August 30

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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
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5-Minute Quests

1. In what states were two American children's authors/illustrators born on this date? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. Which children's author/illustrator born on this date also wrote for children's television? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the Baseball Hall of Fame, how many seasons did Ted Williams miss due to military service and major injuries? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a Babar book by Laurent de Brunhoff (from the first page of titles provided by Hall Kids Books):

1. Who was the first Catholic saint from South America? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. What were the starting and ending dates of the Battle of Second Bull Run? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the History Channel, who was Cleopatra's father? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the first word in the title of a work by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (according to Authors' Calendar).
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the U.S. Congress, when did Huey Long serve as the Governor of Louisiana?

2. According to Spartacus, in what were the three major civil rights marches in which Roy Wilkins participated from 1963-1966?

3. According to the Nobel Foundation, for what achievement was Ernest Rutherford awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a film in which Shirley Booth appeared (according to the New York Times):

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Born on This Date in 1797

[Nat'l Library of Medicine]


Ernest Rutherford
Born on This Date 1871

[California Institute of Technology]

Atomic Theory 1908 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Huey Long
Born on This Date 1893

[World University for Social Science]

U.S. Congress

Roy Wilkins
Born on This Date 1901

[Long Island University]

American Civil Rights Movement

Laurent de Brunhoff
Born on This Date 1925

[Centre International
d'Etudes en Littérature de Jeunesse]

Children's Authors
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United Nations: International Day of the Disappeared
(Observed annually on August 30 by declaration of the United Nations to focus world attention on those persons who are victims of enforced disappearance)
United Nations Human Rights/Civil Rights Amnesty International
Perú: Saint Rose of Lima
(Commemoration of the death of the first Catholic saint from South American: 08/30/1617)
Perú Religion Catholic Saints U.S. Department of State
Turkey: Zafer Bayrami (Victory Day)
(Observed annually to commemorate the 1922 Turkish War of Independence)
Turkey U.S. Department of State Tuluma Turkish Community
Louisiana: Huey P. Long Day
(commemoration of birth date of Huey P. Long: 08/30/1893)
Huey P. Long U.S. Congress
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1909 Virginia Lee Burton (Massachusetts-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Virginia Lee Burton Primary Children's Authors Artists
1925 Laurent de Brunhoff (French Illustrator and Children's Author of Babar) Laurent de Brunhoff Primary Children's Authors Artists
1934 Helen Craig (English Children's Author, Illustrator) Helen Craig Primary Children's Authors Artists
1935 Ruth Craft (New Zealand Children's Author, Writer for BBC Children's Television) New Zealand Authors Primary Children's Authors Children's Television
1938 Donald Crews (New Jersey-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Donald Crews Primary Children's Authors Artists
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (English Author of Frankenstein) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
1901 John Gunther (Chicago-born Author and Journalist) Chicago Authors & Illustrators Journalism
1944 Molly Ivins (California-born Political Humorist) Molly Ivins Texas Authors Journalism Politics
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1748 Jacques-Louis David (French Neoclassicist Painter) French Authors Artists
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1820 George Root (Massachusetts-born Composer) George Root American Composers
1943 David Maslanka (Massachusetts-born Composer) Massachusetts Composers American Composers Official Web Site
1852 Jacobus Hoff (Dutch-born German 1901 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Dutch Scientists and Mathematicians German Scientists and Mathematicians 1901 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1871 Ernest Rutherford (New Zealand Physicist: 1908 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory 1908 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1912 E(dward) M(ills) Purcell (Illinois-born 1952 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Illinois Scientists and Mathematicians Atomic Theory 1952 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1913 Richard Stone (English-born 1984 Nobel Laureate for Economics) English Scientists and Mathematicians Economics 1984 Nobel Laureate for Economics
Business Leaders
1930 Warren Buffett (Nebraska-born Business Leader, Investor)  Warren Buffett Markets & Investments
1813 Martin McLeod (Canadian-American Fur Trader; Minnesota State Legislator) Canadian Explorer, Pioneer Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1869 Luther E. Hall (Louisiana Governor 1912-1916) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1893 Huey P. Long (Louisiana U.S. Senator: 1932-5; Governor: 1928-32) Huey P. Long U.S. Congress
1901 Roy Wilkins (Missouri-born African-American Civil Rights Leader) Roy Wilkins Civil Rights Famous African Americans
1896 Raymond Massey (Canadian-born Actor, Director and Producer) Canadian Performing Artists Actor Television Film Internet Movie Database
1898 Shirley Booth (New York City-born Actress: "Hazel") New York City Performing Artists Actor Television Stage & Theater NY Times
1908 Fred MacMurray (Chicago-born Actor) Chicago Performing Artists Actor Television Film Internet Movie Database Wisconsin Historical Society
1909 Kitty Wells (Tennessee-born Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame) Kitty Wells Country Music Hall of Fame
1972 Cameron Diaz (California-born Actress) California Performing Artists Actor Film
Sports Figures
1918 Ted Williams (California-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Ted Williams Baseball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
30 B.C. Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt: Died of a Self-Inflicted Poisonous Snake Bite) Cleopatra Snakes History Channel
1617 Saint Rose of Lima (Peruvian Religious Figure) Perú Religion Catholic Saints Catholic New Advent Encyclopedia
1880 Chief Diablo (Apache Chief) Arizona Native-American Studies Death History Channel
1918 Father William Duncan (Founding Father of Metlakatla, Alaska) Metlakatla, Alaska Religious Leaders and Theologians Alaska Historical Society
William Pitt Kellogg (Governor of Louisiana: 1873-1876) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1938 Max Factor (Polish-born Hollywood Cosmetics and Makeup Artist) Polish Artists & Designers Artists Film
1961 Charles Coburn (Georgia-born 1943 Academy Award-Winning Actor) Georgia Performing Artists Actor Film 1943 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Internet Movie Database
Historic B.C. Events that Occurred on this Date
30 B.C. Cleopatra Commits Suicide with a Snake Bite Cleopatra Snakes Death History Channel
1781 A 24-Ship, 3,500-Man French Naval Force Arrives Near the Chesapeake Bay France Virginia Naval Military History American Revolution Virginia Historical Society
1785 The Augusta Gazette Begins Publication in Georgia Georgia Journalism University of Georgia
Historic Events of the 1800s that Occurred on this Date
1800 Poor Weather Foils a Planned Slave Rebellion in Henrico County, Virginia Henrico County, Virginia Slavery Storms Virginia Historical Society
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: This morning the fog was very thick. We were preparing some medals for the Chiefs and finished my speech. We sent Mr. Dorion in a perogue for the Chiefs and Warriers to a council under an Oak Tree near where we had a flag flying on a high flagstaff. At 12 p.m. we met with the Indians and Capt. Lewis delivered the speech to them. I delivered the speech & then made one great Chief by giving him a Meadel & some cloathes. After the speech we smoked the peace pipe with them and retired back to our camp.
South Dakota Lewis & Clark Map: 08/27/04 Lewis & Clark Expedition
Weather Native American Tribes The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: a fine Morning, finding that we Could purchase no more horse than we had for our goods &c. (and those not a Sufficint number for each of our Party to have one which is our wish) I Gave my Fuzee to one of the men & Sold his musket for a horse which Completed us to 29 total horses,

we Purchased pack Cords Made Saddles & Set out on our rout down the river by land guided by my old guide one
other who joined him, the old gude's 3 Sons followed him before we Set out

our hunters killed three Deer proceded on 12 miles and encamped on the river South Side— at the time we Set out from the Indian Camps the greater Part of the Band Set out over to the waters of the Missouri. we had great attention paid to the horses, as they were nearly all Sore Backs and Several pore, & young Those horses are indifferent, maney Sore backs and others not acustomed to pack, and as we Cannot put large loads on them are Compelled to purchase as maney as we Can to take our Small propotin of baggage of the Parties. (& Eate if necessary) Proceeded on 12 miles to day

Ordway: a fine morning. we got up all our horses. bought 3 more. have now got 30 in all.

we got our loads ready. the guide who has engaged with us to go on to the ocean tells us that their is 2 ways to go, but the one bearing South of the Ri: is plains and a desert country without game or water. but the road to the North of the River is rough and mountaineous but Sd. he could take us in 10 days to a large fork of the River which came in on the South Side where the River would be navigable or in about 15 days we could go to where the tide came up and Salt water. So we concluded to go that road.

apart of the natives went from this village over to the head of the Missouri after the buffalow. about one oClock P. m. our hunter came in had killed three Deer we loaded all but 2 of our horses and Set out and proceeded on down the River bottom crossed Several this Spring runs and Several old Camps. went about 10 miles and Camped on a Smooth bottom near the River considerable of cotton and alder wood along the Shores

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Lemhi County, Idaho Shoshone Indians

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: Capt. Lewis is mending Slowly.

we set out at the usial hour and proceeded on very well a fiew miles Jo Field who was on the Shore being behind I derected one of the Small Canoes with R. Fields & Shannon to continue on the point of a Sand bar untill he coms up.

I took 3 hunters and walked on the N E Shore with a view to kill Some fat meet. we had not proceeded far before Saw a large plumb orchd of the most deelicious plumbs, out of this orchard 2 large Buck Elks ran the hunters killed them. I Stoped the Canoes and brought in the flesh which was fat and fine. here the party Collected as many plumbs as they could eate and Several pecks of which they put by &c.

after a delay of nearly 2 hours we again proceeded on downwards passed 3 Small Islands and as we were about to land at the place appointed to wait for the 2 fields and Shannon, I saw Several men on horseback which with the help of a Spie glass I found to be Indians on the high hills to the N E

we landed on the S. W. Side and I sent out two men to a village of Barking Squirels to kill Some of those animals

imedeatily after landing about 20 indians was discovered on an eminanc a little above us on the opposite Side. one of those men I took to be a freinch man from his a blanket Capoe & a handkerchief around his head. imediately after 80 or 90 Indian men all armed with fusees & Bows & arrows Came out of a wood on the opposite bank about ¼ of a mile below us. they fired of their guns as a Salute we returned the Salute with 2 rounds. we were at a loss to deturmin of what nation those indians were. from their hostile appearance we were apprehensive they were Tetons. but from the Country through which they roved we were willing to believe them eithe the Yanktons, Ponars or Mahars either of which nations are well disposed towards the white people.

I deturmined to find out who they were without running any resque of the party and indians, and therefore took three french men who could Speak the Mahar Pania and some Seioux and in a Small canoe I went over to a Sand bar which extended Sufficently near the opposite Shore to Converse. imedeately after I Set out 3 young men Set out from the opposite Side and Swam next me on the Sand bar. I derected the men to Speak to them in the Pania and mahar Languages first neither of which they could understand I then derected the man who could Speak a fiew words of Seioux to inquire what nation or tribe they belong to they informed me that they were Tetons and their Chief was Tar-tack-kah-sabbar or the black buffalow

This Chief I knew very well to be the one we had seen with his band at Teton river which band had attempted to detain us in the fall of 1804 as we assended this river and with whome we wer near comeing to blows. I told those Indians that they had been deef to our councils and ill treated us as we assended this river two years past, that they had abused all the whites who had visited them since. I believed them to be bad people & Should not Suffer them to cross to the Side on which the party lay, and directed them to return with their band to their Camp, that if any of them come near our camp we Should kill them certainly.

I lef them on the bear and returned to th party and examined the arms &c. those indians seeing Some Corn in the Canoe requested Some of it which I refused being deturmined to have nothing to do with those people. Several others Swam across one of which understood pania, and as our pania interpreter was a very good one we had it in our power to inform what we wished. I told this man to inform his nation that we had not forgot their treatment to us as we passed up this river &c. that they had treated all the white people who had visited them very badly; robed them of their goods, and had wounded one man whome I had Seen. we viewed them as bad people and no more traders would be Suffered to come to them, and whenever the white people wished to visit the nations above they would Come Sufficiently Strong to whip any vilenous party who dare to oppose them and words to the Same purpote.

I also told them that I was informed that a part of all their bands were gorn to war against the Mandans &c, and that they would be well whiped as the Mandans & Menetarres & had a plenty of Guns Powder and ball, and we had given them a Cannon to defend themselves. and derected them to return from the Sand bar and inform their Chiefs what we had Said to them, and to keep away from the river or we Should kill every one of them &c. &c.

those fellows requested to be allowed to Come aecross and make Cumerads which we positively refused and I directed them to return imediately which they did and after they had informed the Chiefs &c. as I Suppose what we had Said to them, they all Set out on their return to their Camps back of a high hill. 7 of them halted on the top of the hill and blackguarded us, told us to come across and they would kill us all &c. of which we took no notice.

we all this time were extreamly anxious for the arival of the 2 fields and Shannon whome we had left behind, and were Some what consd. as to their Safty. to our great joy those men hove in Sight at 6 P. M. Jo. Fields had killed 3 black tail or mule deer. we then Set out, as I wished to See what those Indians on the hill would act.

we Steared across near the opposit Shore, this notion put them Some agitation as to our intentions, some Set out on the direction towards their Camps others walked about on the top of the hill and one man walked down the hill to meet us and invited us to land to which invitation I paid no kind of attention. this man I knew to be the one who had in the fall 1804 accompaned us 2 days and is Said to be the friend to the white people. after we passd. him he returned on the top of the hill and gave 3 Strokes with the gun he had in his hand this I am informed is a great oath among the indians.

we proceeded on down about 6 miles and encamped on a large Sand bar in the middle of the river about 2 miles above our encampment on Mud Island on the 10th Septr. 1804 haveing made 22 miles only to Day.

Saw Several Indians on the hills at a distance this evening viewing us. our encampment of this evening was a very disagreable one, bleak exposed to the winds, and the Sand wet. I pitched on this Situation to prevent being disturbed by those Scioux in the Course of the night as well as to avoid the Musquetors—. Killed 9 whisteling squirels.

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Charles Mix County, South Dakota Teton Indians

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

1813 In Alabama, Creek Indians Attack Fort Mims, Killing Nearly 250 Settlers Gathered There for Protection Alabama Creek Indians Forts Indian Wars Death Alabama State Archives
1826 Lewisburg and Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia Hold a Public Dinner in Honor of U.S. Secretary of State Henry Clay Lewisburg, West Virginia Henry Clay U.S. Secretary of State West Virginia State Archive
1828 The Cumberland Presbyterian Church Is the First Church Organized in Northwest Arkansas Arkansas Religion Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1838 General John Tipton Takes Potawatomi Indians Prisoner for "Trail of Death" March Indiana Illinois Missouri Kansas Potawatami Indians  Kansas Heritage Group
1862 Confederates Rout the Union Army at Richmond, KY Kentucky Battle of Richmond, KY
Confederates Force Union Troops into Retreat at Second Bull Run Virginia Second Battle of Bull Run
1880 White Mountain Apache Chief Diablo Killed in Battle with Competing Indian Band Arizona Native-American Studies Death History Channel
1888 Asa Candler Pays $1,000 for One-third Interest in the New Coca-Cola Company Georgia Business Coca-cola University of Georgia
1900 In Delaware, Trolley Service Is Extended from Wilmington to Delaware City Delaware Transportation State of Delaware
1904 Henry James Returns to U.S. After Two Decades Abroad Henry James American Authors History Channel
1905 18-year-old Ty Cobb Plays His First Major League Game for the Detroit Tigers Detroit. Michigan Ty Cobb Baseball Hall of Fame University of Georgia State of Michigan
1908 The United Mine Workers (UMW) in Birmingham, Alabama Call Off a Two-Month Coal Strike Birmingham, Alabama Labor United Mine Workers of America Alabama State Archives
1920 The First Lone Ranger Movie Is Released Film Internet Movie Database
1922 Decisive Battle of Dumlupinar Secures Turkish Independence Turkey Turkey Travel Planner
1933 President Roosevelt's Executive Order Prohibits the Holding of Gold by United States Citizens Franklin D. Roosevelt Ecomomics Gold U.S. Treasury
1935 President Franklin Roosevelt's Wealth Tax Act Is Passed into Law Franklin D. Roosevelt Law & Legal Resources Taxes History Channel
Janette Serrec Starts Four-Day "Charm School" for Ladies in Janesville, Wisconsin Janesville, Wisconsin Education Women Wisconsin Historical Society
1941 Nazis Cut Off Last Railroad into Leningrad Soviet Union Nazi Germany Railroads World War II New York Times
1945 General Douglas MacArthur Lands in Japan to Oversee Surrender Douglas MacArthur Japan World War II History Channel
1956 Mob Prevents Enrollment of African-American Students at Mansfield High School, Texas Texas Education Racism African-American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1961 Brandeis University Receives Authority for Local Phi Beta Kappa Society Massachusetts Louis Brandeis Education Brandeis University Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Edison Junior College Is Established by the Lee County, FL Board of Public Instruction Florida Education Florida Historical Society
1963 U.S.-Soviet Telephone "Hot Line" Placed into Service Soviet Union The Cold War TheTelephone New York Times
1967 Senate Confirms Thurgood Marshall As First Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall U.S. Supreme Court Famous African Americans Historic Firsts Oyez
1968 "Hey Jude" Is Registered with U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Popular Music Patents & Trademarks U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
In St. Paul, Minnesota, a Race Riot Results in 26 Arrests, Numerous Injuries, and Thousands of Dollars in Property Damage St. Paul, Minnesota Racism Crime Minnesota Historical Society
1976 President Gerald Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter Announce Series of Televised Debates Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter The American Presidency University of Georgia
1977 Bloomington, Minnesota Receives 10 Inches of Rain in Less Than 6 Hours Bloomington, Minnesota Precipitation Minnesota Historical Society
1983 Guy Bluford Becomes First African-American in Space Guy Bluford U.S. Astronauts Famous African Americans Historic Firsts New York Times
1984 Space Shuttle Discovery Lifts Off for First Time Space Exploration NASA
An Auction of Beatles Memorabilia Raises $270,000 The Beatles Business History Channel
1991 Mike Powell Breaks Bob Beamon's World Long Jump Record in Tokyo Japan Track & Field New York Times
1994 Aerospace/Defense Companies Lockheed and Martin Marietta Merge Aviation Business History Channel University of Georgia
1996 Muslim Rebels & Philippine Government End 24-year War with Peace Pact The Philippines Terrorism CNN
1999 Residents of East Timor Vote for Independence from Indonesia East Timor Indonesia New York Times
Historical Events Occurring from 2000  to Present
2002 In Delaware's Christiana Hospital, a Team of 25 Doctors Deliver Quintuplets for a Carlisle, Pennsylvania Mother Delaware Health Care Women Child Advocacy Christiana Hospital State of Delaware
2005 Levees Give Way Flooding New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Alabama Missisippi Hurricane Katrina Flooding Death
2009 After 54 Years, the Democratic Party Defeats the Liberal Democrats Party to Take Control of Japan's Government Japan Elections CNN