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1840 Samuel W. Fordyce (Ohio-born Railroad Magnate in Arkansas) Ohio Business Leaders Arkansas Business Leaders Railroad Arkansas History Commission
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1938 Harvey Firestone (Ohio-born Founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber) Harvey Firestone Inventors and Inventions Business Firestone Tire and Rubber
2002 Arni Cohen (Indiana-born Small Business Owner) Tippecanoe County, Indiana Arni's Pizza
1806 U.S. Senate Approves Secret Appropriation of $2M for the Possible Purchase of Florida Florida U.S. Senate Economics Florida Historical Society
1870 Supreme Court Rules Legal Tender Acts Unconstitutional United State Supreme Court President Ulysses S. Grant Constitutional Law Currencies History Channel
1913 Mine Guards and Owners Attack a Miners' Tent Colony at Holly Grove, West Virginia Holly Grove, West Virginia Labor West Virginia Archives
1933 The Iowa Legislature Passes a Bill Temporarily Ending Mortgage Payments Iowa Government Housing The Great Depression Consumer Economics Law & Legal Resources State Historical Society of Iowa
1949 Joe DiMaggio is First Athlete to be Paid $100,000/year Joe DiMaggio Baseball Hall of Fame Economics Historic Firsts New York Times
1958 The Dodgers Officially Become the Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc. Los Angeles Baseball Business and Economics Los Angeles Dodgers
1962 Kennedy Extends U.S. Trade Ban with Cuba John F. Kennedy Cuba International Trade History of Cuba

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