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Yuyi Morales
Yuyi Morales
Born: 1968

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Primary Childrens Authors Artists

Antonio López de Santa Anna
Antonio López de Santa Anna
Born: 1794


Mexican Military Leaders

Teaching - there can be no finer calling requiring the clearest demonstration of moral and ethical behavior.
Ira Shull, For the Love of Teaching
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5-Minute Quests Today's 5-Minute Quest

Answers to all questions can be found on this page or by using links provided on this page.
Good Luck!
5-Minute Quests

1. What was the name of the Soviet space capsule that was launched into space on this date in 1964? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. Who was sworn in as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court on this date in 1949? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

3. According to USA Today, on this date in 1979, who made his NBA debut in the same game that Chris Ford made the first three-point shot in NBA history? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a scientist, mathematician or inventor born on this date:

1. Which Olympiad opened in Mexico City on this date in 1968? (hint: the answer is found on this page)

2. According to Bedford-St. Martins, where did Alice Childress go to live when she was nine years old? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

3. According to Newsday, in what year did Jean Nidetch incorporate Weight Watchers? (hint: you will need to use a link found on this page)

Use all of these letters to spell the name of a country in which this date is observed as Columbus Day:
(hint: all three questions will require you to use a link found on this page)

1. According to the Nobel Foundation, with whom did Arthur Harden share the 1929 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

2. What is the title of the work for which Charles Gordone was awarded the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Drama?

3. According to the Kennedy Center, from whom did Luciano Pavarotti receive his first music lessons?

Use all of these letters to name of a country in which this date is observed as Día de la Raza:

Arthur Harden
Born on This Date 1865

[Nobel Foundation]

Enzymes 1929 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

Alice Childress
Alice Childress
Born on This Date 1916

[Rutgers University]

Young-adult Author

Charles Gordone
Charles Gordone
Born on This Date 1925

[Sam Houston State University]

Plays 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Jean Nidetch
Jean Nidetch
Born on This Date 1927

[University of Nevada Las Vegas]


Luciano Pavarotti
Born on This Date 1935



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Brazil: Nossa Senhora de Aparecida/Our Lady of Aparecida Day
(Commemorates the feast day Our Lady of Aparecida. patron saint of Brazil)
Brazil Catholic Media
Costa Rica: cultures Day
(The Spanish conquistadores are remembered with protest marches by the indigenous people)
Costa Rica U.S. Department of State
Honduras: Americas Day
(Commemorates First Sighting of the New World by Christopher Columbus: 10/12/1492)
Costa Rica Christopher Columbus Expedia
Panama, Venezuela: Columbus Day
(Commemorates First Sighting of the New World by Christopher Columbus: 10/12/1492)
Panama Venezuela Christopher Columbus Washington Diplomat
Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay: Día de la Raza/Day of the Race
(Commemorates the Arrival of Christopher Columbus and the European Race: 10/12/1492)
Chile Colombia Guatemala Mexico Uruguay Christopher Columbus World Travel Guide
Equatorial Guinea: Independence Day
(Commemorates Equatorial Guinea's Independence from Spain: 10/12/1968)
Equatorial Guinea Spain U.S. Department of State Washington Diplomat
Laos: Liberation from France Day
Laos France Expedia
Spain: Fiesta Nacional de Espana (National Day)
(Commemorates First Sighting of the New World by Christopher Columbus: 10/12/1492)
Spain Christopher Columbus Historic Firsts U.S. Department of State World Travel Guide
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1863 Evaleen Stein (Indiana-born Poet, Children's Author, Illustrator) Indiana Children's Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors American Artists Poetry
1908 Ann Lane Petry (Connecticut-born African-American Children's Author) Ann Lane Petry Primary Children's Authors African-American Authors
Gösta Knutsson (Swedish Children's Author) Gösta Knutsson Primary Children's Authors
1916 Alice Childress (South Carolina-born African-American Playwright, Novelist, Children's Author) Alice Childress Plays Young-adult Authors African-American Authors
1934 Joan Clark (Canadian Children's Author) Canadian Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors
1941 John Mole (English Poet, Children's Author) English Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Young-adult Authors Poetry
John Foster (English Poet, Children's Author) English Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Poetry
1875 Aleister Crowley (English Author) English Authors Writer's Almanac
1896 Eugenio Montale (Italian Author: 1975 Nobel Laureate for Literature) Eugenio Montale 1975 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1910 Robert Fitzgerald (New York-born Poet, Translator) Robert Fitzgerald Poetry
1925 Charles Gordone (Ohio-born African-American Playwright Awarded 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Drama) Charles Gordone Plays African-American Authors & Illustrators 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
1929 Robert Coles (Massachusetts-born Psychologist, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author) Robert Coles Psychology 1973 Pulitzer Prize for non-Fiction
1947 Chris Wallace (Chicago-born Journalist) Chicago Journalist Television Internet Movie Database
1949 Richard Price (New York City-born Novelist) New York City Authors & Illustrators Random House Writer's Almanac
Artists, Architects and Designers
1742 Johann Peter Melchior (German Artist) German Artists
Classical Composers and Performing Artists
1872 Ralph Vaughan Williams (English Composer) Ralph Vaughan Williams Composers & Songwriters
1935 Luciano Pavarotti (Italian Tenor) Luciano Pavarotti Opera
1858 Isaac Newton Lewis (Pennsylvania-born Military Officer and Inventor) Pennsylvania Scientists & Inventors U.S. Military Inventors & Inventions
1860 Elmer Sperry (New York-born Engineer, Inventor of the Gyro Compass) Elmer Sperry Inventors & Inventions
1865 Arthur Harden (English-born 1929 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Arthur Harden Enzymes 1929 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1885 William Samuel Quinland (Antigua-born African-American Pathologist) Antiguan Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Anatomy African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Intellihealth
1927 Jean Nidetch (New York City-born Founder of Weight Watchers) Jean Nidetch Foods and Nutrition WeightWatchers
1818 Elizabeth Van Lew (Virginia-born Union Spy During the American Civil War) Virginia Military Leaders American Civil War Virginia Historical Society
1919 Dorie Miller (Texas-born African-American Recipient of the Navy Cross for Heroism at Pearl Harbor)) Texas Military Leaders American Military Leaders African-American Political & Social Leaders African American Registry
1537 Edward VI (King of England and Ireland) Great Britain British Monarchy
1782 Henry Dodge (Indiana-born Military and Political Leader; Marshall of the Missouri Territory, First Territorial Governor of Wisconsin) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Missouri Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1869 William Henry Stafford (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1889 Perle Mesta (Michigan-born Women's Rights Activist, U.S. Diplomat) Michigan Political and Social Leaders Women's Rights Rights U.S. Government
1891 Edith Stein (German Scholar and Carmelite Nun; Executed by Nazis Because of Jewish Background) German Political and Social Leaders Nazi Germany Catholic Saints
1904 William Montague Cobb (Washington, D.C.-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Washington, D.C. Polticial and Social Leaders U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American Political & Social Leaders NAACP African American Registry
1906 Louise Rosenfeld (Iowa-born Home Economist, Member of the Iowa Hall of Fame) Iowa Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Iowa State University
1913 Henry Carl Schadeberg (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1879 Chris Smith (South Carolina-born African-American Songwriter, Performer) South Carolina Performing Artists American Composers and Songwriters African-American Composers & Songwriters African American Registry
1927 Antonia Rey (Cuban-born Latin-American Actress) Cuban Performing Artists Actors Film Hispanic Heritage Internet Movie Database
1932 Dick Gregory (Missouri-born African-American Comedian, Civil Rights Activist) Dick Gregory American Performing Artists U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American Performing Artists
1950 Takeshi Kaga (Japanese-born Chef: The Iron Chef) Japanese Performing Artists Foods and Nutrition Internet Movie Database
1956 Hugh Jackman (Australian Actor) Australian Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1970 Kirk Cameron (California Actor) California Performing Artists Actors Film Television Internet Movie Database
1975 Marion Jones (Los Angeles-born Track and Field Athlete) Los Angeles Sports Figures Track and Field African-American Sports Figures Biography
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1864 Roger B. Taney (Maryland-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Maryland Political and Social Leaders United States Supreme Court Oyez
1870 Robert E. Lee (Virginia-born Leader of the Confederate Army) Virginia Military Leaders Robert E. Lee American Civil War New York Times Virginia Historical Society
1914 Margaret Knight (Maine-born Inventor and Owner of 27 patents) Maine Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks California State University Pamona
1915 Edith Cavell (English Nurse Executed by the German Army - Some Sources Indicate Oct 11) Germany Great Britain Edith Cavell World War I
1940 Tom Mix (Pennsylvania-born Film Cowboy, Killed in Automobile Accident) Tom Mix Actors Film Westward Movement History Channel
1946 Joseph Stilwell (Florida-born General, U.S. Army) Joseph Stilwell U.S. Military Leaders World War I World War II History Channel
1965 Paul Hermann Müller (Swiss-born 1948 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Swiss Scientists & Inventors Medical Research 1948 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
1997 John Denver (New Mexico-born Singer, Songwriter) John Denver Popular Musicians Air Disasters
Sonja Henie (Norwegian Olympic Figure Skating Champion) Sonja Henie Figure Skating Olympics
1999 Wilt Chamberlain (Pennsylvania-born African-American Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Wilt Chamberlain Basketball Hall of Fame African-American Sports Figures
Historically Significant Events Historically Significant Events
1285 180 Jews Are Burned Alive At Their Munich Synagogue Germany Judiasm Death Jewish Virtual Library
1492 The New World Is First Sighted by Columbus' Ship The Pinta Spain Christopher Columbus Historic Firsts History Channel
1518 Luther's Hearing Before the Papal Legate Regarding His 95 Theses Begins in Augsburg Martin Luther Religion Catholicism Concordia
1565 Spanish Soldiers Execute French Admiral Jean Ribault and 200 Troops in Florida Spain France Florida Colonial American History Florida State History Association
1680 First Catholic Mass Is Conducted on Texas Soil Texas Catholicism Historic First Texas State Historical Association
1773 The First American Hospital Devoted Exclusively to the Care of the Mentally Ill Opens in Williamsburg, Virginia Williamsburg, Virginia Health Care Mental Health Historic Firsts Eastern State Hospital Virginia Historical Society
1777 The British Fleet Sets Anchor on the Delaware River Great Britain Delaware Naval Military History American Revolution State of Delaware
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: I rose early after brackfast we joined the Indians who were waiting on the bank for us to come out and go and Council, we accordingly joined them and went to the house of the 2nd Chief where there was many Chief and warriers & about 7 bushels of Corn, a pr Leagins a twist of their Tobacco & Seeds of 2 Kind of Tobacco

we Set Some time before the Councill Commenced this man Spoke at Some length declareing his dispotion to believe and prosue our Councils, his intention of going to Visit his great father acknowledged the Satisfaction in receiveing the presents. rais'g a Doubt as to the Safty on passing the nations below particularly the Souex.
requested us to take a Chief of their nation and make a good pact with Mandins & nations above. after answering those parts of the 2d Chiefs Speech which required it, which appeared to give General Satisfaction we went to the Village of the 3rd Chief and as usial Some Serimony took place before he Could Speek to us on the Great Subject.

This Chief Spoke verry much in the Stile on nearly the Same Subjects of the other Chief who Set by his Side, more Sincear & pleasently, he presented us with about 10 bushels of Corn Some beens & quashes all of which we acksepted with much pleasure, after we had ansd. his Speech & give them Some account of the Magnitude & power of our Countrey which pleased and astonished them verry much we returned to our boat, the Chiefs accompanied us on board, we gave them Some Sugar a little Salt, and a Sun Glass, & Set 2 on Shore & the third proceeded on with us to the Mandens

at 2 oClock we Set out the inhabitints of the two Villages Viewing us from the banks, we proceeded on about 9˝ miles and Camped on the Starboard Shore at Some woods passed, the evening Clear & pleasent Cooler

The Nation of the Rickerries [Recorees - Arikara Indians] is about 600 men able to bear arms a Great perpotion of them have fusees they appear to be peacefull, their men tall and perpotiend, womin Small and industerous, raise great quantities of Corn Beens Simmins also Tobacco for the men to Smoke they Collect all the wood and do the drugery as Common amongst Savages.

Thise nations are made up of Different Tribes of the Pania [Pawnee] who had formerly been Seperate, but by Commotion and war with their neighbours have Come reduced and compelled to Come together for protection. The Curruption of the language of those different Tribes has So reduced the language that the Different Villages do not understade all the words of the others.— Those people are Durtey, Kind, pore, & extravigent pursessing national pride. not beggarley reive what is given with great pleasure, Live in worm houses large and built in an octagon form forming a Cone at top which is left open for the Smoke to pass, those houses are generally 30 or 40 foot Diamiter. Covd. with earth on poles willows & grass to prevent the earths passing thro',

Those people express an inclination to be at peace with all nations—The Seaux who trade the goods which they get of the British Traders for their corn, and great influence over the Rickeres [Recorees - Arikara Indians] , poisen their minds and keep them in perpetial dread.

I Saw Some of the Chien or Dog [Cheyenne] Indians This nation is at war with the Crow Indians & have 3 Children prisoners.

a curious Cuistom with the Seaux as well as the reckeres [Recorees - Arikara Indians] is to give handsom Squaws to those whome they wish to Show Some acknowledgements to— The Seaiux we got Clare of without taking their Squars, they followed us with Squars 13th two days. The Rickores [Recorees - Arikara Indians] we put off dureing the time we were at the Towns but 2 Handsom young Squaws were Sent by a man to follow us, they Came up this evening and peresisted in their Civilities.

Dress of the men of this nation is Simply a pr. mockerson, Leagins, flap in front & a Buffalow roabe, with ther arms
& ears Deckorated

The women, wore Mockersons leagins fringed and a Shirt of Goat Skins, Some with Sleaves. this garment is longe
& Genlry. White & fringed, tied at the waste with a roabe, in Summer without hair.

South Dakota Map: 10/08/04 Lewis & Clark Map: 10/08/04 Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Native American Tribes The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark: A fair Cool morning wind from the East.

after purchaseing every Speces of the provisions those Indians could Spare we Set out and proceeded on at three miles passed four Islands Swift water and a bad rapid opposit to those Islands on the Lard. Side.

at 14˝ miles passed the mouth of a large Creek on the Lard Side opposit a Small Island here the Countrey assends with a gentle assent to the high plains, and the River is 400 yards wide about 1 mile below the Creek on the Same Side took meridian altitude which gave 72° 30' 00" Latitude North

in the afternoon the wind Shifted to the S. W. and blew hard

we passed to day rapids Several of them very bad and came to at the head of one (at 30 miles) on the Stard. Side to view it before we attemptd. to dsend through it. The Indians had told us was verry bad— we found long and dangerous about 2 miles in length, and maney turns necessary to Stear Clare of the rocks, which appeared to be in every direction. The Indians went through & our Small Canoe followed them,

as it was late we deturmined to camp above untill the morning.

we passed Several Stoney Islands today Country as yesterday open plains, no timber of any kind a fiew Hack berry bushes & willows excepted, and but few drift trees to be found So that fire wood is verry Scerce— The hills or assents from the water is faced with a dark ruged Stone. The wind blew hard this evening.—

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Native Americans
Lewis & Clark Map: 10/10/05 Whitman County
The Lewis and Clark Trail University of Nebraska
1810 The First Oktoberfest Is Celebrated in Munich, Germany Germany Historic Firsts German Missions in the United States
1817 Henry David Thoreau is Christened David Henry Thoreau Henry David Thoreau American Authors American Collection
1837 House Sanctions Treasury Notes to Relieve U.S. Economic Depression U.S. House of Representatives Economics History Channel
1841 Danville, Arkansas Is Founded Danville, Arkansas Arkansas History Commission
1850 Female Medical College of Pennsylvania Opens to 40 Students and 6 Faculty Pennsylvania Medicine Women Historic Firsts Homéopathe International
1860 The Prince of Wales, England's Future King Edward VII, Is Honored at a Lavish Ball in New York City English Political and Social Leaders New York City Edward VII New York Historical Society
1861 U.S.S. Dale Captures the Schooner Specie Carrying Rice Off the Florida Coast Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida State History Association
1864 Union Troops Lay Waste to Orange Groves Along Florida's St. Johns River Florida American Civil War Farming & Agriculture Florida State History Association
1865 Former Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens Leaves Federal Prison after Four Months President Andrew Johnson American Civil War University of Georgia
1875 Scotsman George G. Anderson Is First Person to Scale Yosemite's Half Dome California Yosemite National Park Climbing Historic Firsts Yosemite Online LearnCalifornia
1892 The First Car of Iron Ore from Mountain Iron, Minnesota Arrives at the Assay Office in Duluth Mountain Iron, Minnesota Iron Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1896 Alabama Girls' Industrial School (University of Montevallo) Opens Its Doors Alabama Women University of Montevallo Alabama State Archives
1899 South Africa's Boer War Begins South Africa England The Netherlands War Channel 4
Fire Destroys Downtown Badger, Minnesota Badger, Minnesota Fire Minnesota Historical Society
1914 James C. McReynolds Sworn in As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Kentucky Political and Social Leaders United States Supreme Court Oyez
1915 Germans Execute Edith Cavell, an English Nurse Germany Great Britain Edith Cavell World War I Death
1918 Fire Burns Several Minnesota Towns, Destroying 250,000 Acres of Land - Killing 500 People Minnesota Fire Death Minnesota Historical Society
1920 Construction Begins on Holland Tunnel Connecting New York City & New Jersey New Jersey New York City Automobiles Lower Manhattan Construction Control Center
1921 José Vasconcelos Appointed Mexico's First Secretary of Public Education Mexico Education Historic Firsts University of Texas
1928 First Iron Lung Is Used with Polio Victim at Boston's Children's Hospital Massachusetts Polio Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1929 University of Georgia Dedicates Sanford Stadium with a Win Over Yale University of Georgia Football Yale University Football Football University of Georgia
1930 Pilot Ralph Wien and Two Catholic Priests Are Killed in a Plane Crash at Kotzebue, Alaska Kotzebue, Alaska Air Disasters Death Alaska Historical Society
1931 Johnny Weissmuller Is Cast as Tarzan Tarzan History Channel
A Bronze Statue of Christopher Columbus Is Dedicated on the Grounds of the Minnesota State Capitol Minnesota State Capitol Christopher Columbus Minnesota Historical Society
1932 Archmere Academy for Is Dedicated in Claymont, Delaware Claymont, Delaware Education Catholicism Archmere Academy
1933 Bank Robber John Dillinger Escapes from Jail in Allen County, Ohio Ohio John Dillinger Notorious Americans Crime New York Times
1938 Production Starts on The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz Film History Channel
1940 Film Star Tom Mix Dies in Auto Accident Tom Mix Actors Film Westward Movement History Channel
1942 An Ordinance Plant Begins Production Near Point Pleasant, West Virginia Point Pleasant, West Virginia Weapons World War II West Virginia State Archives
1944 University of Texas' President Protests Board of Regents' Attempts to Censor Faculty Texas Education First Amendment University of Texas Texas State Historical Association
1945 Columbus Day Is Made a State Holiday in Minnesota Minnesota Christopher Columbus Columbus Day Minnesota Historical Society
1949 Sherman Minton Sworn in As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Indiana Political and Social Leaders United States Supreme Court Oyez
1958 Dynamite Explosion Destroys Interior of the Atlanta Jewish Temple Georgia Judaism Terrorism University of Georgia
1960 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Pounds Desk with His Shoe at the U.N. United Nations Nikita Krushchev History Channel
1962 Hurricane-Type Storm with 150 mph Winds Kills 45 People from San Francisco to Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia San Francisco Oregon Washington Storms Winds Death HistoryLink
1964 Soviets Launch Voskhod I, First Space Capsule to Carry Three People Voskhod I Space Exploration Historic Firsts
1966 John Steinbeck's America and Americans Is Published John Steinbeck American Authors American Collection
1967 English Zoologist Desmond Morris' The Naked Ape Goes on Sale English Authors Evolution Literature BBC
Cardinals' Bob Gibson's Shutout & Home Run, Defeat the Boston Red Sox in World Series Game 7 Majopr League Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame USA Today
Anti-War Protestors Interrupt a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Drill at the University of Delaware Delaware Education Education Propaganda Vietnam War University of Delaware State of Delaware
1968 Equatorial Guinea Gains Its Independence from Spain Equatorial Guinea Spain U.S. Department of State
XIX Olympiad Opens in Mexico City Mexico 1968 Summer Olympic Games International Olympic Committee " target=_blank>International Olympic Committee
1970 President Nixon Announces Another Round of Troop Withdrawals President Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1971 Andrew Lloyd Webber's Rock Opera, ''Jesus Christ Superstar,'' Opens on Broadway Andrew Lloyd Webber New York City Internet Broadway Database American Public Media
1972 Racial Violence Breaks Out On Board the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Vietnam War Racism Naval History History Channel
Stevie Wonder Registers Words and Music for "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" Trademarks & Copyright American Composers and Songwriters African-American Composers and Songwriters USPTO
1973 President Richard Nixon Nominates Gerald R. Ford to Succeed Spiro T. Agnew as Vice President of the United States Gerald Ford President Nixon The American Presidency State of Michigan
1979 Boston Celtic, Chris Ford, Hits the First 3-pointer in NBA History Baksetball NBA Historic First USA Today
1984 An IRA Terrorist Bomb Kills Four at the Grand Hotel, Brighton, England Great Britain Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
President Reagan's Executive Order Creates National Commission on Space President Ronald Reagan Space Exploration National Archives
1986 Reagan-Gorbachev Iceland Summit Adjourns without Reaching Agreements Iceland Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan The Cold War BBC
1989 Dallas Cowboys Trade 12 Players, 7 Draft Picks to Minnesota for Herschel Walker Football National Football League University of Georgia
1992 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 541, Injures Thousands in Cairo, Egypt Egypt Earthquake Death USGS
1997 Singer John Denver Dies As Ultralite Aircraft Crashes into Monterey Bay, CA Monterey, California John Denver Popular Musicians Air Disasters CNN
1999 The United Nations Announces the World's Population Has Reached 6 Billion Population United Nations
Pakistan's Military Overthrows Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Pakistan BBC
2000 17 U.S. Sailors Killed When Terrorists Attack the USS Cole in Yemen Yemen Naval History Terrorism Death BBC
2001 U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan Selected for the Nobel Peace Prize United Nations Kofi Annan 2001 Nobel Laureate for Peace
NBC News Staff Exposed to Anthrax from Letter Addressed to Anchor, Tom Brokaw NBC Anthrax Terrorism CNN
2002 Islamic Militants' Bomb Destroys Indonesian Nightclub: 202 Die Islam Indonesia Terrorism Death BBC