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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1826 Samuel Morey Patents the First Internal Combustion Engine Connecticut Scientists & Inventors Automotives Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1852 Nicolas Delin Begins Construction of a Water-Powered Sawmill at the head of Commencement Bay in What Will Become Tacoma, Washington Tacoma, Washington Trees Economics History Link
Milwaukee Mechanics Mutual Insurance Is Created as the First U.S. Company to Underwrite Fire Insurance Policies Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Fire Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1853 Cincinnati Is the First U.S. City to Pay Firefighters a Regular Salary Ohio State & Local Government Labor Business & Economics City of Cincinnati New York Times
1886 In Key West, Florida, More Than Fifty Acres of Homes and Businesses Are Destroyed by Fire Key West, Florida Fire Florida Historical Society
1916 Russian-American Filmmaker Lewis Selznick Founds His Own Movie Studio Russian Performing Artists Filmmakers Business History Channel
1923 In Minnesota, the Twin City Savings and Loan Association Is Chartered Minnesota Business Economics Minnesota Historical Society
1933 Nazi Germany Begins Persecuting Jews with a Boycott of Jewish-Owned Businesses Nazi Germany Judaism Economics New York Times
1935 General Electric Co. Announces the First Radio Tube Made of Metal Radio Inventors and Inventions Business General Electric Historic Firsts History Channel
1946 400,000 U.S. Mine Workers Strike Labor National Labor College
1957 The State of Washington Establishes an Office for the Acquisition of Land for Construction of Interstate 5 Around Seattle Seattle, Washington Transportation Economics History Link
1963 Daytime Soap Opera General Hospital First Airs on ABC Television Internet Movie Database
Michigan Voters Adopt a New Constitution That Includes a State Income Tax and Increases the Term for Governors from 2 to 4 Years Michigan Historic U.S. Documents Voting State of Michigan
1970 President Nixon Signs Legislation Banning Cigarette Ads on Television and Radio President Richard Nixon Tobacco Television Radio Propaganda Law and Legal Resources History Channel
American Motors Debuts the First American Sub-Compact Gremlin Automobiles AMX Files History Channel
Bud Selig Leads a Group Which Acquires the Seattle Pilots Franchise, Renaming It the Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee, Wisconsin Seattle, Washington Baseball Business Major League Baseball Wisconsin Historical Society
1972 Major League Baseball Players Call the First General Players' Strike in Sports History Baseball Labor Historic Firsts New York Times
1986 Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law Granting Women Up to 14 Weeks of Maternity Leave Japanese Government Labor Women Child Advocacy Rights Law Asian History
1987 U.S. Minimum Wage Increases from $3.35 to $3.80/hour Labor Economics State of Montana (pdf)
1991 U.S. Minimum Wage Increases from $3.80 to $4.25/hour Labor Economics State of Montana (pdf)

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