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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1863 Union Troops Attack Two Confederate Signal Stations on Florida's St. Johns River, Capturing One Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1864 The First Edition of the Union, Predecessor of the Florida Times-Union, Is Published as a "War News" Sheet Florida Media American Civil War Journalism Historic Firsts Times Union Florida Historical Society
1866 National Labor Union Calls on Congress for Eight-hour Work Day U.S. Congress Labor Standards Library of Congress
1889 Florida's Quincy State Bank Is Chartered Quincy, Florida Economics Florida Secretary of State Florida Historical Society
1930 Philo Farnsworth Patents a Television Philo T. Farnsworth Television History of Technology Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks USPTO
1946 U.S. Army Chronograph Clocks a Bob Feller Fastball at 98.6 mph Iowa Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame USA Today
1964 President Johnson Signs a Nearly $1B Anti-Poverty Measure President Lyndon Johnson Business & Economics New York Times
1965 Hollywood Studio System Ends with Sandra Dee's Contract Film Business & Economics History Channel
1995 Two Trains Collide in the Worst Railroad Accident in India's History: 358 People Die India Railroads Death History Channel
1996 Clinton Administration Boosts Minimum Wage $.90 to $5.15/hr. Bill Clinton The American Presidency Business & Economics Labor History Channel
2000 Tiger Woods Wins the PGA for His Third Consecutive Major Championship Tiger Woods Golf African-American Sports Figures The PGA New York Times