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1882 Henry J. Kaiser (New York-born Industrialist; Builder of Dams, Bridges and Ships) New York Business Leaders Dams Bridges Boats
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1970 Walter Reuther (West Virginia-born Labor Leader: Killed in a Plane Crash) Walter Reuther Labor Air Disasters
1899 African-American Inventor J.A. Burr Patents a Lawn Mower Massachusetts Scientists & Inventors Inventors Patents & Trademarks African American Registry
1917 The Boeing Airplane Company Is Officially Incorporated in Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Aviation History Business Boeing History Link
1934 14,000 West Coast Longshoremen and Maritime Workers Begin 3-Month Strike Alaska California Oregon Washington Labor Strikes History Link
1939 Oscar Mayer Trademark Is Registered Copyrights and Trademarks Oscar Mayer Business U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1950 Coal, Iron & Steel Agreements Start the European Union European Union International Economics Robert Schuman Foundation
1972 4,000 Workers Strike the Farrah Plants in El Paso, Texas for Right to Form a Union El Paso, Texas Labor Strikes Texas State Historical Society
1977 President Carter Proposes Tax Hike to Save Social Security Jimmy Carter Taxes Economics The History Channel
2000 Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards Is Convicted of Manipulating the Licensing of Riverboat Casinos Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Economics Crime Law NY Times

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