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1863 George Safford Parker (Wisconsin-born Founder of Parker Pens) Wisconsin Business Leaders Parker Pens Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1765 The British Parliament Enacts the Stamp Act to Support Military Operations in America The Stamp Act of 1765 Taxes History Channel
1841 St. Paul, Minnesota is Incorporated St. Paul, Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
1849 Minnesota's Territorial Legislature Establishes Funding for Public Schools Minnesota Education Education Economics Law and Legal Resources Minnesota Historical Society
1883 Thomas Edison Applies for a Patent for the Art of Generating Electricity Thomas Edison Electricity Patents & Trademarks Rutgers University (pdf)
1918 Nearly 100 People Die in a New York City Subway Accident During a Train Operators Strike New York City Labor Strikes New York City Subway Death New York Historical Society
1920 Delaware Businessman, Alfred I. du Pont, Sends $16 Checks to 800 Needy Delawareans over 65 Years of Age Delaware Business Leaders Philanthropy Economics State of Delaware
1947 Alaska's First Retail Sales Tax Takes Effect at Sitka Sitka, Alaska Consumer Economics Taxes Historic First Alaska Historical Association
1966 The City of New Orleans Receives Its NFL Franchise, the Saints New Orleans NFL
Apple Jacks Trademark Registered Foods and Nutrition Patents & Trademarks Apple Jacks U.S. Patents & Trademarks Office

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