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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1947 Will Durant (Massachusetts-born Founder of General Motors) Massachusetts Business Leaders Automotives Business General Motors
1673 Lord Berkeley Sells His Right and Interest in the Colonial Province of New Jersey to Members of the Society of Quakers for 1000 British Political and Social Leaders New Jersey Colonial New Jersey The Quakers Business and Economics New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
1766 After Months of Protests, Britain Repeals The Stamp Act Great Britain Colonial History Stamp Act of 1765 Taxes History Chanel
1834 6 English Agricultural Laborers Are Sentenced to 7 Years in Australia's New South Wales Penal Colony for Trade Union Activities Great Britain Australia Farming & Agriculture Labor Crime History Chanel
1850 American Express Is Founded Businesses & Corporations American Express History Chanel
1852 Wells Fargo Opens a Banking and Shipping Company Businesses & Corporations Wells Fargo History Chanel
1887 In Washington, the Spokane Tribe Cedes 3.14M Acres of Land to the United States for About 32 Cents Per Acre Washington Native-American Heritage Economics History Link
1910 Rose O'Neill's Kewpie Doll Is Copyrighted Rose O'Neill Inventors & Inventions Patents, Trademarks and Copyright U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office
1918 The Wilson & Sylvester Sawmill at Wrangell, the Largest Mill in Alaska, Burns Wrangell, Alaska Trees Fire Alaska Historical Society
1921 The Delaware General Assembly Abolishes the Indentured Servant System and County Poor Houses Delaware Government Labor Economics Communuity Services Law States of Delaware
1925 Fire Destroys the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida Palm Beach, Florida Businesses Fire The Breakers Hotel Florida Historical Society
1929 General Motors Buys German Auto Manufacturer Opel German Business Automobiles Businesses General Motors
1931 Schick Inc. Markets the First Electric Razor Business Electricity Historic Firsts Schick Technologies New York Times
1953 Major League Baseball Approves the Move of the Boston Braves to Milwaukee Boston, Massachusetts Milwaukee, Wisconsin Baseball Major League Baseball New York Times Wisconsin Historical Society
1967 Tanker Wrecks off England's Coast, Spilling 919,000 Barrels of Oil Great Britain Earth & Environmental Science Oceans Naval History BBC
1974 OPEC Countries Lift Five-Month U.S. Oil Embargo Economics Middle East History New York Times
Teachers in Hortonville, Wisconsin Begin a Strike That Will Reach the State Supreme Court Hortonville, Wisconsin Education Labor Strike Economics Wisconsin Historical Society
1979 Explosion Kills 10 English Miners England Labor Death BBC
1986 U.S. Announces a New Currency Design to Prevent Counterfeiting Currency Crime Television News Archive

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