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1857 Jefferson McLemore (Tennessee-born Publisher) Tennessee Busines Leaders Texas Busines Leaders Journalism Texas State Historical Association
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1863 U.S.S. Huntsville Seizes the British Blockade Runner Surprise Off Florida's Charlotte Harbor Great Britain Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1887 Alabama's Embezzler State Treasurer, a Fugitive of Four Years, Is Arrested in Big Sandy, Texas Alabama Government Big Sandy, Texas Crime Economics Alabama Archive
1907 Financial Panic Begins as Stock Market Falls U.S. History Markets & Investments U.S. Treasury
1933 Banks Begin to Re-open Following ''Holiday'' Declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt Economics The New Deal University of Georgia
1946 175,000 UAW Strikers Return to Work at General Motors Labor Automobiles UAW General Motors History Channel
1951 Israel Demands DM 6.2B Compensation from Germany Israel Germany The Holocaust Wold War II Economics
1961 President Kennedy Proposes 10-year Aid Program for Latin America Central America President Kennedy Cold War Economics History Channel
1968 Atlantic Richfield and Humble Oil Announce Their Prudhoe Bay Discovery Well in Alaska Alaska Business Alaska Historical Society
1970 6,000 San Francisco Transit, Maintenance, School Cafeteria and Hospital Workers Begin 4-day Strike San Francisco Labor TV News Archives
1980 Henry Ford II Resigns as Chairman of the Ford Motor Company The Ford Motor Company Business TV News Archives
1990 President Bush Proposes Economic Aid Plan for Nicaragua Nicaragua President George Bush Economics TV News Archives

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