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1933 Louis Rukeyser (New York City-born Investment Advisor, Television Host) New York City Business Leaders Television Markets and Investments
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1861 Georgia Appoints a Trade Commissioner to England and Belgium Great Britain Belgium Georgia American Civil War International Trade University of Georgia
1862 U.S.S. Kingfisher Captures Blockade Runner Teresita Off Florida's West Coast Florida Naval History American Civil War Florida State Historical Archives
1883 Patent Is Issued for the Cash Register Inventors and Inventions Patents and Trademarks Business U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1920 Japan's Toyo Kogyo Company, Ltd. (Mazda autos), Is Founded Japan Automobiles Businesses and Corporations Mazda
1934 The Gold Reserve Act Is Passed to Stabilize the Value of the Dollar U.S. Congress The Great Depression Economics History Channel EconEdLink
1942 Chevrolet & Desoto Auto Production Halted until End of WWII Automobiles Business and Economics World War II History Channel
1946 The First Roosevelt Dime Is Issued Franklin Roosevelt Currencies U.S. Treasury
1953 Socialist and Labour Activist, Solly Sachs, Leaves South Africa for England South African Political and Social Leaders England Labor South African History
1958 Minnesota and North Dakota Agree Not to Tax Income Earned in Their State by Persons Living in the Other State Minnesota North Dakota Labor Taxes Minnesota Historical Society
1978 In Delaware, the Du Pont Company Sells the News Journal to the Gannett Company for $60M Delaware Media Journalism Business DuPont Gannett State of Delaware

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