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MAY 21

United States: National Waitstaff Day
(Give an extra tip to a waiter or waitress)
Foods and Nutrition American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors
1780 Elizabeth Fry (English Philanthropist, Social Reformer) English Political and Social Leaders Philanthropy
1856 Grace Hoadley Dodge (New York City-born Philanthropist) New York City  Political & Social Leaders Philanthropy
1898 Armand Hammer (New York City-born, Entrepreneur, Oil Magnate, Art Collector) New York City Business Leaders U.S. Business Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1839 The First Steamboat Delivery Arrives in St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Steamboats Business Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1861 Confederate Congress Approves Act to Establish a Patent Office American Civil War Patents University of North Carolina
1863 The U.S.S. Union Today Seized the British Blockade Runner Linnet West of Florida's Charlotte Harbor Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Lifts Ban on Publication of New York Newspapers "World" and "Journal of Commerce" New York City President Abraham Lincoln Journalism First Amendment American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1917 In Atlanta, Georgia, Fire Destroys 1,938 Buildings, Leaving 10,000 Homeless and 1 Dead Atlanta, Georgia Fire Death University of Georgia
1934 In Minnesota, Violence Erupts During a Minneapolis Teamsters' Strike, Sending 30 Policemen to the Hospital Minneapolis, Minnesota Labor Strikes Minnesota Historical Society
1942 German Conglomerate I.G. Farben Petroleum Factory at Opens Near Auschwitz Using Forced Jewish Labor Nazi Germany Business and Economics Slavery The Holocaust U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
2003 Ohio High School Senior, LeBron James, Signs $90 M Contract with Nike Ohio Sports Figures Basketball Economics and Business African-American Sports Figures USA Today

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