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MAY 15

Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1863 The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Is Founded in Detroit Detroit, Michigan Railroads Labor Unions Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1879 Atlanta's First Telephone Exchange Opens with Ten Telephones Connected to the Kimball House Hotel Switchboard Atlanta, Georgia Telephone Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1880 West Virginia's First Telephone Exchange Opens in Wheeling Wheeling, West Virginia Telephone Historic Firsts West Virginia
1911 U.S. Supreme Court Orders Dissolution of Standard Oil Company Supreme Court Antitrust Law Standard Oil Oyez New York Times
1918 U.S. Airmail Service Begins between D.C., Philadelphia, NYC U.S. Postal Service Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1923 Trademark Is Registered for Listerine Patents & Trademarks Business and Economics USPTO
1940 Du Pont Launches the First Sale of Nylon Stockings in the U.S. and Sells Nearly 4M Pairs in 4 Days Du Pont Polymers Women Consumer Economics New York Times State of Delaware
1942 Gasoline Rationing Goes in Effect in 17 States (3 gallons/week) Automobiles World War II New York Times
1987 San Francisco Mint Is Opened to the Public for First Time San Francisco Currency U.S. Treasury
1995 Dow Corning Corp. Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Businesses & Corporations New York Times

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