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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2002 William Rosenberg (Massachusetts-born Founder of Dunkin' Donuts) Massachusetts Business Leaders Dunkin Donuts Masachusetts Foundation for the Humanities New York Times
1837 Panic Closes the New York Stock Exchange for 10 Days New York City Markets & Investments New York Stock Exchange The History Channel
1850 Washington, D.C. Abolishes Slave Trade Washington, D.C. Slavery Library of Congress
President Millard Fillmore Signs the First Railroad Land Grant Act President Millard Fillmore Railroads PBS
1853 Elisha Graves Otis Opens His Elevator Factory Elisha Graves Otis Inventors and Inventions History of Technology Library of Congress
1935 First Land Is Purchased for Florida's Fort Clinch State Park Florida Ecomomics Official Website Florida State Historical Association
1938 Wallace H. Carothers Is Granted Patent for "Synthetic Fiber" (Nylon) Polymers Trademark U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
1951 Fire Destroys 33,000 Acres of Timber and 32 Buildings in Forks, WA Washington Fire Safety HistoryLink
1967 Cruise Liner Queen Elizabeth II Is Launched Great Britain QE2 BBC
Hurricane Beulah Wracks the Texas Coast: $150M Damage, 300,000 Evacuated Texas Hurricane Death Texas State Historical Association
1973 Billie Jean King Defeats Bobby Riggs 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 $100,000 Winner-take-all Tennis Match Billie Jean King Tennis Hall of Fame Economics New York Times
1974 Inspection Verifies Gold Holdings at the Fort Knox, KY Bullion Depository Kentucky Gold U.S. Treasury

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