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1915 William Arthur Lewis (St. Lucia-born African-American 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics) St. Lucia Economics African American Registry 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1976 Milton Reynolds (Minnesota-born Developer of a Ball-Point Pen) Minnesota Business Leaders Business
1571 Queen Elizabeth I Opens England's Royal Exchange British History Queen Elizabeth I Markets and Investments Historic Firsts History Channel
1775 London Merchants Petition the British Parliament for Reconciliation with America London Colonial America Business History Channel
1851 State of Florida Appropriates $1,000 to Build Wagon Road from Miami to Indian River Florida Economics Florida Historical Society
Portland Is the Second City in Oregon to be Incorporated Portland, Oregon
1856 Count Agoston Haraszthy, "Father of California Viticulture," Imports 100,000 Grape Cuttings of Different Varieties to California California Business Farming & Agriculture Grapes Business Learn California
1857 Centerville, Iowa Is Incorporated Centerville, Iowa Iowa State Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Expresses Support for Plantations That Will Hire Former Slaves as Paid Laborers Abraham Lincoln Slavery American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1865 Federal Tender Fox Captures British Blockade Runner Fannie McRae in Florida's Warrior River Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
The Privately-Held First National Bank of Minneapolis Commences Business with a Capital of $50,000 Minnesota Business Business Minnesota State Historical Society
1964 24th Amendment to the Constitution, Barring Poll Taxes, Is Ratified 24th Amendment to the Constitution Elections Taxes Library of Congress History Channel
Production Begins of $5 United States Notes Bearing the Motto "In God We Trust" Currencies Historic Firsts U.S. Treasury

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