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1807 James Densmore (New York-born Journalist, Business Leader in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Who Coined the Term "Typewriter") New York Business Leaders Pennsylvania Business Leaders Wisconsin Business Leaders Journalism Wisconsin Historical Society
1920 John W. Schmitt (President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: 1966 - 1986) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Labor Wisconsin AFL-CIO Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1690 Massachusetts Authorizes First Official Paper Currency in the Western Hemisphere Massachusetts Massachusetts Colony Currencies Historic Firsts History Channel
1838 The Michigan Central Railroad Begins Service Michigan Railroad Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1841 Republic of Texas Authorizes Mercantile Firm to Issue Money Republic of Texas Currency Texas State Historical Association
1858 Virginia State Senate Appropriates Money for an Equestrian Statue of George Washington Virginia George Washington Economics Virginia Historical Society
1865 British Schooner John Hale Is Captured Near St. Marks, FL Union by Schooner Matthew Vassar Great Britain Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1913 16th Amendment Ratified Granting Congress Right to Collect Income Taxes 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution U.S. Congress Taxes History Channel EconEdLink
1961 The First Commercial Jet Lands in Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Aviation History Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1978 European Economic Community Signs First Trade Agreement with China Chinese History European History Business and Economics World History Historic Firsts
1988 U.S. House of Representatives Rejects President Reagan's Request for $36M Aid to Nicaraguan Contras Nicaragua U.S. House of Representatives Iran-Contra Scandal Economics New York Times
British Nurses Protest for Better Pay Great Britain Medical Professionals Labor Actions Economics BBC
1991 US First-Class Postage Increases from 25 to 29 Economics U.S. Postal Service
1994 President Bill Clinton Lifts U.S. Trade Embargo against Vietnam Vietnam President Bill Clinton Business &  Economics Vietnam War The History Channel

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