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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1862 President Lincoln Approves Withholding Pensions of Southern Sympathizers Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Economics Lincoln's Papers
1867 Peabody Fund Is Established to Further Education of African Americans in the South Education Philanthropy African-American History African American Registry
1900 Socialist Party Leader, Eugene V. Debs, Lectures to 55,000 at the Tampa, Florida Court House Plaza Tampa, Florida Eugene V. Debs Labor Leaders Florida Historical Society
1915 22 Miners Die in a Carlisle, West Virginia Mine Explosion Carlisle, West Virginia Labor Death West Virginia Archive
1919 Massive 5-day City-wide Labor Strike Paralyzes Seattle, Washington Washington Labor Job Actions History Channel History Link
1958 Jack Kilby Files for a Patent of the Integrated Circuit Jack Kilby Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks History of Technology Computer History Museum
1963 The Delaware River and Bay Authority Is Formed to Create a Ferry Line Between Cape May, New Jersey and Lewes, Delaware Lewes, Delaware Cape May, New Jersey Rivers Boats Business The Delaware River and Bay Authority State of Delaware

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