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1873 William Green (Ohio-born Labor Leader) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Labor Unions AFL-CIO History Channel
1875 Walter Jodok Kohler (Wisconsin-born Industrialist, State Governor) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Politics Business Kohler Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1791 The First Internal Revenue Act Establishes System of Excise Taxes U.S. Government Taxes U.S. Treasury
1835 Congress Authorizes U.S. Mints in Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans Charlotte, North Carolina Dahlonega, Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana U.S. Congress Currency U.S. Treasury
1841 U.S. Congress Appropriates $1,061,816 to Support the Second War Against the Seminole Indians Florida Seminole Indians War Economics Florida Historical Society
1843 Congress Grants Samuel Morse $30,000 for Experimental Telegraph Line Samuel Morse U.S. Congress Telegraph Univerity of San Diego
1849 Congress Approves Minting a $1 Gold Coin U.S. Congress Currency Gold U.S. Treasury
1851 Congress Approves Minting a 3-cent Coin U.S. Congress Currency U.S. Treasury
1853 Congress Establishes the United States Assay Office in New York New York U.S. Congress U.S. Government U.S. Treasury
1859 400 Men, Women and Children Are Sold At the Largest Slave Auction in U.S. History Georgia History Slavery Economics African-American Heritage Library of Congress
1862 Forces from the U.S.S. Ottawa Capture Confederates' Fort Clinch on Florida's Amelia Island Amelia Island, Florida American Civil War Forts Naval History Florida Historical Society
Federal Forces in Florida Capture Confederate Steamer Darlington Loaded with Military Supplies Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1863 Congress Authorizes a U.S. Mint in Carson City, Nevada Carson City, Nevada U.S. Congress Currency U.S. Treasury
President Lincoln Approves Granting Public Lands to Kansas for Railroad and Telegraph Construction Kansas Abraham Lincoln Railroad Telegraph Lincoln Papers
1865 U.S.S. Honeysuckle Captures Blockade Runner Phantom at Florida's Suwannee River Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
Congress Authorizes the Mint to Place "In God We Trust" on all Gold and Silver Coins U.S. Congress Currency Religion Separation of Church and State U.S. Treasury
1866 Virginia's General Assembly Agrees to Promote Immigration to Strengthen the State's Labor Force Virginia Government Immigration Labor Virginia Historical Society
1874 Georgia Law Authorizes Persons and Companies to "Lease" Convicts for Up to Five Years Georgia Government Prisons Law Economics University of Georgia
1875 Congress Authorizes the Minting of a 20-cent Coin U.S. Congress Currency U.S. Treasury
1891 In New Mexico, the U.S. Congress Establishes the Court of Private Land Claims to Validate Spanish and Mexican Land Grants Spain Mexico New Mexico U.S. Congress Economics Law and Legal Resources Hispanic Heritage New Mexico Magazine
1936 State Code Sets Minimum Hourly Wages in Janesville, Wisconsin at $1for Masons, 80 for Cement Finishers and 85 for Carpenters Janesville, Wisconsin Labor Business Law and Legal Resources Wisconsin Historical Society
1949 The Tucker Automobile Corporation Closes Its Doors Automobiles Businesses and Corporations Hot Rod Magazine
1972 General Motors Workers in Lordstown, Ohio Begin a Strike Lordstown, Ohio Labor Strikes United Auto Workers General Motors Ohio Historical Society
1985 British Miners Call Off Year-Long Strike Great Britain Labor Strikes BBC

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