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1843 Melville Bissell (New York-born Inventor of the Vacuum Sweeper) New York Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Bissell
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1690 "Publick Occurrences" Is First Newspaper Published in Britain's North American Colonies Massachusetts Colonial History Journalism Historic Firsts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1867 Alabama's Oldest Single Family-Owned Newspaper, The Southern Star, Is First Published in Dale County Dale County, Alabama Journalism Historic Firsts Alabama State Archive
1896 Four U.S. Generals Speak Against the Silver Standard and in Support of William McKinley to an Audience of 6,000 in St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota William McKinley Silver Minnesota Historical Society
1916 Labor Leaders Are Arrested for Organizing Apple Pickers in North Yakima, Washington Washington Labor Unions Crime History Link
1928 Motorola Is Incorporated as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation Business & Economics Motorola
1961 Wisconsin Enacts Law Requiring All 1962 Cars Sold in the State to be Equipped with Seat Belts Wisconsin Government Automobiles Laws and Legal Resources Wisconsin Historical Society
1964 United Auto Workers Begin a Nationwide Strike Against General Motors Labor Automobiles United Auto Workers General Motors Wisconsin Historical Society
1978 Mid-Air Collision Kills 153 over San Diego San Diego, California Air Disasters Death History Channel
1992 West Virginia's Snowshoe and Silver Creek Resorts Announce Plans to Merge West Virginia Business Business and Economics Skiing Snowshoe Ski Resort West Virginia State Archive
1995 Texas Billionaire H. Ross Perot Launches Petition Drive for Third Party on Presidential Election Ballot The American Presidency Third Party Politics Television News Archive

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