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Hector Perez Garcia
Born 1914

[Texas A&M]

Military Leader

Fernando Bujones
Born 1955

[Atlanta Ballet]


Jimmy Santiago Baca
Born 1956



Teaching - there can be no finer calling requiring the clearest demonstration of moral and ethical behavior.
Ira Shull, For the Love of Teaching
Why do you teach? Let Us Know. Tell Us about your most memorable teacher.

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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

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5-Minute Quests

1. Why is September 17th Constitution Day in the United States? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. In what state was artist/illustrator Elaine Clayton born? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, what league was founded by Rube Foster in 1920? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a work by Gail Carson Levine (according to

1. Who was the first president of Angola? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to The New York Times, what was the weather on the day the Battle of Antietam was fought? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to the Library of Congress, on what date did Connecticut ratify the U.S. Constitution? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the title of a work by John Keats:
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the History Channel, on what date did U.S. troops destroy a Cheyenne village in retaliation for Little Bighorn?

2. According to Early America, how was George Washington's farewell address first delivered?

3. According to the Delaware Tribe of Indians, by what name do the Delaware Indians call themselves?

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a work by William Carlos Williams (according to the Academy of American Poets):

Friedrich von Steuben
Born on This Date in 1730

[U.S. Army]

American Revolution

Andrew "Rube" Foster
Born on This Date 1879

[National Baseball Hall of Fame]

Baseball Hall of Fame

William Carlos Williams
Born on This Date 1883

[University of Illinois]


Maureen Connolly
Born on This Date 1934

[International Tennis HOF]

Tennis Hall of Fame

Gail Carson Levine
Born on This Date 1947

[Official Website]

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Angola: National Heroes Day
(Observance of the birth date of Angola's first president, Agostinho Neto: 9/17/1922)
Angola U.S. Department of State
Honduras: Dia del Maestro (Teachers' Day)
(Observed in commemoration of José Trinidad Reyes, founder of the national university)
Honduras Education Teacher Appreciation Teatro la Fraqua
United States: Citizenship Day
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1807 Edward Telfair (Scottish-American Governor of Georgia) Scottish Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1827 Matthew Talbot (Governor of Georgia) Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1858 Dred Scott (Virginia-born African-American Slave Who Sued for His Freedom) Virginia Political & Social Leaders Slavery United States Supreme Court The Law and Legal Resources
1966 Fritz Wunderlich (German Tenor) German Performing Artists Opera
1980 Anastasio Somoza (Nicaraguan President: Assassinated While in Exile in Paraguay) Nicaragua Political and Social Leaders Paraguay
1985 Laura Ashley (Welsh Fashion Designer) Welsh Designers and Artists Artists and Designers Laura Ashley
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1997 Red Skelton (Indiana-born Comedian) Indiana Performing Artists Famous American Entertainers
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1720 In Pensacola, Florida, the Spanish Surrender Fort Carlos to the French Spain France Pensacola, Florida Forts Florida Historical Society
1727 From Montreal, Réné Boucher Lands on the Western Shore of Minnesota's Lake Pepin to Trade Furs with the Indians Canadian Explorers and Pioneers Minnesota Native-American Heritage North American Explorers Catholic Encyclopedia MInnesota Historicla Association
1778 Iroquois Indians and British Loyalists Burn German Flats (Herkimer), New York Herkimer, New York Mohawk Nation American Revolution History Channel
1787 Members of the Constitutional Convention Sign the Final Draft of the U.S. Constitution Constitutional Convention Writer's Almanac Library of Congress History Channel University of Georgia
1796 George Washington Prepares a Final Draft of His Presidential Farewell Address George Washington's Farewell Address The American Presidency History Channel
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Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: This morning it was very foggy, but we set out anyway because my pilot said that we had good water for several miles. After 7 miles we stopped at the Town Bar, which I was determined to spend the day and open and dry my goods which have been wet with rain since the 15th. Even the biscuit was in bad sorts.
Ohio West Virginia University of Kentucky University of Nebraska The Ohio River
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: Having for many days past confined myself to the boat, I determined to devote this day to amuse myself on shore with my gun and view the interior of the country lying between the river and the Corvus Creek— accordingly before sunrise I set out with six of my best hunters, two of whom I dispatched to the lower side of Corvus creek, two with orders to hunt the bottoms and woodland
on the river, while I retained two others to acompany me in the intermediate country.

One quarter of a mile in rear of our camp which was situated in a fine open
grove of cotton wood passed a grove of plumb trees loaded with fruit and now ripe. observed but little difference between this fruit and that of a similar kind common to the Atlantic States. the trees are smaller and more thickly set. this forrest of plumb trees garnish a plain about 20 feet more lelivated than that on which we were encamped;

This plain extends back about a mile to the foot of the hills one mile distant
and to which it is gradually ascending this plane extends with the same bredth from the creek below to the distance of near three miles above parrallel with
the river, and is intirely occupyed by the burrows of the barking squril hertefore discribed; this anamal appears here in infinite numbers, and the shortness and virdue [verdure] of grass gave the plain the appearance throughout it's whole extent of beatifull bowlinggreen in fine order. it's aspect is S. E. a great number of wolves of the small kind, halks and some pole-cats [skunks] were to be seen. I presume that those anamals feed on this squirril.—

Found the country in every direction for about three miles intersected with deep revenes and steep irregular hills of 100 to 200 feet high; at the tops of these
hills the country breakes of as usual into a fine leavel plain extending as far as the eye can reach. from this plane I had an extensive view of the river below,
and the irregular hills which border the opposite sides of the river and creek. the surrounding country had been birnt about a month before and young grass had now sprung up to hight of 4 Inches presenting the live green of the spring. to
the West a high range of hills, strech across the country from N. to S and
appeared distant about 20 Miles; they are not very extensive as I could plainly observe their rise and termination no rock appeared on them and the sides
were covered with virdue similar to that of the plains

This senery already rich pleasing and beatiful, was still farther hightened by immence herds of Buffaloe deer Elk and Antelopes which we saw in every direction feeding on the hills and plains. I do not think I exagerate when I estimate the number of Buffaloe which could be compreed at one view to amount to 3000.

My object was if possible to kill a female Antelope having already procured a male; I pursued my rout on this plain to the west flanked by my two hunters
untill eight in the morning when I made the signal for them to come to me
which they did shortly after. we rested our selves about half an hour, and regailed ourselves on half a bisquit each and some jirk of Elk which we had taken the precaution to put in our pouches in the morning before we set out,
and drank of the water of a small pool which had collected on this plain from
the rains which had fallen some days before. We had now after various
windings in pursuit of several herds of antelopes which we had seen on our way made the distance of about eight miles from our camp. we found the Antelope extreemly shye and watchfull insomuch that we had been unable to get a shot
at them; when at rest they generally seelect the most elivated point in the neighbourhood, and as they are watchfull and extreemly quick of sight and their sense of smelling very accute it is almost impossible to approach them within gunshot; in short they will frequently discover and flee from you at the distance of three miles. I had this day an opportunity of witnessing the agility and
superior fleetness of this anamal which was to me really astonishing. I had pursued and twice surprised a small herd of seven, in the first instance they did not discover me distinctly and therefore did not run at full speed, tho' they took care before they rested to gain an elivated point where it was impossible to approach them under cover except in one direction and that happened to be in the direction from which the wind blew towards them; bad as the chance to approach them was, I made the best of my way towards them, frequently peeping over the ridge with which I took care to conceal myself from their view the male, of which there was but one, frequently incircled the summit of the hill on which the females stood in a group, as if to look out for the approach of danger. I got within about 200 paces of them when they smelt me and fled; I gained the top of the eminece on which they stood, as soon as possible from whence I had an extensive view of the country the antilopes which had disappeared in a steep revesne now appeared at the distance of about three miles on the side of a ridge which passed obliquely across me and extended about four miles. so soon had these antelopes gained the distance at which
they had again appeared to my view I doubted at ferst that they were the same that I had just surprised, but my doubts soon vanished when I beheld the rapidity of their flight along the ridge before me it appeared reather the rappid flight of birds than the motion of quadrupeds. I think I can safely venture the asscertion that the speed of this anamal is equal if not superior to that of the finest blooded courser.—

South Dakota Map 091604 Lewis & Clark Map: 09/16/04 Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Wild Plum Pronghorn Skunk Buffalo Elk Wolves
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Kentucky University of Nebraska
Mule deer, Black-tailed deer Smithsonian
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: Cloudy morning our horses much Scattered which detained us untill one oClock P. M. at which time we Set out the falling Snow & Snow from the trees which kept us wet all the after noon passed over Several high ruged Knobs and Several dreans & Springs passing to the right, & passing on the ridge devideing the waters of two Small rivers. road excessively bad Snow on the Knobs, no Snow in the vallies Killed a fiew Pheasents which was not Sufficient for our Supper which compelled us to kill Something. a coalt being the most useless part of our Stock he fell a Prey to our appetites. The after part of the day fare, we made only 10 miles to day two horses fell & hurt themselves very much. we Encamped on the top of a high Knob of the mountain at a run passing to the left. we proceed on as yesterday, & with dificulty found the road

Whitehouse: We had a cold Cloudy morning, the Men were sent out to hunt our horses, they found them, but they were much scattered, The Mare whose colt we had kill'd Yesterday, went back to where we halted Yesterday, to refresh ourselves, (or eat portable Soup) and took 4 of our horses with her, the other of our horses were found scattered on the Mountain & the whole of them were not found 'till 12 oClock A. M. We then set out, and proceeded on our Journey, the Snow laying heavy on the trees. We passed along a rough path, which was up & down the Mountain; & descended a steep part of the same, In the afternoon the weather cleared away, & then it became clear & warm, the Snow melted fast, & the water stood in the trail over our Moccasins, & in some places it was very Slippy, the travelling was very bad for ourselves & horses, We ascended some very high mountains, & very rockey paths & many bare places on the Mountains & high Rocks Standing upright on them.—

These mountains were chiefly covered with Spruce pine, & balsam fir timber. In the course of this day we crossed several Creek & Spring runs, lying in the hollows of the Mountains. We came about 16 Miles this day, & encamped at a small branch on a Mountain; near a Round deep Sink hole which was full of water. The party being all exceeding hungry we were obliged to kill a sucking Colt to subsist on. One of our hunters went out hunting. He chased a bear in a Mountain; but did not get a chance to kill it. The Wolves howled very much in the Night, & we saw some signs of deer, so that we expect that their is game to be had a head of where we are encamped.—

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 08/18/05 Lolo Trail
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: We Set out as usial early pass the Island of the little Osage Village which is considered by the navigator of this river to be the worst place in it. at this place water of the Missouri is confined between an Island and the S E main Shore and passes through a narrow chanel for more than 2 miles which is crouded with Snags in maney places quite across obligeing the navigater to pick his passage between those Snags as he can, in maney places the current passing with great velocity against the banks which cause them to fall &c.

at 11 A. M. we met a Captain McClellin late a Capt. of Artily of the U States Army assending in a large boat. this gentleman an acquaintance of my friend Capt. Lewis was Somewhat astonished to See us return and appeared rejoiced to meet us. we found him a man of information and from whome we received a partial account of the political State of our Country, we were makeing enquires and exchangeing answers &c. untill near mid night.

this Gentleman informed us that we had been long Since given out by the people of the U S Generaly and almost forgotton, the President of the U. States had yet hopes of us; we received some civilities of Capt. McClellin, he gave us Some Buisquit, Chocolate Sugar & whiskey, for which our party were in want and for which we made a return of a barrel of corn & much obliges to him.

Capt. McClellin informed us that he was on reather a speculative expedition to the confines of New Spain, with the view to entroduce a trade with those people. his plan is to proceede up this river to the Entcrance of the river platt there to form an establishment from which to trade partially with the Panas & Ottoes, to form an acquaintance with the Panias and provail Some of their principal Chiefs to accompany him to Santa Fee where he will apear in a stile calculated to atract the Spanish government in that quarter and through the influence of a handsome present he expects to be promited to exchange his merchindize for Silver & gold of which those people abound.

he has a kind of introductory Speach from Govr. Wilkinson to the Panias and Ottoes and a quantity of presents of his own which he purposes distributing to the Panias and Eleatans with a view to gain their protection in the execution of his plans, if the Spanish Governmt. favour his plans, he purposes takeing his merchendize on mules & horses which Can easily be procured of the panias, to Some point convenient to the Spanish Settlements within the Louisiana Teritory to which place the inhabitants of New mexico may meet him for the purpose of trade &c. Capt McClellins plan I think a very good one if strictly prosued &c.

we Sent 5 hunters a head with directions to halt below Grand river and hunt untill we arived which would be in the morning.

This day proved worme. we decended only 30 miles to day and encamped 4 miles above Grand river on S E. Side

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Lewis & Clark Map: 09/05/1806 Missouri

The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska

1820 A Dying John Keats Travels to Italy for Tuberculosis Treatment John Keats Poetry History Channel
1845 In Texas, U.S. Army Officer Paints Watercolor of Kiowa Chief Dohäsan Texas Kiowa Indians American Artists Texas State Historical Association
1850 San Francisco Suffers Fourth Great Fire within a Year San Francisco Fire San Francisco Fire Museum
1862 Antietam Is Bloodiest Battle in U.S. History: 23,000 Killed, Wounded, Missing Maryland Battle of Antietam Death Writer's Almanac Library of Congress History Channel New York Times Florida Historical Society
The 26th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers Is Mustered into Service Wisconsin Military Figures American Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
President Lincoln Completes a Second Draft of the Emancipation Proclamation President Lincoln Slavery Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln Logs
1863 President Lincoln Drafts Order to Suspend Writ of Habeas Corpus for Prisoners Taken by Members of the Military Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Habeas Corpus Lincoln Logs
1866 In Jefferson City, Missouri, Lincoln University Opens for Its First Classes Jefferson City, Missouri Education African-American Heritage Lincoln University African American Registry
1868 Cheyenne and Sioux Decimate Frontiersmen in Colorado Attack Colorado Cheyenne Nation Sioux Nation Westward Expansion Death History Channel
Alaska Commercial Company Is Incorporated in San Francisco Alaska Business Business and Economics Alaska Historical Society
1871 29 Convicts Escape from the Nevada State Prison at Carson City Carson City, Nevada Prisons LearnCalifornia
1872 The American Premiere of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" Is Performed at New York City's Central Park Richard Wagner New York City's Central Park Composers Historic First American Public Media
1876 Fire Destroys 5 Buildings of the Mitchell and Woddell Factory in Smyrna, Delaware Smyrna, Delaware Fire State of Delaware
1880 Boston, Massachusetts Celebrates Its 250th Birthday Boston Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1881 Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, A. B. & Louisa May Alcott Spend an Evening Together Walt Whitman Ralph Waldo Emerson Louisa May Alcott American Authors American Collection
1883 The Delaware German-American Saengerbund Holds Its First Volksfest at Wilmington's Shuetzen Park Germany Wilmington, Delaware Historic First Delaware German-American Saengerbund State of Delaware
1885 Minnesota Civil War Veterans Form a Last Man's Club to Meet Annually Until All Have Died. The Last Meeting Is Held in 1930 Minnesota Military Figures American Civil War American Military Veterans Minnesota Historicla Association
1887 100,000 Spectators View a Civil War Reenactment at the Minnesota State Fair Minnesota American Civil War Minnesota State Fair Minnesota Historicla Association
1891 The Opalescent Glass Factory Opens in Marion, Indiana, Taking Advantage of Natural Gas Resources Discovered in the Area Marion, Indiana Glass Methane Gas Business Indiana Historical Society
1893 In Iowa, the Archdiocese of Dubuque Is Created Dubuque, Iowa Religion Catholicism Archdiocese of Dubuque Iowa State Historical Society
1894 George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man Premieres on Broadway George Bernard Shaw Plays Stage & Theater Internet Broadway Database
Historical Events Occurring between 1900 - 1949
1901 Peter Cooper Hewitt Obtains US Patent for a Vapor Lamp New York City Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Light Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1902 Alaska's First Successful Oil Well Comes In Alaska Energy Historic First Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1908 In Virginia, Thomas Selfridge Is the First Airplane Fatality: Orville Wright Survives Virginia Orville Wright Aviation Death Historic First Virginia Historical Society
1911 Established by a Provision in the Will of Simon Reed, Oregon's Reed College Begins Classes Oregon Education Education Reed College
The First Transcontinental Airplane Flight Begins from New York City amd Will End 49 Days Later in California New York City California Aviation Historic Firsts New York Historical Society
1916 German Air Ace Manfred von Richthofen (the "Red Baron") Shoots Down His First Enemy Plane Manfred von Richthofen Aviation Military History Historic Firsts World War I History Channel
1918 Elmer Sperry Receives Patent for the Gyrocompass New York Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks USPTO
1919 The League of Nations Places German South West Africa (Namibia) under South African Administration Africa Namibia South Africa League of Nations World War I South African History
1920 The American Professional Football Association, Precursor of the National Football League, Is Formed in Canton, Ohio Canton, Ohio Football National Football League New York Times
1924 Laurence Stallings Publishes His Story "The Big Parade" in the New Republic Georgia Authors The New Republic American Collection
1925 The City of Hialeah, Florida Is Incorporated Hialeah, Florida Florida Historical Society
1930 Two Explosions Destroy the Puget Sound and Alaska Powder Company Near Everett, Washington Everett, Washington Fire HistoryLink
1932 England's Malcolm Campbell Sets Land Speed Record: 76.27 mph British Sports Figures Auto Racing Historic Firsts History Channel
1939 British Aircraft Carrier HMS Courageous Is Sunk Off the Irish Coast by U-boat U29 Great Britain Nazi Germany World War II Naval Military History Ohio State University
The Soviet Union Invades Poland Soviet Union Poland World War II History Channel
1944 Thousands of Allied Paratroopers Land Behind Enemy Lines in Holland Holland Nazi Germany Aviation Military History World War II BBC
1945 Milwaukee, Wisconsin's MacArthur Square Is Named to Honor General Douglas MacArthur Milwaukee, Wisconsin General Douglas MacArthur World War II Wisconsin Historical Society
1947 James V. Forrestal Is Sworn in as the First U.S. Secretary of Defense U.S. Government Offices & Agencies Historic Firsts New York Times
1949 While Docked in Toronto, Canada, 118 Die in Blaze Aboard the S.S. Noronic Toronto, Canada Naval History Fire Safety Death Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Historical Events Occurring between 1950 - 1999
1956 England's Norman Buckley Breaks the World Water Speed Record (79 mph) English Explorers and Pioneers Naval History Historic Firsts BBC
1957 Louis Armstrong Cancels Goodwill Trip to Russia Due to U.S. Racial Unrest Louis Armstrong Soviet Union American Civil Rights African-American History History Channel
Manatee Junior College on Sarasota Bay Is Established by the Florida Board of Education Florida Education Education State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Florida Historical Society
1961 The Minnesota Vikings Football Team Plays Its First Game, Beating the Chicago Bears 37-13 Minnesota Football NFL Historic Firsts Minnesota Historicla Association
1962 Neil Armstrong Joins NASA Astronaut Program Neil Armstrong Astronauts NASA
Two Dams Are Completed in Wood County, Texas Forming Lake Hawkins and Lake Winnsboro Wood County, Texas Dams Lakes Texas State Historical Association
1965 The Smothers Brothers Premiere on CBS Television Popular Music CBS Smothers Brothers History Channel
1967 The New Orleans Saints Play Their First NFL Game, Losing to the Los Angeles Rams 27-13 New Orleans, Louisiana Football New Orleans Saints Historic Firsts Louisiana  Secretary of State
1970 Civil War Breaks Out in Jordan Jordan Middle East History War BBC
1972 Hanoi Releases First U.S. POWs in Three Years Vietnam War Prisoners of War History Channel
Democratic Presidential Candidate, George McGovern, Campaigns in Huntington, West Virginia Huntington, West Virginia George McGovern The American Presidency Presidential Elections Democratic National Committee West Virginia State Archive
M*A*S*H Premieres on CBS Television CBS Internet Movie Database New York Times
1973 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake and Accompanying Tsunami Displace Thousands in Hokkaido, Japan Japan Earthquake Tsunami USGS
Illinois is the First State to Legislate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Illinois Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Firsts African-American Heritage City of Berkeley, California
1976 NASA Publicly Unveils Its First Space Shuttle, Enterprise Space Shuttle NASA History Channel
1978 Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin Sign Camp David Peace Accord Egypt Israel President Jimmy Carter Camp David Peace Accords History Channel
1980 Former Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza Is Assassinated while in Exile in Paraguay Nicaragua Political and Social Leaders Paraguay Death New York Times
1982 Lebanese Christians Avenge Assassination of President=elect by Killing More Than 1,000 Palestinian Refugees in Beirut Lebanon Middle East History Death BBC
1983 In South Africa, 68 Mine Workers Are Killed in an Underground Methane Gas Explosion South Africa Labor Methane Death South African History
Vanessa Williams Is First African American Crowned as Miss America Women African-American Heritage Historic Firsts African American Registry
1986 The U.S. Senate Confirms William H. Rehnquist as the 16th Chief Justice of the United States U.S. Senate U.S. Supreme Court William H. Rehnquist New York Times
1987 Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Other Religious Leaders Try to Convince the African National Congress to Renounce Violence Desmond Tutu Religious Leaders Apartheid Terrorism South African History
1991 Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia Adopts a Declaration of Independence Macedonia Bates College
1994 Heather Whitestone of Alabama Is First Deaf Woman Crowned Miss America Alabama Deafness Historic Firsts Heather Whitestone New York Times
In Greenville, Mississippi, the U.S. Postal Service Releases a Stamp Honoring Georgia's "Ma" Rainey Greenville, Mississippi Ma Rainey Blues & Jazz Rock and Roll Hall of Fame African-American Performing Artists U.S. Postal Service University of Georgia
1996 Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) Sign a Three-Year Contract Ford Motor Company United Auto Workers Labor Business & Economics History Channel
Historical Events Occurring between 2000 - Present
2001 Wall Street Trading Resumes for the First Time Since the September 11 Terrorist Attacks Markets and Investments Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 President George W. Bush Terrorism BBC