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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1812 Americans Capture British Brigs Detroit and Caledonia War of 1812 Naval History U.S. Navy
1848 The City of Racine, Wisconsin Is Incorporated Racine, Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Society
1858 Center City, Minnesota Is Established Center City, Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
1871 The Great Chicago Fire Erupts Great Chicago Fire Fire Safety Writer's Almanac History Channel
1878 In New Mexico, Lincoln County Residents Ask for Protection from the Violence of the Local Range War Lincoln County, New Mexico Business War Law and Legal Resources New Mexico Magazine
1879 Chile Captures the Huascar from Peru in the Naval Battle of Angamos Chile Peru Naval History Federation of American Scientists
1901 Domino Sugar Trademark is Registered Trademarks and Patents U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1940 The U.S. Excess Profits Tax Act Is Signed into Law Taxes Law & Legal Resources U.S. Treasury
1942 The U.S. Copper-silver-manganese Wartime Five-cent Coin Is Authorized. Currencies Copper Silver Managanese U.S. Treasury
Philadelphia "P" Mint Mark First Appears on U.S. Coins Currencies U.S. Treasury
1952 85 Die When Three Trains Collide in England England Railroad Death BBC
1956 Southdale Shopping Center, the First Fully Enclosed Shopping Mall, Opens in Edina, Minnesota Edina, Minnesota Architecture Consumer Economics Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1982 All Labor Organizations in Poland Are Banned Poland Labor Organizations The Cold War New York Times

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