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1834 Marshall Field (Massachusetts-born Founder of Marshall Field Department Stores) Marshall Field Businesses & Companies
1928 Marge Unnewehr Schott (Ohio-born Businesswoman; Owner of the Cincinnati Reds) Ohio Sports Figures Baseball Major League Baseball Ohio Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1940 Walter P. Chrysler (Kansas-born Automotive Pioneer) Kansas Automobiles Inventor Economics & Business
1896 Adolph Ochs Purchases Controlling Interest of Struggling NY Times for $75,000 New York City Journalism Business & Economics NY Times
1947 Hewlett Packard Is Incorporated Business Computer Technology Hewlett Packard LeMoyne College
1966 U.S. Adds "In God We Trust" Motto to $100 Federal Reserve Notes U.S. Government Currency Separation of Church and State U.S. Treasury
1989 Manchester United Football Club Is Sold for 20m Great Britain Soccer Business & Economics Manchester United BBC