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MAY 10

1801 Paul Tulane (New Jersey-born Merchant, Philanthropist; Namesake of Tulane University) New Jersey Business Leaders Philanthropy Education Tulane University (pdf)
1832 William Grace (Irish-born American Ship Owner; Founder of W.R. Grace) Irish Business Leaders Naval History Chemistry WR Grace
1850 Thomas Lipton (Scottish Founder of Lipton Tea) Scottish Business Leaders Foods Lipton Tea
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1800 Harrison Land Act Makes Land in the Northwest Territory More Available to the Individual U.S. Government Economics Indiana Historical Bureau
1837 Bank Panic Starts Second Worst Depression in U.S. History Economics History Channel U.S. Treasury
1869 Golden Spike Links Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways Utah Transcontinental Railroad Westward Expansion Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1879 In Wisconsin, the First Milwaukee Telephone Phone Exchange Is Opened Milwaukee, Wisconsin Telephone Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1906 King Street Railroad Station Opens in Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Railroad History Link
1921 Michigan Law Makes It Illegal to "Fix" a Sporting Event by Bribing an Athlete Michigan Government Law Economics Sports Crime Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1979 City of Dallas Declares the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas an Historic Landmark Dallas, Texas Economics Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas State Historical Association
1980 U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Announces a $1.5B Government Loan Guarantee for Chrysler Corporation U.S. Treasury Business Chrysler Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
2001 Boeing Chooses to Move Its Corporate Offices to Chicago from Seattle, Washington Chicago, Illinois Seattle, Washington Aviation History Business Boeing CNN

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