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1828 Margaret Olivia Sage (New York-born Philanthropist) New York Business Leaders Philanthropy
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1546 Zacatecas, Mexico Is Founded Near Silver Ore Discovered the Same Year Zacatecas, Mexico Silver Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History
1664 Dutch Surrender New Amsterdam to the British, Who Rename It New York Great Britain Netherlands New York City Writer's Alamanc
1810 First of John Astor's Pacific Fur Company Ships Sets Sail: New York to Oregon Oregon New York City John Jacob Astor Naval History History Channel
1862 U.S.S. Kingfisher Destroys Confederate Salt Works at St. Joseph's Bay, Florida Florida American Civil War Florida State Historical Association
1883 Georgia Legislature Appropriates $1,000,000 for Construction of New State Capitol Georgia Economics University of Georgia
1920 Omaha-San Francisco Segment Completes 1st Transcontinental Airmail Route U.S. Postal Service Aviation History U.S. Postal Service Historic Firsts
Military Pilot Delivers First Air Mail to Des Moines, Iowa Iowa Aviation History U.S. Postal Service Iowa State Historical Association
1930 3M Engineer Richard Drew Submits His New Invention "Scotch" Tape for Testing 3M Corporation Inventors and Inventions Smithsonian Magazine
1938 Dedication Held for Texas Bridge Spanning the Neches River with 176' Clearance Texas Bridges Texas State Historical Society
1954 Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Is Established President Dwight Eisenhower Vietnam War Cold War History Channel
1960 President Eisenhower Dedicates NASA's Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, AL Alabama President Eisenhower NASA Alabama Department of Archives & History
1976 Georgia World Congress Center Opens in Atlanta Georgia Economics Official Web Site University of Georgia
1994 Last Russian Soldiers Leave Berlin USAir Boeing 737 Crashes on Approach to Pittsburgh: All 132 on Board Die Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Air Disasters Death National Transportation Safety Board

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