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1786 Nicholas Biddle (Pennsylvania-born President of the Second Bank of the United States") Pennsylvania-born Business Leaders Financial Institutions
1831 John Pemberton (Georgia-born Pharmacist Who Developed the Formula for Coca-Cola) Georgia Business Leaders Coca-Cola New Georgia Encycloepdia
1881 William Piper (New York-born Founder of Piper Aircraft) New York-born Business Leaders Aviation Piper Aircraft
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2002 Dave Thomas (New Jersey-born Founder of Wendy's Restaurants) New Jersey Business Leaders Wendy's
1831 Daily Mail Starts Arriving in Detroit, Michigan from the East Detroit, Michigan USPS Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1861 Florida's Governor Orders Seizure of Federal Forts at Amelia Island and Pensacola Florida American Civil War Forts Florida Historical Society
1863 Construction Begins on First Transcontinental Railroad in Sacramento, California California Railroads Sacramento, California PBS
Unions Ships Capture Two Blockade Runners and Take on Ground Fire Along the Florida Coast Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1889 Herman Hollerith Patents the First Electronic Tabulating Machine New York Mathemaiticans and Scientists Inventors and Inventions History of Technology Patents and Trademarks
1894 Fire Seriously Damages Chicago's Columbian Exposition Chicago Fire Safety University of Chicago
1908 10 of 37 Aboard Die When the Alaskan Codfishing Schooner John F. Miller Wrecks Alaska Naval History Labor Death Alaska Historical Society
1916 The Seattle Coliseum Opens Seattle, Washington History Link
1934 The U.S. Supreme Court Upholds a Minnesota Law Placing a Moratorium on Mortgages During the Great Depression Minnesota Government U.S. Supreme Court Housing Great Depression Law and Legal Resources Minnesota Historical Society
1935 A.C. Hardy Patents the Spectrophotometer Massachusetts Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions Spectroscopy History of Technology Patents and Trademarks
1943 Fire in West Virginia's Pursglove No. 15 Coal Mine Kills 13 West Virginia Labor Fire Death West Virginia State Archive
1964 Lyndon Johnson Declares War on Poverty Lyndon Johnson U.S. Presidency New York Times
1982 AT&T Settles Antitrust Lawsuit by Agreeing to Break Up into 22 Bell System Companies. Businesses & Corporations Anti-trust Law AT&T New York Times
1987 Dow Jones Industrial Average First Tops 2000 Markets and Investments Historic Firsts New York Times

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