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1785 Seth Thomas (Connecticut-born Clock Manufacturer Who Pioneered Mass Production) Seth Thomas American Business Leaders
1870 Bernard Baruch (South Carolina-born Financier and Presidential Advisor) Bernard Baruch Business & Economics American Government Nuclear Energy
1919 Malcolm Forbes (New York City-born Publisher of "Forbes" Magazine) Malcom Forbes Business & Economics Journalism
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1785 Congress Authorizes Treasury to Fix Standard U.S. Weights and Measures U.S. Congress Standards U.S. Treasury History Channel
1812 U.S. Frigate Constitution, Old Ironsides, Defeats British Ship Guerriere War of 1812 Naval History History Channel
1841 First U.S. Bankruptcy Laws Are Put into Practice Business & Economics Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1848 The New York Herald Reports the Discovery of Gold in California California Gold Journalism History Channel
1905 Detroit Tigers Purchase Ty Cobb for $900 from Augusta of South Atlantic League Ty Cobb Business Baseball Hall of Fame Detroit Tigers USA Today
1919 HOSTESS Trademark Is Registered by William B. Ward Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition Hostess U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1936 News Staff Strike the Seattle Post-Intelligence Owned by William Randolph Hearst Washington Journalism Labor State of Washington
1970 Cambodia and U.S. Sign $40M Military Aid Agreement Cambodia Business & Economics Vietnam War History Channel