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1870 Marcus Loew (New York City-born Film Executive and Movie Theatre Chain Owner) New York City Business Leaders Film
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1654 In New York, Settlers Purchase Coney Island from the Native Americans New York Native American Heritage Economics New York Historical Society
1769 Virginia non-Importation Resolutions Protest Taxation without Representation Virginia Colonial Virginia Taxes History Channel
1822 A United States Customs District Is Established at Key West, Florida Key West, Florida U.S. Government Economics Florida Historical Society
1878 J. R. Winters Patents a Fire Escape Ladder Inventors and Inventions Patents Fire Prevention & Safety USPTO
1956 The South African Government Ends Recognition of Racially-Mixed Labor Unions South African Government Labor Unions Apartheid South African History
1958 Berkshire-Hathaway Company Announces It Is Closing Its Textile Mill in Adams, Massachusetts Adams, Massachusetts Labor Business Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1984 Vietnam Veterans Receive $180M for Agent Orange Lawsuit Vietnam War Law and Legal Resources Economics Court TV
1987 South African Government Bombs Destroy the Johannesburg Office of the Congress of South African Trade Union South African Government Labor Unions Apartheid South African History
1998 U.S. Chrysler Merges with Germany's Daimler-Benz Chrysler Mercedes Automobiles Businesses & Corporations History Channel

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