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1599 Francesco Borromini (Italian Baroque Architect) Italian Artists & Designers Architecture & Design
1613 Claude Perrault (French Physician, Architect and Engineer) French Artists & Designers Architecture & Design
1832 William Le Baron Jenney (Massachusetts-born Architect/Engineer) Massachusetts Artists & Designers Architecture & Design Technology  & Society
1847 Vinnie Ream Hoxie (Wisconsin-born Sculptor) Wisconsin Artists American Artists Wisconsin Historical Society
1903 Mark Rothko (Russian-born American Abstract Expressionist Painter) Mark Rothko Artists
1961 James E. Ransome (North Carolina-born African-American Children's Author, Illustrator) North Carolina Authors & Illustrator Primary Authors American Artists Noted African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1874 Louise Heuser Wueste (German-born West Texas Artist) German Artists Texas Artists Artists Texas State Historical Association

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