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1841 William Dunwoody (Pennsylvania-born Businessman, Philanthropist) Pennsylvania Busines Leaders Minnesota Busines Leaders Philanthropy Minnesota Historical Society
1864 Haymon Krupp (Lithuanian-born Texas Business Leader) Lithuania Busines Leaders Texas Busines Leaders Texas State Historical Assocation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1794 Eli Whitney Patents the Cotton Gin Eli Whitney Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks African American Registry Technology and Society Massachusetts Foundation  for the Humanities
1812 The U.S. Issues Its First War Bonds War of 1812 United States Economics & Business Historic Firsts History Channel
1862 President Lincoln Shows Compensated Emancipation Is Cheaper Than the Cost of War Abraham Lincoln Slavery Economics American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1900 The U.S. Officially Adopts the Gold Standard Fixing the Value of the Dollar Against Gold Currencies Standards Gold New York Times U.S. Treasury
1923 Warren G. Harding Is the First U.S. President to File Income Tax Warren G. Harding The American Presidency Taxes Historic Firsts New York Times
1927 Pan American Airlines Incorporates Business Aviation History Centennial of Flight
1929 International Airways Inaugurates Air Passenger Service Between Seattle and Alaska Alaska Seattle, Washington Aviation History Alaska Historical Society
1947 Striking Workers Shut Down Washington's Puget Sound Ferries for Six Days Washington Naval History Labor Job Actions History Link

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