inventor of the Jeep) New York Business Leaders Business Automotives
1958 Ralph Vaughan Williams (English Composer) Ralph Vaughan Williams Composers Concordia Historical Institute
1973 Mercedes Negrón Muñoz (Clara Lair: Puerto Rican Poet, Author)) Puerto Rican Authors & Illustrators Poetry Latin-American Authors & Illustrators
1974 Charles Lindbergh (Michigan-born Pilot; First Person to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic) Charles Lindbergh Aviation
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
Historical Events Occurring between 1300 - 1399
1346 Longbows Help Edward III's English Army Defeat the French at Battle of CrÉcy England France Historic UK Chambers Book of Days History Channel
Historical Events Occurring between 1700 - 1799
1731 French Explorer La Vérendrye and His Voyageurs Land at Minnesota's Grand Portage to Begin an Expedition West of the Great Lakes French Explorers Minnesota North American Explorers Minnesota Historical Society
1776 General Washington Orders the Dispersal of Documents Encouraging Hessian Mercenary Soldiers to Desert the British Army Great Britain Germany George Washington American Revolution History Channel
1777 In Delaware, General Washington Reconnoiters from Iron Hill Near Newark to Observe Movements of the British Army Outside Elkton Great Britain Delaware George Washington American Revolution State of Delaware
1789 The National Assembly of France Adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man France The Rights of Man French Revolution Yale University
1791 John Fitch Is Granted a U.S. Patent for the Steamboat John Fitch Steamboat Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Library of Congress
Historical Events Occurring between 1800 - 1899
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis Is in Pittsburgh Awaiting Completion of His Keelboat for an Aug 31 Launch
Pennsylvania Lewis & Clark Map: 07/15/03 Lewis & Clark Expedition
Keelboats National Park Service
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: Today we prepared the deer meat and made the elk skins into a toe rope, we Set out Leaving Dreyer & Shannon to hunt the horses which was lost with directions to follow us keeping on the high lands. Sergt. Gass was put in charge of the late Sergt. Floyd's mess and discharge others of such duties.
South Dakota Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/04 Lewis & Clark Expedition
Elk Horses Food & Nutrition

The Lewis and Clark Trail History Channel University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning was excessively cold; there was ice on the vessels of water which stood exposed to the air nearly a quarter of an inch thick. we collected our horses and set out at sunrise. we soon arrived at the extreem source of the Missouri; here I halted a few minutes, the men drank of the water and consoled themselves with the idea of having at length arrived at this long wished for point. from hence we proceeded to a fine spring on the side of the mountain where I had lain the evening before I first arrived at the Shoshone Camp.

here I halted to dine and graize our horses, there being fine green grass on that part of the hillside which was moistened by the water of the spring while the grass on the other parts was perfectly dry and parched with the sun. I directed a pint of corn to be given each Indian who was engaged in transporting our baggage and about the same quantity to each of the men which they parched pounded and made into supe.

one of the women who had been assisting in the transportation of the baggage halted at a little run about a mile
behind us, and set on the two pack horses which she had been conducting by one of her female friends. I enquired of Cameahwait the cause of her detention, and was informed by him in an unconcerned manner that she had halted to bring fourth a child and would soon overtake us; in about an hour the woman arrived with her newborn babe and
passed us on her way to the camp apparently as well as she ever was. It appears to me that the facility and ease with which the women of the aborigines of North America bring fourth their children is reather a gift of nature than
depending as some have supposed on the habitude of carrying heavy burthens on their backs while in a state of pregnancy.

if a pure and dry air, an elivated and cold country is unfavourable to childbirth, we might expect every difficult incident to that operation of nature in this part of the continent; again as the snake Indians possess an abundance of horses, their women are seldom compelled like those in other parts of the continent to carry burthens on their backs, yet they have their children with equal convenience, and it is a rare occurrence for any of them to experience difficulty in childbirth. I have been several times informed by those who were conversent with the fact, that the indian women who are pregnant by whitemen experience more difficulty in childbirth than when pregnant by an Indian. if this be true it would go far in suport of the opinion I have advanced.—

the tops of the high and irregular mountains which present themselves to our view on the opposite side of this branch of the Columbia are yet perfectly covered with snow; the air which proceeds from those mountains has an agreeable coolness and renders these parched and South hillsides much more supportable at this time of the day it being now about noon.

I observe the indian women collecting the root of a speceis of fennel which grows in the moist grounds and feeding their poor starved children; it is really distressing to witness the situation of those poor wretches.

The Sunflower is very abundant near the watercourses the seeds of this plant are now rip and the natives collect them in considerable quantities and reduce them to meal by pounding and rubing them between smooth stones. this meal
is a favorite food their manner of using it has been beforementioned.

after dinner we continued our rout towards the village. on our near approach we were met by a number of young men on horseback. Cameahwait requested that we would discharge our guns when we arrived in sight of the Village, accordingly when I arrived on an eminence above the village in the plain I drew up the party at open order in a single rank and gave them a runing fire discharging two rounds. they appeared much gratifyed with this exhibition. we then proceeded to the village or encampment of brush lodges 32 in number.

we were conducted to a large lodge which had been prepared for me in the center of their encampment which was situated in a beautifull level smooth and extensive bottom near the river about 3 miles above the place I had first
found them encamped. here we arrived at 6 in the evening arranged our baggage near my tent and placed those of the men on either side of the baggage facing outwards.

I found Colter here who had just arrived with a letter from Capt. Clark in which Capt. C. had given me an account of his perigrination and the description of the river and country as before detailed from this view of the subject I found it a
folly to think of attemping to decend this river in canoes and therefore determined to commence the purchase of horses in the morning from the indians in order to carry into execution the design passing the rocky Mountains.

I now informed Cameahwait of my intended expedition overland to the great river which lay in the plains beyond the mountains and told him that I wished to purchase 20 horses of himself and his people to convey our baggage. he observed that the Minnetares had stolen a great number of their horses this spring but hoped his people would spear me the number I wished.

I also asked a guide, he observed that he had no doubt but the old man who was with Capt. C. would accompany us if we wished him and that he was better informed of the country than any of them. matters being thus far arranged I directed the fiddle to be played and the party danced very merily much to the amusement and gratification of the natives, though I must confess that the state of my own mind at this moment did not well accord with the prevailing mirth as I somewhat feared that the caprice of the indians might suddenly induce them to withhold their horses from us without which my hopes of prosicuting my voyage to advantage was lost; however I determined to keep the indians in a good humour if possible, and to loose no time in obtaining the necessary number of horses.

I directed the hunters to turn out early in the morning and indeavor to obtain some meat. I had nothing but a little parched corn to eat this evening.

Clark: a fine morning Despatched three men a head to hunt, our horses missing Sent out my guide and four men to hunt them, which detained me untill 9 oClock a. m. at which time I Set out and proceeded on by the way of the forks
to the Indian Camps

at the first were not one mouthfull to eate untill night as our hunters could kill nothing and I could See & catch no fish except a few Small ones. The Indians gave us 2 sammon boiled which I gave to the men, one of my men Shot a Sammon in the river about Sunset those fish gave us a Supper. all the Camp flocked about me untill I went to Sleep— and I beleve if they had a Sufficency to eate themselves and any to Spare they would be liberal of it

I derected the men to mend their Mockessons to night and turn out in the morning early to hunt Deer fish birds &c. &c. Saw great numbers of the large Black grass hopper Some hars which were verry wild, but few Birds. a number of ground Lizards; Some fiew Pigions

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Lemhi County, Idaho Shoshone Indians

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: a heavy dew this morning

the hunters or Shannon & the 2 fields came up at Sunrise and we Set out, they had killed only 2 Small deer one of which they had eat

at 8 passed the place the Tetons were encamped at the time they attempted to Stop us in Septr. 1804, and at 9 A. M. passed the enterance of Teton River.

Saw Several black tail or Mule deer and Sent out to kill them but they were wild and the hunters Could not get a Shot at either of them. a fiew miles below the Teton river I observed a buffalow Skin Canoe lying on the S Shore and a Short distance lower a raft which induces me to Suspect that the Tetons are not on the Missouri at the big bend as we were informed by the Ricaras, but up the Teton river.

at Meridn. we halted on the N E. Side opposit a handsom leavel plain in which there is great quantities of plumbs which are not yet ripe. we passed the enteranc of Smoke Creek and landed and Continued two hours to Stop a leak in the perogue and fix the Stearing oare, Saw great quantities of Grapes, they are black tho' not thurerly ripe.

at 5 P M. we landed a Louisells fort on Ceder Island, this fort is entire and every part appears to be in the Same state it was when we passed it in Septr. 1804. I observed the appearance of 3 fires in the houses which appeared to have been made 10 or 12 days past.

we proceeded on about 10 miles lower and encamped on the S. W. Side opposit our outward bound encampment of the 21st of Septr. 1804, a fiew miles above Tylors River.

we had a Stiff breeze from the S. E. which continued to blow the greater part of the night dry and pleasent. as we were now in the Country where we were informed the Sceoux were assembled we were much on our guard deturmined to put up with no insults from those bands of Seioux, all the arms &. in perfect order.

Capt. L. is Still on the mending hand he walks a little. I have discontinued the tent in the hole where the ball entered, agreeable to his request. he tells me that he is fully Convinced that the wound is sufficiently heeled for the tents to be discontinued. we made 60 miles to day with the wind ahead greater part of the day—

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Lyman County, South Dakota Native Americans

University of Nebraska

1815 Spain Grants the Island of Key West to the Governor of Florida for Services Rendered Spain Key West. Florida Florida Historical Association
1817 Territorial Act Passes Forming Basis for Michigan's Education System Michigan Education State of Michigan
1826 Boston's Faneuil Hall Opens Faneuil Hall Fanueil Hall Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1838 In LaGrange County, Indiana, Volunteer Militiamen Trap Chief Menominee and Other Potawatomi Leaders to Force Them to Move West LaGrange County, Indiana Potawatomi Indians Indiana Historical Society
Ralph Waldo Emerson Meets Thomas Carlyle Thomas Carlyle Ralph Waldo Emerson Authors History Channel
1839 Schooner La Amistad Is Sighted Off Long Island by USS Washington The <I>Amistad</I> Mutiny Slavery U.S. Supreme Court Tulane University
1842 Congress Establishes July 1-June 30 Fiscal Year for U.S. Treasury U.S. Congress Business & Economics Calendars & Holidays U.S. Treasury
1843 Connecticut's Charles Thurber Receives U.S. Patent 3228 for the First Working Typewriter Connecticut Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks History of Technology Historic Firsts Patent 3228
1846 Felix Mendelssohn Conducts the Premiere of His Oratorio "Elijah" at the Birmingham Festival in England Birmingham, England Felix Mendelssohn Composers Historic Firsts American Public Media
1847 Liberia Is Proclaimed an Independent Republic Liberia New York Times
1848 The Stillwater Convention Petitions Congress to Establish the Territory of Minnesota Minnesota U.S. Congress Minnesota Historical Society
1854 In Winchester, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln Speaks Out Against the Kansas-Nebraska Act Winchester, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Kansas-Nebraska Act Slavery Lincoln Logs
1856 Captain George Pickett Begins Construction of Fort Bellingham, Washington Washington Forts HistoryLink
1857 43 Educators from 8 States and the District of Columbia Meet in Philadelphia to Form What Will Be the National Education Association Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education Historic Firsts National Education Association State of Delaware
1861 Confederate Congress Approves $420,000 for 3 Gunboats to Protect Florida's Waters Florida American Civil War Naval History Economics Florida Historical Association
1862 The Second Battle of Bull Run Begins as Confederate Cavalry Capture Manassas Junction Rail Center Virginia Second Battle of Bull Run History Channel
1873 St. Louis School Board Authorizes First U.S. Public School Kindergarten Missouri Early Childhood Education Historic Firsts Young St. Louis
1884 Ottmar Mergenthaler Receives First U.S. Patent for Linotype Typesetting Machine German Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Journalism Historic Firsts Patent 304272
1895 First Commercial Electricity Generated from Niagara Falls Powers a Pittsburgh Mill Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Niagara Falls Electricity Historic Firsts University of Buffalo
Historical Events Occurring between 1900 - 1949
1902 Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show Arrives in Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Buffalo Bill Cody
A Patent Granted for a Daylight Developing Tank for Roll Film Photography Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions USPTO
1909 Swiss Paleontologist Otto Hauser Discovers Cro-Magnon Man Skeleton in France France Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians Paleontology Evolution
1914 The German 8th Army Strikes the Advancing Russian 2nd Army at Tannenberg in East Prussia Russia Germany World War I History Channel
1919 Minnesota's State Legislature Ratifies the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Granting Women the Right to Vote Minnesota Government Women Women's Suffrage 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Minnesota Historical Society
1920 19th Amendment Goes into Effect Giving Women the Right to Vote 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Women's Suffrage Voting Writer's Almanac History Channel New York Times Court TV HistoryLink
1926 Texaco Is Incorporated as the Texas Corporation Texas Business Texas LeMoyne College
1929 South Africa's First Commercial Air Flight Transports Mail from Maitland and Port Elizabeth South Africa Aviation History Historic Firsts South African History
1930 Partido Kommunista Ng Pilipinas (PKP) Founded by Evangelista Cristo in Manila Republic of the Philippines Terrorism U.S. Government
1931 Celebration Marks Completion of Washington's Olympic Loop Highway (U.S. 101) Washington Transportation State of Washington
1935 900-Hour Dance Marathon Ends in Bellingham, Washington Washington Dance HistoryLink
1939 WXBS Broadcasts First Televised Baseball Game (Reds & Giants) Television Baseball New York Historic Firsts New York Times History Channel
1940 Cadillac Discontinues Production of the LaSalle After 14 years Automobiles Cadillac Website History Channel
1944 French General Charles de Gaulle Enters a Liberated Paris Charles de Gaulle Liberation of Paris World Wat II European History History Channel
1946 Harcourt, Brace Publishes First American Edition of George Orwell's Animal Farm George Orwell Animal Farm Charles' George Orwell Links
1947 Dan Bankhead Is First African-American Pitcher in Major-league Baseball Baseball African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts USA Today
Historical Events Occurring between 1950 - 1999
1950 The World's First Redwood Tree Farm Is Dedicated in Hammond Grove, Near Eureka Eureka, California Trees Historic Firsts LearnCalifornia
1957 Soviet Union Successfully Tests an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Soviet The Cold War History Channel
Ford Rolls Out Its First Edsel Ford Automobiles Business & Economics History Channel
1958 By a Margin of 40,452 to 8,010, Alaska Voters Approve the Statehood Enabling Act Alaska Voting Alaska Historical Society
1959 Eisenhower Speech in Bonn Affirms U.S. Support for West Germany Germany Presdient Dwight Eisenhower Cold War BBC
1960 The First Student Enrolls in Florida's Brevard Community College Florida Education Education Brevard Community College Florida Historical Association
1961 Hockey Hall of Fame Opens in Toronto Canada Hockey Hall of Fame New York Times
1964 Lyndon Johnson Receives Democratic Nomination for President Lyndon Johnson American Presidents 1964 Democratic Presidential Convention History Channel
Hurricane Cleo Strikes Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 130 mph Winds Fort Lauderdale, Florida Hurricanes Florida Historical Association
1967 George E. Day Is Shot Down and Captured in North Vietnam George E. Day Vietnam War Medal of Honor History Channel
1968 In Chicago, the Opening of the Democratic National Convention Is Disrupted by War Protests Chicago American Presidents 1968 Deomcratic Convention Vietnam War History Channel
1970 Jimi Hendrix Opens the Electric Lady Recording Studio in New York New York City Jimi Hendrix Popular Music History Channel
1975 Peace Talks Collapse Between Rhodesian Government and African National Council (ANC) Africa Zimbabwe Human Rights/Civil Rights BBC
1978 Cardinal Albino Luciani Elected 264th Roman Catholic Pope (John Paul I) Religion Pope John Paul I New York Times
1980 A 1,000-Pound Bomb Is Discovered in a Nevada Casino Nevada Crime Terrorism History Channel
1981 In Koblenz, Germany Steve Ovett Sets World Record for the Mile Run (3:48.4), but It Will Only Stand for Two Days Germany Steve Ovett Track & Field University of Plymouth
1982 NASA Launches a Telesat Communications Satellite for Canada Canada Space Exploration NASA
1985 In Indiana, 13-Year-Old AIDS Patient, Ryan White, Begins Attending School by Telephone When Officials Bar Him from Attending Class Ryan White AIDS Education Court TV
Yugo Is Introduced to the American Market Automobiles Business & Economics U.S. History History Channel
South African Runner, Zola Budd, Smashes World Record for 5000m Zola Budd Track and Field BBC South African History
1992 No-Fly Zone Established in Southern Iraq, South of Latitude 32 Degrees North Iraq Gulf War Aviation History Television News Archive
1994 British Man Receives First Battery-Operated Heart Great Britain Medical Research Artificial Heart Historic Firsts BBC
New Law Allows British Stores to Remain Open on Sundays Great Britain Consumer Economics Law & Legal Resources Religion BBC
1996 Former South African Police Colonel Is Convicted for the Murders of Black anti-Apartheid Activists South Africa Apartheid Crime Law and Legal Resources South African History
1997 F.W. de Klerk Resigns As Head of South Africa's National Party F.W. de Klerk South African History
1998 Government Reopens Investigation of Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Law & Legal Resources United States Department of Justice
1999 Michael Johnson (TX) Sets World 400m Record in Spain: 43.18s Spain Texas Sports Figures Track And Field African-American Sports Figures New York Times
Historical Events Occurring 2000 to Present
2000 Minnesota's Women's Suffrage Memorial Is Dedicated At the State Capitol Minnesota Government Women Women's Suffrage Minnesota Historical Society
2003 Investigation Board Issues Final Report on Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster NASA