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1883 Joseph A. Schumpeter (Austrian Economist) Austrian Business leaders Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1985 William Lyons (English Founder of Jaguar Motors) English Business Leaders Jaguar Motors History Channel
1827 Jeremiah Cox Buys the First Land to be Sold in Wabash County, Indiana Wabash County, Indiana Consumer Economics Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1861 Georgia Military Authorities in Savannah Seize Five Ships with Goods for Shipment to New York Savannah, Georgia New York American Civil War Naval History Economics University of Georgia
1889 The Standard Oil Company Announces Whiting, Indiana Will be the Headquarters of Its Future Operations Whiting, Indiana Business Standard Oil Indiana Historical Society
1909 Germans and French Reach Economic Agreement Regarding Morocco Germany France Morocco Economics
1916 Charles Kettering Receives Patent for a Self-starting Automobile Engine Charles Kettering Patents and Trademarks Automobiles Inventors and Inventions USPTO
1934 The Federal Government Authorizes the Export-Import Bank The New Deal International Trade History Channel EconEdLink
1936 General Motors Founder, William Durant, Files for Bankruptcy General Motors Economics History Channel
1958 The Daytona Beach International Speedway Corporation Is Organized Daytona Beach, Florida NASCSAR Official Website Florida Historical Society
1964 The Iraqi National Oil Company Is Incorporated in Baghdad Iraq Businesses Economics History Channel

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